Best Countries to visit in North America

Best Countries to visit in North America

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North America is known as the third-largest continent by area. It can be divided into five physical regions: the mountainous west, the Great Plains, the Canadian Shield, the varied eastern region, and the Caribbean. Something tourists love about this region is its unique scenery. It is also the home of the largest islands. Check out the Best Countries to visit in North America.

Missouri is considered the longest river in this region. Different outdoor activities are waiting for you. Denali, the highest mountain at 20,000 feet above sea level, is another thing you must see. Additionally, Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake, with a total area of 82,100 square miles.

Regions consist of Canada, the United States of America (USA), and Mexico, the country’s most visited state. Canada is the largest country you can see, while Mexico is the largest city you can explore. These places are famous for their natural beauty and impeccable cuisines!

If you are travelling to witness superb views and rich culture, these countries are for you!


Why visit Canada

Canada is famous for its natural beauty and stunning scenery around the corner. Niagara Falls, the most renowned waterfall worldwide, can be found here. It has the longest coastline, and you can find numerous lakes with fun adventures here. The National Parks and natural landscapes are an excellent escape for everyone! It is one of the best countries to visit in North America.

The most well-known winter sport you can play in Canada is Ice Hockey. Meanwhile, Maple Syrup is the best if you are looking for a souvenir to bring home. 80% of the world’s maple syrup is produced in Canada. It can be used to sweeten many dishes, especially pancakes!

Canada’s most famous animal is the moose. To see one, go to Canadian provinces such as Newfoundland and Ontario!

United States of America (USA)

Why visit United States of America (USA)

The United States of America (USA) is famous for its film and music industry. In fact, Friends, one of the most popular tv shows worldwide, was produced in the USA. In this country, you will find numerous unique and historical monuments. One of the holidays you can join is Thanksgiving, held every fourth Thursday in November. Eating turkeys with your family and parades in the streets are some things you can experience.

Additionally, the USA is known for its world heritage sites. Grand Canyon National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park are some of them. USA’s rich gourmet cuisines are known throughout the world. They serve the best burgers, ribs, mac and cheese, and pancakes!

Book a visit to the USA to experience the beauty of this country!

Have you wanted to know about the best tourist attractions in the USA? Check out the complete list of must-see attractions we’ve gathered. Hop over to the most popular American tourist attractions.


Why visit Mexico

Mexico is famous for its rich culture, stunning beaches, and delicious cuisine. Cabo San Lucas and Palancar Beach are some pristine beaches that offer water adventures. Snorkelling over the coral gardens, kayaking, and paddle boarding are the best things you can do.

Additionally, Mexico is known for its tequila. Hacienda Dona Engracia is the place to go if you want to learn the process of making tequila. You can also taste the six tequila flavours, including peach and chocolate. In terms of cuisine, tacos, tortillas, and burritos are what Mexico is famous for. This country is chocolate’s birthplace too!

Mexico is an excellent place for whale-watching opportunities. So don’t miss out!

Wondering which sights are the absolute must-sees while visiting Mexico? Seeing something in person is infinitely more valuable than hearing about it a thousand times; here is a list of must-see attractions. Visit the most interesting Mexico tourist attractions.

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