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Ready for some excitement? There’s a lot to do and see at Arkansas. If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Arkansas, then look no further than Arkansas. Scroll down and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Arkansas for the best places to visit in Arkansas. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

Natural splendor abounds in Arkansas, which has earned the nickname “The Natural State.”

Each state region has many flowers and vegetation, including mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers.

Aside from the national parks, there are 52 Arkansas state parks, seven National Park Service locations, and three national forests to choose from when planning a trip to the state.

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in Arkansas.

In addition to the many national and state parks, there are numerous public lands where people can enjoy the fresh air and wildlife.

Nightlife for partygoers, cultural arts for artists, dining for foodies, and most importantly, various sightseeing activities are all readily available in cities and towns of all sizes to the general public for their enjoyment.

Do you enjoy learning about the past?

The state of Arkansas was once home to several well-known individuals.
It all started in Mississippi, where the blues were born. Johnny Cash became a legend, and Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his most famous works.

It’s easy to relax, take in the scenery, and clear your head here.

Is there anyone you’d like to bring along?

You and your family will have a blast here because of all the fun things to do outside, the stunning scenery, the delectable local cuisine, etc.

We’ve compiled a list of things to do and see in Arkansas to make your trip more enjoyable.

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Arkansas Air and Military Museum (Fayetteville)

Arkansas Air and Military Museum (Fayetteville), Arkansas
Arkansas Air and Military Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

If you may be looking forward to spending quality time with your family or are eager to participate in an educational trip, consider visiting this museum!

The Arkansas Air & Military Museum is a military and aviation museum showcasing world-famous racing planes from the 1920s and 1930s, many of which were built in the state.

Also notable is that their extensive collection of historical aircraft is unlike any other. Many planes are still functional today.

Moreover, it maintains a library of relevant resources. It promotes the integrity of military-related objects, such as aircraft and aviation historical artifacts, and the preservation of historical documents.

While exploring the museum, you’ll be aware of the cultural and historical value of the objects on exhibition and the technological breakthroughs associated with those objects.

Are you thinking of planning your birthday, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, funeral, or any occasion in your life that you’re looking for a venue? There’s no need to look any further.

You can visit them between 11 am and 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday, but not on Sunday.

Tour companies are also offered; you may book a guided tour by calling the museum today.

Address: 4290 S School Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

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AR-MO-OK Tri-State Marker (Sulphur Springs)

AR-MO-OK Tri-State Marker (Sulphur Springs), Arkansas
AR-MO-OK Tri-State Marker (Sulphur Springs) is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Could this be a trip to Arkansas? We suggest visiting the AR–MO–OK Tri-State Marker (Sulphur Springs).

For 140 years, these three signs marker were put in place to mark the borderline for Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The three marker memorials perched on top of each other on Route 43.

At the bottom, in a 10-foot cement circle, are bronze lines indicating the locations of state borders. The Lions Club constructed it in the 1960s. At the area where the two lines intersect, the other two are placed on top of one another.

On the marble pedestal, installed by the Ozark Culture Club in 1915, each state’s name and the year admitted to the Union were written.

The club’s name appears on the fourth side, which straddles Arkansas and Missouri.

A headstone-like marker on the summit dates back to 1821, when Missouri became a state, making it even more significant.

Native American land in the Oklahoma Territory and U.S. land in Arkansas were still separate territories. On each side of the monument, it says Mis. 1821 and Ark.

You must stop by this historical monument to see how society has changed over the last 100 years in one place.

Address: AR-43, Sulphur Springs, AR 72768, United States

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Anthony Chapel (Hot Spring)

Anthony Chapel, Arkansas
Anthony Chapel, Arkansas / Road Travel America / Flickr

Nothing can compare to the epic elegance of a well-designed structure in terms of scale and proportion. Anthony Chapel is free to be visited by tourists in Garvan Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

It takes time to drive and arrive there. It’s about 8 miles south of Hot Springs off Arkridge Rd. Nonetheless, it is worth visiting the location for a hike or a tour.

This chapel is situated outside the main entrance of the gardens. It is very accessible to visitors. A tree-shaded path leads to the venue, which is free to visit except when private events occur.

Moreover, it is designed by the most creative professionals, Maurice Jennings and David McKee, proteges of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright and collaborators of the world-renowned Jones.

Despite the absence of crosses or other religious symbols, the structure exudes a solid spiritual sense due to its 57-foot-high ceiling.

Furthermore, the focal point of a three-building complex. The 16 copper-clad columns of the carillon, which rises slightly above the chapel, are also available for members of the wedding party. On the hour, its computerized bells ring.

Admissions cost $15 for adults to enter the garden, $5 for children ages 4 to 12, and free for children under 3.

Remember that Anthony Chapel, located in the Garvan Woodland Gardens, is a free experience to see a modern chapel unlike anything else.

Address: 550 Arkridge Rd, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913, United States

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum (Little Rock)

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, Arkansas / Aaron Headly / Flickr

Although Arkansas is landlocked, it stands to reason to locate a maritime museum here.

On the other hand, North Little Rock’s Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum brings the country’s history to life by showcasing the region’s maritime history.

It can be found in North Little Rock, Arkansas, near the Arkansas River’s edge in North Shore Riverwalk Park.

Tourists from every state and 81 countries have traveled to the museum for years.

Moreover, it can also be rented for various purposes, including private parties, school field trips, and business functions.

Displays like the “Beacon of Peace and Hope” are nearby. Activities will be held periodically on marine trade, the internal waterways system, the Arkansas River, and Arkansas aquaculture.

As an additional perk, you may see the WWII-era submarine USS Razorback (SS-394) and the historic tugboat USS Hoga, both of which served in World Wars II and the Cold War (YT-146).

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine, produced the USS Razorback, a Balao-class submarine of the sand lance version. Razorback sank multiple ships during its five combat patrols in World War II.

USS Hoga (YT-146) was a crucial player in the Pearl Harbor attack of the 7th of December, 1941.

Thanks to Hoga’s heroics, the sinking USS Nevada was saved, which included pushing the stricken vessel out of the restricted passage.

Plan a trip to this museum, and don’t miss the chance to see the two Naval vessels that bookend World War II!

Address: 120 Riverfront Park Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72114, United States

Billy Bass Adoption Center (Little Rock)

Billy Bass Adoption Center, Arkansas
Billy Bass Adoption Center, Arkansas / Kevin Burkett / Flickr

The Billy Bass Adoption Center is a must-see attraction if you like to see a wall-mounted singing fish. It is a unique place that claims to be one of its kind globally.

Around the late 1990s and early 2000s, Big Mouth Billy Bass was a popular joke gift for folks who didn’t know any better. The toy fish, which looks like a largemouth bass, sings and flaps its mouth as if alive!

Songs such as “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” “Pretty Fishy,” and Al Green’s “Take Me to the River,” among others, have become synonymous with the fish.

After a short period of amusement, the fish quickly faded its popularity.

People may now use their robotic singing fish to decorate the Billy Bass Adoption Center’s lobby.

The restaurant will provide a complimentary catfish supper to thank anybody who gives a Billy Bass. The restaurant has committed to caring for and cherishing each one.

Your parents likely have one of these. Also you might have one as well. Don’t be shy about displaying your fish at the museum; it’s a terrific opportunity to get some attention. A catfish basket would make for a delicious supper!

Nonetheless, a museum with unique features will definitely highlight your trip.

Address: 511 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

Big River Crossing

Big River Crossing, Arkansas
Big River Crossing, Arkansas / Reading Tom / Flickr

An additional beautiful spot to see in Arkansas is the Big River Crossing, the country’s longest pedestrian bridge.

An interstate bridge connects West Memphis, Arkansas, to the city center in Tennessee by crossing the Mississippi River.

All forms of transportation, including walking, biking, scootering, and more, are permitted on the nearly 1-mile bridge.

Most visitors to the bridge come to see the river views it provides, even though it is one of Arkansas’s most impressive attractions.

For an hour and a half every night, the bridge transforms into a light show from sunset to ten o’clock.

More than 100,000 Philips LED lights are used to create static displays and dynamic color shows to commemorate special events, holidays, and important civic causes.

In addition, the Big River Trail, which includes nearly 70 miles of hiking trails along the Mississippi River, can be reached if you’re looking for more action than simply crossing a bridge.

All day, every day, Big River Crossing is open and completely free.

The Big River Crossing in Arkansas is a one-of-a-kind sight, so add it to your list!

Address: Arkansas, United States

Buffalo River

Buffalo River Arkansas
Buffalo River Arkansas / Mike Norton / Flickr

Though some think this place is deserted, you should not be afraid. 

Year-round, Arkansas’s best hiking trails, river cruises, and beautiful drives may be enjoyed in the Buffalo River – National Park Region Park.

Other options include paddling a canoe down a river or attending a special event.

The Buffalo National River, which stretches about 135 miles through the lower 48 states, was established in 1972 and is one of the few undammed rivers in the lower 48 states.

As you navigate the Ozark Mountains towards the White River, you’ll experience everything from raging rapids to tranquil lakes while surrounded by towering bluffs.

Booking a lodge or cottage with amenities tailored to your needs is also an option.

Have a hard time getting enough of your travels? Natural wonders like the largest waterfalls in mid-America, sand bars, caverns, and a river open to the most exciting canoeing on the Buffalo River.

Occasionally, a herd of majestic elk can be spotted roaming the area.

Quality outdoor gear and clothes, Buffalo River souvenirs, consumables, and a mile-high sandwich deli are just some of the items for sale in their 5,000-square-foot store.

It is only a short drive from your home, but the upper Buffalo River area feels like a completely different universe. 

Unwind, relax and have fun in one place, be sure to visit the best place to do all of that!

Address: Arkansas, United States

Buffalo River Waterfall

Buffalo River Waterfall Arkansas
Buffalo River Waterfall Arkansas / Buffalo Outdoor Center / Flickr

Suppose you are looking forward to visiting the tallest waterfall in Arkansas. In that case, you can find it by hiking the waterfall trail.

This famous Buffalo River Waterfall is named Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls.

It stands at 209 ft between the Rockies and the Appalachians. 

Try to hike in the morning to catch peeking through the water. The trail is in the dark at certain times of the year.

Detailed trail maps, driving instructions, user ratings and images make it the most famous waterfall route in Buffalo National River.

There’s no doubt that Hemmed-In Hollow is one humdinger of a waterfall. Even when its long, billowing cascade is of modest volume, the geology of the fall alone is worth seeing.

It’s worth spending some time here to take in the scenery and have a bite to eat. You’ve worked hard for this. You’ll also need to gas before making the return journey.

You can go back the same way you came after enjoying one of the best spots in the Ozarks.

This might be a challenging hike, but it is all worth it. Include it in your hiking bucket list!

Plan your hike and equip yourself with the proper gear. Make sure to take your time hiking to appreciate the beautiful trail and most importantly – enjoy!

Address: Arkansas, United States

Bowers Hollow Falls (Deer)

Bowers Hollow Falls, Arkansas
Bowers Hollow Falls is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

There is no better location for a challenging Arkansas experience than Bowers Hollow Falls!

It is located in the Ozark National Forest. The Upper Buffalo River offers a spectacular cascade and a picturesque environment.

Visitors may reach the base of Bowers Hollow Falls through a modest climb and gaze up at the 56-foot-tall waterfall.

The waterfall’s spray has made the ground slippery, rocky, and challenging to travel, so be cautious.

Make sure you’re always safe if you trek on their paths. Following this path is a difficult activity.

Moreover, hikers who are used to hiking can pick from various routes. It’s all about what you want.

Trails that follow a well-traveled, well-known hiking route are easy to traverse.

A GPS is essential for the final stretch of the trail, which is a steep bushwhack down to the top of the falls.

Bowers Hollow Falls is one of the state’s most tranquil and picturesque tourist attractions. Add this fall to your next hiking bucket list; it is definitely worth a hike!

Address: Co Rd 7, Deer, AR 72628, United States

Blanchard Springs Caverns (Fifty-Six)

Blanchard Springs Caverns Arkansas
Blanchard Springs Caverns Arkansas / GPA Photo Archive / Flickr

Are you familiar with the term “living cave”? Consider making a trip to Blanchard Springs Caverns to learn more.

According to legend, it is a living cave that is constantly expanding and changing.

You will be astounded by the bizarre sights in the caverns.

The caves are covered in glistening stalagmites, stalactites, and other crystal formations.

Furthermore, visitors may explore the caverns while traversing the marvelously illuminated formations due to concrete roads and convenient handrails.

Discover the cave system’s origins as you explore water-carved passageways, an underwater river, and the world’s greatest flowstone.

