Top 5 Movies Filmed in Tacoma, Washington by US Box Office

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Lights, Camera, Tacoma: Unlocking the Cinematic Charm of Washington State

Lights, camera, action! Have you ever wondered what it feels like to stroll through the same streets where your favorite movie stars have walked? Well, get ready to step into the reel world as we take you on a thrilling adventure through the vibrant city of Tacoma in Washington State. Grab your popcorn, movie buffs, because Tacoma has played host to some legendary films, and we’ve got the inside scoop!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tacoma, Washington has been the backdrop for numerous famous movies.
  • Visiting movie filming locations can be a unique and exciting way to explore the city.
  • You can immerse yourself in the cinematic world and feel like a part of your favorite films.

Imagine standing on the same street corner where Hollywood magic was captured on film. As you stroll through the city, you’ll unlock a hidden treasure trove of movie memorabilia. From the breathtaking scenery to iconic landmarks, Tacoma has it all.

Exploring the filming locations of these flicks will have you feeling like a star in your own blockbuster. So, gather your friends and family, and let’s embark on this extraordinary adventure!

But why should you visit the filming locations, you wonder? Glad you asked! Picture this: you’re wandering around the city streets, and suddenly, something catches your eye.

You realize that right there, in front of you, is the same spot where an epic battle scene unfolded or a heartwarming romantic moment was captured onscreen. It’s like stepping into the movie itself, and the rush of excitement is simply unparalleled. Plus, it makes for some great Instagrammable moments too!

Now, let’s stir up your wanderlust with some movie magic suggestions. How about starting your cinematic journey at the iconic Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

Remember that heart-stopping car chase in “The Gauntlet”? Well, this is where it all went down! As you stand in awe of this majestic engineering marvel, you can almost hear the screeching tires and feel the adrenaline rush.

Feeling like a sci-fi enthusiast? Visit the Museum of Glass, where the futuristic world of “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” was brought to life. Who knew glass-blowing could be so captivating and suspenseful?

As you explore the museum, you’ll be transported back to that spine-chilling moment when suspense hung in the air, and glass shattered dramatically.

For all you urban explorers out there, take a stroll down Pacific Avenue, where the gritty crime thriller “Seventh Son” unfolded. This bustling street embraces Tacoma’s vibrant energy and gives you a taste of its rich history. Who knows, you might even stumble upon a hidden gem that didn’t make it into the final cut.

Ready to dive into the world of cinema? Your adventure awaits! Grab a map of Tacoma’s filming locations, put your detective hat on, and bring those movies to life. It’s time to explore, share laughs, and create unforgettable memories in a city that has left its indelible mark on the silver screen.

Lights, camera, Tacoma! Start your exciting journey through the cinematic landscape of this captivating city. Explore the movies filmed in Tacoma, Washington and experience the magic firsthand.

Get ready to walk in the footsteps of your favorite stars, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Lights, camera, action! Just click below to begin your adventure!

Remember to check out the listicle below for a comprehensive guide to the movies filmed in Tacoma, Washington and their locations. Lights, camera, Tacoma, let’s roll!

An Officer and a Gentleman – US Box Office: USD$129.80millions

Director: Taylor Hackford 

Main Cast:  Richard Gere, Debra Winger, David Keith, Robert Loggia

Release Date: 28 July 1982

Filming Locations: Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company – 801 E Portland Avenue, Tacoma, Washington, USA; Fort Worden State Park – 200 Battery Way E, Port Townsend, Washington, USA; The Tides Inn – 1807 Water Street, Port Townsend, Washington, USA; Mountain View Commons Pool – 1919 Blaine Street, Port Townsend, Washington, USA; Fort Worden State Park – 225 Eisenhower Avenue, Port Townsend, Washington, USA

Main Plot: In order for a young guy to graduate from the Navy Officer Candidate School and fulfill the requirements to become an aviator, he needs the support of a demanding Gunnery Sergeant as well as his brand-new girlfriend. Zack Mayo, a young guy, has decided to pursue a career in naval aviation and has enrolled in officer candidate school. He is a spoiled brat whose parents served in the Navy and who has an attitude issue. Zack is currently being trained and evaluated by Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley, who will certainly conclude that Zack has room for improvement. Zack is put in a position where he must decide his future when he meets Paula, a girl who does not have many interests outside of her family.

Famous quotes:

Foley: “In every class, there’s always one joker who thinks that he’s smarter than me. In this class, that happens to be you. Isn’t it, Mayonnaise?

