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The flash and glamour of Las Vegas frequently obscure Nevada’s beautiful scenery.

While Las Vegas is a must-see city, Nevada is a state full of natural wonders, picturesque highways, little villages, and fantastic outdoor activities.

Alternatively, if you’re a car enthusiast, head to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Richard Petty Driving Experience or take a spin along Highway 50.

Known as anything from “Sin City” to “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” it receives over 42 million tourists each year.

Atomic Survival Town (Nye County)

Atomic Survival Town (Nye County), Nevada

Atomic Survival Town (Nye County) is one of the best places to go in Nevada

A town that’s practically exploding.

Nuclear weapons were a significant concern for the United States at this time, so the country enlisted the help of this remote area of Nevada to better comprehend nuclear weapons’ capabilities to better protect itself.
On the present-day map, it is referred to as “Atomic Survival Town.”

Nuclear tests known as “Operation Teapot” were conducted at Yucca Flat in the Nevada desert in 1955.

The Army ordered the creation of “Survival Town” two years before the testing began, an almost ideal residential town with buildings, shops, residences, and even humans!

There aren’t any real people in there, of course. Cameras were set up at the test site to record the effects of the explosions on the mannequins and the buildings.

Only the ruins of a few buildings and the mannequins themselves remain on the site.

The National Security Site’s 250-mile radius may be explored on foot.
Witness the destruction that bombs can cause while also acting as a revolutionary force.

Make sure to include this location on your Nevada must-see list!

Address: Nevada Test Site Nye County, Nevada, United States

Alien Cathouse (Amargosa Valley)

Alien Cathouse Nevada
Alien Cathouse / Seth Tisue / Flickr

This Nevada brothel specializes in alien fetishes, and it’s legal to do so as well.

As a result, the Alien Cathouse in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, is the first themed brothel in the country.

It’s all about Nevada’s UFO hotspots, including Area 51.

The Alien Cathouse, run by Bunny Ranch’s founders and management, caters to travelers with a “fetish” for aliens.

A popular travel destination like Nevada is the only place where it’s legal to engage in prostitution.

Full service The brothel and bar are available for as long as one’s cash allows.

This brothel, which is meant to resemble an extraterrestrial civilization, has various themed rooms, including Atlantis Fantasy and Holodeck.

The “Alien Abduction and Probe Room,” on the other hand, is the Cathouse’s primary attraction, and it’s stuffed with space-themed objects.

Your spacecraft has arrived if you’re a fan of alien hypothesis, sex, and kitsch.

There’s no better place to have a good time in Nevada than this unique brothel with its own distinct motif.

Address: 5390 US-95, Amargosa Valley, NV 89020, United States

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Akhob (Las Vegas)

AKHOB Nevada
James Turrell’s Work / Dean Hochman / Flickr

A world-renowned artist’s work is hidden away on the top level of a French luxury goods store.

You’ll only begin to comprehend the magnificence of James Turrell’s “Akhob” if you find it in the middle of a flashy oasis.

Lighting artist James Turrell is well-known for his innovative use of color.

Circular doors lead into two enormous chambers filled with gently shifting and revolving light in Egypt’s Akhob era.

The name akhob, is said to indicate “pure water.”

Turrell refers to these classic installations as “ganzfelds” or “light fields.” They are among his most well-known works.

In the Louis Vuitton store, your guide will show you additional modern artwork and tell you a little about the company’s origins.

After ascending a flight of steps, you’ll arrive at Akhob.

Colors flow in and out of each other in a 24-minute cycle that is invisible to viewers.

The installation may also be viewed free by anybody who wishes to do so.

If you’re in the mood for something beautiful and secret, this is the place to be!

Address: 3720 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Bellagio (Las Vegas)

Bellagio Nevada
Bellagio / Ryan Lackey / Flickr

If you have only 24 hours in Las Vegas, then the Bellagio is the best option!

The Bellagio is more like a palace than a resort because of its opulent elegance. It encompasses everything from gold arches to hand-blown glass flowers gracing high ceilings.

As one of the most popular attractions on the Las Vegas Strip, the Bellagio is a must-see for visitors.

Every 15 to 30 minutes, those walking past the Bellagio are treated to a complimentary light and water show, with the fountain’s jets shooting water into the air during intricately choreographed “dances.”

Casinos and botanical gardens are also available to visitors, as are fine art galleries and other tourist attractions.

The restaurants have earned Michelin stars, so you know the cuisine is excellent.

Fans of Cirque du Soleil will enjoy seeing them perform in the company’s theater!

