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Deciding to travel to Olympia, Washington? Here is our hand-picked list of the top activities and attractions in Olympia, Washington, so you can make the most of your time there. Scroll down for the best things to do in Olympia, Washington, and the best places to visit in Olympia, Washington. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

There are campgrounds, and there are spots where you can “glamp.” All of the above is correct! Olympia is surrounded by beautiful forests and state parks, so there’s never a shortage of things to do.

Olympia, the capital of the state of Washington, is a mid-sized Pacific Northwest metropolis with an appealing small-town vibe and an abundance of natural beauty in the surrounding area.

Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks, as well as the Washington coast, provide unlimited choices for outdoor enjoyment. 

Olympia has a vibrant waterfront area with a historic downtown that attracts visitors and locals alike.

Temperatures in Olympia rarely fall below freezing, making it a pleasant place to live.

Olympia’s winters, on the other hand, can be somewhat soggy. Even on rainy days, there are plenty of options for dining, shopping, and visiting museums.

Additionally, Olympia is a wonderful starting point for all kinds of local and regional exploration.

Locations like the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and Mima Mounds are just outside the city limits. There are also two national parks within a two-hour drive: Olympic and Mount Rainier.

Our list of the best things to do in Olympia, Washington, might help you plan your next trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Bayside Bungalow

Bayside Bungalow Olympia, Washington
Bayside Bungalow is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

Are you looking for a relaxing, serene retreat? We’re spoiled in Washington because we don’t have to leave the state to have a lovely and relaxing vacation. And if you come across the Bayside Bungalow, you’ll have your own private beach as well as some small and comfortable lodgings.

The Bayside Bungalow is a little cottage on a seaside parcel just outside Olympia, Washington.

A lovely garden and big fir trees surround the comfortable cottage, tucked amongst fruit trees. Even though the room is small, it has all of the amenities of the home.

The house has WiFi, but if you’d instead not use it, there are plenty of books and board games to keep you occupied.

However, as lovely as the tiny abode is, you’ll want to get outside whenever possible…

Because a private trail on the property gives you access to the ocean. A fire ring and fire top cooking items are also available in the outdoor area.

Without a stay in this cozy small house, your Olympia vacation will be incomplete. So make a point about staying here!

Address: 7924 61st Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98516, United States

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm

 Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm Olympia, Washington
Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

The Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm is one of the top attractions in Washington.

What could be more emblematic of “summer” than a trip to a real-life, functioning farm? A lavender farm would be an even better alternative to the barnyard animals you’re used to seeing. 

The Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm is a peaceful and beautiful spot to explore during your vacation in Olympia.

Take a wander around the four-acre farm and rest on one of the several benches. Lavender is the primary focus of the boutique farm, which grows and produces lavender-based products. 

The farm shop offers a variety of lavender-themed goods, such as hydrosols, bath treatments, essential oils, and handmade crafts.

Visitors may also observe the farm’s on-site distillation of lavender oil and learn about the farm’s 11 different varieties of lavender.

What is the first thing that pops to mind when you hear “lavender”? Is it something you’d like to do? If so, make plans to visit now!

Address: 9733 Evergreen Valley Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98513, United States

Hands-On Children’s Museum

Hands On Children’s Museum Olympia, Washington
Hands-On Children’s Museum is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

If you’re visiting Olympia with kids, the Hands On Children’s Museum is one of the best family-friendly activities in town.

The museum’s programs are geared toward children aged 0 to 10, and they provide interactive learning and creativity opportunities.

The museum is organized into galleries, with topics such as healthy living, Puget Sound, science, the arts, and nature being covered.

There is also a half-acre Outdoor Discovery Center there.

Through interactive, enjoyable exhibits and activities, the Hands On Children’s Museum was founded in 1987 to engage children’s curiosity, increase their creativity, and foster learning.

They contain galleries dedicated to nature, science, the arts, and much more. Good For You!

About healthy life and nutrition, Our Puget Sound, Emergency!, Our Fabulous Forest, and Snug Harbor are among the eight galleries.

There is a fresh and unique method to connect youngsters with nature at the Outdoor Discovery Center.

