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You must visit Birmingham, Alabama, at least once in your lifetime. Check out the list of the best things to do in Birmingham, Alabama, and places to go in Birmingham, Alabama, below. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Alabama
Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Alabama / Peter Schinkel / Flickr

Ready to spark your eyes! Barber Vintage Motorsports is known as one of the most classic vintage museums in Birmingham and the most extensive motorcycle museum in the world.

This museum consists of 900 total motorcycle collections and 1,600 race cars.

In the 1960s, the owner George Barber, with a 63 first-place title record, fueled his passion for the sports of racing and his determination to have this museum share his fascinating collection of race cars and motorcycles with other motorsports enthusiasts.

The museum represents over 200 manufacturers from around 20 different countries. From Harley-Davidson, Indian, Showa, Honda, DSk to Cagiva cars, it would bring goosebumps for visitors to explore in just one museum floor.

The fact museum offers not only displays but rather a significant calendar event with learning, recreation, socializing, and different first-rate activities!

Don’t miss the beat! You’ll be happy to check out and plan a visit here to Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.

Address: 6030 Barber Motorsports Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35094, United States

Birmingham Museum of Art

Birmingham Museum of Art Alabama
Birmingham Museum of Art Alabama / Richard Szwejkowski / Flickr

They say “Art is everything” until you are in the Birmingham Museum of Art! Famous for its extensive art collection, this will bring you your most creative art of mind! 

This museum covers over 25,000 objects from numerous cultures worldwide, including Pre-Columbian, European, African, Native American, and Asian– name it!

The museum offers a range of displays of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and creative arts and ceramics. If you’re an artist, just look for the medium of art that represents your collection!

The Asian culture thrived along the way of the museum and is considered one of the most delicate arts in the Southeast region. From its collection of Vietnamese ceramics, it is known for being one of the best artists around the world. This will bring you extraordinary arts of world-renowned European decorative arts of the 18th century.

Birmingham Museum is a must-visit for friends and family.

Address: 2000 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham Zoo Alabama
Birmingham Zoo Alabama / Ralph Daily / Flickr

Do you still remember when you last felt the excitement of visiting a zoo? If you’re looking for a place to bring your kid around, be sure to check Birmingham Zoo.

The Birmingham Zoo was established in 1955 and now covers 122 acres of land on the slope of Red Mountain in Birmingham. One of America’s only all-male African elephant herds may be seen in the zoo.

The local says Birmingham Zoo is known as Monkey Island with different activities, including fishing in the pond and riding a train under the tunnel. 

Birmingham Zoo may bring you to experience and explore new and existing animals in their different habitats. Become educated about its emersion-themed motif with its botanical and cultural that created a world-renowned zoo.

This park is a place where anyone of any age can observe Alabama wildlife, be inspired to support global nature conservation, and learn through the attraction of several species.

Get involved with wildlife here at Birmingham Zoo.

Address: 2630 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223, United States

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McWane Science Center

McWane Science Center Alabama
McWane Science Center Alabama / Dystopos / Flickr

Albert Einstein says, “The important thing is to never stop questioning.” That brings you to Mcwane Science Center! This center is known for the State of the Science-Art Museum, which is located in downtown Birmingham.

Everything from a fish aquarium to an indoor playground for kids of all ages can be found at this scientific center, which has four levels of fun and learning for all ages.

This place is also for kids and adults to enjoy many activities involving anyone of any age. This includes its well-known Itty Bitty Magic Center, Alabama Dinosaurs, World of Water Aquarium, I-dome Imax Theater, and a lot more. 

McWane Science Center is not only for science but also about questioning. They are focused on teaching children and adults science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) with several activities that this center has to offer.

Asides from its various programs and events, there are also true-to-life displays of animals since the center believes that STEM learning entails inquisition.

Definitely, McWane Science Center is worth every penny.

Address: 200 19th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

The Alabama Theater Center

The Alabama Theater Center is one of the top attractions in Alabama.

