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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Connecticut. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Connecticut. #Top Attractions

As a vacation spot, Connecticut is a top-notch travel destination. Explore the top activities to do and sights to see in Connecticut to make the most of your time there. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Connecticut and the best places to visit in Connecticut below. Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, hopes to have a significant impact on the world.

In Connecticut, you must connect all of the dots!

Even though it is bordered by some of the most popular tourist sites in the country, like New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, the state of Connecticut has a lot to offer that makes it well worth the trip.

You name it: day vacations, weekend getaways, romantic getaways, or thrills! 

Connecticut is a great spot to visit for many reasons, including tourist attractions, sightseeing, free activities, entertainment, iconic landmarks, opportunities to explore, and most importantly, a lot of fun!

It does not matter what time of year you come. The breathtaking natural splendor and picturesque attractions of the state are well worth your time and money when looking for the greatest outdoor pursuits.

White picket fences, glittering lakes, sandy beaches, green landscapes, and thundering waterfalls cover the state, captivating tourists with their simple beauty.

Larger cities have the museums, theaters, and fine dining that tourists want, while smaller villages have lovely stores and seaside cafes that entice travelers.

You’ll never want to leave the natural scenery that ties everything together!

It doesn’t matter how long you plan to stay in Connecticut or what kind of fun you’re looking for. You’ll definitely never run out of activities to try in this magnificent New England state.

Moreover, visiting Connecticut’s many attractions and dining in its many excellent establishments is a great way to spend many days.

Mystic Pizza, Broadway, a sparkling casino, and mouthwatering seafood are some of Connecticut’s many highlights.

If you’re thinking about going for a New England road trip, don’t forget about Connecticut.

No matter where you decide to go, you won’t be disappointed.

Read this list of the finest things to do in Connecticut to get an idea of where to begin your tour of this wonderful New England state.

Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities

Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

Are you a curious person as well? Sure hope you like your time here!

Connecticut’s Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities is one of the state’s many notable attractions.

Located in the historic Old State House in Hartford’s downtown, this jewel of a museum is a must-see.

Expect the unexpected and bizarre when it comes to their collection.

The Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities was opened in 1797 by a famous painter who had a personal collection of unusual collectibles.

In 1797, the Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities was founded by a well-known artist who owned a private collection of odd artifacts.

Moreover, visitors are drawn to its collection of “freak show” attractions, including a two-headed calf, insects and bones, and more.

This ancient state-building has much more to offer as well as neoclassical columns and portraits of presidents.

Among the expected attractions are the stunning historic courtrooms and representative chambers that were built in 1796.

Additionally, there is a huge painting of George Washington in the Senate Chamber commissioned in 1800 and would look right at home here.

To top it all off, the Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities is one of many free things to do in the museum-filled state of Connecticut.

Address: 800 Main St, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

The Mark Twain House & Museum

The Mark Twain House & Museum, Connecticum

The Mark Twain House & Museum, Connecticut / Ken Zirkel / Flickr

Surely you are one of those who have read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in high school.

Mark Twain, the novelist, is a sort of early literature teacher for everyone. Surprise! There is a place where you may see more of the work.

The Mark Twain House & Museum honors the author’s life and work.

Twain’s humble beginnings were a classic example of the American “rags to riches” story, and it is reflected in his works of fiction.

When you visit the Mark Twain House and Museum, you’ll find where these legendary stories begin.

Touring the almost 12,000 square foot, 25-room home built by Tiffany & Co. where Twain and his family lived many of their happiest years is available to tourists.

Besides the stunning Twain mansion, the museum has an extensive collection of Twain artifacts, numbering 90 in all.

Children and adults will enjoy this museum’s rich history and literary significance.

Drop by The Nook Cafe for a wonderful meal and the Museum Store to do some shopping after your tour.

Are you planning a trip to the state of Connecticut soon? Surely you’d like a tour of the beautiful mansion that holds Mark Twain’s favorite works and treasures!

Address: 385 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, United States

The Glass House

The Glass House, Connecticut

The Glass House, Connecticut / La Citta Vita / Flickr

Imagine yourself living in a glasshouse surrounded by natural landscapes. Who wouldn’t want that?

At The Glass House, tourists enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding environment through one of four strategically situated glass doors.