A Beach, Mud Kitchen, Giant Climbing Boulder, a real wooden schooner named Megan D, Children’s Garden, and Lighthouse Lookout are among the attractions.

There is always something new and fascinating to do, and the environment is enjoyable for both children and their parents.

Address: 414 Jefferson St. NE, Olympia, WA 98501

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Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm

Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm Olympia, Washington
Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

If you’re in the mood for a cold, refreshing drink of apple cider, this is the place to go.

Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm is a family-owned business that has been in existence since 1956. This farm is part of a network of farms in the Olympia area that work together to deliver fresh produce to the city. For their cider production, they use apples grown on the farm, as well as apples acquired from other area farms.

Every week, the farm produces an estimated 4,000 gallons of cider. Their cider is offered locally, and it is also distributed over the West Coast. Apple-based items like doughnuts and fritters are also made on the farm, in addition to the cider.

In addition to seeing the cider-making facilities, visitors can also tour the orchards and learn more about the farm’s operations. Kids of all ages will enjoy getting up close and personal with the farm’s animals, which includes feeding them.

If you are looking for cider and something a bit sweeter, then Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm is the place to go.

Address: 9402 Rich Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98501, United States

Bigelow House Museum

Bigelow House Museum Olympia, Washington
Bigelow House Museum is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

Historic residences in Washington, DC, are some of the most magnificent and well-preserved in the country. Some of these houses have great stories to tell in a state with such a rich past. This is one of the rare historic houses that would be a treat to see now, and even more so in the past.

Olympia, Washington’s Bigelow House Museum was built in 1854, making it one of the region’s oldest private residences.

Carpenter Gothic architecture was popular in rural America during the mid-1800s, and this house, built for a lawyer and lawmaker Daniel R. Bigelow and his wife in 1850, is a fine example.

There is nearly an acre of original family property surrounding the house. Ann Elizabeth Bigelow, a Washington educator, and her husband Daniel Bigelow, a prominent advocate for women’s rights and education, were well-known in the city.

Museum-quality exhibits of the early history of Olympia and Washington Territory can be found in this house, which now serves as a historical museum.

Are you all set to take a tour of this magnificent mansion? Plan a visit today!

Address: 918 Glass Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98506

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Mima Mounds

Mima Mounds Olympia, Washington
Mima Mounds Olympia, Washington / Jason Hollinger / Flickr

Whether you’re a nature lover, an art buff, or somewhere in between, Mima Mounds has something for everyone.

Natural beauty abounds throughout Washington State. However, when it comes to the natural beauty of Olympia’s Mima Mounds, many are baffled.

Acres of land surrounded by unexplained lumps make up the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve.

Despite years of research, nobody really understands what produced the mounds.

There are numerous beliefs ranging from aliens to gophers. So go check it out today and see what you think caused the bumps.

About 20 minutes to Olympia’s south sits the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve.

The best way to observe the 445-acre National Landmark’s distinctive bumps is on a day trip like hiking.

The ADA-accessible half-mile trail is ideal for individuals using strollers or wheelchairs.

Moreover, you will require a Discover Pass to enter the park.

So plan your visit today. Bring your best guesses about what caused these enigmatic and uncommon landforms.

This is a fantastic trip for the entire family; you will not be let down.

Address: 12315 Waddell Creek Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512, United States

Millersylvania State Park

Millersylvania State Park Olympia, Washington
Millersylvania State Park Olympia, Washington / soob / Flickr

We are fortunate in Washington to have such stunning vistas practically everywhere we go, but the best natural gems can occasionally be found off the usual road. Millersylvania State Park is one of them.

Millersylvania State Park, just a few miles south of Olympia, is a great forested retreat for camping, boating, hiking, or lodging in a cabin.

Along the Deep Lake, this 800-acre park features 3,300 feet of freshwater shoreline.

The park is both beautiful and historic, with trails winding through old-growth cedar and fir trees.

Its beginnings can be traced back to 1921, when the Miller family donated the land to the state.

In 1935, the Civilian Conservation Corps built the park’s buildings almost entirely by hand. Camping cabins and campgrounds are provided for tents, trailers, and RVs.

This massive camping site, located just south of our state’s capital, boasts nearly 3,300 feet of freshwater shoreline along Deep Lake and is a must-see this summer!

