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Web 3.0 Travel Community

Wondrous Drifter’s mission is to become the world’s biggest community in the travel industry. With the upcoming Web 3 revolution, the internet is transiting from “exchange of information” to “exchange of value”. This wave of changes is exciting and will disrupt all industries.

The travel industry is a highly fragmented industry. There are many opportunities ahead and we believe:

  • Web 3.0 technologies will disrupt the travel industry
  • The first-movers to embrace this changes will gain tremendously
  • Building online communities around your brand will be key to growing market share
  • Your customers deserved to be rewarded in your community for being loyal
  • The concept of “exchange of value” in Web 3.0 will change the way marketing works
  • Travel will never be the same again after the pandemic
  • Travelers will have more options in the future
  • Travelers will seek to experience the local culture when planning for trips
  • More travelers will be conscious of “doing good” and participate in travel activities that contribute to local communities and businesses
  • More and more travelers will be engaging local guides for personalized travel experiences
  • Businesses in the travel and hospitality will have to do more to cater to the changes to retain and grow their market share

Mission Statement

Wondrous Drifter Mission Statement

We believe in giving back to society in our entrepreneur pursuits. A socially responsible business should always think of helping the underprivileged when conducting business where possible.

With the Web 3 revolution underway, it is now possible to help the unbanked and underprivileged to earn additional income via the internet.

For example, with cryptocurrencies, someone from a third world country can participate in our community building effort and earn “tips” helping other community members online.

Another might be able to earn money by serving as a “tour guide” to visiting tourists.

Our mission statement is “Travel, Have Fun and Give Back”

Travel, Have Fun and Give Back To Society

How wondrous it is to be a trailblazer in curious spaces.

I know that the chaotic world feels like it’s conspiring against our energy,

forcing the drifter to stay still,

to anchor ourselves to the cities that we were born into. 

But ships were never meant to stick to the harbor,

just last the soul was meant to soar.

We’re the lucky ones, you see,

we’re just so lucky to be able to rise up, lift up,pack a bag

and go where our soul sings.

                                    — Wondrous Drifter

We believe that travelling and exploring the world is what each of our soul desires. We are born to travel the world, experience new cultures and seek out new adventures. At Wondrousdrifter.com, our goal is to inspire everyone to “Go Out & Travel”. With a professional team of full-time and part time writers who are avid fans of travelling, we curate the best places to visit in each country in the world.

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