This is a must-visit place if you’re traveling through Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bellagio is well worth the trip; you won’t be disappointed!

Address: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

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Coffin It Up (Pahrump)

Coffin It Up (Pahrump), Nevada

Coffin It Up (Pahrump) is one of the best places to go in Nevada

Many different styles and purposes for burial caskets may be found just in this place.

Coffin It Up is located in Pahrump, Nevada, where you can see it all.

Many coffins and tombstones from one of the most bizarre coffin-making workshops in the world are on display in this cemetery.

Coffinwood, the cemetery surrounding Coffin It Up, is dedicated to preserving the old art of Obsidian coffin construction, despite the fact that caskets and urns have long ago supplanted the good ol’ coffins.

Coffin-shaped tables, CD cases, and anything else you can think of are all part of the collection, which includes both real coffins and those that can serve many purposes.

Moreover, there are also coffin-themed items like handbags, jewelry, luggage, and even cat beds created by the company.

In addition to several headstones, skeletons, and a real pet burial site, the cemetery features what is arguably the world’s only coffin greenhouse.

Coffins are buried each year to mark the “passing of the previous year” by its inventor, Bryan Schoening.

To get a personalized tour, you must make an appointment in advance.

Visit Coffin It Up if you want to view some finely crafted coffins.

Address: 2875 Sunset St, Pahrump, NV 89060, United States

Devil’s Hole (Amargosa Valley)

Devil’s Hole Nevada
Devil’s Hole / Ron Gilbert / Flickr

Have a look at this mysterious depth of water that attracts tourists and rare species of fish as well!

One of the water-filled cave system’s entrances is the Devil’s Hole, a well-guarded fissure.

Death Valley National Park’s Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge has a separate unit to conserve a species of pupfish that can only be found in the refuge’s waters.

In addition, experts believe that these fish have been living in the desert for at least 25,000 years in complete isolation.

The depth and area covered by these geothermal waters have never been officially measured. Yet, many researchers have given their lives to pursue this information.

Another uncommon trait is the capacity of Devil’s Hole to monitor seismic activity all across the globe, even when it happens halfway across the planet.

Water levels have risen almost six feet as a result of earthquakes.

People say that these seismic waves keep happening even though the earth has moved halfway around the world.

The Devil’s Hole can’t be walked into to keep both people and the environment safe, but it can be seen from an official overlook point.

This is definitely somewhere worth stopping by if you’re planning a trip!

Address: Nye County, Nevada, United States

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Eiffel Tower Experience

Eiffel Tower Experience Nevada
Eiffel Tower Experience / Thomas Schlosser / Flickr

One of the most iconic landmarks in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower Experience!

It is a half-scale copy of this high-altitude attraction located 46 floors above.

It has become one of Las Vegas’ most popular attractions, with breathtaking views of one of its most popular spots.

So, how true to scale is this model?

The 50-story steel copy was based on Gustave Eiffel’s original plans, but it was welded rather than riveted.

A glass elevator takes visitors to the observation deck, where they can see the valley, desert mountains, and the Strip, with Bellagio’s dancing fountains just across the road.

You can reserve a table at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant to see the beautiful views and eat delicious food.

Families, especially those who haven’t been to the real Eiffel Tower, might enjoy a trip to this place.

Visit the Eiffel Tower Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, and take in some of the city’s greatest views!

Address: 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Fly Geyser (Gerlach)

Fly Geyser Nevada
Fly Geyser / Ken Lund / Flickr

If you’re still looking for another unique experience in Nevada, this is it.

The Fly Geyser is located on the Fly Ranch, a 3,800-acre property.

The Fly Ranch Geyser and the adjacent wetland ecology were owned by the Burning Man Project.

This non-profit group offered tours to a small number of visitors.

The Fly Geyser is characterized as a six-foot-tall, brightly colored, and scorching water-blasting geyser in the Nevada desert!

The geysers aren’t the only thing to see in this area.

Aside from the region’s natural and man-made geothermal wonders, Fly Geyser and three other man-made geysers may be found in its northernmost reaches.

When you visit the southern part of the site, you may see Burning Man art and learn about the environment and land usage.

If you’d like to see Fly Geyser up close, you may visit the Geyser Ranch, which is located on private land and hence closed to the public.

Nevada’s Friends of Nevada Black Rock High Rock and Fly Ranch offers three-hour guided excursions.

Make a schedule for your visit to this beautiful attraction!

Address: Gerlach, NV 89412, United States

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Goldfield Hotel (Goldfield)

Goldfield Hotel Nevada
Goldfield Hotel / Ken Lund / Flickr

The Goldfield Hotel in Nevada is widely regarded as one of the most haunted locations in the state.