Fishing, swimming, biking, hiking pathways, and other leisure activities are all accessible.

The Blanchard Springs Campgrounds offer tent camping and stargazing in a natural setting.

Convenient showers, flush toilets, and a water station are just a few of the amenities.

You will not want to miss this unique opportunity to witness Arkansas’s natural beauty!

Address: 704 Blanchard Springs Road, Fifty-Six, AR 72533, United States

Big Dam Bridge (North Little Rock)

Big Dam Bridge Arkansas
Big Dam Bridge Arkansas / Mike Norton / Flickr

Have you ever wondered where to go on a vacation that you’ll never forget?

Your next destination in Arkansas should be the Big Dam Bridge, the world’s largest pedestrian bridge.

On this bridge, you can choose to either walk or ride a bicycle, as these are the only allowed modes of transportation on the path.

Best of all, the bridge is pet-friendly, so your leashed pup can join in the action.

Built on top of Murray Lock and Dam’s immense 4,226-foot span, the Big Dam Bridge was dubbed “Big Dam” because of its astounding size.

It connects 14 miles of gorgeous riverside pathways in Little Rock and North Little Rock communities and 70,000 acres of a diverse city, county, state, and federal parkland by

elevating them up to 90 feet over the Arkansas River.

Thanks to this route, the Clinton Presidential Center, the River Market, museums, restaurants, and other attractions are easily accessible by bike or on foot.

The bridge’s LED lights would also produce programmable light shows at night.

Take a stroll or a ride across one of Little Rock’s most recognizable bridges!

Address: 4000 Cook’s Landing Rd, North Little Rock, AR 72118, United States

Baum-Walker Stadium (Fayetteville)

Baum-Walker Stadium (Fayetteville), Arkansas
Baum-Walker Stadium is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Baum Stadium, which serves as the home field for the Arkansas Razorbacks baseball team, is frequently regarded as one of the first locations that come to mind.

It is the crown jewel of the collegiate ranks, boasting a capacity of more than 10,000 spectators.

The stadium serves as an immaculate playing field. It has facilities that match those found in most minor league baseball stadiums.

If you are planning to visit, know that fans flock to this stadium whenever games are held.

As with any baseball venue, Baum Stadium’s physical attributes are only a piece of the whole experience.

Most of the remaining comes from fans who throng the intersection of Razorback Road and 15th Street to watch their Razorbacks take on anybody and anything.

Baum Stadium at George Cole Field was officially dedicated on May 3, 1996. It takes its name from the principal financiers of the project and the history of Razorback baseball in Arkansas.

It quickly established itself as the model ballpark for college baseball and has stood the test of time, thanks to a series of upgrades.

If you’re interested in a more sophisticated park experience, suites can be rented for your party.

Whether a team fan, you can visit this stadium and take beautiful pictures inside.

Address: 1255 S Razorback Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

Boggy Creek Monster (Fouke)

Boggy Creek Monster Arkansas
Boggy Creek Monster Arkansas / romana klee / Flickr

Do you have a high tolerance for fear? Fouke is the place to go. The Fouke monster mythology is said to have originated in a tiny village in southwest Arkansas, some 150 miles outside of Little Rock.

It’s a well-known story throughout the state. In the early 1970s, a Texarkana local claimed to have seen an unexplained monster in the town.

A 1973 film, The Legend of Boggy Creek, made Fouke and its monster famous. Between seven and eight feet tall and weighing about 300 pounds, the Boggy Creek Monster is said to exist.

It has long, dense hair on its chest, legs, and arms. Many people first heard about the tale after seeing this film, based on the story of Bobby Ford’s alleged encounter with the beast.

The fabled monster may not create much fear in public. Some people in the area take advantage of the tale of Boggy Creek.

Boggy Creek Monster memorabilia may be purchased at Peavy’s Monster Mart shop, which features a giant wooden cutout outside where travelers can pose for photos as the beast.

Everyone can like scary folklore. Come to Fouke and discover what makes this town truly mysterious!

Address: 4000 Cook’s Landing Rd, North Little Rock, AR 72118, United States

Beatles Park (Walnut Ridge)

Beatles Park Walnut Ridge Arkansas
Beatles Park Walnut Ridge Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

Are you a fan of the Beatles? Bring your family and friends to see The Beatles sculpture in Beatles Park on Abbey Road in Walnut Ridge.

You may not be aware that it is referred to as the “British Invasion of the Rock n’ Roll Highway.”

Walnut Ridge became a one-of-a-kind destination when the Beatles visited the town in 1964, making it the only place in Arkansas that the band had ever visited together.

They were flying into Walnut Ridge Airport in a tiny plane on their way to a weekend getaway at a dude ranch in southern Missouri when the Beatles touched down.

The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce’s tourism committee is working on constructing two new tourist sites in the county.

The sculpture, which measures 10 feet by 20 feet and occupies 200 square feet, is stunning. Danny West of Walnut Ridge came up with the idea. The sculpture has been featured in many newspapers and magazines worldwide.

An unforgettable experience that will make you recreate the memories of the location where The Beatles first set foot.

You are encouraged to visit during September. Walnut Ridge citizens gather in the park for a Beatles Fest. 

The festival is free and features crafts, talks with local artists and authors, and a concert from the Liverpool Legends imitation band. 

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Address: 110 Abbey Road, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476, United States

Bassett POW Camp (Joiner)

Bassett POW Camp (Joiner), Arkansas
Bassett POW Camp is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

You may not familiar with this Arkansas town. On Arkansas’s Great River Road, you can find the ruins of a long-forgotten camp that has been abandoned for decades.

During World War II, German and Italian POWs were detained at the Bassett POW Camp in New Hampshire.

Rural eastern Arkansas is cut through via U.S. Route 61, which runs from Minnesota to Louisiana and passes through the Mississippi River and rural east Arkansas. The route cuts through 76 miles of rural east Arkansas.

Moreover, Bassett is a small village located north of the Great River Road, and the gate to the World War II POW camp can be seen from the road.

Several prisoner-of-war camps were created in eastern Arkansas to house German and Italian prisoners of war.

The American administration initially opposed shipping POWs back to the United States.

It soon concluded that keeping the enemy on American soil was more effective and profitable in the long run.

The Bassett POW camp is located one mile north of the Bassett Post Office on U.S. Route 61, just north of the town of Bassett.

In addition to the destruction of many buildings, the camp’s written history has also been greatly diminished.

Sadly, there is little to no indication that this area was the scene of a significant event in American history.

Consider taking a trip to this location before it’s too late!

Address: S-61, Joiner, AR 72350

Buck Island

Buck Island Arkansas
Buck Island Arkansas / Roderick Eime / Flickr

Have you prepared your swimming attire?

Buck Island Reef National Monument has a lot to uncover and do, including a lovely beach, an underwater snorkel route, and plenty of marine life.

The 176-acre island, with its surrounding coral reef ecosystem, is home to a diverse range of natural flora and wildlife.

This also includes some endangered and threatened species, such as hawksbill turtles and brown pelicans found on the island.

Buck Island tours include full-day and half-day excursions to St. Croix’s most popular site.

Get your snorkeling gear ready and head out to sea.

An elkhorn coral barrier reef, a natural habitat for various marine species, borders two-thirds of the island.

Discover the natural treasures of Buck Island, both above and below the water’s surface.

Additionally, visitors can visit the park daily for a half-day or a full-day excursion.

Hiking throughout the island allows visitors to take in the natural flora and wildlife while obtaining a birds-eye view of the reef and the sea below is another option.

Once you visit there, you will never get enough of the beach’s many leisure activities!

Address: Helena, AR 72342, United States

Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks (Fayetteville)

Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks Arkansas
Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks Arkansas / Tanya Impeartrice / Flickr

What a pretty sight to see, a fantastic place to go in Fayetteville.

More than 70,000 people visit the gorgeous grounds of the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks each year.

It is ranked one of the most visited attractions in Northwest Arkansas.

It is a one-of-a-kind botanical garden in the Northwest Arkansas region.

Moreover, the garden is a collection of 12 themed gardens that include the only native butterfly house in the region and groomed grounds where native flora and fauna thrive in all four seasons.

The institution is a member-supported public garden dedicated to environmental education and awareness. They serve as a community destination for people seeking unique natural experiences.

The center also provides educational opportunities for adults, including horticultural seminars, conservation classes, and talks on various themes of interest to gardeners of all abilities.

Children of all ages can benefit from educational activities since the garden collaborates with local school systems to give students hands-on nature and science learning activities.

Dogs are not permitted inside the garden unless they are service animals.

You will guarantee to have a great time exploring the garden!

Address: Botanical Garden Of The Ozarks Fayetteville, AR 72703, USA

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville)

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Arkansas
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Arkansas / Kevin Dooley / Flickr

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is located in Bentonville, Arkansas, between two ponds and close to the natural spring for which it is named.

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is the state’s largest museum of American art. Moreover, it was established by philanthropist and arts patron Alice Walton.

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a public, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to advancing American art.

The museum, which opened its doors on November 11, 2011, is open to the public and offers free admission.

Located in a natural setting, the museum’s mission is to celebrate Americana in an environment that combines art and nature.

Additionally, its state-of-the-art architecture is breathtaking, and the natural setting in which it is situated is spectacular.

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art comprises several pavilions, each containing art galleries, meeting spaces, a gathering hall, classrooms, and the building and surrounding landscape.

Throughout the museum’s galleries, you can see exhibits by well-known artists that cover various topics, including black faith and spirituality, craftsmanship in America, mirrored rooms, and much more.

It may come as a surprise to learn that the museum also has an exquisite library with more than 50,000 volumes of art reference material.

Take a glance at this one-of-a-kind architecture and make a trip to one of the most popular attractions in Arkansas.

Address: 600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Clinton House Museum (Fayetteville)

Clinton House Museum (Fayetteville), Arkansas
Clinton House Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

In October 1975, Bill Clinton proposed to Hillary Rodham in the living room of their first home. A National Historic Landmark is now known as the Clinton House Museum.

The Clinton House Museum, a 1930s English-style bungalow located in the Ozark Mountains near the University of Arkansas, tells the story of the Clintons’ time in Fayetteville.

The museum’s collection of Clinton memorabilia, including campaign posters, photographs, and other artifacts, can be viewed during a tour.

The presidential home’s First Ladies Garden, which features the favorite flowers of every first lady from Martha Washington onward, is a must-see after a tour.

Furthermore, it can be rented for weddings, receptions, small meetings, and receptions.

Check out the museum’s events calendar before heading to the museum for 1970s-themed parties, garden parties, and a wedding anniversary party for the Clintons.

Lastly, after you’ve visited this state’s most popular tourist attraction, the museum’s gift shop is an excellent place to pick up souvenirs and books about the Clintons and Arkansa’s history.

If you’re planning a trip to Arkansas, be excited to include a visit to the historic Clinton House Museum in your travel plans.

Address: 930 W Clinton Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

Compton Gardens & Arboretum (Bentoville)

Compton Gardens & Arboretum (Bentoville), Arkansas
Compton Gardens & Arboretum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

The Compton Gardens and Conference Center was once home to Dr. Neil Compton, a physician and naturalist. His efforts resulted in the preservation of the Buffalo National River.

This 6.5-acre park is open to the public for events such as public meetings, conferences, retreats, and weddings.

The route through Compton Gardens’ native gardens area is available to the public daily, except on major holidays, from sunrise to nightfall. There is approximately half a mile of paths totaling roughly half a mile in length.

In addition to being a major tourist destination, it is also a favorite location for film and commercial filming.

Visitors to the garden are greeted with awe-inspiring trees, native plants, and other gorgeous foliage as they approach the grounds.

Aside from that, several California destinations accept groups of all sizes to visit, such as Compton Gardens & Arboretum.
Five Champion Trees may be seen in this location, making it one of Arkansas’ most gorgeous locations.

In addition, while visiting Compton Grounds, you may bring a picnic lunch and eat it in the gardens.

After everything is said and done, guests will likely appreciate taking a stroll around their natural gardens from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week.

While you’re in the neighborhood, check out the Compton Gardens & Arboretum in Arkansas.

Address: 312 N Main St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Castle Rogue’s Manor (Beaver)

Castle Rogue’s Manor (Beaver), Arkansas
Castle Rogue’s Manor is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

It’s possible to realize one’s dreams. Perhaps for Smith Treuer, at the very least.
An appreciation for art and architecture led Smith Treuer to build a fantasy and Renaissance-inspired castle, now known as Castle Rogue’s Manor, in his honor.

Near the town of Eureka Springs in northwest Arkansas, Castle Rogue’s Manor sits majestically atop the limestone cliffs overlooking the White River and Tablerock Lake.