Address: 12245 Tilley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512, United States

Olympia Farmers Market

Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia, Washington
Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia, Washington / Wonderlane / Flickr

Weekends in Washington, D.C., are complete with a visit to this massive indoor farmers market.

Like our delicious Rainier cherries and wild blueberries that are only available for a short time each year in Washington, many of our farmers’ markets are seasonal. However, we have several wonderful year-round farmers’ markets, including Olympia’s, mainly indoors.

On Saturday mornings, you may find local produce and goods at 700 Capitol Way S. Olympia Farmers Market.

The market in Olympia is always well-stocked with locally grown goods because of Olympia’s great position.

Of course, this place isn’t only about food.

You may listen to live music while you’re out and about.

The cafeteria serves food if your shopping has made you hungry.

The market in Olympia, Washington, is a must-see attraction for anybody visiting Olympia.

Address: 700 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA 98501, United States

Pampered Wilderness

Pampered Wilderness Olympia, Washington
Pampered Wilderness Olympia, Washington / soob / Flickr

The phrase “Pampered Wilderness” may be one of the best two-word accommodations labels ever devised. What better way to characterize a setting that combines luxury with the natural beauty of a state park?

The well-appointed tents (described by the host company as canvas lodges) add the luxury that merges into a “glamping” experience, while the surrounding fir and cedar trees and a campfire provide the outdoor “camping” vibe.

Rustic Retreat, Safari Suite, Shabby Chic, Modern Wilderness, Cozy Cottage, and Country Cabin are the names of Pampered Wilderness’ six canvas cabins.

You’d never guess this bedroom is in a tent within a state park from this angle, would you?

This image requires some research. What appears to be an ordinary workstation is actually a collection of the trinkets that define the Pampered Wilderness’ grandeur.

If the Pampered Wilderness experience goes too far on the unofficial “glamping” scale for you, the campfire is only a few steps away.

The towering fir and cedar trees add to the Pampered Wilderness setting’s authenticity.

Relaxing over the campfire with this guest seems like a very wonderful way to spend an early evening.

This comfortable lodging is ideal for a vacation.

Address: Pampered Wilderness, 12245 Tilley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512, USA

Percival Landing Park

Percival Landing Park Olympia, Washington
Percival Landing Park Olympia, Washington / Jason Taellious / Flickr

Those who reside in or around Olympia, Washington, know that there are many hidden treasures for nature lovers. Instead of missing out on an excellent waterfront park, which is an excellent place to spend a day, you can be unaware of it. Visit the Waterfront Park in Olympia to see for yourself.

Olympia’s most popular waterfront park, Percival Landing, may be found on Budd Bay near the Puget Sound coast. On the 3.38-acre property, you’ll find a park with a boat dock, picnic areas, a huge orca carving, and a boardwalk that stretches 0.9 kilometers in length.

Historic steamship port, a well-known maritime monument on the West Coast, opened its doors in 1978 at the location of the park. In addition to the Sand in the City festival and Harbor Days, other yearly events include the Wooden Boat Festival and Wooden Boat Parade.

On one of the many walking paths, it’s easy to get some peace and quiet.

Percival Landing Park can be an exciting place for people of all ages!

Priest Point Park

Priest Point Park Olympia, Washington
Priest Point Park Olympia, Washington / Wonderlane / Flickr

Have you spent enough time this year enjoying the great outdoors? If not, don’t panic – summer is still here in Washington, and some of our best natural beauty may be found in our smallest state parks. Priest Point Park is one of them.

Priest Point Park’s 300+ acres combine the natural beauty of Washington State with its historical history to make a great setting for a picnic or hike.

The park has been documented since 1848, and it is known that the property played a vital role in commerce and interactions with the area’s diverse indigenous tribes.

In 1905, the entire land was given to the city of Olympia. Walks through the park’s ravines, cliffs, and streams will be enjoyed by visitors.

Picnic spots with tables and shelters, natural walks, and a playground with a basketball court are all available at the park.

One mile of saltwater shore and the Ellis Cove Trail are included within Priest Point’s 300-acre park.

