Best Countries to visit in South America

Best Countries to visit in South America

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South America is where you can find the world’s largest river, the Amazon. It is also the home of the world’s driest place, the Atacama Desert. You can see in this region the world’s largest coffee producer! Find out what are the best countries to visit in South America.

Another thing about Amazon is that it is considered the world’s largest rainforest. It produces oxygen, making it known as the earth’s lungs. Aside from the different attractions, South America is known for having delicious cuisines. Asado Argentino, Empanadas Salteñas, and Feijoada are some of the must-try specialties in the region.

Regions consisting of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia are the country’s most visited states. These places have rich cultures and histories which you can explore anytime.

Don’t miss out on visiting these lovely countries with your loved ones!


Why visit Argentina - one of the the best countries to visit in South America

Argentina is famous for its love of Tango, Mate culture, and soccer. It will allow you to experience the breathtaking natural scenery in Patagonia and the vibrant city life in Buenos Aires. Argentina is well known for its top-notch wine, delectable cuisine, and iconic sites.

Buenos Aires is considered the World Book Capital. You can visit over 700 bookstores here. If you want to see wine production, go to the city of Mendoza. In terms of cuisines, Asado, empanada, and dulce de leche are famous foods you shouldn’t miss!

Argentina is also famous for its drink, the Yerba Mate. So don’t miss out!


Why visit Bolivia

Bolivia is famous for having numerous wildlife opportunities which you can enjoy. Madidi National Park is the world’s most biologically diverse place because of its wide variety of species. You will experience lots of fun adventures here!

A unique variety of birds, butterflies, plants, and animals are some of the things you will see. You can also witness Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Bolivia has high altitude and dry desert air, making it the best place for stargazing activities!

If you visit Bolivia, you will see its famous Pink Amazonian river dolphins. These creatures are known for being friendly to tourists!

To see more, visit Bolivia today!

Are you curious about the interesting places to visit in Bolivia? See the complete list of must-see attractions ever compiled right here! Visit the top Bolivia tourist attractions.


Why visit Brazil

South America’s largest country is Brazil. It is home to the second-longest river in the world, so you can see it any time of the year. You will see stunning beaches and rainforests filled with exotic plants and wildlife!

Rio de Janeiro is one of the famous attractions you can visit. Iguaçu falls, and Iguaçu National Park is where you can find more than 1,000 species of birds and mammals. You can also see deer, otters, ocelots, and capybaras. Feira de Artesanato de Ipanema is known for having live music, art, handicrafts, and street food.

Get ready to experience the fun that Brazil offers!


Why visit Chile - one of the the best countries to visit in South America

Chile is famous for its diverse beer culture. This is the best place for stargazing activities. It is where you can find the best wines in the world. Aside from that, many impressive sceneries are waiting for you!

The most visited park in Chile is the Torres del Paine National Park. It will offer you stunning views and landscapes, and trekking is possible here. The Gran Torre Santiago is one of the most remarkable buildings that you can see. On top of that, you can visit San Alfonso del Mar. It is the giant swimming pool in the world!

Additionally, Chile is home to five different species of penguin. You will see them at the country’s southern tip and nearby islands. So don’t miss out!

Want to know the best places to visit while you’re in Chile? Good news! We have got your back with our curated list of must-see attractions. Hop over to the most interesting Chile tourist attractions.


Why visit Colombia

Colombia is known for having the world’s famous coffee. Arabica seed crops are the only ones grown in the mountains of Colombia. These seeds are renowned for their fragrant flavor and velvety texture. Aside from coffee, it is also known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture!

If you want to see the most giant and most beautiful blossoms, attend Medellin’s Flower Fair. Barranquilla’s Carnival is also famous for having colorful floats in the parades. If you want a unique and picturesque spot, go to La Tatacoa Desert.

Additionally, you should try their famous food, Arepas. It is made of corn and served with cheese, eggs, chicken, and even soups. Book a visit today!


Why visit Ecuador

Ecuador is famous for its indigenous culture, impressive landscapes, and rainforests. You can also find many outdoor opportunities here!

The Galápagos Islands is one of the top attractions you shouldn’t miss. You will see rare species such as Galápagos penguins, flightless cormorant, and waved albatross. San Francisco Church is known for having religious paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted furniture. Visit Baños de Agua Santa and see numerous hot springs.

For outdoor activities enthusiasts, there are climbing and trekking adventures around the area. You should also try the Shrimp ceviche or cebiche, one of the country’s traditional dishes.

Join in the fun and excitement in Ecuador today!


