Best Places in Africa to visit in March

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Serengeti, Tanzania

Why visit Serengeti Tanzania

Serengeti is a great place to visit in March because there are still fewer tourists, which means the low season is not done yet. You can still avail lots of great deals! Check out this one of the best places in Africa to visit in March.

The weather in Serengeti usually ranges from 77°F to 79°F. Summer is done, and winter has not arrived yet, which is perfect for a comfortable getaway!

You always have your selection of accommodations, and now is a fantastic time to see the Wildebeest Migration. It’s also one of the calmer periods for this Big 5 hotspot, making it a tremendous opportunity to pair the Serengeti with the storied Ngorongoro Crater. 

The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are the places to visit in March if you’re seeking the ideal fusion of two safari locations that provide unrivaled wildlife encounters!

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Masai Mara, Kenya

Why visit Masai Mara Kenya

Masai Mara is a wild place to visit in March, especially if you want to avoid the large safari tourists. You will also get some great deals that suit your budget!

The weather in Masai Mara typically scales from 81°F to 78°F. The climate is best paired with cameras that will capture your expedition!

The Masai Mara’s expansive plains serve as a haven for a variety of resident mammals like elephants, buffalo, giraffes, and Mara’s iconic big cats: lion, leopard, and cheetah.

A hot-air balloon ride over the sunrise as it spreads across the endless grasslands is another feature of any Masai Mara trip. Additionally, cultural travelers will savor the chance to explore nearby communities for an enthralling look at traditional Maasai culture, lifestyle, and traditions.

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Quirimbas, Mozambique

Why visit Quirimbas Mozambique

Quirimbas is a paradise that should be visited in March, especially if you want to see the bright sun above the pearl sand beaches!

The weather in Quirimbas typically spans from 87°F to 84°F. This temperature is best paired with coconut drinks and friends!

This picturesque archipelago of 27 coral islands stretches along Mozambique’s northern coast. It features kilometers of secluded beaches and dense forests teeming with monkeys, birds, and crabs with pincers strong enough to crack open coconuts! 

When you’re done enjoying world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, this is the ideal spot to relax in a hammock! If you want to combine a safari with a beach vacation in March, the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique is a great option!

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

Why visit Kruger National Park South Africa

Kruger National Park is a brilliant place to visit in March because the scorching heat has faded, and winter is months away! Make your vacation hassle-free!

The weather in the National Park typically spans from 77°F to 73°F. You don’t need to worry about the climate once you arrive in the area!

In March, Kruger is a great destination. There are many species of birds and happy creatures in the area, which is generally very green. It is highly suggested that you make haste to the famous Sabi Sand Game Reserve!

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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Why visit Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a stunning place to visit in March due to the pleasant weather that makes the area a hundred times beautiful!

The weather in Victoria Falls usually scales from 86°F to 79°F. Don’t worry about the sun because the streaming water will refresh you!

The waterfall’s mist can rise over 1,300 feet into the air, and its thunderous roar can be heard from up to 25 miles away. March is the best time to visit Victoria Falls to see the world’s largest waterfall at full flow.

Staying on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls is an excellent choice if you want to be within walking distance of the cascade. Beautiful hotels and cozy inns are available.

Seychelles, Seychelles

Why visit Seychelles Seychelles

Seychelles is a great place to visit in March due to its warm and humid climate that balances the temperature!

The weather in Seychelles typically scales from 87°F to 85°F. This is perfect for visiting the Islands and trying a variety of activities!

Fun activities in Seychelles include:

  • Visiting several islands.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Going on a cruise.
  • Relaxing on the beaches.

Seychelles is renowned for its beautiful underwater landscape, several coral reefs and gorges, and diverse and abundant marine life among the world’s best diving spots. The location is excellent for scuba divers of all skill and experience levels, offering various dive locations throughout the year.

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Lamu, Kenya

Why visit Lamu Kenya

Lamu is a stunning destination in March because of the warm and dry days experienced within the area. This makes the attraction more enticing!

The weather in Lamu usually scales from 91°F to 88°F. Bring some sunblock to still enjoy the bright sunlight!

There are many exciting sights to see in Lamu. Still, an excellent place to start is in the Old Town, which is home to many historic and architecturally stunning structures. The Lamu Museum is located here and provides a glimpse into the island’s cultural heritage.

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Caxito, Angola

Why visit Caxito Angola

Caxito is also an excellent spot to visit in March, especially if you want to avoid the wet season in other countries. Sun will shine throughout the day while you are touring!

