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Deciding to travel to Indiana? Look at our recommended travel activities and attractions in Indiana to get the most out of your time there. Check out the list of the best things to do in Indiana and places to go in Indiana below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Indiana is home to the Hoosiers and has a rich history. And entertainment and attractions are pervasive throughout the entire state. Indiana boasts an abundance of intriguing sites to explore, ranging from activities in the state capital, Indianapolis, to family-friendly attractions in Fort Wayne, Bloomington, and Lafayette.

Perhaps you are an Indy 500 fan.

Perhaps you enjoy rocky outdoor hikes and sweet cream pastries.

Perhaps you simply wish to visit famous landmarks such as Notre Dame up close.

Regardless of your motivation for visiting Indiana, you will discover an abundance of activities to see and do in the state.

It has a long history of inviting explorers, settlers, and travelers as a historical location.

It also offers locals and tourists an abundance of Midwestern charm!

Multiple museums throughout the state combine entertaining activities with educational significance. The Studebaker National Museum, the WonderLab Science Museum, and the Snite Museum of Art are on the Notre Dame campus. Even though the world-famous Indianapolis 500 only takes place once a year in May, the on-site museum highlights the track’s history throughout the year.

And Indiana is big on outdoor activities. Many locales, including Prophetstown State Park and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, offer outdoor enthusiasts campsites, hiking trails, and breathtaking scenery.

Plan your trip with our list of Indiana’s best sites and activities.

Crown Plaza Hotel

Crown Plaza Hotel Indiana
Crown Plaza Hotel, Indiana / David Wilson / Flickr

Trains have long been an intriguing topic. They serve as a reminder of the human intellect, genius, and engineering. Train enthusiasts in the Hoosier State have a major reason to rejoice, as they have some fun places to experience.

Did you know that a hotel in downtown Indianapolis provides overnight stays in REAL (remodeled and renovated) railway cars? Yep! The Crowne Plaza Indianapolis is an exceptional place to stay. Have you ever wondered about hotel train cars in Indiana? You can now experience one for yourself. Examine it:

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is a sight to behold.

It feels like a feast for the senses, and in a sense, it is.

And when you’re ready, head to your room, which may be an authentic 1920s railway car if you play your cards well!

Obviously, these unusual train car hotel accommodations in Indiana book up quickly, so be sure to start planning your journey immediately and reserve EARLY!

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Childrens Museum of Indianapolis Indiana
Childrens Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana / anjanettew / Flickr

Family road trips are not uncommon. There are numerous spots in and near Cincinnati that are ideal for generating memories. The largest children’s museum in the country is less than two hours from Queen City, and it offers enjoyment for all ages throughout the entire year.

On your next family day trip from Cincinnati, visit The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. If you visit during the holidays, slide into Jolly Days, an incredible family event.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, located less than two hours from Cincinnati, is the largest children’s museum.

If that doesn’t thrill you, it’s time to discover more about this popular Cincinnati family vacation destination. There is something for children of all ages. If you’re looking for a present with an experience theme, tickets might be a wonderful idea.

The museum is decorated with snowflakes, Christmas trees, and other holiday ornaments. Any season is wonderful for a visit, although winter is ideal for indoor activities.

There are so many additional activities and events at a location that already offers more than a day’s worth of entertainment. Favorite attractions include the Yule Slide, a large snow globe, Santa visits, etc.

Go back in time, hang out with dinosaurs, embark on a space adventure, and play in the enormous indoor playground – and that’s just the beginning! On the museum’s website, you can examine all of the exhibits in greater detail.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is not a hidden gem, but it is a lovely place for a family day trip from Cincinnati.

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The Notre Dame Stadium

The Notre Dame Stadium Indiana
The Notre Dame Stadium, Indiana / Matt McGee / Flickr

Everyone is familiar with Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Stadium is one of the largest in the United States. It has hosted concerts, football championships, and ice hockey games.

However, there is more to the university than its sporting department.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic church with dozens of antique murals and breathtaking stained glass windows.

You may feel uncomfortable as a tourist on a college campus.

Don’t fret.

The University attracts tourists all year due to its world-class art, science, and cultural resources.