It’s a 15,000-square-foot wonderland that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Furthermore, the castle has established itself as one of the most sought-after locations for weddings and other special events.

Aside from its appearance on HGTV’s “Home Strange Home” series in 2007, Castle Rogue’s Manor has become a sought-after location for special events like weddings, anniversaries, galas, reunions, and charity fundraisers.

Note that Castle Rogue’s Manor is open to visitors and private tours by appointment only.

As a fine dining establishment, they encourage all guests to dress up or down, whether in a suit or a T-shirt.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a huge event or want to add another adventure to your Eureka Springs vacation.

Castle Rogue’s Manor is a beautiful vacation spot in Arkansas.

Address: 2272 State Hwy 187, Beaver, AR 72613, United States

Crater of Diamonds State Park (Murfreesboro)

Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas
Crater of Diamonds State Park Arkansas / Taylor Studios, Inc. / Flickr

In Arkansas, state parks are a great way to improve your quality of life, and the Crater of Diamonds is no exception! 

Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, is one of the only places in the world where the public can look for and keep actual diamonds in their natural volcanic source. 

Visitors to the park can look for rocks, minerals, and jewels in a 37-acre field excavated from a volcanic crater, and whatever you discover is yours to keep. 

Quite exciting, right? 

Furthermore, it is said that visitors have unearthed tens of thousands of stones, including the 4.25-carat Kahn Canary Rock (formerly worn by Hillary Clinton) and the 40.23-carat Uncle Sam, but the crater has also yielded a few notable gems (the biggest diamond ever unearthed in the country). 

However, except for motorized mining equipment, visitors are able to bring or rent any mining equipment they like.

Throughout the summer, the Diamond Springs Water Park provides a fun-filled day for the entire family, with certified lifeguards on site. 

Other amenities include walking trails, picnic areas, 5 walk-in tent sites, a gift shop, and 47 Class AAA campsites with 50 Amp and 30 Amp.

Now, that might be one sparkling adventure for you. 

Visit Crater of Diamonds State Park to see if you can find your first diamond.

Address: 209 State Park Rd, Murfreesboro, AR 71958, United States

Christ of the Ozarks (Eureka Springs)

Christ of the Ozarks Arkansas
Christ of the Ozarks Arkansas / amanderson2 / Flickr

Time to see one of Arkansas’ most famous landmarks, Christ of the Ozarks, a 67-foot Jesus Christ monument that attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year.

In 1966, Christ of the Ozarks became one of the Ozarks’ most popular attractions.

The town’s pride and joy are perched atop a hill overlooking Eureka Springs.

Even though every inch of this magnificent sculpture was created by hand, visitors flock from worldwide to take in its grandeur.

Of course, Christ of the Ozarks has become a popular subject for photographers.

There are many Jesus-themed attractions around the monument, including the famous statue.

In the immediate vicinity of Christ of the Ozarks, there are Holy Land excursions that recreate Biblical locations and theater productions, shopping, and other attractions.

To put it simply, the property aims to animate the Bible.

Visitors may participate in exciting activities such as tours, performances, reenactments, and more.

The Christ of the Ozarks monument is a great place to take a photo to remember your trip to Arkansas!

Address: 937 Passion Play Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Collins Creek Cascade and Trout Stream (Heber Springs)

Collins Creek Cascade and Trout Stream (Heber Springs), Arkansas
Collins Creek Cascade and Trout Stream is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

If you’re looking for a place to go hiking this summer, look for wild trout in the Collins Creek Cascade and Trout Stream.

Collins Creek Trout Stream is one of Arkansas’s newest wild trout fisheries.

After the Greers Ferry Dam Project drained the region, restoration work involving building a diversion pipe has restored normal water inflows.

40,000 gallons of water per hour are projected to be pumped into the creek.

Rainbow and Brook Trout numbers have increased dramatically after the river’s restoration in 2010.

On hot summer days, visitors may take advantage of the waterfalls, trees, and fish the area offers.

Because of this, there are groups of tourists and residents worldwide.

The Cascades may be seen from the parking lot for approximately a hundred yards.

The route continues for approximately a mile until it reaches the campsite and the Little Red River’s intersection.

So, you’re still interested in learning more about trout, right? This is an Arkansas must-visit hiking attraction to feed your curiosity!

Address: Hatchery Rd, Heber Springs, AR 72543, United States

Chaffee Barbershop Museum (Fort Smith)

Chaffee Barbershop Museum (Fort Smith), Arkansas
Chaffee Barbershop Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Is Elvis Presley a favorite of yours? Visit this museum to see how Elvis Presley transformed this community!

Elvis, “The King” Presley’s first army buzz cut, was at the Chaffee Barbershop Museum.

To prepare for his upcoming military service, Elvis Presley visited a barbershop on March 25th, 1958.

Located inside the Chaffee Barbershop, a barracks-style structure housed in the original barbershop may seem like an intriguing addition to the list of great sites.

According to reports, Elvis’ old hairdresser’s widow has the clippers he used. Another barber in the neighborhood owns the chair where Elvis cut his hair.

Annually, the town throws a carnival in honor of Elvis Presley’s first “Army Buzz Cut” from 1956, in which Mr. Peterson’s son Jimmy Don cuts the hair of a large number of Elvis fans.

The idea for the event was hatched by a group of fifth-graders hoping to raise enough money to maintain the barbershop they grew up in.

Additionally, this museum has numerous artifacts related to military and refugee history that can be found.

In addition to being able to step back in time to 1958, the Chaffee Barbershop Museum honors Fort Chaffee’s impact on the state of Arkansas!

Find out more about this unique destination by making the most of a trip here!

Address: 7313 Terry Street Bldg. #803, Fort Smith, AR 72916, United States

Devil’s Den State Park (West Fork)

Devil’s Den State Park Arkansas
Devil’s Den State Park Arkansas / Jill Carlson / Flickr

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Or maybe a place to enjoy the spectacular views while taking a break? Consider Devil’s Den State Park, one of Arkansas’s top attractions! 

The Devil’s Den State Park in the Lee Creek Valley was established as a state park in the 1930s. 

The Civilian Conservation Corps used locally sourced materials to build the rustic wood and stone buildings that make up the park. 

It continues to be one of the most preserved CCC sites in the United States, with a legacy seen in its paths and structures like the original shelter constructed there. 

Building materials from the park were used to construct the stunning natural stone and wood buildings.

Moreover, they have an 8-acre lake where you can fish or boat, interesting rock formations, a rock reservoir, and tunnels. 

Several trails are accessible to everyone, from joggers and hikers to bikers and horseback riders. 

In addition to all the recreational activities, the park also has a campground where you can reserve fully-equipped cottages for your stay to enjoy every minute of your trip. 

Devil’s Den State Park is one of the best parks worth a visit.

Since the park’s pool and café are only open for a specific time each year, plan your vacation around the days when the park’s best spots are available!

Address: 11333 W Highway 74, West Fork, AR 72774, United States

Dogpatch USA (Arkansas)

Dogpatch USA Arkansas
Dogpatch USA Arkansas / Clinton Steeds / Flickr

Dogpatch, a 400-acre amusement park site that has been abandoned, is eerily creepy.
People seem eager to have a look around, though.

The Dogpatch USA, a theme park based on Al Capp’s “Li’l Abner” comic strip, was open from 1968 to 1993.

After many successful years in business, Dogpatch was turned over to a man who was awarded a settlement from the park for a severe injury.

Crumbling attractions nevertheless entice tourists to the park despite its current neglect.

In fact, this abandoned theme park can be visited with a tour guide.

A tour will expose you to the Hillbilly-themed environment that the comic book on which it was based sought to capture.

For example, you’ll see horse stables, roller coasters, and artifacts from the old fudge shop.

When seen against the backdrop of the park’s vandalism and decay, the natural caves and little fishing lakes provide a striking contrast.

If you’re a fan of mysterious and fascinating places, this amusement park should be at the top of your list to visit!

Address: Marble Falls Township, AR 72648, United States

Daisy Airgun Museum (Rogers)

Daisy Airgun Museum (Rogers), Arkansas
Daisy Airgun Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

The Daisy Airgun Museum in Arkansas is a must-see for anybody interested in the history of airguns.

It is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting vintage Daisy Airgun Company items and relics.

The Daisy Airgun Museum has housed an excellent collection of airguns since its inception in 1960.

When it comes to airguns, Daisy is interested in maintaining the heritage of airgun technology as far back as the 1600’s.

Furthermore, Daisy enthusiasts and collectors have made it a popular stop on their travels across the country.

A tangle of airguns and other artifacts fills the museum as soon as you walk in the door.

Visitors to the Daisy Airgun Museum are given a historical presentation of the museum’s collection of airguns.

In addition to its outstanding collection, the museum’s epic gift store is a must-see.

Commemorative airguns, memorabilia, airgun accessories, ammo, and books are just some cool things you’ll find in the gift store.

Visit Daisy’s museum to learn more about airguns and to be amazed by its unique collection of airguns like no other!

Address: 202 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72756, United States

Dickson Street (Fayetteville)

Dickson Street (Fayetteville), Arkansas
Dickson Street is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

An ideal stopover for those traveling through Fayetteville on their way to or from other destinations is right here.

This street in Fayetteville, Dickson St., is both the cultural and recreational center of the city.

Dickson has the most university-like sections between Arkansas Avenue and St. Charles Avenue.

The historic boulevard is home to plenty of fashionable clubs, galleries, shops, and cafes.

Over 100,000 books are available at Dickson St. Bookshop, a one-of-a-kind independent bookstore, as well as George’s Majestic Lounge, Arkansas’ oldest live music venue.

Fayetteville’s diverse sounds may also be heard virtually each night of every week at one of the city’s many clubs and restaurants featuring live music.

Everyone’s interests are catered to, whether it’s through dance or pool.

Make the most of your first day in the city by spending it in a bookshop or on a sunny terrace.

After that, you may go for a walk around the Downtown Square gardens or have a sweet treat at a local cafe.

In the center of Fayetteville, you’ll find dozens of new and exciting attractions. You won’t be disappointed if you stop by Dickson Street!

Address: W Dickson St Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA

ESSE Purse Museum (Little Rock)

ESSE Purse Museum (Little Rock), Arkansas
ESSE Purse Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

3 things to describe this museum: History, Women, and Purses!

In the ESSE Purse Museum, you can see how the American woman of the 20th century evolved through the bags she carried and the goods they contained.

Hundreds of handbags from 1900 to 1999 and their actual or imagined contents have been assembled here.

The museum’s founder, Anita Davis, envisioned a place where women’s history, art, and culture could all unite.

Visitors will learn that a woman’s choice of handbag reveals a lot about her changing social status.

Handmade and quirky jewelry and accessories are also available, as are high-quality purses.

Moreover, ESSE also hosts rotating temporary exhibits, usually every three months or so.

The museum’s aim of empowering and recognizing all women is reflected in these displays, which cover a broad spectrum of experiences and emotions.

It is no wonder that this museum is fast becoming a cultural hub for female heritage and storytelling in Central Arkansas.

This is a must-see if you are a woman or simply anyone who wants to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of purse evolution!

Address: 1510 Main St, Little Rock, AR 72202, United States

Fort Smith National Historic Site (Fort Smith)

Fort Smith National Historic Site Arkansas
Fort Smith National Historic Site Arkansas / Mike Goad / Flickr

Do you want to walk where soldiers were trained, stop on the Trail of Tears, and stand where justice was served? It is all possible by visiting Fort Smith National Historic Site.

Fort Smith National Historic Site preserves nearly 80 years of history, from its founding on December 25, 1817, to the end of Judge Isaac C. Parker’s jurisdiction over the Indian Territory in 1896.

An incredible 100 years of Native American history are preserved at the site.

The first Fort Smith (1817–1824), the Commissary (1838), and a replica of the gallows used by the federal court are all on the property.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to see old jails, trails, courtrooms, gallows, and more.

Moreover, some artifacts such as postcards, record books, and weapons, will also be on display.

Because it combines history and nature, Fort Smith National Historic Site is a great place to visit today or this weekend.

Furthermore, children can participate in activities such as “Be a Ranger,” “Trading Cards,” and “Puzzles” while visiting the park.

In fact, kids of all ages can become Junior Park Rangers. Their website offers an engaging activity book for them.

Look at the park’s calendar to see if any upcoming events or programs might be of interest to you before you visit. 

Address: 301 Parker Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, United States

Fordyce Bathhouse (Hot Springs)

Fordyce Bathhouse (Hot Springs) Arkansas
Fordyce Bathhouse (Hot Springs) Arkansas / Rennett Stowe / Flickr

The Fordyce Bathhouse, considered one of the best bathhouses in Hot Springs, opened its doors on March 1, 1915.