The weather in Caxito varies between 91°F to 89°F. Why don’t you bring some friends to make your stay more fun?

The Museo de Moeda is one of many places to visit in the area. It provides hours of entertainment by dipping you in the locals’ vibrant cultural and historical heritage. Architectural buildings will also mesmerize you while wandering along the streets!

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Antananarivo, Madagascar

Why visit Antananarivo Madagascar

Antananarivo is a superb place to visit in March due to the pleasant weather that makes your vacation calm and hassle-free.

The weather in Antananarivo has a daily temperature from 79°F to 74°F. This place is composed of vibrant attractions that the locals are maintaining!

Antananarivo is a city with a long history and a thriving modern culture, with plenty of chances for dining out, visiting museums, and shopping. Bringing friends is advisable to make your vacation memorable and more fun!

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Libreville, Gabon

Why visit Libreville Gabon

Libreville is a great place to visit in March because of the good climate that can entice you to stay longer in the city!

The weather in Libreville usually scales from 87°F to 84°F. If you don’t want to go out in daylight, don’t worry, there is a vibrant nightlife in the area!

Several boutiques and hotels in Libreville provide weekend escapes where you may experience the laid-back culture of the city’s high society residents. Water sports lovers will find various options, from quads to guided tours on jet skis. 

Pack up some sunblock and a wide-brimmed hat since a day at the beach is the most pleasing way to spend a weekend!

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Lilongwe, Malawi

Why visit Lilongwe Malawi

Lilongwe is also a great place to visit in March because of the mild temperature that makes the area pleasant for tourists. 

The weather in Lilongwe scales from 80°F to 76°F. There are dazzling beaches and lakes around the place, so if you are a beach bum, this is the place to be!

It’s a hot spot for tourists looking to relax on the beach or do scuba diving in Africa. Great Lake Malawi, home to a wide variety of freshwater and marine life, mainly contributes to the country’s success!

Water sports, scuba diving, fishing, and hiking may all be found in the lake’s several beach communities. What’s more, the locals are known for being some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet, adding to the pleasure of your trip!

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Shakawe, Botswana

Why visit Shakawe Botswana

Shakawe is an ideal destination to visit in March, especially if you want to have a safe vacation with a touch of a suitable climate.

The weather in Shakawe usually ranges from 87°F to 79°F. This place is far from a crime, unlike other countries.

The Tsodilo Hills are a key draw for visitors to Shakawe. This World Heritage site is home to priceless examples of rock art. It is also considered a place where ancestral spirits can be found. It’s also the finest place to go fishing and bird watching. 

Providing tours via boat is very popular among visitors. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!

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Livingstone, Zambia

Why visit Livingstone Zambia

Livingstone is a superb spot to see in March because of the great accommodation deals that can save you money! Take this opportunity to travel in Livingstone without spending too much!

The weather in Livingstone varies between 85°F to 78°F. The sun will take you to different exciting attractions!

Travelers visit Zambia to see its safari parks and nature reserves, home to some of the region’s highest concentrations of wildlife. Livingstone is widely recognized as a premier tourist destination due to its abundance of exciting attractions.

There is also a Museum in the area wherein you can learn about the country’s culture and traditions!

Bubanza, Burundi

Why visit Bubanza Burundi

Bubanza is a great place to visit in March because of the 0ff-peak season. There are fewer tourists during this period, and you will also encounter low accommodation deals and lower prices!

The weather in Bubanza typically ranges from 85°F to 80°F. This underrated country has a lot to offer to tourism!

Burundi is a beautiful country, thanks to its pleasant year-round temperature, friendly locals, and exciting attractions. Tourists will have a wonderful time here because the locals are warm and friendly.

Burundi has stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife, and several protected national parks. Burundi is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions.

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Djibouti, Djibouti

Why visit Djibouti Djibouti

Djibouti is a must-visit place in March because of the great climate experienced within its area!

The weather in Djibouti typically spans from 85°F to 88°F. This is an ideal temperature to visit their restaurants and taste some of the unique cuisines across the world!

Djibouti, a tiny country in the Horn of Africa, is a paradise for those interested in the environment, history, food, and the diverse ethnic groups that have lived there since the Neolithic era.

Outdoorsy types will not be bored. Participate in various exciting activities, such as kitesurfing, hiking, snorkeling with sharks, and more.

Wondering what the most popular tourist attractions in Djibouti are? It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Our must-see attraction travel guide will help you achieve that. Visit the main Djibouti tourist attractions.

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