You may feel closer to nature by living in this glasshouse. Nature-lovers won’t have an issue with that.

Take a day trip to The Glass House and observe Philip Johnson’s unique design concept!

As a National Historic Site, The Glass House was constructed in the mid-1900s on 49 acres of picturesque terrain and is considered an epitome of the International Style by many.

This site is dedicated to preserving history, art, and architecture and includes 14 structures.

In addition to the Glass House, the property has some additional mid-century modern structures on top of one another.

You’ll be able to see that there is a 1949 brick home, a one-room studio, and a painting gallery.

Enjoy a lovely three-quarter-mile stroll around the park while taking in the artwork, architecture, and the surrounding natural nature.

Overall, you’ll get a close look at Johnson’s artwork, sculptures, and other buildings before he passed away in 2005.

Beautiful art and architecture complement the surrounding natural splendor, making this a top destination for visitors from Connecticut!

Address: 199 Elm St, New Canaan, CT 06840, United States

Want to have an adventure and vacation that is different? Check out unique things to do in USA. Explore what each of the 50 states has to offer!

Historic Downtown Mystic

Historic Downtown Mystic, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

Nobody wants to stroll around for hours simply looking around a place! Well, you’re in luck. 

Mystic Drawbridge, church steeples, and colonial-era sea captains’ houses are easy walking distance from Historic Downtown Mystic.

Historic Downtown Mystic is a destination where you’ll find more than 80 unique retail stores, award-winning restaurants and pubs, and cozy inns where you may spend the night.

Indeed, Historic Downtown Mystic is a charming coastal town with a rich cultural and historical heritage.

As a foodie, you must experience the award-winning culinary panorama of their award-winning food and beverage industry.

Downtown Mystic is a foodie’s paradise, with farm and sea to table, foreign cuisine, typical pub grub, and many sweet stores.

Besides shopping and dining, Downtown Mystic has a lot more to offer than just retail therapy.

If you’re looking for a little adventure, you may take a guided river trip, paddle or kayak, or even visit the Mystic Seaport Museum.

Additionally, you may want to join a number of yearly events, including free summer concerts in Mystic River Park.

Making a weekend out of your trip to Historic Downtown Mystic may be worth considering.

No matter what you plan to do while on your Connecticut trip, make a stop in Historic Downtown Mystic your first stop!

Address: Along Mystic River, Mystic, CT 06355, United States

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce, Connecticut

Lake Compounce, Connecticut / Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

You need to travel to Connecticut to attend a conference, but you’ll need to bring your children along. What’s the best place to go from here?

You should go to Lake Compounce when you’ve finished work. You and your loved ones will have a great day with so much to do.

Lake Compounce in Connecticut is home to plenty of amusement parks, including a water park and many rides for younger visitors.

Lake Compounce is still a great place to have fun even if you don’t want to participate in action-packed thrill attractions.

Besides the thrill rides at Lake Compounce, there are various other things to do there.

In addition, Lake Compounce is a site to the world’s finest wooden roller coaster, Boulder Dash, and the best water park in Connecticut!

Camping is available at Lake Compounce if you’d want to extend your stay.

Cabanas, lockers, and family toilets are all available for rent at the park.

Undoubtedly, Lake Compounce is your family’s gateway for adventure tours, family-friendly restaurants, and a great run of fun!

Never fear. Your business meetings may become an immediate family vacation at Lake Compounce! You and your family surely can create even more wonderful memories.

Address: 185 Enterprise Dr, Bristol, CT 06010, United States

Connecticut State Capitol

Connecticut State Capitol, Connecticut

Connecticut State Capitol, Connecticut / Sage Ross / Flickr

One thing’s for sure, if you are in Connecticut, a visit to its State Capitol is a must!

The Connecticut State Capitol, which overlooks Hartford’s 41-acre Bushnell Memorial Park, was inaugurated by the General Assembly on January 1, 1879.

The structure is made of granite, marble, and a gold dome that crowns it.

In 1871, the state government established a special committee and put aside funds to construct a new statehouse. That was eight years before the project started.

Furthermore, in exchange for the land, the city of Hartford donated it to the commission, which then recruited Hartford architect Richard M. Upjohn, who was also on the commission, to design the Capitol.