Foley: “Wave goodbye to your buddies, Mayonnaise! Oh, I forgot. You don’t have any buddies, do you? Only customers!

Topper: “Who the hell is that guy?”

Perryman: “That’s your momma and daddy for the next thirteen weeks.

Foley: “There’s not gonna be any liberty for you boys ‘cause you’ll be going home by then.

Zack Mayo: [getting ready to eat in the mess hall] “Sit. Adjust. Pray. Attack.”

Fun fact about An Officer and a Gentleman:

  • To emphasize Louis Gossett, Jr.’s imposing presence as a drill teacher, director Taylor Hackford kept him living apart from the rest of the actors. Richard Gere told Barbara Walters that he only made the movie for the money.

Sleepless in Seattle – US Box Office: USD$126.53millions

Director: Nora Ephron 

Main Cast: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Ross Malinger, Rita Wilson

Release Date: 25 July 1993

Filming Locations: 1517 Pike Place, Seattle, Washington, USA; Athenian Inn, Pike Place Market – 1531 Western Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA; Baltimore Sun – 501 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington, USA; Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Main Plot: After his wife Maggie dies, Sam Baldwin and his 8-year-old son Jonah move to Seattle to escape the sadness. 18 months later, Sam still grieves and can’t sleep. Jonah misses his mother but wants his father to seek a new wife, even if Sam hasn’t considered it. Sam (on Jonah’s request) opens out on Christmas Eve about his beautiful marriage to Maggie and how much he misses her. Annie Reed, a Baltimore journalist, falls in love with Sam after hearing his story. Annie is in love with Sam’s narrative despite being engaged to him. But Annie’s connection with Walter is unlike her dream love life in An Affair to Remember (1957). She suggests they meet atop the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. In Seattle, Sam has gotten hundreds of letters from ladies begging to meet him. One letter from Baltimore excites Jonah, and he’ll do anything to reunite his father and Annie. Sam wants to meet a woman in the traditional manner, so he becomes infatuated with a woman he sees in Seattle.

Famous quotes:

Sam: I’m going to get out of bed every morning … breathe in and out all day long. Then after a while, I won’t have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out. And then, after a while, I won’t have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while.

Annie: When a man is a widower, why do we say he was widowed? Why don’t we say he was widower-ed?

Sam: Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental.

Jonah: Thanks for dinner. I’ve never seen potatoes cooked like that before.

Becky: Your destiny can be your doom. Look at my Rick and me.”

Fun Fact about Sleepless in Seattle:

  • During the shoot, a scene with Tom Hanks and Victor Garber sobbing over the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen was entirely improvised. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s silhouettes can be seen on the box of chocolates in the storefront window next to Annie’s residence.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle – US Box Office: USD$88.04millions

Director: Curtis Hanson 

Main Cast: Annabella Sciorra, Rebecca De Mornay, Matt McCoy, Ernie Hudson

Release Date: 10 January 1992

Filming Locations: Tacoma, Washington, USA; Seattle, Washington, USA; 810 N. Yakima Avenue, Tacoma, Washington, USA; Issaquah, Washington, USA; 2502 37th Ave W, Seattle, Washington, USA

Main Plot: After Claire Bartel (Annabella Sciorra) reported her abusive doctor to the authorities, the physician ended up taking his own life rather than doing time in prison for the crime he committed. Peyton, the doctor’s pregnant wife, played by Rebecca De Mornay, lost the baby she was carrying due to the trauma caused by the charges and the suicide. After Peyton’s outburst with the Bartel family, she acts as if she were a babysitter for them. She planned to ruin Claire’s life, seduce her husband (Matt McCoy), and then kill the person she blamed for all her difficulties.

Famous quotes:

Marlene ‘Marl’ Craven: “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

Marlene ‘Marl’ Craven: “These days, a woman can feel incompetent if she doesn’t make time for blowjobs and homemade lasagna.”

Marty Craven: “Marlene was never much of a cook.”

Marlene ‘Marl’ Craven: “Cancel my morning.”

Marlene’s Assistant: “But you have a showing! What do I tell them?

Marlene ‘Marl’ Craven: “You have a Harvard education; make something up!

Peyton Flanders: “When your husband makes love to you, it’s my face he sees. When your baby’s hungry, it’s my breast that feeds him. Look at you! When push comes to shove… you can’t even breathe!”

Peyton: “My husband was my only family. He’s the only one who really understood me… He took care of me. He was murdered.”

