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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Djibouti. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Djibouti. #Top Attractions

Arranging a trip to Djibouti? Check out our curated list of the best things to do in Djibouti and the best places to visit in Djibouti below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Djibouti City

Djibouti City Djibouti

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One of the most intriguing landscapes in the world may be found in Djibouti, a nation referred to as the Iceland of Africa.

The city of Djibouti fulfills a variety of functions. First and foremost, it serves as an excellent launching pad for trips into the countryside or out to sea. The second reason is that it provides a modest amount of relaxation when you return from your travels. 

There are plenty of luxuries to be had in fine dining, nightlife, and accommodations. Lastly, it’s adorable and simple to get into. 

Djibouti City is still the country’s center of gravity. Nearly two-thirds of the country’s people live in this capital city, home to several high-end hotels and restaurants that set it apart from the country’s more distant areas.

As residents try to restore their city to its former glory, you’ll notice a noticeable shift in the atmosphere. There are a lot of cultural contradictions to be observed in this melting pot.

Lake Assal

Lake Assal Djibouti

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Floating on Djibouti’s Lake Assal is better than floating in the Dead Sea.

One of Tadjoura Bay’s most popular attractions, “Honey Lake,” is an extinct volcano’s crater. After the Dead Sea, at 155 meters below sea level, it’s the lowest land depression on Earth. 

The inhabitants see Lake Assal as a national treasure since it is the greatest salt resource in the world. A Unesco’s World Heritage Site in the making, the area around Lake Como is breathtaking.

As you float in Djibouti’s honey lake, Lake Assal, take a deep breath and let the turquoise-blue water embrace you. Djibouti’s Lake Assal exceeds all prior records and is now the hottest offer for best water buoyancy, whereas floating in the Dead Sea has long made people’s bucket lists.

Djibouti’s most spectacular sight is, without a doubt, Lake Assal. And the wind, the sun, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the environment are just some of the things you’ll see and experience here.


Tadjoura Djibouti

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Since the 12th century, it has been one of Africa’s most historic cities on its east coast. 

Previously, it was a central shipping point between Djibouti and Ethiopia, where enslaved people were sold and imported. 

La Ville Blanche, or White Village, is a wonderful town to roam about because of the numerous beautiful whitewashed residences in the area. The waterfront views are spectacular. One of the best ways to see this city is to relax and soak in the ambiance of Djibouti City’s calmer and less crowded suburbs.

The Gulf of Tadjoura is a popular tourist destination because of its reputation as a top spot for water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and photography. 

The city of Obock, where the Afar sultans leased settlement privileges to the French, and Tadjoura, the city in Djibouti with seven significant mosques, are two of the most prominent places in the Gulf. As well as breathtaking views of the sea, Tadjoura is also home to several beautiful landmarks.

Tadjoura is bordered by the verdant Goda Mountains, making it a great place to visit. This mountain’s hills are 1,300 feet high. In addition, the Gulf of Tadjoura is a diver’s and snorkeler’s dream because of the abundance of coral reefs.

Address: Tadjoura, Djibouti

Ali Sabieh

Ali Sabieh Djibouti

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This is Africa at its most authentic. Awe-inspiring desert surrounds Ali Sabieh as it sits on the border between Somalia and Ethiopia. There are several marketplaces, food booths, and tiny lanes throughout the city. 

There is a surprising amount of natural beauty in the immediate area, with nothing in tourist construction to detract from it. Check to visit Grand Bara and Petit Bara if you want to see the desert at its finest. The Grand Bara plain, a barren expanse of packed sand and fractured clay, should be on your itinerary!

While you’re there, check out the numerous sports and activities, such as windsurfing and many others. The area’s challenging hiking paths have made it a tourist hotspot for years.

Travelers interested in general outdoor activities can visit Ali Sabieh between the final week of October and the last week of February, when temperatures are at their highest. 

Those looking for a more adventurous experience should also head to Ali Sabieh between these dates!