The famous movie palace in Birmingham is also one of the landmarks in Alabama. Don’t miss your romantic date. Here is what is perfect for you.

You’ll see incredible presentations, from live music to vintage movies and performing arts exhibits to special events during your stay.

In 1998, the historic theater’s original appearance was restored. Numerous ancient characteristics were fixed and brought into the twenty-first century. The theater, which can seat over 2,500 people, is home to Alabama’s famed Mighty Wurlitzer Organ.

It also featured the Mickey Mouse Club and the Miss Alabama pageant until 1987, when it was sold and renamed the Alabama Theater for the Performing Arts. 

It is worth mentioning that the theater presents 150 live events every year, attracting over 100,000 customers throughout that period. Aside from the spectacular acts, you’ll watch in the theater. The structure alone is a joy to watch.

Interesting right? Plan and purchase your ticket now!

Address: 1817 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

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List 6: The Market at Pepper Place Saturday

List 6: The Market at Pepper Place Saturday is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

Pepper Place Saturday is committed to food access that supports more than 100 local producers. What a food factory place!

This market is known for the market farmers’ season, where farmers sell their fresh fruits and vegetables so that anyone can receive fresh food daily. This is excellent exposure for farmers to hungry customers who want new and seasonal produce.

Locals can buy locally grown produce and healthy meals in just one place. The market has expanded to 100 tents spread over Pepper Place, which opens from April to December.

Everything is available there, including hybrid and heirloom tomatoes, berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses, meats, bread, etc. There’s a lot of excellent food, from croissants to sausages to burritos. Many entrepreneurs sell one-of-a-kind gifts and home décor products.

Due to the overgoing pandemic, local farmers launched its new contactless pickup solution: Curbside — a safer and more accessible “drive-thru” for picking up pre-ordered market items every Saturday.

Support Alabama farmers in the Pepper Place Market!

Address: 2829 2nd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205, United States

Rickwood Field

Rickwood Field Alabama
Rickwood Field Alabama / Curtis Palmer / Flickr

Keep calm and sway your bat! Rickwood Field is famous for its the oldest baseball field in the country. 

Rickwood was one of the earliest minor league stadiums to offer night baseball in 1936. The five vintage light towers (imagine a little league imitation of Tiger Stadium) come from that year. Angled from the roof, they reach 75 feet in height.

Rick Woodward built this stadium in 1910, and he was also the owner of Birmingham Barons. The stadium is a fantastic site to watch a game during the baseball season. Rickwood Field also hosts various seasonal events, including the ESPN Classic, reenacted baseball movie sequences, and throwback games, to mention a few.

Friends of Rickwood is a non-profit group that has looked for the historic park since 1992 and is actively renovating it as a “working museum.”

Rickwood Field is one of the top sites to visit when on vacation in Birmingham.

Kelly Ingram Park

Kelly Ingram Park Alabama
Kelly Ingram Park Alabama / Ken Lund / Flickr

Spend a few hours at the historic park located in Birmingham. Take a stroll around the insightful park in Alabama.

As a gateway to the Civil Rights District, historic Kelly Ingram Park is known as “A Place of Revolution and Reconciliation.”

During the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, it was the site of huge demonstrations. The park, named for a local firefighter, Osmond Kelly Ingram, has several sculptures and monuments.

Kelly Ingram Park was at the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, making it an ideal location for the historical homages that now exist there.

A central fountain and a commemorative monument of Dr. Martin Luther King are located in the park’s center. A panoramic walkway known as the “Freedom Walk” is a great location to stroll with family and friends.

The park held memorable events and activities, including festivals, entertainment, performances, and sound tours.

What a wonderful place to be. Make sure to visit this park.

Address: 500 17th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Southern Museum of Flight

Southern Museum of Flight Alabama
Southern Museum of Flight Alabama / Eric Friedebach / Flickr

The Southern Museum of Flight is one of the best things to do in Alabama.

The Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame is located in the Southern Museum of Flight. Over 70 biographical plaques exhibit Alabama aviation history only through collective biography.

Civil, military, and experimental aircraft are displayed at the Southern Museum of Flight, which opened its doors in 1966. 

Over 90 planes and aviation relics, engines, souvenirs, models, and artworks are out on exhibition. Galleries include the Korean War Jets Exhibit, the Lake Murray B-25 Exhibit, the Tuskegee Airmen Exhibition, and the Vietnam War Helicopters Exhibit.

The museum organizes birthday parties and summer camps for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, homeschoolers, and schools.

Although there is a minimal entry fee for civilians, the museum is another free thing for military men. Notably, the museum occupies a 75,000-square-foot space, ensuring that the room is packed with breathtaking attractions.

Come along with the unique adventure in the Southern Museum of Flight.

Address: 4343 73rd St N, Birmingham, AL 35206, United States

List 10: The Birmingham Children’s Theater

List 10: The Birmingham Children’s Theater is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

Just keep on watching here in the Birmingham Children’s theater. The Birmingham Children’s Theater is one of the United States’ largest and oldest professional theater organizations for children.

The Young Actors Theater Academy and school field visits are among the educational outreach activities offered by the theater.

It is generally believed that a community’s greatest asset is its youth. The objective of the CCAA is to expose and educate our young people about the visual and performing arts. We consider that investing in our kids is also an investment in our future.

The theater company operates out of the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. It has three theaters: the Dominick Studio Theater, which has a seating capacity of 150. The Wee Folks Theater has a seating capacity of 250 and is used for performances for students aged three to six, and the Mainstage Theater, which has a seating capacity of 950 and is used for performances for students aged six and up.

One of the best places to bring your kids around!

Address: 2130 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

An urban park center is loaded with Birmingham, Alabama– Welcome to the Red Mountain Park!

Birmingham’s I-65 Lakeshore Parkway exit is within 3 miles of Red Mountain Park’s 1,500-acre woodland property.

It has two city views, over 14 miles of trails, three tree homes, old mines, the Kaul Adventure Tower, the Red Ore Zip Tour, and Remy’s Dog Park, a six-acre off-leash dog park.

Beautiful destinations like the old ‘Redding Hoist House,’ ‘SkyHy Treehouse,’ and iron ore mine entrances both surprise and thrill Park visitors.

In addition, the park is home to close mines and other industrial artifacts that demonstrate Birmingham’s rich history. The park is perfect for enjoying established hiking routes and a snow sensory trail when not evaluating historical objects.

Biking, hiking, and other activities are also available. The tone of the iron ore found under the mountain’s surface inspired the names of the park and the peak.

A much-loved experience for children!

Address: 2011 Frankfurt Dr, Birmingham, AL 35211, United States

Avondale Brewing Company

Avondale Brewing Company is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

A great place to visit is the old pharmacy that later became known as a cafe– here we go at night at Avondale Brewing Company!

The Upstairs, The Sour Room, and Cinderella Story make up the establishment, essentially three locations in one. Each of these three Avondale Brewing locations has a distinct character, yet they’re all conveniently located under one roof.

In the same way that the stories they are based on have a distinct character and flair, so do their beers. They are a locally owned and run brewery committed to restoring its area and resurrecting the history of Avondale, Alabama.

The brewery is built in a historic structure that has formerly served as a bank, a firehouse, a pharmacy, a post office, and a saloon known as the Long Branch Saloon.

The Avondale Brewing Company is a consistent performance venue with a fantastic drink menu that is worth visiting. The platform showcases famous names in music throughout the year.

So be sure to check out the events schedule before your travel to or around Alabama.

Address: 201 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222, United States

Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve

Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve Alabama
Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve Alabama / Andy Montgomery / Flickr

Harry S. Truman stated, “These are the people’s parks owned by young and old…” and yes! This brings us to Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve.