Claire: “Murdered?”

Peyton: “They never caught who did it. But I firmly believe what goes around comes around.

Fun facts about The Hand that Rocks the Cradle:

  • The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World, a poem by William Ross Wallace from the 18th century that is frequently repeated, is the inspiration for the movie’s title.
  • Wallace’s poem extols motherhood, conveying the idea that motherhood is primarily responsible for the world’s advancements.

Three Fugitives – US Box Office: USD$40.59millions

Director: Francis Veber

Main Cast: Nick Nolte, Martin Short, Sarah Rowland Doroff, James Earl Jones

Release Date: 27 January 1989

Filming Locations: Former Northern Pacific Railroad Northwest Headquarters, Tacoma, Washington, USA; Gas Works Park – 2101 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington, USA; Elbe, Washington, USA; Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden – 301 N. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, California, USA

Main Plot: During a holdup at a bank, a rehabilitated bank robber is taken hostage by a man who is desperate for money; nevertheless, both he and his captor are forced to flee the scene since it is incorrectly believed that they are working together.

Lucas gets caught up in the robbery of another person on the very first day after being freed from prison for a string of 14 armed bank robberies that he committed. Meg’s father, Perry, has decided to hold up the local bank to gather money to maintain his daughter and provide the necessary medical care for her. A detective named Dugan has a suspicion that Lucas was involved in the planning of the robbery. As a result, Lucas, Perry, and Meg are all considered to be wanted for questioning.

Famous quotes:

Ned Perry: “[after putting a teddy bear inside his dress to look like a pregnant woman] This is gonna be one really surprised obstetrician….

Woman Cop: “Do you know what kidnapping her will get you?”

Ned Perry: “Yeah, her [meaning his daughter].”

Lucas: “[When Ned is taken hostage at a bank] Maybe I better stay with you guys a little longer.

Lucas: “[to Ned] You’re an asshole.

Lucas: “I’m the hostage!

Fun facts about Three Fugitives:

  • Kenneth McMillan directed the final movie. He passed away from liver disease three weeks or less before the movie’s premiere.
  • In the original movie, Gérard Depardieu had already portrayed Nick Nolte’s character. Depardieu also appeared in the 2005 film Boudu, and Nolte played Depardieu’s character in the 1986 film Down and Out in Beverly Hills.
  • Pierre Richard, who also appeared in La Chèvre, previously played Martin Short’s part (1981). In the American remake Pure Luck, Short performed the same role (1991).

10 Things I Hate About You – US Box Office: USD$16.19millions

Director: Gil Junger 

Main Cast: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik

Release Date: 31 March 1999

Filming Locations: Stadium High School – 111 N. E Street, Tacoma, Washington, USA; 2715 North Junett Street, Tacoma, Washington, USA; Century Ballroom – 915 E Pine Street, Seattle, Washington, USA;  Fremont Troll, Aurora Bridge, Seattle, Washington, USA; Gas Works Park – 2101 N. Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington, USA

Main Plot: As a result of an unspoken tradition in their family, she is unable to go on dates since it is required for her rebellious and unpopular elder sister Kat first to find a guy of her own before she may do so. Kat is not very popular. This prohibits her from having romantic relationships. Kat is persuaded into spending time with Patrick Verona, another rebel who has a chance of earning her love, by a potential suitor who is urgently attempting to acquire Bianca’s affection. Patrick Verona is a rebel who has a chance of winning Kat’s heart. There is a possibility that Patrick Verona will win over Kat’s affection.

Famous quotes:

Katarina Stratford: “Romantic? Hemingway? He was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who squandered half of his life hanging around Picasso trying to nail his leftovers.

Katarina Stratford: “I guess, in this society, being male and an asshole makes you worthy of our time.

Katarina Stratford: “She’s meeting some bikers, big ones, full of sperm.”

Katarina Stratford: “Do you really wanna get all dressed up, so some Drakkar Noir-wearing dexter with a boner can feel you up while you’re forced to listen to a band that, by definition, blows?” 

Katarina Stratford: “My mission in life, but obviously, I struck your fancy so you see it worked, the world makes sense again.

Fun facts about the 10 Things I Hate About You:

  • The high school boyfriend of screenwriter Karen Mccullah inspired the title.
  • GIL Junger, the director, first declined the project because he didn’t want to make a “typical high school movie.”
  • David Krumholz attributes the cast’s genuine chemistry to the movie’s success.

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