Despite several natural disasters and ownership changes, the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada continues to draw visitors worldwide.

The town of Goldfield, which got its name from the gold rush that drew thousands of businesspeople from all over the world, is home to this historical site.

In the Classical Revival style, the new Goldfield hotel features 150 guest rooms organized in a U-shape so that they all have access to outdoor views.

One of the best-known ghost stories is about a real mining mogul named George Wingfield. He is said to have tethered a young girl, pretending that she was pregnant, to the heater in Room 109 of the hotel.

For as long as she was bound, the girl was killed or died during childbirth.

As if that wasn’t enough, it appears that Wingfield threw the infant into a mineshaft beneath the hotel grounds.

It’s said that the mineshaft is still emitting baby cries from the depths of Room 109, which has stayed very cold since the accident.

There are paranormal investigations and guided tours available if you’d want to learn more about the place.

To truly experience Nevada’s Wild West history, this hotel should be at the top of your list when planning a trip there.

Address: S.E. corner of Crook Ave. U.S. 95 & Columbia St. Goldfield, Nevada

High Roller (Las Vegas)

High Roller Nevada
High Roller / Ian Sane / Flickr

On the world’s most enormous observation wheel, you’ll soar 550 feet over the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

The High Roller, which dominates the Las Vegas skyline, is a work of modern architectural art.

Each of the High Roller’s 28 spherical, glass-enclosed cabins weighed 44,000 pounds and was constructed in Italy.

The entire wheel rotates in 30 minutes, which is the time it takes for passengers to get a 360-degree perspective of Las Vegas.

1,120 passengers may be accommodated in the beautiful, modern-looking cabins at full capacity.

In the new outdoor retail, dining, and entertainment complex, The LINQ, on the Strip’s north side, The Epic Wheel is the show’s star.

Private parties and dinners can also be held in the neighboring wheelhouse.

The Happy Half Hour cabins on the High Roller Observation Wheel come with an open bar and a bartender for a complete 30-minute rotation of the wheel, making it a unique drinking experience.

At High Roller, there are a lot of great activities and experiences to enjoy.
Don’t forget to visit this one of the best Las Vegas attractions!

Address: 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

International Car Forest of the Last Church (Goldfield)

International Car Forest of the Last Church Nevada
International Car Forest of the Last Church / Wes Dickinson / Flickr

Although it is not a forest, it is unquestionably an exhibit of abandoned automobiles.

Get to know this open-air art exhibit, which sits alongside the tailing heaps of the “Last Great Gold Camp,” one rusted out, flawlessly teetering, half-buried junk vehicle at a time, as you walk alongside the tailing piles of the “Last Great Gold Camp.”

Goldfield resident Mark Rippie started the International Auto Forest of the Last Church to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest car forest.

The team acquired automobiles, buses, trucks, and vans, and then arranged them in a funny, abstract fashion, either vertically standing on their noses or stacked on top of one another in a stacked configuration.

In addition, the cars were painted in bright colors. They had skulls on them, as well as caricatures of different politicians.

Unfortunately, the creative team had to break up after they disagreed. Rippie is in prison, and Sorg has returned to Reno, where he grew up.

To this day, approximately 40 automobiles, ranging from cars to trucks to vans, have been neatly placed on their ends or stacked on top of one another, giving the impression of a collection of toys that a giant child had just left lying around.

The abandoned artistic trash forest is still standing and allows passersby to look around at their own risk.

Everyone who wishes to visit is welcome to do so without charge!

To see one of the largest open-air galleries in Nevada, take a quick diversion off US 95, put your car in park, and walk through this forest of junk automobiles.

Address: 1111 East, Crystal Ave, Goldfield, NV 89013, United States

Kyle Hot Springs (Winnemucca)

Kyle Hot Springs (Winnemucca), Nevada

Kyle Hot Springs (Winnemucca) is one of the best places to go in Nevada

In the middle of the uninhabited Northern Nevada desert, you’ll find a wonder worth exploring.

Once a prominent hot springs resort, Kyle Hot Springs has fallen from grace.

The springs are high above a wide valley, giving you a great view of the surrounding landscape and the valley itself.

Even though Unionville is now a ghost town, the hot springs in Buena Vista Canyon near the abandoned town are still an excellent place for a relaxing dip.

You can still see the ruins of the old hot springs resort here to learn more about the area’s history.

Furthermore, the salty slope is surrounded by several steamy springs.

The main spring is a whopping 150 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a lot of heat!

