Best Countries to visit in Southern Europe

Best Countries to visit in Southern Europe

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Southern Europe is known for being a world of islands and peninsulas. One thing that makes them proud is their warm and welcoming citizens. Aside from that, it will allow you to learn about their rich culture and history. Beautiful landscapes, impressive spots, and delectable cuisines are what you can expect if you plan to visit this region. Check out here for the best Countries to visit in Southern Europe.

Regions consisting of Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, and other beautiful states are the places you should visit. These countries will give you extraordinary experiences and unforgettable vacations!

If you are up to witnessing the beauty of Southern Europe, check out the states you can visit today!


Why visit Cyprus

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and fantastic rocky coves. If you want more adventures, check out some of its historical tourist attractions, such as monasteries, museums, and exquisite Byzantine cathedrals. It is one of the best countries to visit in Southern Europe.

Climb the top of St. Hilarion Castle to witness the phenomenal views across the hills and the coastal plain. Explore Larnaca, one of the country’s seaside resorts. You will see pink flamingos during spring, plenty of hill villages, and other cultural tourist attractions.

Karpas Peninsula is a golden beach with rugged hills. Hiking and exploring the villages around the area are the best activities you can do.

You can also visit Cape Greco, a national park where you can see wild orchids bloom. So don’t miss out!

Do you want to know what top tourist attractions are in Cyprus? Stop looking further. All the must-see attractions are on our website. Visit the most interesting Cyprus tourist attractions.


Why visit Greece

Greece is known for having natural beauty and fascinating spots. It has numerous breathtaking scenery and rich culture. Ancient archaeological monuments, cliffs plunging into azure waters, pebble and sand beaches, and a warm Mediterranean climate can all be found there.

Visit The Acropolis Museum, one of the top attractions in Greece. You will see an ultra-modern glass and steel structure with light and airy exhibition spaces. Exploring Santorini is a must-try. Many fun activities are waiting for you, such as sunbathing and swimming at the black volcanic sand beaches on the south and east coasts of the area.

In addition, Delphi is one of the country’s historical sites. You will see some temples, a theater, a stadium, and museums which you can explore!

To see more, book a visit to Greece today!

Are you interested in discovering the top tourist attractions in Greece? Check out the complete list of must-see attractions we’ve gathered. Click here for the top Greece tourist attractions.


Why visit Italy

One of the attractions tourists love in Italy is its famous Grand Canal in Venice. Italy is known for its rich history, arts, music, and architecture. You can also explore some of its fascinating villages and stunning attractions. Italy is famous for having delicious pizza and pasta! It is one of the best countries to visit in Southern Europe.

Rome is where you can find many vibrant cities you can visit. Some of the historical sites you can explore are the Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, and the Appian Way. For art lovers, go to the art museum of Florence. If you want to explore The Grand Canal, you can take a gondola ride and enjoy the scenery.

Regarding Italy’s cuisines, Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, and Gelato and Dolce are some famous dishes you shouldn’t miss. Have fun!

Do you want to know what the tourist attractions are in Italy? Quit pondering and go see the world. Allow yourself to be inspired by the journey with our must-see attractions travel guide. Click here for the main Italy tourist attractions.

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Why visit Malta

Malta is known for having a warm and pleasant climate. Its majestic scenery and landscapes are mainly used for film productions. The palm-tree-lined countryside of Malta is filled with natural wonders and tranquil seaports. You can also explore vibrant old fishing communities and stunning hilltop cities!

If you are looking for historical monuments, go to Valletta. Casa Bernard, a 16th-century house, features antique furniture and painting masterpieces. The Island of Gozo is one of Malta’s pristine beaches that you can enjoy.

Additionally, you can explore Blue Lagoon if you want more water adventures. Some of the things you can enjoy are nature walks, hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

To see other fantastic attractions, visit Malta today!

Have you wanted to know about the fun tourist attractions in Malta? Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey with our must-see attractions. Click here for the best Malta tourist attractions.


Why visit Portugal

Portugal is famous for port wine, ancient cities, fado music, and soccer legends. You can also find unique seafood cuisines and stunning beach locations. One of the famous spots you can visit is Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. It is located near the mouth of the River Tagus! It is one of the best countries to visit in Southern Europe.

If you are looking for a church monastery to visit, go to Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. Make sure to explore Oceanário de Lisboa. It is one of the best and largest oceanariums in Europe. You will see varieties of fish and marine animals!

Serra da Arrábida Natural Park will offer you a tour of its unique landscape and ancient sea cliffs. You can also enjoy activities such as birdwatching and kayaking!

If you’re up to witnessing this beautiful place, visit Portugal today!

Wondering what the most visited tourist attractions in Portugal are? The fantastic list of must-see attractions we have compiled is here to make your next visit to Portugal more therapeutic than ever. Hop over to the top Portugal tourist attractions.

San Marino

Why visit San Marino

San Marino is known for its Piazza della Libertà. It is a single street with cafes, eateries, and stores offering ceramics and duty-free goods. Shopping is the best activity vacationers enjoy in this country!

For outdoor adventures, you can climb the tower of Rocca Guaita. You will witness the scenic surroundings of the countryside. Explore Basilica di San Marino and see statues, paintings, and the high altar with a statue of St. Marinus.

If you want something to eat, you can have plenty of choices in this country. San Marino’s famous dishes are Christmas bean and bacon soup, pasta e Ceci, a chickpea, and noodle soup with garlic and rosemary. So don’t miss out!

Have you been curious about the popular places to visit in San Marino? Put an end to your search right here with our must-see attractions. Visit the most interesting San Marino tourist attractions.


Why visit Spain

Spain is famous for its cuisine, Flamenco music, and dance. It is also known for having a siesta, bullfights, horses, arts, and decadent literature. You can explore some of its Moorish heritage, islands, and Mediterranean beaches! It is one of the best countries to visit in Southern Europe.

Basílica de la Sagrada Família is one of the most visited spot in Spain. The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens will allow you to witness fascinating buildings, towers, walls, gardens, and mosques.

In addition, you can go to The Prado and Paseo del Artes if you want to see unique Spanish arts and medieval works. In Plaza Mayor, you will see numerous cafes that you will enjoy.

As a bonus, you can find delicious wines, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Paella, the famous dish in Spain, is a must-try. So don’t miss out!

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