Animal Shelters In Birmingham, Alabama

Animal Shelters In Birmingham, Alabama

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Discover Boundless Love and Purpose: Volunteer at Animal Shelters in Birmingham

Unleash your compassion and make a difference in the lives of our four-legged friends by volunteering at the remarkable animal shelters in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our web page, “Animal Shelters In Birmingham, Alabama,” serves as your gateway to becoming a cherished volunteer in this vibrant community. Step inside and explore the incredible benefits that await you. From a spiritual perspective, volunteering at animal shelters offers a profound journey of self-discovery, empathy, and connection.

By dedicating your time and energy to these innocent souls, you will not only contribute to their well-being but also nurture your own spirit, finding purpose, healing, and joy like never before.

Key takeaways on the benefits of volunteering at animal shelters in Birmingham, Alabama:

  • Volunteering at local animal shelters provides an incredible opportunity to positively impact the lives of vulnerable animals.
  • By serving these voiceless beings, you cultivate empathy, compassion, and a deeper sense of connection to all living creatures.
  • Engaging in selfless acts of kindness at animal shelters allows you to find purpose and fulfillment in your own life.
  • The love and gratitude received from animals can spark personal growth, heal emotional wounds, reduce stress, and rekindle a profound love for life.
  • Volunteering not only makes a difference for the animals, but it also enriches your own soul through the joy and fulfillment experienced along the way.

Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Alabama’s largest and oldest humane society is the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, established in 1883. You can participate in their mission of promoting fair treatment of humans and animals through education, advocacy, and services.

Bring the whole family and find your next best friend by adopting a pet. Through pet-friendly lessons and curriculum, you can also educate your child and the entire community about animal care, pet overpopulation, and the humane treatment of animals at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. 

Their pet surrendering program also accepts any family-owned animal needing a new home. Whatever the reason, you and your pet will be treated with kindness and respect.

Make a difference by getting involved here at Greater Birmingham Humane Society! 

Address: 300 Snow Dr, Birmingham, AL 35209, United States

Phone: +1 205-942-1211


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Alabama Animal Adoption Society

Everyone, including animals, is deserving of another chance. Bring your family and friends to the Alabama Animal Adoption Society, where you can show them how adopting, and volunteering can give animals a second chance at life. 

By giving them a second chance, you are also giving yourself a chance to have a great companion and experience a life that’s never lonely. If you can provide a pet a second chance, find out more about their adoption procedures on their website, which is provided below. 

Make pets feel wanted by giving them new hope for life at the Alabama Animal Adoption Society! 

Address: 2808 Crescent Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209, United States

Phone: +1 205-871-6351


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Volunteer | Foster | Adopt - Help Animal Shelters
Volunteer | Foster | Adopt – Help Animal Shelters

Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue

Cats are adorable, cuddly babies that make ideal pets for young children because they are independent yet loving animals. Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue has the cutest cats for you or your kids. 

Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue’s non-profit organization’s residents are fed and cared for solely by volunteers and donations. At the same time, they wait to be adopted into forever homes. Remember that when a cat comes close to you, the ultimate display of affection is when its tail quivers or shakes. 

They are expressing their love for you to you in the cutest possible manner. Experience Purr-fect care when you adopt at Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue!

Address: 3432 Old Columbiana Rd, Hoover, AL 35226, United States

Phone: +1 205-302-8883


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Vulcan Park Animal Care

Vulcan Park Animal Care offers inpatient and outpatient services. They also offer boarding, preventive care, surgery, dental work, and other medical care for sick animals.

You can work together to maintain their health and happiness for your pets to live long and prosper and remain a part of your family. Additionally, having a pet encourages living a healthier lifestyle. 

People who own dogs engage in healthy activities like playing and walking. Pets are also very compassionate. People who own pets are less likely to suffer from extreme loneliness or anxiety because pets offer unconditional love.

With Vulcan Park Animal Care, treat every pet as if it were your own.

Address: 1779 Valley Ave, Homewood, AL 35209, United States

Phone: +1 205-870-4500


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The Pawms Pet Resort Birmingham

Meet the best puppy in town and learn how to be responsible by adopting a new pet from The Pawms Pet Resort! 

It is considered that a dog is a man’s best friend. Studies also show that having a pet can lower stress and anxiety because a dog can be your loyal friend for life. 

They are always there when you feel sad or depressed to comfort you. They can also help you to stay healthy, as you can also enjoy going for a walk or a run with your new friend.

Visit The Pawms Pet Resort, look around, and meet a potential pup friend! 

Address: 806 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Phone: +1 205-407-8098


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Sugarbelle Foundation

The Sugarbelle Foundation works to preserve pet families by providing support when necessary. When families and their pets are unable to remain together, Sugarbelle works to keep the animal out of a shelter by finding it a foster or permanent home. 

Every animal shelter and rescue organization needs money to pay their bills, so any support in the form of donations or volunteer work will be greatly appreciated. Donations may be used to assist with funding daily operations, supplies, staff training, improvements to animal housing, community outreach initiatives, enrichment for animals, and much more.