Beautiful and historical, this sight should not be missed when in Connecticut.

Touring the state capitol will introduce you to its rich history, along with the hallowed Hall of Flags, and even allow you to observe the state senate in session.

Awe-inspiring are the interior and exterior medieval architecture’s meticulous attention to detail.

Moreover, you will be able to witness historical items from Connecticut up and personal.

The Legislative Office Building is just a few blocks away from where their daily guided tours begin.

No Connecticut getaway will be complete without stopping at the state’s stunning Capitol building!

Address: 210 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT 06106, United States

The Connecticut Science Center

The Connecticut, Science, Center

The Connecticut, Science, Center / rickpilot_2000 / Flickr

Some young kids aspire to work in the field of medicine, space exploration, or scientific innovations. At Connecticut Science Center, they can make your child’s wildest fantasies come true!

The goal of the Connecticut Science Center is to instill a lifelong passion for learning about science in everyone who visits the facility.

It’s a great place to take the whole family, especially science buffs, to visit Hartford, Connecticut.

More than 150 hands-on displays, a 3D theater, and scientific laboratories allow guests to study and interact with science ideas and more.

There are science-related activities for every age and interest at the Center, which focuses on physics, forensics, astronomy, and geology.

Moreover, suppose you visit the Connecticut Science Center. In that case, you can expect to see exhibits like dinosaurs and butterflies as well as engineering laboratories, the innovation realm, and a trip to the cosmos.

To inspire students and visitors of all ages, it is essential to create outstanding science experiences.

Additionally, there are movies, a gift shop, a café, continuous programs, and special events at the Center in relation to the exhibits themselves.

If you want your kids to fall in love with science, take them on a tour of the Connecticut Science Center!

Address: 250 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

The Barnum Museum

The Barnum Museum, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

As the greatest showman, what does it feel like?

Visiting The Barnum Museum in Connecticut is the best way to experience what it’s like to be the greatest showman.

As a circus visionary, P.T. Barnum founded his circus to satisfy the public’s appetite for amusement, no matter how realistic or ethical the exhibits were.

The Barnum Museum building design is stunning, but the exhibits and preserves its houses are even more remarkable.

At the museum, you may immerse yourself in the life and legacy of the great visionary and entertainer by browsing historical items, papers, and relics.

The museum’s halls and displays feature small caricatures, mermaid replicas, centaurs, a miniature circus, and hand-crafted copies of the early days of the circus when they first appeared.

It’s a trip back in time to the beginnings of the modern circus at the Barnum Museum’s collection of hundreds of other fascinating treasures.

Additionally, there are fun activities for kids, a digital collection of wonders, as well as numerous special events at this museum.

Barnum’s tale will inspire you, and you’ll experience the joy he fought so hard for.

Let the show go on, and visit this fascinating Barnum Museum in Connecticut!

Address: 820 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06604, United States

Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach, Connecticut

Pleasure Beach, Connecticut / PapaPiper / Flickr


Although there is no pleasure to be experienced here, it is still worth visiting!

Pleasure Beach is a former amusement park in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has been let to deteriorate.

When it was at its peak, Pleasure Beach was a two-mile island/peninsula with several beach-sized residences, an amusement park, and a radio tower.

After a fire destroyed the only bridge leading into the park in 1996, there was no way to get inside the park.

In the end, the fire caused the park’s collapse. Since then, the park has deteriorated significantly.

Due to a lack of a bridge, Pleasure Beach is accessible only by foot as it sits on the Long Island Sound.

For safety considerations, local officials have dismantled several of the attractions in the area.

Moreover, nearby attractions such as the Polka Dot Theater and a vandalized pavilion are popular with tourists visiting Pleasure Beach.

Nonetheless, Pleasure Beach remains a popular destination for visitors and residents alike despite these realities.

You can get your pulse pounding, and your curiosity satisfied at the Pleasure Beach amusement park!

Address: Bridgeport, CT 06615, United States

Cushing Brain Collection

Cushing Brain Collection, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

Not only do zombies enjoy brains, but so does this surgeon from Connecticut!

The basement of Yale University’s Medical School Library houses the Cushing Brain Collection, which has a unique collection of abnormal brains.