In terms of floor space, it is the largest bathhouse in Hot Springs, occupying approximately 28,000 square feet.

The building was designed and constructed by Little Rock architects Mann and Stern with a total investment of more than $212,000 under the guidance of owner Sam Fordyce’s son John Fordyce.

After being closed for a short period, the Fordyce Bathhouse was reopened as the hot springs’ welcome center in 1989.

Today, Fordyce Bathhouse is now used as the park’s visitor center, located on the grounds.

You can try to talk with a park ranger, learn more about the park and the surrounding area, or become a member of the park ranger program.

Even though the bathhouse was once open to women, the tour will only take you through the men’s section.

The men’s section will also include changing rooms, locker rooms, massage rooms, music rooms, and a gym, all expected to be fully functional.

At the end of the tour, video clips detailing the location’s history can be viewed at various points throughout the experience.

It is open daily, so you can visit the Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center and Museum whenever you want!

Address: 369 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States

Garvan Woodland Gardens (Hot Springs)

Garvan Woodland Gardens (Hot Springs) Arkansas
Garvan Woodland Gardens (Hot Springs) Arkansas / Nicolas Henderson / Flickr

Garvan Woodland Gardens is an excellent choice for a day of outdoor fun in Arkansas.

Southwest Arkansas is home to Garvan Woodland Gardens, Verna Cook Garvan’s gift to the community, and a beautiful place to relax in the Ouachita Mountains.

You’ll have a wonderful time at the gardens, whether you stroll around the property or ride around in one of the golf carts.

The Garden’s primary goal is to protect the area’s pristine natural environment.

You can spend an entire day at this popular tourist attraction, which features nearly 20 different gardens.

Furthermore, the Garden serves as a place of education, studies, ethnic diversity, and tranquillity for its visitors.

You’ll be awestruck by the dynamic architecture and astonished by the beautiful botanical landscapes as you tour the city.

Aside from that, it works with communities to create and maintain gardens, scenery, and structures that are visually stunning and structurally sound.

In addition to that, their trails are accessible to people with disabilities, and pets are allowed for a fee, but not during the Holiday Lights.

Visiting this garden in Arkansas is a must if you’re still hunting for things to do in the state.

Address: 550 Arkridge Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913, United States

Grave of a Man and his Horse Killed by a Train (Walnut Ridge)

Grave of a Man and his Horse Killed by a Train (Walnut Ridge), Arkansas
Grave of a Man and his Horse Killed by a Train is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Trying to find a roadside landmark? You will be deeply touched when you visit Grave of a Man and his Horse Killed by a Train.

Arkansas’ scenic highways are made even more appealing because its woods encompass over 56% of its territory.

The roadways are adorned with lush fields and occasional rolling hills, and the well-paved roads make traveling a pleasure.

However, before the smooth pavement proved to be such a powerful pull, tourists traversed America’s south-central corridor via horse and train, which may, at times, be fatal.

John A. Rhea, a Walnut Ridge entrepreneur, was one.

A gentleman and his horse were on their way somewhere on February 15, 1893, when a train hit them and killed them both.

It’s hard to separate Rhea’s contributions to transportation and animals from her career as a distinguished politician.

Mule-drawn trolleys linked the towns of Hoxie and Walnut Ridge together.
The community agreed to build a combined cemetery in the nearby fields to remember the dead.

This gravesite must be on your list of places to see. It is clearly visible and easily accessible from the highway.

Address: Walnut Ridge Lawrence County, Arkansas

Gangster Museum of America (Hot Springs)

Gangster Museum of America (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Gangster Museum of America is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Are you searching for a tourist attraction that centers on intriguing factss, such as notorious individuals, gambling, and more?

This museum might peak your interest. 

The Gangster Museum of America tells the story of how infamous criminals in the United States coexisted peacefully with the residents of a small valley town situated in the mountains of central Arkansas. 

In the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, Hot Springs attracted tourists from all over the world who came for the city’s spring water, gambling, and bootlegging.

Artifacts and hundreds of photos are on display, and a tourist guide will take you on a fascinating journey through the “golden days” of Hot Springs.

Spa City was formerly recognized as America’s first resort for its therapeutic waters, and its gorgeous Art Deco bathhouses can still be seen directly across the street from the Gangster Museum of Los Angeles.

The seven galleries’ audiovisual show is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Also, you could play in the antique casino or listen to the museum’s historian in the museum theater tell intriguing stories.

Capone and other Chicago and New York City bootleggers helped convert this little village in the middle of nowhere into a hotspot of opulent wealth.

Experience a vacation experience like no other at one of Arkansas’ most talked-about attractions!

Address: 510 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States

Hot Springs Mountain Tower (Hot Springs)

Hot Springs Mountain Tower (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Hot Springs Mountain Tower is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

On your way to Hot Springs? Be sure to check out the iconic Hot Springs Mountain Tower!

A wooden observation tower was built in 1877 by local mill owner Enoch Woolman on the summit of Hot Springs Mountain to provide visitors with a bird’s-eye view of the region.

The 1,256-foot observation decks are reached via a 216-foot-high tower elevator. From there, you’ll be treated to stunning 360-degree views.

Best of all, you can witness the breathtaking 150-mile view that is possible from its perch atop the mountains.

From the tower’s vantage point, once you’ve arrived, you’ll see views of Hot Springs Mountain and its neighboring Ouachita Mountains, as well as Diamond Lakes State Park.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that you can get to the tower either by car or by a lengthy mountain trail.

If you’re afraid of heights, you won’t be disappointed by this fun Arkansas attraction, regardless of how you get there.

You’ll find a great gift shop and quick-service lunch options at the base of the tower.

After shopping and filling your stomach, you’ll be able to see all that beautiful scenery in a brief elevator ride.

Schedule your next trip to Hot Springs so you can visit the tower, which will show you a wide mountain range.

Address: 401 Hot Springs Mountain Dr, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States

H.U. Lee International Gate & Garden (Little Rock)

H.U. Lee International Gate & Garden (Little Rock), Arkansas
H.U. Lee International Gate & Garden (Little Rock), Arkansas / Ed Schipul / Flickr

If you love taekwondo, you owe it to the wonderful guy who created the American Taekwondo Association to pay a visit to the great man’s garden.

The H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden in Little Rock, Arkansas is dedicated to and named after Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee, the founding Grand Master of ATA, and is a symbol of friendship and respect for one of the greatest martial arts masters in history.

This attraction intended to honor the legacy of H.U. Lee, the legendary martial arts teacher.

Master H.U. Lee’s life mission was to promote martial arts around the world.

H.U. Lee International Gate & Garden is located in Arkansas’s Statehouse Convention Center.

Unique plants and flowers surround the garden’s centerpiece, a reflection pool with surrounding seats, and a memorial gate surrounds the area.

Also included are two Korean dog sculptures that stand guard, male and female statues kneeling in martial arts clothing, a fountain of enlightenment, turtle statues, brick pavers that identify contributors, and many other interesting buildings.

As a wonderful tribute to the life and career of a legendary martial artist, the gate and garden are a sight to behold.

The Statue of Nine Turtles, an exact duplicate of the wooden construction that graces the headquarters of Grand Master Lee, is one of the park’s most eye-catching attractions.

Visit this amazing place that not only serves as a tourist attraction but also as a beautiful memorial place for a beautiful person.

Address: 101 E Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

Hoo-Hoo Museum (Gurdon)

Hoo-Hoo Museum Gurdon Arkansas
Hoo-Hoo Museum Gurdon Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

It all started with five lumber industry workers in Arkansas who were waiting for a train to arrive.

Established in 1892, the Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo is a fraternity for woodworkers.

The Hoo-Hoo Museum has always advocated for the interests of its members, whether they were lumberjacks, salesmen, reporters, or anybody else in the business.

Even more remarkable, the entire fraternity was formed and evolved in less than seven hours.

Hoo-Hoo has been America’s oldest industrial fraternity for more than a century.

More than 13,000 people joined the group at its height of fame.

Australia, New Zealand, and Canada flags fly proudly over the building’s entryway.

In a log cabin near the train station where the Hoo-Hoo was formed, there is a museum with old things, monuments, and memorabilia about the order.

In addition, there are photos and literature from the Hoo-Hoo history in the museum.

Plan a trip to the Hoo-Hoo museum if you’d like to learn more about American history.

Address: 207 E Main St, Gurdon, AR 71743, United States

Hawksbill Crag (Kingston)

Hawksbill Crag Arkansas
Hawksbill Crag Arkansas / Mike Norton / Flickr

Trek along a breathtaking route in one of Arkansas’ most beautiful spots!
When asked to choose their favorite site on the Buffalo River, many people would likely name the Hawksbill Crag.

Whitaker Point tends to get a lot of attention, but the remainder of Hawksbill Crag also deserves some attention.

When you find Hawksbill Crag, you’ll find something for every kind of outdoor lover here.

You’ll see wildflowers like shooting stars and fire pink in early to mid-April and azaleas like pink mountain azalea and white umbrella magnolia in late April and early May.

Naturists and climbers will love the natural beauty of the hardwood woods and the natural Arkansas vegetation surrounding them.

However, you should be cautious in this region since the bluff line may also be deadly while visually appealing.

It’s possible to be careful while still savoring the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Consider its magnificence from a distance before continuing your journey and going out onto the high vantage point it provides.

You’ll never be bored if you visit one of Arkansas’s best-kept secrets!

Address: Co Rd 406, Kingston, AR 72742, United States

Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls (Compton)

Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls Arkansas
Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls Arkansas / David Nichols / Flickr

It’s the highest waterfall between the Rockies and the Appalachians, rising to 200 feet.

Arkansas’s largest waterfall, Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls, is one of the state’s most popular natural attractions.

There’s no arguing that this waterfall is one of the most impressive in the world.

Even if its long, sweeping cascade isn’t very big, the geology of the fall alone is worth seeing.

The 1,400-foot hike to this breathtaking waterfall is long, with rocky obstacles and bad footing all over the place.

Since the route is available all year round, visitors may enjoy it at any time.

While hiking in this region, you’re likely to encounter many other hikers.

The number of canoes, kayaks, and rafts at the trailhead is usually the best way to tell if you’ve made it.

Although it’s a challenge, Hemmed-in-Hollow Falls is worth the effort.

The finest adventure is right here; don’t waste time looking elsewhere.

Address: Compton, AR 72624, United States

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park Arkansas
Hot Springs National Park Arkansas / James St. John / Flickr

Do you know of a location that boasts both an illustrious past and stunning natural features? Visit Hot Springs National Park on a guided tour.

The Hot Springs National Park serves as a symbol of healing and a nod to the “American Spa” of the twentieth century.

Its nine antique bathhouses are matched in grandeur by the natural wonders that have drawn visitors for centuries.

In the center of town, you’ll find hot springs dating back thousands of years, stunning views of the mountains, fascinating geology, trails through the forest, and an abundance of waterways.

Surely, this is what makes Hot Springs National Park so special.

To get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, take advantage of the park’s 26 miles of hiking paths.

Visit Bathhouse Row on Central Avenue, where you’ll find a collection of stately old mansions that will transport you back to the early 1900s.

Hot Springs National Park has even more exciting activities in store for you! 

Remember to include it on the itinerary for your next trip.

Address: Reserve Street Hot Springs, AR 71901

Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum (Hot Springs)

Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

You’d be surprised at how well these wax replicas resemble actual human beings!

The Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum is the place to be if you want to meet influential people, but they are in a static position.

More than 30 exhibits are shown in seven distinct settings throughout your museum tour.

Your favorite wax figurines of celebrities, historical figures, nobility, and more will greet you.

Each “world” has its own unique collection of the museum’s more than 100 meticulously constructed statues.

In addition, the museum features interactive elements, such as an escape tunnel used by gangsters to evade police.

There are many fascinating exhibits and hands-on scenarios at the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum, making it a fun and engaging way to spend the day.

Likewise, the museum sells gambling paraphernalia and several life-size wax figures of historical and mythical figures.

Become captivated by the beauty of the Seven Magic Worlds of Josephine Tussaud’s Wax Museum for yourself.

It’s a wonderful sight to see, so get out there and begin your trip to the museum!

Address: 250 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States

Lake Ouachita (Mountain Pine)

Lake Ouachita Arkansas
Lake Ouachita Arkansas / Antrell Williams / Flickr

Lake Ouachita, the largest lake in Arkansas, is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest and has 40,000 beautiful, clean water acres.

The Ouachita River runs through the park at Hot Springs. The lake’s crystal-clear waters are a dream for scuba divers.