Address: Djibouti City

Goba’ad Plain

Goba’ad Plain Djibouti

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It’s a fantastic spot for birdwatchers, lying between Lake Abbe and Hanle Plains. There is just one active mating ostrich population in Djibouti, which is in the Goba ad. 

Aside from that, you’ll see Arabian Bustard, Black Crown Sparrows, Sand grouses, Crombecs, and a slew of other birds. This lowland region is characterized by shallow wadis, huge sand flats, acacia shrubs, and other vegetation. It is places like these that make it such a popular destination for environment enthusiasts.

Goba’ad Plains may be explored all year round because the desert nation doesn’t really experience a lot of rain. However, it can be quite hot all year round, so tourists should be aware of this and bring enough drinking water with them when exploring the delights of Goba ad Plains.

Incredibly the finest site to observe ostriches, as well as an excellent location for birders interested in discovering Djiboutian endemics, this region is a must-see on any Djiboutian safari.

Address: H4CW+R6F, Djibouti

Dorale and Khor Ambado Beach

Dorale and Khor Ambado Beach Djibouti

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As a result of its proximity to Djibouti City and its suitability for picnics, snorkeling adventures, and just visiting, this sandy beach is among the finest for day trips if you don’t have much spare time. It is only 10 miles away. 

The beach of Doralé is also close by, and both provide good swimming and breathtaking views. Khor Ambado is particularly notable for its volcanic scenery and spectacular sunsets, making it a popular tourist destination. The drive to this paradise may be bumpy and rocky, but you’ll be rewarded with soft sand to your feet when you reach the coast.

These two spectacular beaches are located around 15 kilometers from the city of Djibouti. The beach has excellent swimming and is bordered by lava cliffs that are black in color. There are incredible local sightseeing trips that depart from this location. You may participate in a variety of water activities. 

The sunsets from Khor Ambado are among the most beautiful in Thailand. You won’t be disappointed here if you want to relax and have fun on the beach or surf for a little while.

Address: RN3, Djibouti

Tropical Aquarium

Tropical Aquarium Djibouti

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It’s no surprise that the tropical aquarium in Djibouti is a popular tourist destination.

The aquarium, also known as Aquarium Tropical de Djibouti, is among the greatest in Africa, and it’s situated in the city’s historic center.

As though you’re underwater in the Red Sea, you’ll get a personal glimpse at the marine species that inhabit this unique environment. Everything has been meticulously reconstructed here.

The city’s bustling central market, Marche Central, is an ideal place to spend an afternoon if you’re in town.

The Tropical Aquarium is a great place to go if you wouldn’t like to be wet yet like to learn more about the sea’s underwater environment and its creatures.

It is regarded as among the enormous and most significant on the African continent.

These artificial marine environments have been recreated in this aquarium to give visitors the feeling of welcomeness.

A large aquarium filled with tropical fish, unusual and hazardous marine critters, and stunning aquatic shells and plants draw guests from all directions (even the sky). In all, the aquarium occupies a considerable amount of space.

It’s always awe-inspiring to see the tourist attractions that combine education and fun.

They’ll experience a new level of awe and wonderment here. Djibouti’s Aquarium Tropical de Djibouti is a great place to take your kids to learn about marine life in the Red Sea!

Address: Djibouti

Day Forest National Park

 Day Forest National Park Djibouti

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Visit Day Forest National Park, which is the country’s biggest forest and home to a variety of rare birds.

As the altitude climbs, so do the East African junipers, olives, and camphor shrubs that thrive abundantly in this semi-desert region. 

The Djibouti francolin bird and the Djibouti sunbird are solely present in the park and can only be seen there. A desert-like atmosphere is created by the little greenery and dry woodland.

The Djibouti desert’s bright hues are displayed in this enormous oasis.

Day Forest National Park, located about 20 kilometers from the Gulf of Tadjoura, is a naturalist’s dream.

Situated in the middle of a desert, this is one of just two protected forest areas in the nation. 

The 900-hectare stand of East African junipers, which may reach approximately 1,000 feet, is the biggest and most significant ecosystem in the forest.

You can catch a glimpse of the Toha or Djibouti sunbirds if you’re lucky.