History shows that the collection was put together by Dr. Harvey Cushing, a renowned neurosurgeon and artist who was also a World War I veteran and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

It was Dr. Cushing’s mission to aid patients diagnosed with severe or even deadly brain tumor diseases by developing the science of neurosurgery.

You may see how each brain has appropriately been kept in glass jars on view during your tour.

Yale’s medical school library is currently home to a collection of more than 400 jars of specimens, with another 150 or so undergoing preservation.

You’ll be able to observe tumor-infested brains and brains with other abnormalities.

Don’t forget to check inside drawers while you’re there since these include intriguing artifacts and interesting facts about the collection.

You can also pick up a free postcard as you leave.

Visit this brain museum if you’d want to learn more about the structure and function of the human brain!

Address: 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

Wadsworth Falls State Park


Wadsworth-Falls-State-Park-Connecticut / Steven Isaacson / Flickr

Time to chill a bit, a break from the hustle. You should start thinking about a trip to Wadsworth Falls State Park immediately!

Beautiful waterfall views, nature/hiking paths, and even dedicated swimming places make this park a must-see.

Wadsworth Falls offers it all for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate both the beauty and the thrills of the great outdoors.

With approximately 270 acres of landscapes, pathways, and broad stretches of lush land, you’ll have a great day in the park.

You and your company may go hiking, mountain biking, fishing in the nearby river, and picnicking.

On top of everything else, Wadsworth Falls State Park is a geology enthusiast’s dream come true.

Seriously, the rocks in Wadsworth Falls State Park are just 200 million years old.

Paths of various rock kinds and formations and other interesting geological elements located on the main hiking trails will delight rock fans.

In one of Connecticut’s most picturesque locations, this is an excellent adventure to pass the time while on vacation.

Start planning your Connecticut vacation by including Wadsworth Falls State Park on the itinerary visit!

Address: 721 Wadsworth St, Middletown, CT 06457, United States

Elizabeth Park Conservancy

Elizabeth Park Conservancy, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

Not all gardens are boring. This floral garden is one of Connecticut’s most stunning natural areas.

A rose garden, tulip garden, eddy rock garden, an occasional garden, a perennial garden, and more can be found in the Elizabeth Park Conservancy.

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy, formerly known as the Friends of Elizabeth Park, in West Hartford, Connecticut, is absolutely a sight.

When you visit the conservancy, you may immerse in the splendor of the well-kept gardens and lush green spaces.

Apart from the park’s numerous flourishing and lush gardens, the conservancy’s land also includes a farmhouse, ponds, greenhouses, bridges, and other lovely attractions.

Furthermore, you could also visit the greenhouses and the property’s other structures.

You can spend an entire day immersed in nature thanks to the approximately 100 acres of land that can be toured.

Additionally, its grounds are home to several sporting facilities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks, baseball fields, and more.

Nevertheless, the Elizabeth Park Conservancy is responsible for the legacy of accessible heritage events, live performances, and magnificent horticulture gardens designed for the public to appreciate.

The entire park is protected by the National Register of Historic Places; therefore, it cannot be demolished or redeveloped.

Spending the day in this garden is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience!

Address: 1561 Asylum Ave, West Hartford, CT 06117, United States

It Adventure Ropes Course

It Adventure Ropes Course, Connecticut

It Adventure Ropes Course, Connecticut / Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau / Flickr

The It Adventure Ropes Course is the place to go whether you want your kids to have a good time or if you just want to release your inner tightrope walker!

Inside Jordan’s Furniture, you’ll find the world’s largest indoor ropes course.

Each ropes course is connected by four Sky Rail zip lines that are among the longest in the world.

Keep in mind that this attraction is for all ages and does not require any earlier knowledge or skills.

Be prepared to be dazzled by the 41,000 watts of stereo sound and illumination that drives the 1,000 nozzle Liquid Fireworks water fountain while soaking it all in.

If you want to visit at night, you’ll see the neon lighting inside the building is surreal.

The It Adventure Ropes Course is expected to be jam-packed with exciting activities for people of all ages.

In addition, the facility offers four distinct levels of thrilling ropes courses for guests of different levels of experience.

Exit the course with a free-fall experience by jumping off the Jump It platform’s highest point and plunging to the ground below.

