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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Mobile, Alabama. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Mobile, Alabama. #Top Attractions

See the wonders of Mobile, Alabama. For the best things to do in Mobile, Alabama, and the coolest places to visit in Mobile, Alabama. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Mobile, Alabama. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Airboat Adventures

Airboat Adventures Mobile, Alabama

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Catch sight of Alabama’s wildlife while riding a fast, exciting, and fun airboat!

Take a break from everything with Airboat Adventures, a unique experience on a motorized airboat while sightseeing.

For adventure junkies, a wildlife safari, and all in between!

The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta is a natural wonder and a world-renowned watershed. 

The Mobile, Tensaw, Apalachee, Spanish, and Blakeley rivers all meet to flow into Mobile Bay.

Hundreds of endangered species can be found in Mobile-Tensaw River, like bears, hawks, gators, eagles, turtles, etc. 

Airboats are lightweight, silent, and can travel shallow waters that other motorized boats cannot. 

It allows them to provide better wildlife encounters than most other trips.

No experience riding an airboat? No problem! The boat’s captain will teach you how to ride one.

Discover Mobile-Tensaw River’s flora and fauna by taking a tour and gathering amazing stories to share on your social media that people will surely love.

Address: 3775 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527, United States

Alabama Contemporary Art Center

Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Washington

Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Alabama / Seattle Parks and Recreation / Flickr

Paint your dream and keep yourself entertained by today’s art at Alabama Contemporary Art Center.

It was formerly known as the Centre for the Living Arts, founded in 1999.

The Art Center is dedicated to displaying significant contemporary works of art.

Most displayed works are contemporary pieces, like music, light, mixed media, poetry, or even natural elements created with several interpretations.

While artwork from all over the world is being displayed in the center, it mainly focuses on art inspired by the Gulf Coast.

What’s more is that the center provides different educational outreach activities for all ages, including facility visits.

A weekly program for children aged 6 to 13, Pre-K, and Kids Studio are available in the center.

Visitors may visit their prized-possession collections as they feature them for a long time.

Make a good impression and stay on-trend about today’s work of art by popping into the Alabama Contemporary Art Center.

Address: 301 Conti St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

Braided River Brewing Company 

Braided River Brewing Company Mobile, Alabama

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Beer buddies unite by the treasure of homemade craft that serves your beer ice cold in Alabama!

It has everything you’d expect from an urban brewery near the waterfront’s industrial building.

They produce craft beer that perfectly fits outdoor activities in the Gulf Coast heat.

Feel good after your first sip because Braided River Brewing Company makes sure to protect the environment and produce high-quality ingredients.

Bring out your cameras, and don’t forget to take a snap of your thick-bottomed beer mug before gulping the beer’s nectar.

Aside from the listed things above, an ever-changing drink menu and beautiful views are some of the reasons why it is popular among locals and tourists.

With their tagline, “There’s no place like the Delta,” the company goes above and beyond to provide unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors.

If you’re looking for a place to soothe your soul and connect with fun people, don’t forget to stop by Braided River Brewing Company.

Address: 420 St Louis St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

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Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Alabama

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Alabama / bvi4092 / Flickr

The most magnificent and oldest house of worship for Roman Catholics —is named after Mother Mary.

It is a popular tourist destination, built in the early 1800s because of its history and architecture.

In 1703, Notre Dame de la Mobile, known as a cathedral parish, was established in Mobile.

If you are wondering why it is the most fantastic place to visit on mobile,

Several features are noteworthy, particularly the massive stained-glass windows made in Munich, Germany, and installed between 1890 and 1910. It depicts the life events of Mary, such as the “Coronation of Mary, Queen of Heaven” and “Nativity of Jesus.”

The Cathedral’s organ is another source of pride, custom-made by Wicks Organ Company and installed in 1957, the most recent model after the original got destroyed by fire.

Tourists may do walkthroughs and tours who want to see what it’s like on the inside.

They still hold religious activities in the Cathedral and are also open to tours and walkthroughs for visitors to see what’s inside.

See for yourself and experience the church’s awe-inspiring architecture!

Address: 2 S Claiborne St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

 Cooper Riverside Park

List 5: Cooper Riverside Park, Alabama

List 5: Cooper Riverside Park, Alabama / denisbin / Flickr

A picturesque view in the middle of a busy city to enjoy the serene sight.