Make an impact by saving animals!

The Sugarbelle Foundation is currently unable to provide temporary foster care due to a lack of foster homes.

Email: [email protected]


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Hand in Paw

Are you feeling hopeless? Perhaps lonely? 

Hand in Paw is made for you! With the assistance of the therapy dogs and their handlers from Hand in Paw, you can experience healing, hope, and unconditional love. 

Each year, their current volunteer teams visit countless special needs kids, at-risk children, struggling students, and patients with chronic and terminal illnesses through community activities and participating facilities.

If you feel you can help those who need it most, take advantage of October’s Animal-Assisted Therapy Awareness Month by joining their therapy team. If you have any questions, you can also contact Stacey Roudebush, their director of volunteers and programs.

See for yourself the difference that animal-assisted therapy makes.

Address: 617 38th St S, Birmingham, AL 35222, United States

Phone: +1 205-322-5144


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Shelby Humane

Have you ever been made to feel safe and loved by someone?

All animals, like humans, need shelter to protect them from harsh elements. All animals must protect themselves from natural disasters like landslides, forest fires, and other hazards.

The mission of Shelby Humane is to care for and protect the homeless, abused, neglected, and abandoned animals while also educating the public about the importance of animal ownership and protection. They are currently filled with animals, particularly adult dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. 

They are currently 100% full of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies – especially adult dogs. It’s time to adopt, foster, or board an animal for the weekend. These babies need a caring home!

Share the love that someone has restored in you and protect animals in the same way that you are protected.

Address: 381 McDow Rd, Columbiana, AL 35051, United States

Phone: +1 205-669-3916


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Jasper Humane Society

Do you want a buddy? Who will be there to greet you when you return home?

It’s time to adopt a new friend from the Jasper Humane Society if your response is yes! A dog can bring balance, emotional stability, and unconditional love, making dog ownership advantageous. 

Spending time with these furry creatures is also a great pleasure. Dogs give people real social support, enhance their physical and mental health, uplift their mood, and reduce stress. They play a significant part in child fostering and family relationships, as well as the development of communication skills and a sense of responsibility.

Create a paw-fect friendship with Jasper Humane Society!

Address: 2302 Birmingham Ave, Jasper, AL 35501, United States

Phone: +1 205-221-6621


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Walker County Humane and Adoption Center

Do you crave fun?

Visit the Walker County Humane and Adoption Center if you want to play with a dog and have a running partner. They accept animals from Walker County residents with the primary goals of fostering and rehoming them. 

You can show dogs who were once unwanted and abandoned animals the love they deserve by going to see them and adopting them. Dogs make wonderful friends for people of all ages, but they’re particularly great for senior citizens! 

Aside from unrivaled friendship, caring for a dog can improve a senior’s physical and mental health. 

Choose to have fun with extra purpose today!

Address: 23470 Highway 78, Jasper, AL 35501, United States

Phone: +1 205-754-4143

Email: [email protected]

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Alabama Wildlife Center

The largest and oldest wildlife rehabilitation and education facility in Alabama is the Alabama Wildlife Center. Without the assistance of those who have supported them and will continue to support them, they would not be able to run this organization. 

Donating can have a positive impact. They need your help to continue educating the public about Alabama’s native wildlife to increase awareness and appreciation for it, as well as to continue providing medical and rehabilitative care for Alabama’s injured and orphaned native birds in order to enable their return to the wild.

Giving to the animal shelters, you care about benefits the charities as a whole and you personally. It drives blissful emotions.

Obtain joy through giving! Donate to the Alabama Wildlife Center.

Address: 100 Terrace Dr, Pelham, AL 35124, United States

Phone: +1 205-663-7930


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Pell City Animal Control Center

You might be surprised to learn how interesting it can be to volunteer at animal shelters.

Absolutely, it is! Even though every animal has the right to a good life, countless animals in the world still suffer as a result of being used as exotic pets, food, entertainment, fashion, or medicine. 

The intriguing part is that these animals elicit emotions from you as you volunteer to care for them. Your efforts are immediately evident in their results. 

You can immediately notice a change in an animal’s personality as soon as you start working with them. The animals’ personalities emerge and begin to shine after spending time with them, whether taking them for a walk, bathing them, or just showing them some love.

Do something rewarding today with Pell City Animal Control Center.

Address: 1071 Airport Rd, Pell City, AL 35128, United States

Phone: +1 205-814-1567




Just like people, animals have emotions.

A non-profit group called RESCUES ON85TH aids clients who are struggling financially to care for their pets and are low-income, elderly, or veterans. By providing for these animals, you can gain their admiration and love. 

Amazingly, animals can provide you with a lot of support. Your horizons can expand if you have a pet. If you have a dog, you will need to walk it every day, which means you will run into other dog owners and walkers.

Support the RESCUES ON85TH’s initiatives to make animals feel secure and cherished.

Address: 8433 4th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35206-3329, United States

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +18333679247



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