Ruffner Mountain is a privately owned, 1040-acre urban nature park located near Birmingham, Alabama.

The park is named after William Henry Ruffner, a geologist from Washington and Lee University who surveyed the region that would ultimately become vital to Birmingham’s iron ore and furnace industries in 1883.

There are 12 miles of hiking paths here, and animals such as owls, raptors, snakes, and turtles may be found. In 2010, the 6,000-square-foot Treetop Visitor’s Center and Education Pavilion were established.

The urban central park is available for special occasions on a first-come, first-served basis. The pavilion is accessible for individuals, friends, and families to enjoy.

Take your breathtaking break here in the nature preserve in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama.

Address: 1214 81st St S, Birmingham, AL 35206, United States

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is one of the best places to visit in Alabama.

Have you seen your favorite hall of fame sports stars? Tour and visit the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and museum with your loved ones.

The museum is next to the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in a three-story, 33,000-square-foot facility. The Bryant-Jordan Theater, which seats 75 people, is also part of the institution.

Surely sports enthusiasts will bring themselves to appreciate this iconic museum. This state museum honors and promotes the rich sporting heritage of the state. 

The museum is notable for preserving the men and women of sports, their records, and their contributions to Alabama history.

The museum houses almost 5,000 sporting memorabilia from Alabama’s athletic legacy. Some of the sports’ most well-known figures are among the awardees, including Hank Aaron, Carl Lewis, Joe Louis, Willie Mays, and Jesse Owens.

One of the coolest places to be, so make sure to plan a tour of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

Address: 2150 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Birmingham Botanical Garden

Birmingham Botanical Garden Alabama
Birmingham Botanical Garden Alabama / GPA Photo Archive / Flickr

A must-visit tourist attraction in Birmingham is its well-known botanical garden. It is such a lovely place to see!

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, surrounded by natural forests, a stunning mountain range, and a variety of colorful flowers and plant life, is also an excellent area to spend a picnic lunch.

Botanical Gardens are available round the clock annually and are free to the public. The gardens provide monthly seminars, lectures, guided field excursions, and events to promote not simply plants but a profound love and respect for plants and gardening.

These lovely mature gardens have flourished for almost 60 years and are loaded with fantastic pleasures, including over 20 unique themed garden sections. There is a Japanese Garden, an Alabama Woodland Garden, Vegetable and Herb Gardens, a Bog Garden, and a Lily Garden.

Add this to your list of adventures.

Address: 2612 Lane Park Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223, United States

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

Louis Armstrong states, “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Until you are in this museum. Don’t miss spending your day walking around here in the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame focuses on preserving and promoting jazz music. It was established in 1978 and became a museum in 1993. 

The 2,200-square-foot area houses instruments, paintings, quilts, and other jazz-related artifacts, including personal items from jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald. The museum organizes jazz performances at various venues across the city. Performers visit schools to expose jazz music to children. It also hosts free weekly jazz courses and the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame Student All-Star Band.

Furthermore, the Carver Performing Arts Theater is built within the museum, making it one of the most exciting things to do in downtown Birmingham.

Make your day with wonderful music singing along your way!

Address: 1701 4th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

The Summit

The Summit is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

A stylish lifestyle center is one of the most complex shopping centers with many retail services.

A premium lifestyle complex that opened in October 1997 near the crossroads of U.S. Highway 280 and Interstate 459 in Birmingham, Alabama, United States, is known as The Summit.

The Summit is the South’s creative center for fashion and taste. Foods, fashion, special events, and a lifestyle shopping center. In terms of shopping, 

The Summit is home to various retailers, including clothes (men/women/children), beauty, wellness, jewelry, and home décor. 

Most people will love shopping at The Summit since it has big-name brands and local stores. The Summit has a lot more to offer than just superb shopping.

With approximately 20 restaurants inside the complex, you’ll find a great location to dine in that suits your taste. In fact, The Summit is a fantastic place for couples to spend a date day or night.