People from all over the world visit its libraries, labs, stadiums, galleries, churches, and other sites.

Do not leave Indiana without having a picnic on the Notre Dame University lawn.

Any serious traveler must cross this thing off their bucket list.

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McCloud Nature Park

McCloud Nature Park, Indiana
McCloud Nature Park is one of the best places to go in Indiana

As the weather warms up and the birds begin to sing again, there is no doubt as to whether we feel they want to enjoy the outdoors: we do. We discovered a lovely and entertaining Indiana day travel spot for a warm day!

If you found this post by looking for “day trips near me” and enjoying the great outdoors, you will enjoy McCloud Nature Park in North Salem, Indiana.

Since its opening in 2003, McCloud Nature Park has been a labor of love.

This little sliver of heaven is jam-packed with activities.

More than six miles of well-maintained and well-managed hiking paths crisscross the park, and Big Walnut Creek is also accessible.

Explore the park from top to bottom, and you will find an iron truss bridge spanning the creek that is almost a century old.

Creek activities include wading, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

There’s also a spot where you can get a close look at wild honeybees from a safe distance.

This location is great for getting lost for the entire day. We are confident that the McCloud Nature Park in Indiana is the answer to all of your questions, whether you visit alone or with your entire family (they will love it)!

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Wellfield Botanic Gardens

Wellfield Botanic Gardens, Indiana
Wellfield Botanic Gardens is one of the best places to go in Indiana

Are you someone who loves the arrival of spring flowers in Indiana? If that’s the case, you’re in luck! There are many locations to go to experience it, but one of the favorites is Wellfield Botanic Gardens, which is a literal “living museum” where you can wander around and truly admire the beauty of spring blooms.

Wellfield Botanic Gardens is a huge, non-profit garden with seasonal ebbs and flows.

The real crown jewel, though, is the lovely annual garden, which is at its most magnificent in the spring. It’s usually at its peak in April and May, however, new life springing forth in March is also quite rewarding.

However, the grounds at Wellfield Botanic Garden are stunning, so you’ll want to spend your time there exploring them all.

It’s the ideal spot for finding peace amid civilization – a way to escape away from it all without actually moving away.

There’s no reason to stay inside when all of this is offered. Check out what this lovely location has to offer.

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Paynetown State Recreation Area

Paynetown State Recreation Area, Indiana
Paynetown State Recreation Area is one of the best places to go in Indiana

If you enjoy family-friendly camping, you’ll be happy to know that Indiana has a lot of them. Whether you’re searching for something big or little, busy or quiet, there’s a campground in Indiana for you.

One of Indiana’s most popular campgrounds is located on the northern shore of gorgeous Lake Monroe. Paynetown State Recreation Area is the name, and it is the size of a small town.

Paynetown State Recreation Area is a camper’s dream come true; it has many amenities (including some that aren’t often seen at campgrounds). Everyone is always in a good mood, and it’s just simple fun.

You can spend the entire day on a boat, meandering around Lake Monroe if you choose. There will be plenty of other nice people doing the same thing! Lake Monroe is a popular destination for boaters, so you’re bound to run into a few.

Enjoy a day at the lake’s beach. Choose between tent sites, RV hookup sites, dispersed sites, and more for your stay. There’s even a small market where you can acquire good firewood and some spirits (not ghosts) on the grounds.

Visit Paynetown State Recreation Area and we’re confident you’ll like it as much as we do.

Belterra Casino Resort & Spa

Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, Indiana
Belterra Casino Resort & Spa is one of the best places to go in Indiana

What could be better than a relaxing spa day? After you’ve finished relaxing, how about having a lot of fun? Treat yourself to a day at the spa at Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, then gamble the night away at a famed local casino!

Although Indiana’s gambling rules are complicated, you may do it lawfully at the Belterra Casino Resort if you’re in town and want to play the slots.

It is located on the Ohio River and is easily accessible from large cities such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

You’ll have a standard casino experience after you board.

You can wager on black, eat steaks, sip expensive wine, and sleep in feather beds.

You won’t have to go anyplace to enjoy shopping, spas, salons, or golf courses because the resort has them all.