Additionally, there are several choices for camping, fishing, swimming, and various marinas, hotels, and restaurants.

A boating trail provides access to the shoreline’s geological structures.
If you’d like to spend the night at the lake, around 100 campsites featuring cabin and tent campsites.

Dogs are allowed at the park, so feel free to bring your four-legged friends along!

Additional amenities include a dock where visitors rent boats and kayaks, a picnic area, and an inviting gift shop.

Pack your luggage and head to one of Arkansas’s most interactive amusement parks.

You’ll be astonished by the number of activities you can enjoy at this park!

Address: 5451 Mountain Pine Rd, Mountain Pine, AR 71956, United States

Lake Catherine State Park (Hot Springs)

Lake Catherine State Park (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Lake Catherine State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Trying to discover a spot where you can relax and unwind? Visit Lake Catherine if you have the chance.

 It is one of five lakes in the Ouachita Mountains, an amazing natural wonder in Arkansas.

It is the only full-service marina open year-round, the park also offers bait, food, and beverages.

With that, a selection of camping options, including tent, RV, and cottage sites, making it a perfect location for a vacation. 

It’s a great place to go swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing, and more. 

As a result, the park offers a wide range of recreational activities in addition to camping and water sports. 

On one of the hiking trails, there are several stunning waterfalls that may be viewed. 

Throughout the year, visitors may enjoy the benefits of guided horseback riding excursions, lake tours, and other activities. 

There’s no need to look any further. This is the place in Arkansas that you absolutely must visit next!

Address: 1200 Catherine Park Rd, Hot Springs, AR 71913, United States

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site (Little Rock)

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site (Little Rock), Arkansas
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site (Little Rock), Arkansas / Paul Sableman / Flickr

Little Rock Central High School, a national historic site, was once the center of attention during one of the most important events in American history.

Following the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1957, Little Rock Central High School became the focal point of confrontation and a catalyst for change.

In the years following the Brown decision, the situation at Little Rock’s Central High School compelled the country to vow to enforce African-American civil rights in the face of tremendous southern hostility.

The Little Rock Nine, a group of nine students who became recognized as the first African-American students to attend Central High School, defied the severity of the resistance.

In the present day, this historic institution serves as a powerful reminder of America’s past and present challenges with systemic racism.

People all throughout the world may benefit from what they’ve learned from the Little Rock Nine’s sacrifice and perseverance.

An experience you won’t soon forget awaits at this park unlike any other.

A ranger-led tour of Central High School is the only opportunity to see the campus.

You may, however, arrange for a park ranger to appear in a virtual program.

Make plans for a visit to this historic site well in advance of your desired date.

Address: 2120 W Daisy L Gatson Bates Dr, Little Rock, AR 72202, United States

Museum of Native American History MONAH (Bentonville)

Museum of Native American History MONAH (Bentonville), Arkansas
Museum of Native American History MONAH is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

The Museum of Native American Artifacts was established in 2006 in a downtown location. In the years since, it has grown into a much larger location.

Founded in 2006 by a member of the Cherokee Nation, the museum first opened its doors to the public in 2007. It has been open to the public since 2007.

Moreover, the museum’s exhibits are both authentic and extensive, and they will allow you to get up close and personal with the objects.

The exhibits at MONAH, on the other hand, cover a wide range of topics, including how we’re all connected, the Paleolithic period, the Archaic period, and the wooded areas of the world, among others.

In recognition of this achievement, it is referred to as “the world’s oldest museum,” with a collection that dates back more than 14,000 years.

Year after year, viewers can choose from a wide variety of educational and special-interest programs available on television. 

Always check the schedule of events before embarking on a journey to guarantee that you don’t miss anything essential.

Even better, the museum is open to the public and admission is completely free.

When you pay a visit to the city of Monah, plan on taking in the sights that it has to offer!

Address: 202 SW O St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Magic Springs Water & Theme Park (Hot Springs)

Magic Springs Water & Theme Park (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Magic Springs Water & Theme Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

As a one-stop destination in Arkansas, Magic Springs Water and Theme Park has plenty to offer everyone. 

More than 80 activities across two parks for the price of one!

It has been ranked as one of the top three family-friendly parks in the United States by Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

As the only theme park situated within a national park, it also has the distinction of being the first of its kind.

At Splash Island, you’ll be thrilled for hours by the thrilling thrill coasters, family rides, and children’s rides.

Moreover, there are a total of ten water slides, a bucket that pours 1,000 gallons of water every ten minutes, and more than 200 more ways to get wet in this water park.

To keep guests entertained, the park contains a variety of water features, such as bubbler jets, water wheels, buckets, curtains, net climbs, and waterfalls. 

There is also a lot of covered seating around the attraction.

In addition, Smoke on the Water, a BBQ restaurant that is totally enclosed and air-conditioned for guests, is featured at the park.

This is easily the most popular place to visit in Arkansas, so make sure to include this adventure in your travel itinerary!

Address: 202 SW O St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Mount Magazine State Park (Paris)

Mount Magazine State Park (Paris), Arkansas
Mount Magazine State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Mount Magazine State Park, which rises at an elevation of 2,753 feet above sea level and is Arkansas’s highest peak, is a worthwhile site to explore.

Located inside the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests, Mount Magazine State Park serves as a haven for relaxation, exploration, and natural history study.

The activities available for you to try include mountain biking, hiking, and even ATV riding.

During your time in town, you might want to do extreme sports like rock climbing and hang gliding.

Park rangers come up with a lot of different ways to show off the mountain’s different types of plants and animals.

Above and beyond all of the thrills and adventure that await you at Mount Magazine, you will find yourself in a breathtaking natural setting.

The Mount Magazine Guest Lodge, which includes 60 rooms and amenities such as a game room, a fitness center, and two swimming pools, serves as the resort’s focal point.

The guest suites at Blue Mountain Lodge provide views of the mountain’s bluff, the Petit Jean River Valley, and Blue Mountain Lake, giving guests a bird’s-eye view of the lake and surrounding area.

After a long day of trekking and exploration, the Skycrest Restaurant at the resort is a wonderful spot to unwind and relax.

If you want to have a unique and memorable vacation, Mount Magazine is one of the best places in Arkansas to go.

Address: 577 Lodge Dr, Paris, AR 72855, United States

Magnolia Falls (Deer)

Magnolia Falls (Deer), Arkansas
Magnolia Falls is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

It’s a nature lover’s secret location. 

Discover this hidden gem, Magnolia Falls, known to be one of the most beautiful hiking paths in the state of Arkansas. 

With a drop of 26 feet into a small pool, Magnolia Falls is a breathtaking sight to see. 

Its unique rock formations, rock bluff vistas, and glimpses of the falls itself may all be found along this scenic walk. 

Along the picturesque trail are unique rock formations, views of rock bluffs, peeks of the falls themselves, and more. 

Visitors may take a leisurely and pleasurable stroll down into the canyon, where they will ultimately come upon the gushing waterfalls for about 5 miles one way. 

The parking lot is identified by a Wilderness Area sign, and the trailhead is an ancient jeep path that weaves its way into the forest. 

In addition, the entire area is covered in moss, and the ferns are very beautiful. 

Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature in this immaculate setting.

You could be one of the only people to uncover the unique beauty of Arkansas on this trail!

Address: Deer, AR 72628, United States

Mid-America Science Museum (Hot Springs)

Mid-America Science Museum (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Mid-America Science Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

If you want to tour around a place in Arkansas that has both entertainment and learning, the Mid-America Science Museum is the place you are looking for.

The Mid-America Science Museum is around a mile from Hot Springs National Park and is situated in a rich natural environment. 

The current 73,500-square-foot complex was built on 21 lovely forested acres in Mid-America Park. 

Since its founding in 1979, it has been a leader in hands-on scientific teaching and a resource for creative STEM education. 

With an abundance of award-winning permanent exhibitions, you’re sure to have the best time exploring. 

You’ll also have a chance to witness a motion gallery, a light bridge, an engaging scientific promenade, and a tinkering studio throughout your stay. 

Furthermore, the museum regularly performs one-of-a-kind science shows like an electricity show, a planetarium show, and more. 

In addition, Oaklawn Foundation DinoTrek is the museum’s newest permanent exhibit. 

For 40 years, the museum has undoubtedly served as a tourist hotspot for thousands of families and remains a haven for future visitors of all ages. 

This entertaining museum should be on your list of places to see in Arkansas!

Address: 500 Mid America Blvd, Hot Springs, AR 71913, United States

Mammoth Spring State Park (Mammoth Spring)

Mammoth Spring State Park (Mammoth Spring), Arkansas
Mammoth Spring State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

It’s likely that a visit to Arkansas’ most famous natural spring may fascinate you. 

You can learn more about the Mammoth Springs by visiting Mammoth Spring State Park.

Tourists can read about the history of Mammoth Spring State Park and see some amazing spring relics in the visitor’s center. 

Mammoth Springs produces 10 million gallons of spring water each minute, which is quite remarkable. 

Mammoth’s water also flows into Spring Lake and Spring River, which are located a short distance from the spring.

In addition, the natural beauty of these bodies of water attracts both tourists and residents. 

The lake and river provide a number of different sports, including fishing, kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding. 

Moreover, tourists may also enjoy inland activities like hiking, and biking while they’re not in the water. 

Take a stroll in the woods, pack a picnic, or simply sit back and take in the scenery. 

At Mammoth Springs State Park, you’ll have the time of your life, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and exciting activities!

Address: 17 US Hwy 63, Mammoth Spring, AR 72554, United States

Mount Nebo (Dardanelle)

Mount Nebo Dardanelle Arkansas
Mount Nebo Dardanelle Arkansas / Maya-Anaïs Y. / Flickr

With more than 3,000 acres of land, Arkansas’s second-oldest state park is a major attraction!

Mount Nebo State Park is perched atop 1,350-foot Mount Nebo in the Arkansas River Valley, about 45 minutes from Arkansas Wine Country.

There is a certain raw beauty to the entire Mount Nebo Park region, which is a common theme across Utah.

Many of the rustic-style cottages, pavilions, bridges, and 14 miles of hiking and mountain biking routes were built by the 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps.

On the other hand, travelers looking for a quiet retreat may choose between 35 full-service campsites and 14 fully-equipped cottages with kitchens.

Mount Nebo State Park is a certified Trail of Tears National Historic Trail Site.

Furthermore, its location overlooks the Arkansas River from the south.

It is known that only two locations in the Arkansas state park system provide launch places for hang gliding enthusiasts, with Mount Nebo State Park being one of them.

To get the best views of one of Arkansas’ most stunning natural monuments, head to the sunrise and sunset viewing areas.

Visit Mount Nebo State Park to begin your exciting adventure!

Address: 8 W State Highway 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834-8709

Maxwell Blade’s Odditorium and Curiosities Museum (Hot Springs)

Maxwell Blade’s Odditorium and Curiosities Museum (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Maxwell Blade’s Odditorium and Curiosities Museum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Astonished by the strangeness of the world?

In such a case, Maxwell Blade’s Odditorium and Curiosities Museum may be your top choice!

Maxwell Blade, a magician and illusionist and the owner of the Odditorium and Curiosities Museum, has a huge collection of weird and unusual things from all over the world.

It has more than 300 unique specimens and artifacts.

The museum, which opened in 2015, has quickly become one of the most unique and thought-provoking places in the country for curious people.

There are voodoo dolls, preserved skeletons, chastity chains, and other unusual items at this museum that become crazier and weirder as you go around.

Moreover, inkwells belonging to Edgar Allen Poe, a two-faced calf head, a Fiji Mermaid, and a silver Inca skull recovered at Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham are all on display.

There have been a number of new items on display in the museum.

Allow your imagination to run wild.

Spend some time exploring Maxwell Blade’s Odditorium and Curiosities Museum and you won’t be disappointed!

Address: 817 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States

Ozark Folk Center State Park (Mountain View)

Ozark Folk Center State Park (Mountain View), Arkansas
Ozark Folk Center State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Is there anything you’d want to learn about the Ozarks? 

Musicians, artists, and craftspeople from all over the Ozarks congregate at the Ozark Folk Center State Park for a range of diverse performances and exhibitions. 

Visitors may see artists at work, meander around the Heritage Herb Garden, and listen to live Southern mountain music while they are there. 

You can watch artisans weave, make ceramics, and more on any given day.

More than 20 artisans craft, create, and demonstrate their art and sell it to visitors every day.

Furthermore, Ozark Folk Center State Park is a nexus for the expression and observation of art in the Ozarks. 

Old plants, herbs, and native plants may be found at the park’s Heritage Herb Garden, which also functions as an outdoor school. 