Hikers will enjoy spectacular vistas of downtown Olympia and the State Capitol buildings as they walk through the area’s well-preserved natural woodlands.

Priest Point is one of Washington’s most underappreciated parks, and a visit there will leave you speechless.

Address: 2600 East Bay Drive Northeast, Olympia, WA 98506, United States

South Sound Estuarium

South Sound Estuarium Olympia, Washington
South Sound Estuarium is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

The South Sound Estuarium is one of the best things to do in Washington.

The only one of its sort in the world can be found nestled away in a tiny estuary village in the middle of nowhere. No city or town celebrates its proximity to an estuary in quite the same way as Washington’s estuarium does.

To begin, something is to be defined by it in a way that nothing else can be. The South Sound Estuarium is what it says it is: an estuary.

The South Sound Estuarium is a must-see for marine life enthusiasts in the Olympia region.

Aquariums, interactive activities, and a film room with marine-related topics are all part of this unique marine education center in the Puget Sound region of Washington. Weekend hours for visitors to the Estuariam are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Additionally, the South Sound Estuary Association offers several educational events to the public, such as the “Pier Peer” program, which allows people to see marine life in south Puget Sound at night while diving.

Visit at the right time and you’ll like the atmosphere as well.

Address: 309 State Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98501, United States

The Bread Peddler

The Bread Peddler Olympia, Washington
The Bread Peddler Olympia, Washington / Jason Taellious / Flickr

Freshly baked bread brings feelings of nostalgia, comfort, and pure joy.

Every day, The Bread Peddler in Olympia awakens those senses. Their baked goods are made from scratch with the finest ingredients and traditional methods.

So go there today and treat yourself to some of their freshly baked bread and pastries.

The Bread Peddler can be found in Olympia’s downtown area. Olympia is the state capital of Washington.

Even if you don’t reside in the area, it’s worth a visit. It’s a thriving city in its own way, about an hour south of Seattle.

Since 2006, this lively bakery has served as a community gathering spot. They serve delicious espresso beverages made with locally roasted coffee.

The Bread Peddler is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients and employing traditional methods.

As a result, you’ll crave delicious scratch-made bread on a daily basis. A traditional Parisian baguette, a multiseed loaf, sourdough, and even challah bread can be found here.

Don’t worry, pastry lovers. The bakeshop is known for its delectable handcrafted pastries; the kouign Amann is a must-try. 

With your bread, try some great homemade soup. In addition to bread and pastries, the café serves soups, salads, sandwiches, and more. As a result, you’ll want to sample everything on the menu!

The Bread Peddler is open from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. If you can’t make it to their store, you can find them on Saturdays at the Olympia Farmers Market.

Your mouth is probably watering right now. Please pay them a visit right away!

Address: The Bread Peddler, 222 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA 98501, USA

The Olympic Flight Museum

The Olympic Flight Museum Olympia, Washington
The Olympic Flight Museum is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

The Olympic Flight Museum is one of the best places to visit in Washington.

Olympia is not short on interesting museums. The Olympic Flight Museum is one that you should definitely see.

It features exhibits about Washington aviators, hands-on displays, flying simulators, and more, making it a fun visit for all ages.

The Olympic Flight Museum will appeal to children. This intriguing aviation museum, located at the Olympia Airport, features over 20 antique helicopters and planes on rotating display, ranging from WWII aircraft to those that flew in Vietnam and Korea.

The majority of the planes have been painstakingly preserved and are in excellent working order.

A P-51 Mustang fighter jet, FG-1D Corsair, UH-1 Huey, H-43 Huskie helicopter, and other aircraft are on exhibit.

The museum organizes the popular annual Olympic Air Show, which draws a large crowd.

The event welcomes a world-class range of well-maintained historical aircraft from all over the world, in addition to the museum’s historic aircraft.

No matter when you first fall in love with the sky, remember to be grateful for everything that helped us get there. After all, anything is possible!

Address: 7637 Old Hwy 99 SE, Tumwater, WA 98501, United States

Tolmie State Park

Visit this park, for it is a delight for both adventurous and non-adventurous nature enthusiasts.

Tolmie State Park is a 100-acre marine day-use park on Puget Sound with about 2000 feet of beachfront.