In Indiana, tourist attractions can take numerous forms.

The Belterra Casino Resort is the place to go for legal gambling and a day of relaxation.

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center Indiana
The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, Indiana / Becker1999 / Flickr

Greenery, trails, lakes, and camping typically come to mind when imagining Indiana’s parks.

However, not all parks provide these amenities. In a secluded portion of Indiana, there is a park with a fascinating appeal. Their overnight stay package is one you’ll want to investigate.

In the center of Center Point, Indiana, there is a park with a remarkable draw. Okay, it may not technically qualify as a park. Why? Because it is a rescue for exotic animals.

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center (EFRC) is a refuge that provides permanent homes for exotic felines that have been retired from zoos, abandoned, or in the worst cases, abused.

This animal refuge was created to provide these extraordinary cats a second shot at life and a safe, comfortable environment to live out their remaining years.

Animal lovers have a unique and unusual chance at this park: they can spend the night in the middle of these big wild cats.

Visit this wonderful exotic animal sanctuary this fall for an unforgettable experience.

The Indiana Medical History Museum

The Indiana Medical History Museum, Indiana
The Indiana Medical History Museum is one of the best places to go in Indiana

The shelves are lined with skulls, jars of amber-colored liquid glimmer in the light, and rusted machines sit in the corners of libraries, lecture halls, and autopsy rooms.

However, this is not a horror film.

The Indiana Medical History Museum is a state-run museum that remembers the long and complicated history of the psychiatric study.

Some exhibitions are terrifying.

The museum is on the grounds of what used to be the Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane. As you probably know, care for the mentally ill in the 1800s was not always done morally.

However, other displays are legitimately informative.

There are a lot of old surgical tools and medical artifacts on display, including the world’s oldest pathology laboratory that is still in use.

A tour can teach you a great deal, and not simply in a macabre, voyeuristic sense.

At the Indiana Medical History Museum, you don’t have to be a medical student to learn something.

Put it on your itinerary if you’re looking for cool, unusual spots to visit in the Midwest.

The Knobstone Trail

The Knobstone Trail, Indiana
The Knobstone Trail is one of the best places to go in Indiana

Are you always seeking new adventures in Indiana? As the weather gradually warms, you may be searching for the state’s best hiking and camping spots. One trail in Indiana will take you on a journey unlike any other.

Southern Indiana is home to some of Indiana’s most breathtaking natural landscapes. The Knobstone Trail is the largest in the state.

The Knobstone Trail is the longest hiking trail in Indiana at a little under 50 miles in length. This beautiful hiking area is located in southern Indiana, about 15 miles from Kentucky.

Due to the length of this trip, it is advised that hikers pack plenty of food, drink, and tents or hammocks for camping. The trip does not need to be done in its entirety (there are multiple trailheads and exits along the way), but if you’re seeking the ultimate Indiana hike, you should come prepared.

You will walk through some of Indiana’s cleanest forests and see wildlife and streams during this trip.

Have you got what it takes to hike this 58-mile Indiana adventure trail? Then try it for yourself!

Jellystone Park

Jellystone Park Indiana
Jellystone Park, Indiana / Mathew Ingram /Flickr

Have you ever longed to go camping where there is more to do than just sit around a campfire? You’re in luck, since there is a campground in the Hoosier State that is so amazing that it’s comparable to Disneyland for campgrounds.

The entire family is certain to adore Jellystone Park in Indiana, which offers a camping experience that is both fun and magnificent. You and/or your children can swim, fish, ride paddle boats or go-karts, play volleyball or basketball, and that’s not even everything.

We are not exaggerating when we say that this campground is comparable to Disneyland, we are not exaggerating.

RV camping is permitted and even encouraged, and there are numerous campsites with all the necessary RV hookups.

There are four possibilities for cabin rentals at Indiana’s Jellystone Park.

So, what are you waiting for? Start arranging your trip as soon as possible; this location fills up quickly.

The Inferno Room

The Inferno Room, Indiana
The Inferno Room is one of the best places to go in Indiana

The typical restaurant atmosphere can seem somewhat monotonous at times. Sure, dining out is enjoyable — trust us, we love it – but sometimes you need to spice things up. 