Besides the rope courses, the It Adventure Ropes Course also features a zip line that takes you over an incredible liquid fireworks display.

Visit the It Adventure Ropes Course and have a lot of fun!

Address: 40 Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

Walker Library of The History of Human Imagination

Walker Library of The History of Human Imagination, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

Many rare items are on exhibit in a person’s library.

In the Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination, you’ll find relics, exhibitions, artwork, and infographics from ancient and present times.

Built around 2002 to commemorate humanity’s intellectual and emotional explorations, it is owned by Walker Digital co-founder Jay Scott Walker.

One of Walker’s most notable accomplishments is his role as executive producer of the TEDMED conference.

Walker’s 3,600-square-foot library, which has 50,000 volumes, is home to an impressive collection of rare books and artifacts.

An original Russian Sputnik, a facsimile of the Declaration of Independence of 1776, and even a historic atlas from 1669 were the first to portray the sun as the core of the solar system rather than the Earth, all on display at the library.

Together with other unique and original items, works of art, and rare papers, these displays bring the human imagination to life.

Walker’s private library is not accessible to the general public despite this.

This one-of-a-kind library is just one of Connecticut’s many incredibly interesting sites worth seeing while you’re there.

Address: Stamford, CT 06901, United States

Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza, Connecticut

Mystic Pizza, Connecticut / marada / Flickr

Who would have ever thought you could taste Connecticut’s “A Slice of Heaven”?

The Mystic Pizza restaurant has been a local favorite since it began in 1973.

Amy Jones, a screenwriter who owned a neighborhood vacation house, has stepped through its doors.

She fell in love with it and ended up utilizing it as inspiration for her film as a consequence. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

For movie buffs, it’s worth checking out because the restaurant looks just like the one from the film!

There is a secret recipe sauce used in all of the pizzas. Like in the film, it has not been made public.

Make a memorable trip to the original facility in Mystic, a charming coastal village on Connecticut’s coast, instead of the more convenient North Stonington outpost.

Overall, the shop has grown and produced new recipes and goods, such as frozen pizza that tastes as good as freshly made pizzas!

Never pass up the opportunity to try Mystic Pizza if you ever find yourself in Connecticut!

Address: 56 W Main St, Mystic, CT 06355, United States

Two Roads Brewing

Two Roads Brewing, Connecticut

Two Roads Brewing, Connecticut / Matthew Bellemare / Flickr

It’s always a great idea to have a beer night with your friends.

One of Connecticut’s best breweries, Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, was founded in 2012 by four friends.

An early 20th-century manufacturing facility that once belonged to U.S. Baird is now home to the Two Roads brewery.

The award-winning beers alone are enough to warrant a trip to the brewery.

It was not your typical brewery, but rather one with a strategic plan to brew its own beers and other brewers’ beers at its state-of-the-art brewery.

Two Roads is home to many breweries, including some smaller breweries.

A new series of kettle-soured beers, The Tanker Truck Sour Series, was debuted in March 2017 and has enticing variations such as the recently released Tropical Fruit Gose and Passion Fruit Gose.

Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you can still enjoy a variety of entertaining activities all year long, such as Oktoberfest, outdoor movies, food truck appearances, and more.

Furthermore, a shuttle service is available between the Stratford railway station and the Port Jefferson Ferry landing in Bridgeport to Two Roads, a short distance from the Metro-North train.

Make a pit stop at Two Roads Brewing with your drinking buddies to taste some of Connecticut’s greatest local brews!

Address: 1700 Stratford Ave, Stratford, CT 06615, United States

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut / Gabriela Pinto / Flickr

When it comes to gambling, Foxwoods Resort Casino is the place to go for some harmless fun.

The Wonder Of It All has been a hallmark of the Foxwoods Resort Casino experience since its opening in 1992.

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation owns and operates Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

Foxwoods is North America’s largest resort casino, with seven casinos, AAA Four-Diamond hotels, gourmet and quick-service restaurants, award-winning golf, world-renowned spas, state-of-the-art theaters, and exclusive shops.

In addition, the resort casino is a great place to do business and have fun at the same time. 

When it comes to convention and meeting space at Foxwoods, it’s contemporary and flexible, making it ideal for any type of gathering.

