Best Places in Africa to visit in January

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Arusha, Tanzania

Why visit Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha is a stunning African location that should be visited in January, especially if you want to escape the winter blues! This is one of the best places in Africa to visit in January.

The weather in Arusha typically ranges from 81°F to 83°F. The vibrant sun is best paired with the attractions around!

The Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania begins and ends in Arusha, widely regarded as the country’s safari capital. The city is an exciting blend of ancient colonial architecture, frantic traffic, and cutting-edge amenities like Wi-Fi-enabled coffee shops and gourmet dining.

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Windhoek, Namibia

Why visit Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek is a great place to visit in January after the cold days you’ve experienced. The site is composed of a warm temperature that is perfect for your vacation!

The weather in Windhoek usually scales from 85°F to 88°F. It is absolutely amazing to visit the attractions around and nearby!

Windhoek serves as the nerve center of Namibia’s society, economy, government, and culture. Almost every significant Namibian company, government agency, the educational, and cultural institution has its main office in the capital city. 

You will visit the bizarre sand dunes of Sossusvlei, go on game drives in Etosha National Park in search of elephants, and unwind in the coastal town of Swakopmund.

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Kigali, Rwanda

Why visit Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is a great spot to visit in January because the dry season has started in its area, which makes your trip hassle-free.

The weather in Kigali usually spans from 81°F to 75°F. Take a dip into their rich culture and heritage.

The city is home to exciting attractions like the Kigali Genocide Memorial, ecotourist facilities, and nightlife hotspots, including cafes and restaurants.

Kigali has one of the lowest crime rates of any major African city. Residents and visitors feel safe taking evening strolls down the city’s park-lined boulevards even after the sun has set beyond the horizon.

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Bwindi National Park, Uganda

Why visit Bwindi National Park, Uganda

Bwindi National Park is a magnificent place to visit in January because of the warm and dry season. A perfect opportunity before the wet season comes.

The weather in Bwindi National Park typically scales from 81°F to 75°F. This is an ideal climate to explore the hidden gem.

A visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is a must if you want to see the critically endangered mountain gorilla. Uganda is home to one-half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, with the majority residing in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. 

Thus, gorilla trekking is the main attraction, drawing tens of thousands of visitors annually to the park.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Why visit Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is a fabulous destination in January because the weather is warm and dry, which is suitable for your vacation.

The weather in Addis Ababa usually scales from 72°F to 68°F. Great for enjoying the urban life within the area!

An abundance of fascinating history and culture can be found in this city. You can acquire your bearings in about two days, which is the ideal time to experience all that Addis Ababa offers. 

Take advantage of your stay in Addis Ababa by following our suggested itinerary.

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Nairobi, Kenya

Why visit Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is a great place to visit in January because the sun is not harsh yet, unlike the other months.

The weather in Nairobi has a temperature between 77°F to 79°F. The climate is perfect for touring.

The city is filled with life and energy; there is enough to do before your safari to keep you entertained and satiated.

Everyone can find something they enjoy, whether sports, the arts, or the performing arts. After a week of dealing with traffic, work, and the general hustle and bustle of the city, most Nairobi residents look forward to the weekend as a time to unwind.

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The Cape Verde Islands

Why visit the Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde is an excellent choice to have a vacation in January, especially if you want to warm yourself up from the winter holidays. The place has sunny days that are perfect for your expedition.

The weather in Cape Verde has a usual temperature from 74°F to 71°F. The climate is terrific for different water activities.

The Cape Verde islands are home to a wide range of must-do excursions and activities, in addition to their world-class beaches and pleasant climate all year round. 

There is plenty to do if you’re looking for more from your vacation than just tanning and sampling the land fare.

Serengeti, Tanzania

Why visit Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengeti is also an excellent place to visit in January due to the low season, which is great for tight-budget travelers!

The weather in Serengeti usually ranges from 85°F to 77°F. Exploring wildlife is hassle-free.