Hurry and shop with the Summit!

Address: 214 Summit Blvd #150, Birmingham, AL 35243, United States

Railroad Park

Railroad Park Alabama
Railroad Park Alabama / Darren Yarbrough / Flickr

Have your list checked to visit Railroad Park– take a walk with the historical sight in Alabama.

Railroad Park, dubbed “Birmingham’s Living Room,” provides a historically rich site for local leisure, family activities, concerts, and cultural events. It also connects Birmingham’s downtown region to Southside and UAB’s campus.

Railroad Park Foundation provides a range of programs for the whole family. Some of the most popular programs are listed here, with free exercise programs and many more.

Sip your lovely dose of caffeine in this park. Look no further than Railroad Park’s The Boxcar Café! The Boxcar Café, located in “Birmingham’s Living Room,” provides a variety of culinary selections. 

The Boxcar Café is where to go whether you want to have a delicious meal or have your event catered. The Café is open from spring through fall and for special occasions.

Enjoy and feel the vibes here in Railroad Park!

Address: 1600 1st Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233, United States

Grand Bohemian Hotel

Grand Bohemian Hotel Alabama
Grand Bohemian Hotel Alabama / Sergiy Galyonkin / Flickr

Want to feel that you are in luxury? No worries– Indulge in premium experiences that will rekindle your inspiration and ignite your enthusiasm here at Grand Bohemian Hotel.

The hotel is the ideal getaway for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy everything the resort offers. The hotel is located in the heart of the city’s business district, home to many of the city’s most popular attractions.

With great pride, they announce the Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook as a member of the Autograph Collection. 

The Kessler Collection invites visitors to discover new tales with timeless elegance, carefully chosen art and experiences, and surprising touches in our independently owned and operated properties. 

There is also a fantastic rooftop bar and restaurant at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, where you can enjoy lively cocktails and farm-to-table cuisine.

Stay your luxury vacation with this Grand Bohemian Hotel.

Address: 2655 Lane Park Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223, United States

Mary Charles Dollhouse

Mary Charles Dollhouse is one of the best places to go in Birmingham, Alabama

Mary Charles Dollhouse is one of the largest and has unique collections of all– A must-visit in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dolls, doll accessories, and dollhouses may all be found at Mary Charles’ Dollhouse, which sells both new and vintage collector dolls. Other services offered by Robbins include repairs and restoration of toy dolls.

Mary Charles Robbins opened a nice doll and miniatures boutique in Mountain Brook Village. She and four other women launched the shop without any retail expertise or seed money, intending to turn it into an antique store. They quickly discovered that antique dolls, accessories, and doll repair services were in high demand.

The town has been extremely supportive of Robbins, an octogenarian who owns and runs a small business. They have a plethora of vintage and antique dolls, including Madame Alexander and Steiff toys. The boutique, which has been in business for more than 40 years, specializes in repairing, curating, and promoting odd dolls.

Therefore, this is a must-see attraction. Be sure to add this tour to your itinerary. 

Address: 1901 Oxmoor Rd, Homewood, AL 35209, United States

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters In Birmingham, Alabama
Animal Shelters In Birmingham, Alabama

Consider helping out at a local animal shelter. Uncontrolled breeding and irresponsible pet owners have resulted in a significant pet overpopulation problem. To reduce the number of stray, homeless dogs and cats, extreme measures such as culling must be implemented. Animal shelters are required to address the issues generated by an excess of abandoned pets.

Volunteering helps to promote awareness and contribute to the solution to pet overpopulation, neglect, and abuse.

Adoption or donations are probably the first things that come to mind when you consider assisting animals. However, there is a more straightforward approach to lending a hand. Just go to a local animal shelter and offer your services there! You can lend a hand in various ways, from more time-consuming tasks like cleaning and grooming to activism, public relations, and even photography.

Learn more about the animal shelters in Birmingham, Alabama, where you can dedicate your time. Donate to an animal shelter.

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