If you like blackjack and poker, Mashantucket’s Foxwoods Resort Casino is one of the best places in the state to play.

Also, Foxwoods is known for bringing in some big-name comic acts. Take in the craziness of such stand-up comedians as Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulaney, Joel McHale, and Trevor Noah.

Because even if you lose everything, at least you’ll still have a good time at the casino!

When on vacation, it’s perfectly fine to spend a little money, but not having fun is a crime!

Address: 350 Trolley Line Blvd, Ledyard, CT 06338, United States

Gillette Castle

Gillette Castle, Connecticut

Gillette Castle, Connecticut / Kelly Verdeck / Flickr

Even though it seems like you’re entering a medieval fortress, you’re really just walking into The Gillette Castle!

With the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, travelers may travel from Chester, a charming tiny town in New England, to Hadlyme, where the historic Gillette Castle stands.

If you can’t wait until fall to plan this quick five-minute trip, you may want to consider doing it when it’s less crowded.

As the trees ascend the mountainous shoreline known as the Seven Sisters, they reflect the lake’s brilliant red, orange, and yellow colors.

Stepping inside the stone castle exposes built-in seats, tables man-made structures, and wood carvings that all relate to the artistic mind that was William Gillette.

Built by William Gillette in the early twentieth century, this 184-acre property provides stunning views of the river beneath.

Even the castle itself, a medieval Gothic structure, is full of Gillette’s imaginative touches, such as hidden tunnels and complex locking systems.

He constructed his residence with finely carved locks and wood doors because Gillette was most known for his cinematic portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

There are hiking paths, picnic areas, and a gift store in the area. Also, riverfront camping is allowed.

A must-see in Connecticut, this unique sight is a must-see for any visitor!

Address: 67 River Rd, East Haddam, CT 06423, United States

Kent Falls State Park

Kent Falls State Park, Connecticut

Kent Falls State Park, Connecticut / Dawn / Flickr

Kent Falls State Park should be on your list of places to see while planning a trip to Connecticut!

Experience the breathtaking, cascading waterfalls of the picturesque Litchfield Hills.

There is no better way to de-stress than by spending the day at Kent Falls State Park.

As soon as you take a breath of the area’s crisp, pure air, your shoulders will start to relax.

Walk across the covered bridge, climb the stairway to the Kent Falls, and watch as water flows down 250 feet into a reflecting pool that meets the Housatonic River at the bottom of the falls.

Stop at any three observation platforms along the walk to take in the spectacular scenery as you travel the simple but steep trail.

You may fish in Kent Falls, classified as a designated Trout Park. Pack a picnic lunch, since you won’t want to leave after you’ve seen it!

If you want to get into the park, you’ll need to arrive early. The park is closed when the parking lot is full.

Prep ahead of time and bring plenty of energy to make the most of your day at the park!

Address: 462 Kent Cornwall Rd, Kent, CT 06757, United States

Submarine Force Library & Museum

Submarine Force Library & Museum, Connecticut

Image for illustration purposes only

In all honesty, how many people can say they’ve seen a submarine up close? Rarely does anybody get to see its magnificence since it is so submerged in the ocean depths.

However, you’re in luck since you can visit the Submarine Force Library & Museum, one of the nation’s greatest collections of submarines.

In fact, over 33,000 objects and 20,000 key papers, and 30,000 images are housed in the museum’s collection.

The Submarine Force Library and Museum in Thames River in Groton, Connecticut, is home to the world’s largest collection of submarine artifacts.

A wide range of educational opportunities is available, including guided and self-guided tours, device tours, treasure hunts, youth and scout activity packs, and STEM workshops.

Additionally, the museum offers a theater experience where tourists can watch a video depicting the design and manufacturing of submarines.

Visitors may also see the 1954-built USS Nautilus, one of the museum’s most valued possessions.

Even though food and drink are not permitted within the museum, some vending machines are on-site, and several eateries are close by.

Last but not least, the museum features a charming gift store where you may pick up some souvenirs from your visit.

It’s a good idea to check out the Submarine Force Library & Museum if you are interested in submarines!

Need more convincing to travel to Connecticut, right? Hop over to why visit Connecticut at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: 1 Crystal Lake Rd, Groton, CT 06340, United States


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