On a daily basis, workshops are also held for artists and performers of all ability levels. 

Everything is going to work great for you at Ozark Folk Center State Park. 

It’s a fantastic place to go if you’re looking for a bunch of activities to do in one location.

Address: 1032 Park Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560, United States

Opera in the Ozarks OIO (Eureka Springs)

Opera in the Ozarks OIO (Eureka Springs), Arkansas
Opera in the Ozarks OIO is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Are you a fan of opera performances? You’ll be pleased to know that Arkansas has something for you.

The Ozarks Opera in the Ozarks (OIO) is a non-profit organization that has been promoting the arts since the 1950s.

As a result, visitors to Arkansas may now experience the refinement and culture of opera while they’re here.

It’s a family-friendly cultural and artistic event.

Six days a week, the OIO performs operatic productions. Your entire family will be able to admire the beauty on display in productions like “Cendrillon,” “Magic Flute,” and “Lucia di Lammermoor.”

Be sure to check out OIO’s events calendar before making travel plans, because in addition to its varied performance schedule, the organization hosts frequent programs and camps.

Visit OIO’s gift store after the concert to pick up unique keepsakes handcrafted by the region’s most talented artisans.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see incredible performances led by talented individuals!

Address: 16311 US-62, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Old Naked Joe Mountain (Norfork)

Old Naked Joe Mountain (Norfork), Arkansas
Old Naked Joe Mountain is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

While Old Joe does not have a business center or a town to visit, you are free to drive through it naked if you so like.

The Ozarks and the gorgeous Arkansas nature surround Old Naked Joe Mountain.

On Arkansas’s Highway 5 South, between Norfork and Calico Rock, the peak is on the boundary of the Ozark Mountains National Forest.

With a fascinating origin story, this is a beautiful peak.

Old Naked Joe Mountain’s name has a lot of interesting legends behind it.

Of course, the most popular and intriguing one is that an elderly man named Joe resided in the village atop the mountain.

For some strange reason, the man also enjoyed running about “naked.” Because of this, the mountain has been dubbed Old Naked Joe Mountain.

Many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts go to Old Joe year-round, even though it has a low population density.

To get to the peak of Naked Joe Knob on Old Naked Joe Mountain, there are several hiking trails.

If you are looking for a place to hike, this is the best mountain to hike in Arkansas. 

Address: Old Naked Joe Mountain Norfork, Arkansas

Ouachita National Forest (Hot Springs)

Ouachita National Forest Arkansas
Ouachita National Forest Arkansas / Justin Meissen / Flickr

Breathtaking views and secret corners may be found on the backroads of the highlands.

Ouachita National Forest is the South’s oldest and largest national forest, established in 1907.

Access to the forest is easy from Hot Springs, which is located in the heart of the woodland.

More than 1.8 million acres of central Arkansas and southeast Oklahoma are protected as part of the Ouachita National Forest.

It’s part of the overall management plan to keep trees and wood growing, as well as to protect and improve watersheds.

Aside from that, it serves as a refuge for a variety of animal and fish species, including several that are vulnerable or endangered.

Many parks and recreation places, such as Albert Pike, Shady Lake, and Charlton, provide visitors with opportunities for outdoor activities including camping, fishing, picnicking, and hiking.

Swimming, hunting, mountain biking, all-terrain vehicle routes, and equestrian paths are all accessible.

This is a perfect vacation spot if you like to do some activities and unwind.

Make the most of your vacation in Arkansas by exploring the Ouachita National Forest!

Address: Hot Springs, AR 71902, United States

Peppersauce Ghost Town (Calico Rock)

eppersauce Ghost Town Arkansas
Peppersauce Ghost Town Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

Abandoned but not forgotten, this early-20th-century boomtown sits within the Calico Rock city limits.

Peppersauce Ghost Town has become a popular destination for both tourists and residents.

A literal ghost town, Peppersauce began as a trading post with a very transient population.

Numerous taverns appeared to cater to the transient population, and the place became home to various thieves, vagabonds, and other troublemakers indulging in prostitution, brawling, knife and gun fights, and generous quantities of the local moonshine, known as “Peppersauce.”

Once the train started making regular stops in 1903, the town was well established as a rail and river trade hub, particularly in zinc, timber, and cotton.

Although the town thrived for a time, by the 1960s the town was completely abandoned.

However, the remnants of the once-bustling town remain in Arkansas today.

Now Arkansas visitors can tour this haunting ghost town. Before heading to Peppersauce, be sure to pick up a visitor’s guide with a map marking out a walking tour.

Trespassing is strictly forbidden, all but two of the remaining 20 abandoned buildings can be viewed from the street.

If you are still thinking of places to go to get a thrilling experience, Peppersauce Ghost Town is what you are looking for!

Address: Rand Hill St, Calico Rock, AR 72519, United States

Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge (Eureka Springs)

Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge (Eureka Springs), Arkansas
Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

For those looking for an Arkansas roadside attraction, Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge, located in the Ozarks, are popular destinations that draw visitors from near and far.

Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge is one of the many exceptional places in the state that make it so special. 

Known for its oddly stacked rock formations, which resemble stacked pyramids that have been flipped on their side.

In addition to the bizarre rock formations, the property is home to a number of other geological anomalies that are worth exploring. 

Unusual natural phenomena, such as a natural stone bridge that creates an unusual tunnel that provides excellent photographic opportunities, are examples of such anomalies.

Pivot Rock & Natural Bridge is a roadside tourist spot that you will pass through in a matter of minutes if you are not paying attention. 

It is worth paying the small fee to tour the property because failing to do so would result in missing a chance to see some fascinating Arkansas geology. 

Moreover, Pivot Rock Park park is the best place to stop and stretch your legs as you drive through Arkansas, and it is welcoming to both families and dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

The park is only open during the springtime, but it has a small gift shop where you can grab some unique Pivot Park memorabilia. 

Treat yourself to a picture-perfect attraction; this is a one-of-a-kind attraction to explore in the state of Arkansas!

Address: 1708 Pivot Rock Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Pinnacle Mountain State Park (Roland)

Pinnacle Mountain State Park (Roland), Arkansas
Pinnacle Mountain State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

If you’re looking for a day-use park where you can relax and unwind, Pinnacle Mountain State Park might be a good choice.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is dedicated to environmental education, recreation, and preservation. 

A visit to one of Eureka Springs’ “top ten” family-friendly Northwest Arkansas attractions, which also happens to be one of the busiest in the area, should be a mandatory stop on your itinerary.

As a Trails of Tears National Historic Site, Pinnacle Mountain State Park has an even greater historical significance, as evidenced by its designation as such.

The park’s more than 22 miles of trails, which include more than 14 miles of trying to challenge mountain bike trails, allow visitors to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

In addition to climbing to the top of Pinnacle Mountain and exploring the area’s waterways, there are a variety of other activities available in the area.

This Arkansas arboretum offers a variety of excellent options for visitors, including bringing their own lunch and relaxing in the pavilion, reading a book on the riverbank, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Moreover, it is also allowed to go boating on the Big and Little Maumelle Rivers, though only on a limited basis.

If you haven’t already, make sure not to miss out on some of their most popular annual events, such as the “Art with an Altitude” Kite Festival and the Howl-O-Ween Spooktacular.

Visit the Pinnacle Mountain State Park gates early in the day because the park closes one hour after sunset.

Address: 11901 Pinnacle Valley Rd, Roland, AR 72135, United States

Petit Jean State Park (Morrilton)

Petit Jean State Park Arkansas
Petit Jean State Park Arkansas / Rebecca Hardgrave / Flickr

Petit Jean State Park is a well-known Arkansas landmark, as well as a natural and cultural treasure that has welcomed visitors for many years.

This park encompasses the state’s largest bluff shelter, which is the largest in the country.

In the park’s bluff shelter, visitors can see Native American art that has been around for 500 years.

Among the many attractions in Petit Jean State Park, which is a geographical treasure trove of its own, are Petit Jean Mountain, trails, overpasses, and more.

Take a tour of the park’s focal point, which is the historic lodge with a view of the canyon that was built in the late 1800s.

Local guides are available year-round to take visitors on an adventure through the park’s unique features and breathtaking natural beauty.

Visitors to Petit Jean State Park can go hiking, paddle boarding, fishing in Lake Petit Jean, pedal boating, and even camping, among other things.

Moreover, during the summer months, the park offers a snack bar as well as boat rental services.

Two swimming pools, a pavilion for gatherings, a playground, and other amenities are available on-site. 

While traveling through Arkansas, Petit Jean State Park is unquestionably a spectacular destination to visit.

Address: 1285 Petit Jean Mountain Rd, Morrilton, AR 72110, United States

Popeye Statue (Alma)

Popeye Statue Alma Arkansas
Popeye Statue Alma Arkansas / GPA Photo Archive / Flickr

The world’s spinach capital is marked by a bronze statue.

On top of a water feature at Alma’s Popeye Park, a giant bronze statue of the cartoon character Popeye proudly stands.

Alma is renowned as the “Spinach Capital of the World,” and it would be wrong for the “Spinach Town” not to recognize the “Spinach Mascot of the World,” their very own Popeye the Sailor Guy!

Because the town’s high school kids could try to steal the previous version of the statue, which remained atop the fountain for twenty years, the present one had to be removed.

An enormous water tower in Spinach Town is painted to appear like a spinach can, making it the world’s largest.

The bronze statue of Popeye is new, but it isn’t the first time this character has been shown in this place.

A Fiberglas and papier-mache replica stayed in this place for 20 years before the money could be found to make a long-term installation.

Additionally, Alma residents want to install two kiosks with flat-screen displays showing the town’s history and a few facts about their favorite fictional characters for visitors who stop by for a photo or a visit.

Annually, Alma hosts a Spinach Festival that honors the city’s long history as the Spinach Capital of the World.

Whether you are a fan of Popeye or not, it is one of the best attractions you need to visit in Arkansas!

Address: Fayetteville Avenue Alma, AR 72921

Parkin Archeological State Park (Earle)

Parkin Archeological State Park (Earle), Arkansas
Parkin Archeological State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

A major archaeological find in the state and maybe the country, the Parkin Archeological State Park is a must-see for anybody visiting the area.

Archaeologists at the research station say that Hernando de Soto came to this place in 1541.

Most of the town that was once a bustling place has been lost to time. There is only a huge platform-like hill next to the St. Francis River and a deep imprint of a moat that can still be seen.

An agreement was made between Arkansas State Parks and two groups in 1994. The group worked together on an agreement that set aside 17 acres of land around the mound.

Throughout the year, park interpreters provide tours, conduct educational programs, and organize special events.

The Northern Ohio School House and the Northern Ohio Lumber Cooperage Company, both built in the 1920s, still stand on the property.

Free admission to the tourist center and self-guided excursions.

Reservations are required for the day-use picnic area, playground, and pavilion.

The St. Francis River may also be accessed via a nearby boat ramp.

Visit this historical tourist site that was recently rediscovered after being buried for many years!

Address: 60 State Hwy 184, Parkin, AR 72373, United States

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, Arkansas
Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Expansive in scope and excellent in condition.

It’s no secret that Prairie Grove is home to one of the best-preserved Civil War battlefields in the country.

People visit this park to remember the Battle of Prairie Grove, which took place on December 7, 1862, when Confederate and Union soldiers fought hard and lost 2,700 lives.

In addition to historical signs and a museum with items from the conflict, the true appeal of the battlefield is its natural beauty.

Despite the blood that was spilled there, the land has a 19th-century pastoral beauty that is serene.

There are walking and driving tours, seminars, and weekend activities throughout the park.

Artifacts from the war are on exhibit at Hindman Hall Museum.

Biennially (even-numbered years), the largest Civil War battle re-enactment in Arkansas is held here.

Remember to add this historical park to your list of must-sees destinations!

Address: 506 E Douglas St, Prairie Grove, AR 72753, United States

Quigley’s Castle (Eureka Springs)

Quigley’s Castle Arkansas
Quigley’s Castle Arkansas / Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

In reality, Quigley’s Castle is more of an odd stone house than a castle. 

It is an odd dwelling belonging to the Quigley family, an eclectic family of collectors who have a grand vision for their family home in the Scottish Highlands.

The best feature of the house is that trees grow on the inside of the large glass windows, which makes it particularly attractive. 

Many of Mrs. Quigley’s rock and bottle sculptures can be found throughout the house, which is completely covered in them as well as filled with them. 

The home is constructed entirely of wood harvested from the land on which it is built, and it is designed with 28 large windows that provide panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

Approximately 400 perennials in a variety of lush and colorful flowers are scattered throughout the property’s sprawling grounds.