The local wildlife is the primary draw. If you visit Serengeti National Park, you will undoubtedly see giraffes, elephants, hippos, and lions, among many other species of giant creatures. You will also see ostriches, flamingos, and more than 500 different species of birds.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Why visit Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a stunning spot to visit in January because of the blue skies and vibrant sun that makes your vacation great!

The weather in Cape Town ranges from 76°F to 69°F. This is perfect for visiting the attractions and interacting with the locals.

Cape Town is a popular vacation spot worldwide because of its beautiful weather, ocean, and landscape. That this coastal jewel has been named the best city in the world for seven consecutive years should come as no surprise.

Aside from being one of Cape Town’s most popular beaches, Boulders is the only area on Earth where you can get up close and personal with African Penguins.

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Zakouma National Park, Chad

Why visit Zakouma National Park, Chad

Zakouma National Park is a fantastic place to visit in January because of the dry season, which is great for exploring the rest of the area.

The weather in Zakouma usually scales from 95°F to 98°F. Wear a hat and shades to keep you comfortable while touring.

More than half of Africa’s Kordofan giraffes live in Zakouma. Come and see the thriving animal population that was saved from the brink of extinction.

 Herds of more than 500 elephants can still be seen in Zakouma, making it one of the remaining places on Earth where this is possible.

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Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Why visit Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Amboseli National Park is an excellent destination in January because there is less chance of rain in its area, making it better to tour around without hassle. This is also shoulder season!

The weather in the National Park usually scales from 74°F to 70°F. Witnessing the lifestyle of these wild animals is a great activity!

On an Amboseli safari, you may get a picture-perfect shot of Mount Kilimanjaro with an accommodating herd of elephants in the foreground.

Going on a safari at one of the many lodges dotted across the national park and the adjacent private concessions is possible. While some resorts boast swimming pools, spa services, and massages, others advertise a “bush camp” atmosphere replete with bucket showers.

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Brazzaville, Congo

Why visit Brazzaville, Congo

Brazzaville is a superb place to visit in January because of the sunny weather that makes the site shine to tourists!

The weather in Brazzaville typically spans from 87°F to 82°F. The climate matches the lush green jungle!

Located in the geographic center of Africa, the bustling metropolis of Brazzaville serves as the capital of the Republic of the Congo. Most travelers will be moved by the old buildings, hidden gems, and trendy African markets and art galleries that populate this small city in the sub-Sahara.

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Mauritius, Mauritius

Why visit Mauritius, Mauritius

Mauritius is a perfect spot in January, especially if you want to look for beaches with a good climate!

The weather in Mauritius varies between 85°F to 82°F. Palm trees and white sand will attract you!

Water sports enthusiasts will find paradise in Mauritius, with opportunities for everything from water skiing and scuba diving to kite surfing and sea racing.

Multiculturalism abounds on the island of Mauritius. It is also well-known for its rum, sugar, fruit preserves, underwater waterfall, and Giant water lilies at the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

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Paje, Botswana

Why visit Paje, Botswana

Paje is also a great place to visit in January to avoid large crowds. This is a good alternative to Kenya and South Africa. The place is also composed of warm days!

The weather in Paje typically spans from 88°F to 79°F. You can visit the animal sanctuaries for a better experience.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary and Chobe National Park are only two of the many wildlife sanctuaries in Botswana. There are also many exciting activities available, such as camel rides, a mokoro safari, or a helicopter trip.

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Marrakech, Morocco

Why visit Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is an excellent place to visit in January, especially if you want to avoid the scorching heat and freezing weather in other countries. This destination offers a comfortable temperature that suits your vacation!

The weather in Marrakech typically scales from 66°F to 56°F. Temperature is best for strolling along the streets.

Marrakech’s nickname, the Red City, comes from the stark contrast between the snowy, craggy peaks of the neighboring Atlas Mountains and the salmon-pink walls of Medina.

Eat on the sidewalks! There is no shortage of dining options in Marrakech, but eating from street vendors is the best way to enjoy local cuisine at a discount.

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