We discovered a spot in Indianapolis that is both delicious and unique. It is ideal for enhancing your taste buds. It’s a themed restaurant in Indiana with a bit of a sinister twist, and we think this hotspot couldn’t be cooler if it tried (okay, we’ll show ourselves out).

The Inferno Room is one of those places where you go to escape… when you can’t escape.

The atmosphere is a captivating blend of dark and tropical. The Inferno Room manages to flawlessly blend the two descriptors, which is not always the case.

This restaurant and cocktail club also houses one of the greatest non-museum collections of Papua New Guinea traditional art.

The Inferno Room has something for everyone.

The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum 

The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum, Indiana
The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum is one of the best places to go in Indiana

Grab a cape and enter the world of superheroes!

The Indiana comic book museum is welcoming to both Marvel and DC aficionados. The only superhero museum in the world, located in Elkhart, celebrates the history of comics and the characters who make them great. From Ghost Rider to Captain America, everything is present. Continue reading to discover more about this incredible site.

The Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum is an Indiana comic book museum that recognizes and maintains the more than eighty-year heritage of comic books and comic book heroes.

As one of Indiana’s most fascinating and intriguing museums, it displays approximately 70,000 comic books and 10,000 toys and sets. Additionally, there are over a hundred original art pieces from your favorite comics.

Additionally, there are numerous rare things on display. Guests will find the original shield from the Captain America film, the Hell Cycle from Ghost Rider, and different first editions of famous comics among the vast collection of iconic comics and toys from World War II.

Make plans to visit this Indiana comic book museum, a must-see for children and adults alike!

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge Indiana
Big Four Pedestrian Bridge, Indiana / / Flickr

Indiana is not an expensive state, but if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll likely want to seek for inexpensive attractions.

Thankfully, the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge is open year-round!

Despite its moniker, the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge is accessible to more than just pedestrians.

You will also witness bicyclists, skateboarders, and various other types of people crossing the bridge.

It is a notable attraction along the Ohio River and a key location on the route between Kentucky and Indiana.

There is no toll or ticketing system, so you can cross the two-mile span of the bridge whenever and however you choose.

It is quick, simple, entertaining, and free.

In Indiana and looking for inexpensive activities, you might enjoy the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge.

It is free and offers the kind of amazing views that make for unforgettable holidays, therefore the majority of people believe it is well worth a visit.

New Harmony

New Harmony Indiana
New Harmony, Indiana / Doug Kerr / Flickr

Once upon a time, in a Hoosier State far, far away… Did you know that a small village in Indiana was previously intended to be an experimental utopia? Indeed! We believe you will find the history of New Harmony, Indiana, as fascinating as we do.

New Harmony is a lovely village on the banks of the magnificent Wabash River.

It was founded in 1814 and named “neu Harmonie” after the founders’ original home base in Harmonie, Pennsylvania.

In 1824, however, the original settlers (who were all Lutherans who had abandoned the church) opted to sell the land and return to Pennsylvania, leaving the town open to expansion by the new owners.

Unfortunately, human nature triumphed, and the experiment (formally known as the Owenite Social Experiment) failed.

You’ll enjoy strolling through downtown New Harmony, where you’ll be fascinated by the local shops and cafés that are unique to this small southern Indiana town.

We are convinced that literally, everyone will find something to do and see here.

Oh, and before we forget, you must not miss the tranquil, gorgeous experience that is the New Harmony Labyrinth.

Famous Monster Pizza

Famous Monster Pizza, Indiana
Famous Monster Pizza is one of the best places to go in Indiana

Who says you have to wait until October to have fun with a scary theme? Absolutely not. There is a quaint little town in Decatur, Indiana, where Halloween is celebrated year-round. The food at this Indiana restaurant with a horror theme is to die for.

Famous Monster Pizza is a unique Indiana establishment, regardless of your interest in horror films.

The decor will transport you back to the days of classic horror, when a damsel in distress may frequently be seen running for her life while screaming like a crazy.