Address: QM3Q+M6F, Airolaf, Djibouti

Lac Assal and Lac Abbé 

Lac Assal and Lac Abbé Djibouti

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Lac Assal and Lac Abbé in Djibouti are two of the world’s most peculiar landscapes. They are both desolate and hostile and both weird and astounding.

From a distance, Lac Assal resembles the Garden of Eden. Djibouti’s most magnificent mountain scenery surrounds a lake encircled by a lovely white beach and crystal blue seas.

But no one comes here to enjoy the sun or swim in the tropical waters is not to maintain its pristine nature.

Lac Assal is among the most uninhabitable locations on the planet.

In reality, the brightly colored water is an oily hypersaline lake wherein life is non-existent, and the snow-white sand is really salt that burns your skin.

In this area, you’ll find the Abbé and Assal Lakes. Two places that are both bleak and awe-inspiring all at once.

Visiting Lac Assal and Lac Abbé on vacation is a little out of the ordinary.

As one of the few places on the planet where one may genuinely escape from modern worries and experience raw nature, it’s inaccessible, secluded, and hostile.

People who venture inside this area will discover a new world they’ve never seen before.

Address: Djibouti

Place Menelik

Hamoudi Mosque, Djibouti

Hamoudi Mosque, Djibouti / Francisco Anzola / Flickr


Visit Djibouti’s Place Menelik if you enjoy historic buildings, a serene atmosphere, and superb sightseeing opportunities. 

With its historic walls and charming characteristics, this place evokes memories of a bygone era. Locals are very proud of their city’s past.

Djibouti’s central square, Place Menelik, is located here. Place Menelik, Djibouti’s most popular tourist attraction is a peaceful place to visit during the daytime hours.

Place Menelik, which is a historical attraction during the day, changes into a nightlife hotspot after dark.

Nighttime activities include bar hopping and dining in one of the eateries filling the plaza’s streets.

You may witness centuries-old structures that have retained their original design and shop the marketplaces that offer everything from foodstuffs to household things if you come during the daytime.

Spot Menelik is a spot where you may contemplate and unwind without reservation. This is indeed a must-see location! 

Address: H4VW+XM4, Djibouti

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Hamoudi Mosque

Hamoudi Mosque, Djibouti

Hamoudi Mosque, Djibouti / Francisco Anzola / Flickr

It is impossible to visit Djibouti without taking a look at the Hamoudi Mosque, which is another popular tourist attraction. 

Hamoudi Mosque is one of the more historical mosques in Djibouti’s capital, dating back to the 16th century. An estimated 1,000 worshipers can be accommodated in this massive mosque.

It is positioned in the heart of Djibouti city’s inner city. It is widely regarded as one of the most iconic monuments ever constructed. 

The mosque’s triangle corner design distinguishes it from other structures on the site.

As a result of its form, it has been compared to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

The mosque’s interior is likewise brightly colored, albeit it is mainly white. 

Even from the mosque’s exterior, it’s worth taking a few minutes to admire its beauty.

When searching for a mosque, this is a good place to look. It is a must-see an important historic structure in the heart of town.

Visit the Hamoudi Mosque at the end of your trip to complete your experience.

Address: H4JH+7XG، ville، Djibouti

Arta Beach

Arta Beach Djibouti

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Attractive is an understatement for Arta Beach. 

As a result of its beautiful beaches, Djibouti is a popular tourist destination.

The beach is about an hour and a half drive from Djibouti city. Beach visitors were stunned by the stunning views they witnessed while strolling along this stretch of coastline. 

Snorkelers visiting this area comment on the stunning reefs they see.

In addition, the sight of whale sharks swimming alongside humans and having up-close experiences with them captivates people. 

At first impression, it appears rocky, windswept, and lonesome.

On the other side of the water, where local fishermen launch their boats, bombed-out concrete buildings now serve as toilets and changing areas for tourists. 

The reefs are among the world’s greatest, a spot where the Red Sea environment meets the Indian Ocean ecosystem and Jacques Cousteau’s favorite.