The park is forested and located just a few miles from Olympia on Nisqually Beach.

Picnicking, sunbathing, and other low-key land-based activities are available in the beachside park.

Two cooking shelters with electricity sinks, and grills are available. Picnic tables are both enclosed and unsheltered.

There is a park established by scuba divers that comprise sunken boats and a reef made of tires for the more adventurous and undersea-oriented. 

You’ll want to schedule a vacation to this forested park in Olympia because of the miles of trails, picnic tables, animals, and jaw-dropping ocean beauty.

It’s on Nisqually Beach, with views of the beautiful Puget Sound.

You’ll not only get some of the best views of Mount Rainier in the world from the summit of Tolmie Peak, but you’ll also get to see some beautiful fall scenery along the route. The trail begins at Mowich Lake and extends for 5.2 miles round trip.

Plan your visit now!

Address: 7730 61st Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98506, United States

Washington Center for the Performing Arts

Washington Center for the Performing Arts Olympia, Washington
Washington Center for the Performing Arts Olympia, Washington / Jason Taellious / Flickr

If you’d rather spend your evening watching a play, musical, or band in person, there are still places where you can catch live music and theatrical performances. Enjoy the Olympia, Washington performing arts scene.

Washington Center for the Performing Arts is South Puget Sound’s largest performing arts center.

The Olympia Center is a cultural and entertainment hotspot dedicated to showcasing the best of Olympia’s local and regional talent.

With its own season of foreign and national artists, the center also aims to encourage local performing arts organizations.

In 1985, the center opened its doors as a replacement for the Liberty Theater, which was built in 1924, preserving much of the building’s original architecture.

Local painters have a gallery in the center’s foyer.

Experience a live art performance for the first time now while it’s on sale! Visit Olympian, and you’ll want to come back time and time again since it’s so charming.

Address: 512 Washington St SE, Olympia, WA 98501

WET Science Center

WET Science Center Olympia, Washington
WET Science Center is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

It’s hard to believe that Washington, DC, has so much to offer, including some of the best museums in the country.

The WET Science Center, which caters to visitors of all ages, is a must-see. See the information provided here to learn everything there is to know about this institution.

The WET Science Center in Olympia, Washington, is a site where visitors may learn about water, a limited but essential resource, by playing games and interacting with exhibits.

The center offers hands-on displays, family weekend activities, tours of water facilities, and environmental presentations on water-related concerns.

Most of the activities and games at WET are geared toward older children and adults.

WET provides something for everyone.

Exhibitions and games cover a wide range of themes, from the water cycle to wastewater treatment to reclaimed water to Puget Sound and its care. The exhibits and activities are all free to the public.

Have you ever visited the WET Science Center in Olympia, Washington? If not, plan your visit now, and don’t miss this!

Address: 500 Adams Street Northeast, Olympia, WA 98501

Woodard Bay Conservation Area

Woodard Bay Conservation Area Olympia, Washington
Woodard Bay Conservation Area is one of the best places to go in Olympia, Washington

Even those who thrive on the fast-paced thrill of the big city require a break from time to time.

While we may not have time to take lengthy, leisurely trips into the countryside, we can generally discover a small patch of beauty amid the trees not far from home.

We could spend a lifetime exploring Washington’s natural wonders.

That doesn’t mean we can’t try to see everything. Woodard Bay Conservation Area in Olympia is a beautiful setting for hiking, biking, or equestrian riding. If a day is insufficient, you can even stay the night.

A visit to Woodard Bay Conservation Area will appeal to both hikers and animal enthusiasts.

Three hiking routes of varying lengths, difficulty, and surroundings are located on this 870-acre park just outside Olympia.

One is a paved road, another is a forested loop route, and the last is described as a barrier-free trail with views of Woodard Bay.

Shorebirds and songbirds, harbor seals, river otters, bald eagles, a huge maternity colony of bats, and one of the state’s most prominent heron rookeries may all be found in Woodard Bay, which attracts birders and other wildlife enthusiasts.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness some of the best views, and plan your visit now!

Address: Olympia, WA 98506, United States

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters in Olympia, Washington
Animal Shelters in Olympia, Washington

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