In addition to that, there are garden paths that are covered in stones that Mrs. Quigley collected, birdbaths, a lily pond, and a treetop where Mrs. Quigley is said to have slept in the past. 

Furthermore, the property also boasts an impressive collection of fossils, arrowheads, crystals, and other natural history items. 

Take note of Quigley’s Castle on your list of things to do in Arkansas!

Address: 274 Quigley Castle Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Roark Bluff Overlook Trail

Roark Bluff Overlook Trail, Arkansas
Roark Bluff Overlook Trail, Arkansas / Buffalo Outdoor Center / Flickr

No experience with boats and paddles? Don’t fret! It is not required when you visit Roark Bluff Overlook Trail.

It is one of the most naturally beautiful sites along the Buffalo National River.

It is also a popular photography location and is just one of the many interesting places to visit in the Natural State.

Moreover, it is possible to hike to the top of the Roark Bluff Overlook Trail by following a well-trodden path.

After taking in the breathtaking sights along the way, you climb to the top of the bluff for a panoramic view of Steel Creek, Roark’s Bluff, and the Buffalo River below.

The view from the top is breathtaking; after a moderate hike to the top, you might want to consider having lunch with a view.

Because it isn’t very difficult, it’s best for people who have done a lot of hiking before.

At Roark Bluff, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy.

Drive up to the overlook, walk along the riverbank, or go on a hike to get a better view.

Put the Roark Bluff Overlook Trail near the top of your list if you’re looking for a beautiful place to visit in Arkansas.

Address: Arkansas, United States

Riverfront Park (Little Rock)

Riverfront Park (Little Rock), Arkansas
Riverfront Park is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Take a trip to Riverfront Park, one of the best public parks in the country, to learn as much about Little Rock’s heritage as possible. 

There are more things to do in Riverfront Park than at any of the other nearby attractions because it is located along the beautiful Arkansas River. 

On its 33 acres of urban parks, you may participate in a wide range of outdoor sports, historical reenactments, and other recreational activities. 

It has a historic pavilion, a riverside plaza, and military memorials.

You can find the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, the Junction Bridge, La Petit Roche Plaza, First Security Amphitheatre, and Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden among a few attractions in the park.

With its many outdoor activities, Riverfront Park’s 11-block amusement and dining district is the perfect complement. 

It’s also a wonderful place for families with young children to relax and play in its Peabody Park. 

In addition to a farmers’ market, restaurants, shopping, and housing, the River Market hosts a range of parties and concerts throughout the year. 

You can never go wrong if you spend your day in a place jampacked with leisure activities. 

Make sure to include Riverfront Park on your list of places to visit next in Arkansas!

Address: 400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

Rush Ghost Town (Yellville)

Rush Ghost Town (Yellville), Arkansas
Rush Ghost Town is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

A historically protected ghost town.

The Buffalo National River, which the National Park Service manages, contains just a few abandoned mines and structures, including Rush Ghost Town. 

Walking through this wilderness, it’s hard to believe that humans ever called this place their home. 

Despite this, several of these areas were prosperous settlements in the 1800s since they were on well-traveled routes. 

In the past, there had been an abundance of zinc deposits discovered during a test run in 1887, which spurred prospectors to rush to Rush in the expectation of finding the legendary silver mines of Native American stories. As a result, the town’s zinc mining began. 

After the discovery, the town’s population quickly grew to 5,000 businessmen, diggers, and prospectors from around the world. 

The largest zinc nugget ever found at the site was unearthed by Morning Star Mine, which is Rush’s biggest claim to fame. 

However, zinc’s demand and price decreased when World War I came to an end. 

A few years later, in 1972, Rush became an official “ghost town” and part of the Buffalo National River Park System with the closure of the mines and the departure of residents and workers. 

After 45 years, the town is now mostly made up of abandoned buildings and mine tunnels, along with a few remnants of its glorious past. 

This is a great place to visit if you want to see what a thriving town was like in the past.

Address: Yellville, AR 72687, United States

South Arkansas Arboretum (El Dorado)

South Arkansas Arboretum (El Dorado), Arkansas
South Arkansas Arboretum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

South Arkansas Arboretum, Arkansas’ 50th state park, is a 12-acre woodland property with flora native to Arkansas’ West Gulf Coastal Plain as well as foreign species such as flowering camellias and azaleas.

It is developed with the mission of seeking to protect the fauna and flora of the West Gulf Coastal Plain, a natural division that encompasses the majority of southern Arkansas.

Furthermore, the arboretum acts as an education and learning resource for both locals and visitors.

With well-marked, paved walking routes, shelters and gazebos, and public facilities, this is a convenient and attractive stop on your way through The Natural State.

The paved walkways that go through the 12-acres of woodland parkland include seats along the way that are ideal for plopping down and bird-watching.

Meanwhile, it is also a popular destination for runners, walkers, and bikers.

The Arboretum, a roadside attraction, is now open, with a vast range of trees, plants, and flowers to observe.

While walking around the arboretum, you will notice small signs that quickly identify most of those arboretum’s trees, which is useful for anyone looking to enhance their identification abilities.

From spring through fall, many wildflowers are in bloom; but, from autumn to early spring, the purple French mulberry fruit, known as “beauty berries,” is plentiful throughout North America.

Take a road trip to this calm location to stretch your legs after a long drive, motorcycle ride, or car ride!

Address: 1506 Mt Holly Rd, El Dorado, AR 71730, United States

Signal Hill (Paris)

Signal Hill (Paris), Arkansas
Signal Hill is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Signal Hill is the highest point in Arkansas, with an elevation of 2,753 feet above means sea level.

Visiting Mount Magazine isn’t complete without a trip to the state’s highest point, Mount Magazine Peak.

It’s a nice area to go for a walk in the forest because of the diversity of flowers.

This well-kept forest path connects the Mossback Ridge Trail and the Mount Magazine Lodge, which is accessible via the well-kept forest path.

Because it is located inside the Ozark National Forest, the mountain range is included in both the Northern Ouachitas and the Ozarks.

Tourists may readily access all the park’s amenities and recreational activities since Mount Magazine State Park is a well-developed state park.

When you trek up Signal Hill, you’ll be amazed at the scenery.

Take in the sights and sounds as you traverse the paths.

In search of a good hiking trail? Look no farther than here in Signal Hill.

Address:  577 Lodge Dr, Paris, AR 72855, United States

Shiloh Museum of Ozark History (Springdale)

Shiloh Museum of Ozark History (Springdale), Arkansas
Shiloh Museum of Ozark History is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

When Springdale was first established in the 1870s, the town’s name was changed from Shiloh to Springdale.

This museum in Springdale, Arkansas, showcases the history and culture of the Northwest Arkansas Ozarks via artifacts dating back hundreds of years, hands-on displays, and historical reproductions.

The people who live in the Ozarks every day are the real heroes of this museum. They are the men, women, and children who live in their towns and rural areas.

On the museum grounds, you may take a tour of six different historic structures.

An extensive photo archive of Ozark life may be found in the museum’s research library, which has more than 500,000 images.

Visitors to the Ozarks Museum are given public tours and educational events by guides who specialize in Ozark history and culture.

In addition, monthly training meetings involve discussion of program materials, mentorship for new guides, exchanging experiences with tour groups, and planning for special events. Furthermore,

You may learn anything you want about the past of Ozarks.

The Shiloh Museum is a must-see for anybody interested in Arkansas’ rich folklore and traditional heritage.

Address: 118 W Johnson Ave, Springdale, AR 72764, United States

Scott Family Amazeum (Bentonville)

Scott Family Amazeum (Bentonville), Arkansas
Scott Family Amazeum is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Want a location where your children can run about and have fun all day? 

Come visit the Amazeum, which isn’t like any other museum out there.

In the Scott Family Amazeum, there are 50,000 square feet of exhibits and educational areas. 

These areas are meant to bring education to life and improve family interaction, while also encouraging curiosity through interactive activities.

Art studios and educational jungle gym-like activities are strewn around this area for visitors with young children.

With the use of interactive displays, visitors are able to learn more about Arkansas’s rich history and the people who have shaped it.

The 3M Tinkering Hub, General Mills Lift, Load, and Haul, Walmart Market, Nature Valley Water Amazements, Nickelodeon Play Lab, and Hershey’s Lab are just a few of the exhibits on display.

There is a one-acre outdoor area that can be used all year long for studying and experimenting with different things for different seasons.

Additionally, they provide a location for corporations and groups to hold gatherings, performances, and other special events.

Amazeum’s educational activities cater to a wide spectrum of visitors.

You must purchase tickets well in advance of the concert date you wish to tour.

If you want to go on tour, you must get tickets well in advance of the date.

Address: 1009 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Thorncrown Chapel (Eureka Springs)

Thorncrown Chapel (Eureka Springs) Arkansas
Thorncrown Chapel (Eureka Springs) Arkansas / Clinton Steeds / Flickr

Thorncrown Chapel soars forty-eight feet into the Ozark sky, a breathtaking sight.

Thowncrown Chapel’s wooden structure contains 425 windows and more than 6,000 square feet of glass, making it the largest chapel in the world. 

It is built on top of more than 100 tons of native stone and colored flagstone, which allows it to blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

Since it first opened its doors in 1980, this woodland sanctuary has welcomed more than seven million visitors. It was designed by the well-known architect, E. Fay Jones.

Thorncrown is essentially a glass chapel designed to provide visitors with a sense of serenity and tranquillity in a bustling city.

The stunning chapel’s walls are made entirely of floor-to-ceiling glass, providing a panoramic view of the lush and mountainous Ozark Mountains.

The chapel is open to the public without reservation and without charge for those who are interested in taking a brief tour of the building’s history.

Besides that, visitors can pray, meditate, or contemplate at their leisure in this beautiful setting, which is open seven days a week for their convenience.

There’s no better place to go if you want to see a breathtaking piece of architecture that is unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else on Earth than this one!

Address: 12968 US-62, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (Eureka Springs)

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge Arkansas
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge Arkansas / janeLLoyd Nichols / Flickr

Are you a fan of tigers, lions, and other exotic creatures? Abuse and abandonment are possible scenarios. 

The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is here to save the day.

Turpentine Creek is a non-profit that helps “large cats” who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. They want to give them a safe place to live.

The animals are treated with respect and compassion at this facility.

It is possible to take a tour of their sanctuary, which is home to approximately 100 animals, such as tigers, leopards, cougars, bobcats, bears, ligers, and macaws.

They are not a zoo, and they do not profit from or exploit the animals they house.

Take a wander around and get some great photos of the animals. You are welcome to do so.

In addition, the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has a lot of educational opportunities to make your visit even better.

Coffee with the Curator, a Carnivore Caravan Tour, and children’s camps are among the offerings.

Get yourself to visit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge as soon as possible!

Address: 239 Turpentine Creek Ln, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

The Gurdon Light (Gurdon)

The Gurdon Light (Gurdon), Arkansas
The Gurdon Light is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Conspiracy theories. Aliens. Orbs. 

The Gurdon Lights attraction is all about that!

Gurdon Light is an inexplicable light based on a local tradition that has never been explained. 

Observers keep seeing a light or lights hovering in the air in a wooded location near train tracks, and the case has been featured on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries.

Despite the fact that it has been reported to be any color other than white, it appears to be suspended from some sort of string. 

An enigmatic ball that appears at the end of a disused railroad track and appears at different times of the day and night has sparked the creation of local legends. 

However, it has been suggested that this eerie orb-shaped light is caused by atmospheric conditions and chemical reactions, but there is no conclusive evidence to support either of these hypotheses. 

If you want to see something different from the norm, you should travel to this location despite the fact that it is not a typical tourist destination. 

Even with the assistance of a local tour guide or your own sharp senses, finding your way to the Gurdon Lighthouse can be a bit of a challenge.

Get your superpowers ready, since you never know when the Gurdon Light will appear in your path!

Address: 64 Collins Rd, Gurdon, AR 71743, United States

Tiny Town (Hot Springs)

Tiny Town (Hot Springs), Arkansas
Tiny Town is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Despite its tiny name, this is a large and interesting model art installation.

Tiny Town has a working model railway town where visitors may run the trains.

During the course of their journey, the trains pass through a total of 22 states. The railway travels between Niagara Falls and Mount Rushmore.

The town and trains in the model have fully automated thanks to the settlement’s hundreds of mechanical components. 

This attraction’s most notable characteristic is the large proportion of handcrafted elements.

This little planet was built with everyday things like paperclips, wire, and tin cans.

Each scenario has been painstakingly constructed down to the smallest of details.

All the details of the trains and the cities they go through are created by hand with great care.