Soaking in the sulfuric water of this distant hot spring will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

The unending vista of the valley from the tub will make you feel better than you could ever want to be about anything else.

This is a must-see location, even though it is pretty hot.

Address: 56 miles southwest of Winnemucca Northwestern Nevada, USA

Lonnie Hammargren’s House ( Las Vegas)

Lonnie Hammargren’s House ( Las Vegas), Nevada

Lonnie Hammargren’s House ( Las Vegas) is one of the best places to go in Nevada

The Lonnie Hammargren House was designed with a wild imagination and an unquenchable curiosity.

Lonnie Hammargren, the man who owns this home, is somewhat of a local hero in his own right.

Besides being a former lieutenant governor, Hammargren is also a retired neurosurgeon whose house is a genuine wonder.

In 1969, he constructed his home museum and lived there ever since, and he has no plans to leave.

In addition, Hammargren’s home has been transformed into a museum, displaying his unique collection of objects and mementos during his 80-year life.

One of the original Apollo space capsule mock-ups, an indoor Taj Mahal, and the actual vault from Genoa Court House are among the many exhibits in the Hammergren Home of Nevada History.

The “Hammargren Home of Nevada History” is a labor of love for Hammargren, who organizes his ever-expanding memorabilia collection with his wife Sandy’s aid on occasion.

Mr. Hammargren has built an Egyptian burial chamber in the basement of his house museum as his last resting place.

Every year on Nevada Day, October 31st, the home is accessible to the public for tours.

If you’re a curious tourist, you may as well check out this intriguing museum!

Address: 4318 Ridgecrest Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89121, United States

Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas)

Mandalay Bay Nevada
Mandalay Bay / Tomás Del Coro / Flickr

With its angular shape and golden sheen, Mandalay Bay borders South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Many guests see it as they arrive in Las Vegas by car.

Mandalay Bay Property and Casino sits on 120 beautiful acres of land on the Las Vegas Strip, making it a one-of-a-kind resort.

In addition to the city’s first climate-controlled poolside gaming area, Mandalay Bay features an 11-acre pool paradise with actual sand and a wave pool.

The resort also has award-winning food prepared by renowned chefs, a nightclub called LIGHT, a shark aquarium called the Shark Reef, and a spa called Spa Mandalay.

Mandalay Bay is also home to Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE, which is based on the King of Pop’s music and dance.

Several features make it stand out, such as its selection of VIP upgrades, wellness treatments, and opulent accommodations for visitors.

You’ll be treated like one of the hotel’s celebrity guests at this establishment!

Are you ready for a luxurious hotel staycation?

Plan a Las Vegas staycation at this hotel and have the time of your life!

Address: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States

Neon Museum – Neon Boneyard

Neon Museum Nevada
Neon Museum / Mobilus In Mobili / Flickr

The Neon Museum was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization to preserve and exhibit neon signs from Las Vegas.

It supports the city’s educational, historical, artistic, and cultural enrichment. The La Concha Motel lobby, a mid-century modern classic created by African American architect Paul Revere Williams, serves as the tourist center for the park.

Individuals from the private and public sectors worked together to advocate the preservation of these treasures as significant items of aesthetic and historical significance.

There is a fascinating narrative behind each neon sign in the Neon Museum’s collection, including the people who produced it, its inspiration, where and when it was made, and its significance in Las Vegas’ unique history.

The Neon Museum’s collection also documents the evolution of neon sign design and technology from the 1930s to the present day. The museum’s active efforts include public education, outreach, research, archive preservation, and a grant-funded neon sign survey.

Besides that, a gallery in the north of the building holds other signages.

Tours are often conducted during the day, but the nighttime illuminations are the most stunning.

If you want to have a fun-filled day at this museum, make plans in advance!

Address: 770 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

Old Tonopah Cemetery (Tonopah)

Old Tonopah Cemetery (Tonopah), Nevada

Old Tonopah Cemetery (Tonopah) is one of the best places to go in Nevada

A cemetery next door to an old-fashioned clown hotel seems like a great attraction.

Unless you’ve got a weak heart, it’s not as bad as scary as that seems.
Tonopah was once a thriving mining town.

During the funeral of John Randel Weeks, the Old Tonopah Cemetery was officially established on May 7, 1901.

The cemetery was founded due to the burial of John Randel Weeks, who is regarded as the cemetery’s first interment.

Three hundred bodies were buried here between 1901 and 1911, but when the number of the dead got too large, they were relocated to a new spot.

Several noteworthy residents of Tonopah were killed by the mysterious Tonopah Plague in 1902.