This isn’t your normal beach excursion, but if you want to go whale shark snorkeling and swimming with the sharks, this is a terrific day trip.

Check your itinerary and make the most of your time in Djibouti by stopping at Arta Beach, where there are several things to see and do.

Grande Pecherie Djibouti

Goubet Beach, Djibouti

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Grande Pecherie is a fish market in Djibouti that opens early in the morning, and anyone interested in learning about the local way of life should consider paying a visit. 

All of the fishermen will bring their catch here for sale, and a variety of other culinary products can be bought in the market as well.

The Grande Pecherie market, where one may find a wide variety of items, is a favorite shopping location for locals. 

Exquisite native clothing, incredibly gorgeous handicrafts, and a range of jewelry and spices are available for purchase at colorful kiosks, which tourists choose to take home as mementos.

Gourmets will have the opportunity to sample and purchase their favorite national cuisine as they go through the market.

You may see how your pick of freshly caught fish is cooked right in front of you.

The combination of high quality and affordable costs is unquestionably a winning one for food enthusiasts.

Heron Beach, Djibouti

Heron Beach, Djibouti

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Heron Beach is located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, near the capital city of Djibouti, on the island of Djibouti.

The soft golden sand and tranquil waves of this city beach welcome you as you arrive for a day of fun in the sun and sundry. 

You may also rent a jet ski or a canoe to explore the area farther out from the shoreline, or you can participate in a beach volleyball tournament.

The water is tranquil and warm, making it a relaxing place to rest and a safe place to swim. In the surrounding region, there are also a few restaurants and resorts.

While in the city, Plage Du Héron is a nice place to play volleyball.

Treasure Bay Casino, a popular destination for slot machine enthusiasts, is just a short distance away. 

With its magical and interesting ambiance, Aden Bay Casino is also a gambling establishment eager to satisfy players. Roulette and slots are available at this location.

In Supermarche Casino, you may discover a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages, among other things.

Address: Plage Du Héron, Djibouti

Doraleh Beach, Djibouti

Doraleh Beach, Djibouti

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Did you know that this beach is also known as French Beach? It is because this is the beach of choice for all French military personnel stationed in Djibouti who want to spend time with their families. 

Plage de Doraleh is located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, in the capital city of Djibouti, on the island of Djibouti. This beach is tranquil with a vast stretch of golden sand.

It provides beautiful coastline views, including the opportunity to see cargo ships passing in and out of the Gulf of Tadjoura. 

Although it is relatively tranquil, it does become more crowded on weekend afternoons; nonetheless, there is always a quiet space to sit and rest.

There are no restaurants in the immediate vicinity, so plan on bringing your own meals.

Take the route between Doraleh and Arta and it will bring you to this magnificent beach in the waters of Tadjoura Bay.

While bathing suits are permitted on this beach, ladies in the downtown area, including foreigners, must cover their whole body. 

To prevent getting trapped in the sand, go to this beach in a 4×4 to keep from getting stuck.

Address: Djibouti

Ras Bir Beach, Obock

 Ras Bir Beach, Obock Djibouti

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Even though the beach itself is not well-known, no people are swimming in the water; still, the beach is flanked by massive cliffs that provide an attractive and distinctive landscape view, making it worth visiting.

Ras Bir Beach is located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, in the town of Obock.

This beautiful beach features pristine sand and crystal blue waves, making it the ideal place to rest and unwind. 

Wandering about in the surrounding region is a delight, with the Ras Bir lighthouse providing beautiful vistas.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go snorkeling or hire a kayak.

It is never congested, but on weekends, it may be packed.

Rak Bir Beach is a small, quiet beach near Obock, a small port town on the northern side of the Gulf of Tadjoura in the northeastern region of the Republic of Djibouti. 

It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. 

Overall, spending a full day at Ras Bir Beach may not be the best.

Still, it is absolutely worthwhile to witness the other side of Djibouti that not many visitors have the opportunity to see when visiting this hidden country on the horn of the African continent.

Address: Djibouti

Goubet Beach, Djibouti

Goubet Beach, Djibouti

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Located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, Goubet Beach is on the western bank of Lake Ghoubet, Arta, and on the west coast, Ghoubet, Arta lies Goubet Beach. 