Famous Monster Pizza delivers more than just pizza. You can also find “grinders” and other frighteningly delicious pizza parlor fare here (read: subs). Famous Monster claims to boast the world’s largest “grinder,” measuring an amazing 21 inches (nearly two feet!) of sandwichy goodness.

…or should we say “sand-witch-y”?

In short: come for the atmosphere, stay for the food. Visit Famous Monster Pizza and it will surely leave you a happy tummy!

Indianapolis City Market

Indianapolis City Market, Indiana
Indianapolis City Market is one of the best places to go in Indiana

Shopping is everyone’s favorite pastime (okay, and hiking). Fortunately for those of us who enjoy window shopping, the capital city of Indiana has a market that has been since before our ancestors were born.

Since 1866, the Indianapolis City Market has been a Hoosier State institution that has delighted people worldwide.

You won’t believe the sheer variety of utter goodness available at this shopping heaven.

Essentially, if you can imagine anything, you can probably find it here (within reason, of course). You will likely find more than one seller willing to offer you what you need.

There are around thirty merchants and vendors from which to choose.

Need some fruit? The market has your back.

Considering stocking up on coffee and tea? This is also included.

Need a trim? Yes, you can find it at the Indianapolis City Market. Look at how enormous this fresh watermelon is!

The indoor and outdoor market, making it suitable throughout the year.

Here you will find more than just eating and shopping! You will also discover barbershops, hairstylists, and other beauty-related services. Fine art enthusiasts should also rejoice, as numerous dealers provide astonishingly gorgeous home and wall decoration items.

There’s a reason the Market has been a fixture in Indiana for so long; it’s the ideal combination of fresh foods, locally grown fruits, and vegetables, and so much more.

Holiday World in Indiana

Holiday World in Indiana
Holiday World in Indiana / Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari / Flickr

At Holiday World in Indiana, you may experience two attractions for one!

Holiday World is divided into four “parts” centered on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July.

Numerous activities correspond to its specific theme.

For instance, the Christmas part features sleigh rides and nativity scenes, while the Halloween portion features roller coasters titled after The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.

However, you can disregard the turkeys and concentrate on having fun if you do not care about themes.

There are carousels and wave pools and magic shows and theatrical performances.

Multiple restaurants serve everything from hot dogs to hamburgers to classic turkey and stuffing.

A day at Holiday World is one of Indiana’s most entertaining things to do.

If you book your tickets today this weekend, you could be screaming your lungs out on a water slide.

Indiana Beach Boardwalk

Indiana Beach Boardwalk, Indiana
Indiana Beach Boardwalk is one of the best places to go in Indiana

You do not need to travel to Florida or California to experience an old-fashioned boardwalk.

The Indiana Beach Boardwalk is located on the beaches of Lake Shafer in Indiana.

The wooden boardwalk juts out over the ocean and is lined with all the expected tourist attractions.

There are roller coasters and bumper cars and water slides, and merry-go-rounds.

A Ferris wheel towers over everything and provides breathtaking daytime or midnight sky views.

When your tummy is full from the rides, fill it at one of the boardwalk’s numerous cafés, bakeries, bistros, and restaurants, or put it to bed at one of its lakeside hotels and resorts.

The Indiana Beach Boardwalk is one of those picturesque locations that offer more than simply looks.

It provides year-round entertainment on and near the sea.

Wolf Creek Habitat

Wolf Creek Habitat Indiana
Wolf Creek Habitat, Indiana / Kansas City District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Flickr

There is a unique attraction in Brookville, Indiana, that cannot be found anyplace else. If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with wolves, this may be your chance!

Wolf Creek Habitat in Indiana is a unique animal sanctuary that allows visitors to interact with wolves for an unforgettable experience. Few Hoosiers are aware that this wolf rescue exists, much less you can join the group. Take photographs and get to know these magnificent creatures more personally through photography. Continue reading to learn more.

Wolf Creek Habitat is a unique animal sanctuary located between Indianapolis and Cincinnati on the eastern side of Indiana. It provides a one-of-a-kind wolf experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

This incredible location is open year-round and allows you to interact with human-raised wolves. The donation of $50 goes toward feeding, housing, and otherwise caring for these magnificent creatures.

You will never forget this day, especially if you record it on camera.

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