The 14 miners who perished in the Tonopah-Belmont Mine fire catastrophe of 1911 are also buried here.

Many people think that the cemetery is haunted, and those curious should speak with the owner of the Clown Motel next door.

If you can’t get enough of the creeps at Old Tonopah Cemetery, check out some of the nearby local sights—it’s definitely worth the trip!

Address: 917-923 N Main St, Tonopah, NV 89049, United States

Pyramid Lake (Reno)

Pyramid Lake Nevada
Pyramid Lake / Jon Evans / Flickr

If the tales are to be believed, this Nevada lake is said to be home to a lot of scary ghosts.

The Pyramid Lake is one of the most well-known sights globally, so named because of the distinctive pyramid-shaped rock formations that rise above the water.

Some of the most famous rock formations around the lake are home to a unique pelican species.

Cui-ui, a fish initially the primary source of sustenance for the Paiute people, is also found in the lake.

It is said that, despite its majesty, the underwater world is even more terrifying.

According to local lore, Pyramid Lake is haunted by the ghosts of “water babies.” The origins of these aquatic infants are shrouded in mystery.

It is also said that preterm or deformed children were drowned to maintain the tribe’s strength.

Another theory holds that a Paiute tribesman was smitten by a lakeside mermaid. Her tribe rejected her, so she cursed the lake when he brought her back.

Her tribe rejected her, so she cursed the lake when he brought her back.
Whatever legend you believe is true, Pyramind Lake is a one-of-a-kind attraction that is well worth the trip!

Address: Reno, NV, United States

Smith Center for the Performing Arts (Las Vegas)

Smith Center for the Performing Arts Nevada
Smith Center for the Performing Arts / odonata98 / Flickr

It’s the only site where you can see world-renowned artists and ensembles play before a sold-out crowd. 

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is located in the heart of Vegas, which is known for its more raunchy attractions. 

The Nevada Ballet Theatre and the Las Vegas Philharmonic perform here, expecting a more refined evening of entertainment here. 

In all, the Smith Center consists of two venues. For big-league Broadway productions like Wicked and The Lion King, Reynolds Hall offers more than 5,000 seats. 

Those who want a more personal setting may prefer Myron’s Cabaret Jazz, designed for smaller groups of musicians. 

In addition, there are also lounges, lobbies, rehearsal spaces, and outside courtyards for lawn performances to explore. 

There is always something fresh and exciting happening in the place.

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is where to go if you’re looking for a cultural experience in Las Vegas. 

Witnessing world-class performers would undoubtedly enhance your vacation enjoyment.

Address: 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106, United States

The Simpsons House (Henderson)

The Simpsons House (Henderson), Nevada

The Simpsons House (Henderson) is one of the best places to go in Nevada

Why do you enjoy watching the Simpsons?

The Simpsons House in Henderson, Nevada, was built to look like the Simpsons home in real life as a promotional gift.

The house has a huge garage, bay windows, and an unusually shaped front entrance.

There is no fireplace in sight in the scorching Nevada desert, so the chimney is nothing more than an art piece.

While the house was well-received, the actual program winner traded the house for $75,000 in cash.

In 2001, the home was repainted and resold as private property because there was no one to live there.

The house is still standing, although the outside has been painted with beige stucco, and the lawn has been transformed into a stone area.

Despite its resemblance to a typical Simpsons home, the concrete picture of Homer demonstrates it.

This is the best setting for seeing an artistic house as a Simpsons fan.

Address: 712 Red Bark Ln, Henderson, NV 89011, United States

U.S. Route 50 (Austin)

U.S. Route 50 Nevada
U.S. Route 50 / Mobilus In Mobili / Flickr

The “Loneliest Road in America” is a real thing.

U.S. Route 50, a deserted stretch of road in Nevada, provides little more than the sky and vast meadows.

From Sacramento, California, to Ocean City, Maryland, U.S. Route 50 travels across Austin, Nevada.

The route was renowned as the loneliest road in the country before the state’s tourism agency seized on the label.

Despite its lack of tourist attractions, it made the downside look like the major incentive to travel this stretch of the rural route.

Depending on your point of view, the most desolate road could also be the most peaceful.

Visitors who ventured along this unmarked road were met with “survival guides” printed by the tourism board. They were posted along the route, too.

An “I survived the loneliest road in America” passport book may be purchased at one of the neighboring establishments and filled with stamps as you travel.

Although it may be the most isolated path, it is also certainly one of the most scenic.

Still, wondering if you should visit Nevada? Hop over to reasons to visit Nevada at least once in your lifetime here

Address: US-50 United States

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