A strong stream separates Lake Ghoubbet from the Gulf of Tadjoura in Djibouti. Ghoubbet al-Kharab is separated from Lake Assal by the Ardoukôba volcano and 600-meter-high rocks and cliffs.

This peaceful, sandy, and rocky beach is the ideal place to unwind after a stressful day.

The lake is a perfect place to capture barracuda or tuna with calm waters and excellent fishing opportunities. 

Even though it is seldom packed or bustling, the amenities are limited, so make sure to carry everything you may require.

You may enjoy a wide range of exciting activities in Djibouti, including water sports. Fitness, happiness, and closer relationships are all aided by these outdoor activities.

The island’s most popular activities are scuba diving, canoeing, jet-skiing, and hiking.

The location is indeed breathtaking, with dry mountains plunging down into the sea.

Address: Djibouti

La Siesta Beach, Djibouti

La Siesta Beach, Djibouti

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On the eastern coast of Djibouti, La Sienta Plage may be found in the capital city of Djibouti. 

This well-known city beach, which has spectacular coast views and a lively, party-like vibe, is a great place to spend time with friends. 

The sea is quiet and pleasant, but be aware that debris frequently washes ashore.

It is possible to eat and stay in the neighborhood. During the weekends, notably in the afternoon, it gets very busy because it is so small and popular.

Because of its accessibility, La Siesta Beach is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike.

Djibouti’s capital city is just a short distance from the seashore. All year long, it attracts a considerable number of tourists.

The beach features some stunning coastal views and an active party-like atmosphere, making it a perfect place to hang out with friends. It is possible to see some litter in the water, but it’s not overwhelming.

The beach is overcrowded during weekends, so the best time to visit is on weekdays when there are fewer people. A nice venue to meet new people!

Address: Djibouti

Decan Refuge

Decan Refuge Djibouti

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Djibouti City might be a bit much for some people. Love to learn about and help save endangered species? On the way to Somaliland, take the route to Douda, which is approximately 10 kilometers south of Djibouti City.

It’s an easy two to three-hour drive. You won’t find any animals in this little nature reserve, but you’ll find many plants and insects.

There are eight cheetahs, four lions, turtles, ostriches, Somalian donkeys, caracal tigers, squirrel antelopes, kudus, and porcupines in the zoo.

It’s a group that saves endangered animals and monitors and safeguards them. Some of the world’s most endangered species are targeted by poachers.

These include lions, ostriches, cheetahs, and caracals, all of which may be found in reserve. They also have children’s educational initiatives. 

To learn about endangered species, this is an excellent spot to visit.

Very warm, helpful, and professional advisors are on hand to answer any of your questions. It’s a terrific area to spend time with friends and family on the weekends and holidays.

Address: BP 2136، RN2, Djibouti

Djibouti National Park

Djibouti National Park Djibouti

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This is one of the most popular national parks in this part of the world, with visitors worldwide.

The Djibouti National Park draws a large number of local and international tourists throughout the year.

It is situated in the Djibouti highlands, in the Goda region.

Exotic plants such as the Ficus, Euphorbia, and Ziziphus may be found in abundance throughout the park.

It’s a fantastic location that’s conveniently accessible by public transportation. 

This park has a stunning variety of landscapes. Some of it is desert, while others include breathtaking canyons rising to 1,000 meters. There is a lot of greenery everywhere, although most trees may be found in the canyons. 

The best way to experience this park is to stay for at least two nights. It’s a long and bumpy trip in. However, both the Day and Bankouale camps are well-kept.

It’s a stunningly gorgeous walk between the two. The forest floor’s greens, trees’ reds, flowers’ oranges, mountains’ reds, and the canyon walls’ oranges and reds all present breathtaking vistas during the hike’s 1000-meter descent. 

The park is also home to various species, including gazelles, baboons, and warthogs, among others. It’s a beautiful spot to spend time with friends and family members.

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Addres: QM3Q+M6F, Airolaf, Djibouti