Visit Tiny Town, a one-of-a-kind unique attraction that you will surely love!

Address: 374 Whittington Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States

The Old Mill Park (Little Rock)

The Old Mill Park Little Rock Arkansas
The Old Mill Park Little Rock Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

“Gone With The Wind,” a 1939 motion picture, included its opening sequence shot on location at the Old Mill.

It is said that it is the only structure that’s left of the movie’s original set.

T.R. Pugh Memorial Park and Pugh’s Mill are formal names for this three-acre landmark, but locals just call it “the Old Mill.”

Constructed of cement but painted to seem like wood, the mill has an old-fashioned water wheel and a footbridge made of black locust tree branches surrounded by an old-fashioned wagon path.

Despite its name, the “Old Mill” is not as old as it appears. It was designed by architects Frank Carmean and Dionicio Rodriguez for Justin Matthews, a real estate developer and the owner of T.R. Pugh Memorial Park, which is where the tourist attraction is located.

Additionally, it has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Even if you have no interest in the mill, the park as a whole provides a stunning backdrop for photography and movies.

It is a wonderful place to relax, with flowers blooming all year round.

Numerous bridges, benches, and other structures made of sculpted concrete are known as “faux bois” because they are crafted to resemble genuine wood.

An incredibly beautiful view awaits you as you stroll around the Old Mill grounds!

Address: 3800 Lakeshore Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72116, United States

Toad Suck (Bigelow)

Toad Suck Arkansas
Toad Suck Arkansas / jason shultz / Flickr

Could this town’s name get any weirder? A toad that sucks?

It’s not a joke at all.

Toad Suck, an unincorporated area near Bigelow, Arkansas, is known as the “most poorly named township” in the US.

As a result of this, here is the backstory of the name: Steamboats once plied the Arkansas River with passengers, but when the water level wasn’t appropriate, the captains and their crews stayed in town, frequented the local bars, and supposedly “sucked” booze until they swelled up like “toads.”

Isn’t it an odd way to choose a town’s name?

In any case, the surrounding town of Conway has been hosting Toad Suck Daze, a three-day philanthropic festival, every year in May since 1982 in order to generate money for academic scholarships.

Arkansas River-side, Toad Suck Park has been rated as a Class A park.

There are campsites in the park that offer water, power, picnic shelters, a playground, showers, flush toilets, a dump station, and a boat ramp.

You see, it does not suck at all.

Include Toad Suck in your list of places to visit during your Arkansas vacation!

Address: 93 Park Road Bigelow, AR 72016

Terra Studios (Fayetteville)

Terra Studios Fayetteville Arkansas
Terra Studios Fayetteville Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

It all began when a couple had the idea of using art to teach others.

When Leo and Rita Ward launched Terra Studios in 1975, they aimed to provide a platform for everyone to learn and grow through the arts.

Now, with its six-acre park, gallery, and on-site live artist demonstrations, it is sure to excite visitors to make this art lover’s dream come true.

You’re not just taking in the scenery when you visit Terra Studios; you’re also supporting local artists, historic art, and the Northwest Arkansas region.

The Bluebird of Happiness® and the Pink Bird of Hope® initially debuted at Terra Studios, which is now a haven for artists from around the world.

Relaxation may be felt as soon as visitors enter the seven-channel stone labyrinth, as well as while meandering along its paths and soaking in the surrounding scenery.

From their weekly art classes to our Sunday Music Series to their annual fundraising events, the studio offers a wide range of stimulating and energizing activities.

You become a part of the creative process when you purchase a gift from their Gallery.

You may bring a date, enroll in a class, or organize a field trip, a private party, or an exploration.

Plan a trip to Terra Studio and unleash your inner creativity!

Address: 2103 Hazel Valley Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

Tree Surgeon Buried in a Tree (Carthage)

Tree Surgeon Buried in a Tree (Carthage), Arkansas
Tree Surgeon Buried in a Tree is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Tree Surgeon Buried in a Tree is one unusual attraction that can be seen in this cemetery. 

Hampton Springs Cemetery is a tiny, inconspicuous burial place with a lot of trees near Carthage, Arkansas. 

However, one tree sticks out among the others, it is the Tree Surgeon Buried in a Tree. 

A local tradition claims that a corpse is hidden under the trunk of a tree in Hampton Springs!

Though the narrative appears to be the most fascinating explanation for the bricked-up trunk, this tree has a gap in the base of its trunk that has been bricked up. 

A more credible explanation is that the tree was diseased and dying until a group of locals chipped out the rotting, infectious piece and replaced it with bricks.

It’s simply a legend, an old wives’ story, but it’s a fascinating one that has piqued the imaginations of many people for years. 

Who knows what lies under the surface of the tree? 

But one thing is certain: if you’re visiting Arkansas, it’s well worth the trip!

Address: Dallas 427, Carthage, AR

Turkey Creek Schoolhouse (Mountain View)

Turkey Creek Schoolhouse Arkansas
Turkey Creek Schoolhouse Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

It may appear that the Turkey Creek Schoolhouse has almost nothing to offer. 

However, that is not the case at all! 

In fact, the school serves as a reminder of how rural and mountain children were educated well into the twentieth century. 

At one time, the sole school in Turkey Creek, Arkansas, a town of around 300 people, was the Turkey Creek Schoolhouse. 

The historic schoolhouse, built in 1925 by local architects Robert Dawkins and George Green, is presently used for town meetings and weddings, although it is in terrible condition. 

The one-room, the one-story wooden schoolhouse has been on the National Register of Historic Places for about 90 years, yet it may appear to be 190 years old. 

Since its closure in 1949, a wide range of community events have taken place at the schoolhouse. 

Because the schoolhouse is now privately owned, anybody wishing to visit must first obtain permission from the owner. 

You may obtain an excellent view of the area by heading south on the road and stopping at one of the gardens. 

Taking a quick drive-by look at a historic school in Arkansas will be a remarkable experience!

Address: Turkey Creek Rd. City, State: Mountain View, Arkansas. County 72560.

William J. Clinton Library & Museum (Little Rock)

William J. Clinton Library & Museum Arkansas
William J. Clinton Library & Museum Arkansas / Ron Gilbert / Flickr

The William J. Clinton Library & Museum offers a unique perspective on the work of the 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, by presenting it from the viewpoints of the past, present, and future. 

There are over 100,000 masterpieces housed within the museum’s walls, many of which were given to the Clintons during and after their time in office. 

In addition, there are imitations of the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room on display at the museum. 

The library, which is surrounded by the 30-acre Clinton Presidential Park, is chock-full of lasting and rotating exhibits. 

With these, it provides a fascinating insight into Clinton’s life and the presidency of the United States of America. 

The museum also hosts exhibits, special events, and educational programs for the public.

Along with hosting private luncheons, dinners, wedding receptions, business meetings, and public lectures, this museum is an excellent choice if you want to hold personal events. 

Moreover, its facility includes more than 10,000 square feet of unparalleled event space for any occasion, a full-service restaurant, and iconic artifacts from American history that can be found in unexpected places throughout the facility. 

You should include the Clinton Library on your Arkansas itinerary if you are a fan of the 42nd president, politics, or merely interested in teaching your kids about our nation’s history.

It will be worth the visit and learn more about the history of America in Arkansas!

Address: 1200 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201, United States

Walmart Museum (Bentonville)

Walmart Museum Arkansas
Walmart Museum Arkansas / amanderson2 / Flickr

The Walmart Museum in downtown St. Louis has a diverse selection of treats, historical music, and other surprises in store for you. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to relive the dollar store era of the original Walton’s 5 & 10 location. 

The Walmart Museum exhibit gallery includes interactives as well as memorabilia from Sam Walton’s life, such as his Medal of Freedom and his original office. 

It is dedicated to the store’s colorful history and was established in 1990 to commemorate the store’s 50th anniversary. 

In addition to learning about the Walton family’s humble beginnings and the institution of the world’s first Walmart, visitors will also learn about Sam Walton’s meteoric rise to global prominence and success in the museum’s exhibits.

It is almost certain that if you have ever done any shopping at the department store, you will find the museum interesting.

The museum also contains a ludicrously enjoyable cafe, which is a nice addition. 

Stop by The Spark Cafe for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink from the Spark Cafe Soda Fountain, which is a local landmark, after you’ve finished your museum tour.

So don’t miss out on this tribute to Walmart’s rich past.

Add this museum to your list of things to do in Arkansas, but don’t make a reservation in advance.

Address: 105 N Main St, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Whitaker Point Trail (Kingston)

Whitaker Point Trail Arkansas
Whitaker Point Trail Arkansas / Tony Webster / Flickr

The nearly three-mile trail, which features a waterfall as its backdrop, is sure to be memorable for hikers.

Fly over the valleys of the Buffalo National River from Hawksbill Crag, accessible via the Whitaker Point Trail.

Pets on leashes are welcome on the trail at any time of year.

Hiking on the uneven and rocky trail is classed as moderately difficult because it is hard to get around.

Since this is the case, visitors are urged to exercise caution.

You’ll find a variety of photo opportunities while hiking the trails.

Most of the hike is spent walking along the cliff’s edge, which affords stunning vistas of the mountain.

You should not miss the Whitaker Point Trail in Arkansas, one of the state’s most scenic routes.

You won’t be disappointed if you visit Whitaker Point Trail because it has the best view in Arkansas.

Address: Co Rd 406, Kingston, AR 72742, United States

Wattle Hollow Retreat (West Fork)

Wattle Hollow Retreat (West Fork), Arkansas
Wattle Hollow Retreat is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

To seek a tranquil spot to meditate, you could visit Wattle Hollow Retreat.

With a 40-acre property near Devil’s Den State Park, Wattle Hollow Retreat is an ideal location for a retreat.

In 1979, after a year-long spiritual trip that took them throughout the globe, the couple returned to their home in Montana and chose to move to a more natural setting where they could pursue a more holistic lifestyle. 

Joy Fox and her late husband, Merlin Fox, used it as a retreat facility after selling their house.

All year long, retreats for yoga, meditation, healing, and vipassana are held at the work-in-progress site.

There is a greenhouse-like building for meditative activities and meditation and a streambed where “strong energy fields” are said to dwell.

Be aware that there are little to no markings on the path to go back when you follow certain trails.

All in all, this location was constructed to provide tranquility to anybody who seeks it.

If you choose to stay at Wattle Hollow Retreat, your vacation will be one to remember!

Address: 344 Combs Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

White Water Tavern (Little Rock)

White Water Tavern (Little Rock), Arkansas
White Water Tavern is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

There is more to the White Water Tavern than a place to drink.

The White Water Tavern is named after a canoe that belonged to the original owners of the kayak-frenzy.

The likes of Bill Clinton, Billy Bragg, and Jimbo Mathis have all visited this famed tavern.

You may take a cab to the White Water Tavern, located in the heart of downtown Little Rock.

You’ll be blown away when it comes to interior design and general atmosphere.

Attractions include an ancient Busch Light can with the cremated remains of a long-time patron, a taxidermied beaver, and an accordion matador mural showing a nude matador.

Since it opened, this pub has held many events, like concerts, book sales, and brunches. It’s still a popular place for both locals and tourists.

In fact, this Little Rock icon has withstood decades of unruly crowds, three fires, and a zombie wedding.

White Water is a must-see sight in Little Rock if you’ve never been there. Making the trip here will have a huge impact on the quality of your trip.

Visit White Water, where you’ll be treated to performances by some of the greatest local musicians and enjoy delicious food!

Address: 2500 W 7th St, Little Rock, AR 72205, United States

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa (Eureka Springs)

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa (Eureka Springs), Arkansas
1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa is one of the best places to go in Arkansas

Arkansas’s 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa sits high above Eureka Springs’ Victorian Village.

The “symbol of hospitality” for the state of Arkansas, this palatial structure and landmark hotel is brought to life during the holiday season in the Ozark Mountains.

Beautiful historic structures house the hotel and spa, but once you enter, you’ll discover luxury, relaxation, and a ton of fun await you.

Guests can enjoy the hotel’s 1886 rooms because they still have a sense of history.

There are pubs and restaurants, a full-service spa and salon, and several other features to make your stay even more enjoyable than it already is.

Apart from that, the hotel offers a variety of daily activities like yoga in the garden and crafts like hatchet throwing.

The city’s dog park, skate park, and playground are all within walking distance of the gardens’ 15 acres of well-kept lawns.

Let’s not forget the hotel’s reputation as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel.”

As a result, the hotel offers daily tours for visitors led by paranormal investigators.

There will be no better experience in Arkansas than this one, so don’t miss it!

Still undecided on visiting Arkansas? Hop over to why visit Arkansas at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: 75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

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