Why visit Guyana

Guyana is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and rainforest. It is known as the “land of many waters,” so expect that the adventures you will find here are water-related activities!

Visit Kaieteur Falls to see the world’s largest single-drop waterfall by volume. For other adventures, you can explore Parrot Island by speedboat. You will witness thousands of yellow-crowned and orange-winged parrots swarm in a heaving mass at dusk to sleep for the night. Take a shot of the Victoria amazonica, the world’s giant water lily.

Aside from water activities, go to Awarmie Mountain to enjoy hiking and trekking adventures. Book a visit to Guyana and enjoy the different activities with your loved ones!

Do you want to know what top tourist attractions are in Guyana? We have compiled the most extensive list of must-see attractions available, so take a look! Hop over to the most popular Guyana tourist attractions.


Why visit Paraguay

Paraguay is famous for its natural beauty and fascinating attractions. This country has a rich history which you can explore. Waterfalls, parks, and other fantastic spots await you! It is one of the best countries to visit in South America.

Saltos del Monday is a spectacular waterfall that is 45 meters tall and 120 meters wide. In Paraguay, you will see the Itaipú Dam. It is one of the largest hydroelectric dams on the planet. Ybycuí National Park is known for having natural pools and different wildlife opportunities.

If you want to take a glimpse of the rich culture of Paraguay, go to Amambay Hills. You can explore the caves full of ancient petroglyphs. Carvings depicting pawprints, fertility symbols, and the constellations of our galaxy are some of the things you will see.

Get endless sights in Paraguay!

Wondering which sights are the absolute must-sees while visiting Paraguay? You can end your search now with our must-see attractions. Hop over to the most popular Paraguay tourist attractions.


Why visit Peru

Peru is rich in history, culture, natural beauty, and adventure. If you plan to visit this country, it will offer you a wide range of travel options. This is a unique destination because of its impressive scenery and fun adventures!

Machu Picchu is one of the best attractions in Peru. You will see a stunning backdrop of tall, luscious, and frequently cloud-covered mountains. If you are into hiking activities and majestic views, go to Inca Trail. You can also have a tour or grab a meal in Plaza de Armas.

For other adventures, Lake Titicaca is a great option. You will see rolling hills and traditional small villages. Go to The Sacred Valley if you want a peaceful area to spend your time in.

Have a fantastic vacation in Peru!


Why visit Suriname

Suriname is famous for its Dutch colonial history, rainforests, and rivers. It will allow you to witness lively modern cities with shopping and fantastic restaurants. Wildlife opportunities are also available here! It is one of the best countries to visit in South America.

For historical sites, go to Paramaribo. It has grassy squares lined with black and white Dutch colonial buildings. Commewijne River is where you can find a plantation of cacao, coffee, and sugar cane. You can explore Brownsberg Nature Park to see some unique and rare plant and animal species.

If you are looking for more wildlife adventures, visit Galibi Coppename Nature Reserve. You can enjoy bird watching and see endangered manatees and hundreds of turtles!

Book a visit to Suriname today. Have fun and seize the moment!

Are you curious about the interesting places to visit in Suriname? The fantastic list of must-see attractions we have compiled is here to make your next visit to Suriname more therapeutic than ever. Hop over to the best Suriname tourist attractions.


Why visit Uruguay

Uruguay is known for its carnival celebrations and delicious cuisines. It will allow you to explore numerous attractions around the area. Visiting its famous beaches is a must-try! It is one of the best countries to visit in South America.

Montevideo is where you can find the extensive National Museum of Visual Arts and the Museo Torres García. Check out Punta del Este, Uruguay’s most famous beach. It has pristine coastal destinations and boating areas you can enjoy. You can attend the biggest carnival celebrations that feature dance parades in the streets.

In terms of cuisines, Uruguay’s famous dish is the Asado. It is an open-fire barbecue that consists of non-marinated meat. So don’t miss out!


Why visit Venezuela

Venezuela is famous for having pleasant escapes and beautiful beaches. You can also explore its impressive waterfalls and mountains. Parks and wildlife adventures are waiting for you! It is one of the best countries to visit in South America.

Visit Angel Falls if you want to do sightseeing or on a three-day boat trip. Los Roques Archipelago has beaches with turquoise waters and coral reefs. Explore Morrocoy National Park to witness different wildlife. This park is home to many birds, such as ospreys and parrots.

In addition, check out Medanos de Coro National Park. It will allow you to witness rolling sand dunes and a desert scene. Go to the small town of Galipan if you are looking for various goods.

Venezuela is one of South America’s best places to visit, so don’t miss out!

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