 Long before Cooper Riverside Park was established, the last known cargo of Africans arrived at the site in 1860. 

The cargo was marked as an attempt to transport Africans to the United States for enslavement. 

A cemetery called Africatown or Plateau is where they buried the remains of the last slave ship’s survivors.

Cooper Riverside Park will give you a feeling of being in the middle of a botanical garden or island with three acres of the natural landscape. 

The park also has beautiful experimental outdoor sculptures, benches, water fountains, and other facilities that visitors traveling by may enjoy.

Monuments displayed across the part have a different history; Ervin Cooper, Stevedoring’s executive, has a bronze sculpture looking over the riverfront of Mobile. 

Another sculpture called “bench the sculpture,” which sits on a cast was established in the 1940s by the Waterman Steamship Company.

The park also hosted events like art sales, outdoor concerts, and festivals for years.

Connect with Cooper Riverside’s history and check out their fantastic view.

Address: 101 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

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Fort Conde

Fort Conde, Alabama

Fort Conde, Alabama / GPA Photo Archive / Flickr

Historic 1700s brick and stone establishment by the French —used to guard against British or Spanish attack.

The city is well known for its soaring skyscrapers that are met by massive cannons.

Visitors can walk around nearby attractions and amenities; Mardi Gras Park, the old Mobile County Courthouse, and the History Museum of Mobile.

Tourists may experience life in the fort during the 18th century.

A shooting gallery, colonial-themed photo gallery, and photo set with colonial props and costumes are family-friendly activities offered by the fort.

The French established a settlement known as Fort Louis de la Mobile in 1702. 

For about 100 years since they built the brick in 1723, it has protected the citizens of Mobile.

A full-scale reconstruction would have taken up too much space in downtown Mobile since the original fort was about 11 acres of land. Later on, on July 4, 1976, the reconstructed fort reopened.

Colonial Fort Conde is a must-see for anyone interested in Mobile’s military history.

Address: 150 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

The world’s only museum is dedicated to “America’s Sea” and its rich traditions, history, and culture, found in the Gulf of Mexico.

The museum could easily be mistaken for a ship due to its metal-and-glass structure on the water’s edge.

The museum is committed to preserving the Gulf Coast’s maritime heritage and maintaining it unique.

The state and local leaders began to discuss creating a hands-on facility in the 1990s to educate visitors about the Gulf of Mexico.

The museum is reserved for maritime heritage and culture; there are nearly 100 simulators, galleries, theater rooms, exhibits, and displays.

Visitors may stop by the on-site gift shop or restaurant to buy souvenirs and eat whenever they need a break from wandering around. 

GulfQuest is a signature attraction for Mobile and is a family tourist destination.

Cross off your bucket list and marvel at the wonder of GulfQuest National Maritime Museum.

Colonial Fort Conde is a must-see for anyone interested in Mobile’s military history.

Address: 155 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

History Museum of Mobile

History Museum of Mobile, Alabama

History Museum of Mobile, Alabama / Jonathan Cook-Fisher / Flickr

The History Museum of Mobile is one of the top attractions in Alabama.

“Night at the Museum” movie vibes in real life? Visit the History Museum of Mobile for a fantastic experience!

If a three-hundred-year-old museum excites you, the impressive ivory-white building in Alabama is where you should be.

In the 1800s, it served as both a marketplace and a city hall previously known as the “Old City Hall.”

Numerous exhibits display everything from Native American totem poles to Egyptian mummies.

You can head to the History Museum of Mobile whenever you can’t wander the streets due to rain or cold. It is the ideal place to learn about the rich histories of the states, cities, and other countries.

The building itself is worth seeing, and the museum filled with artifacts provides an unforgettable experience.

Scavenger hunts, museum games, and storytelling are the other activities that the museum offers.

How do Egyptians view the afterlife anyway? Find out by dropping by the History Museum of Mobile in Alabama.

Address: 111 S Royal St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

Mobile Botanical Gardens

Mobile Botanical Gardens, Alabama

Mobile Botanical Gardens, Alabama / Daniel M. Hendricks / Flickr

Mobile Botanical Gardens is a haven for weary travelers due to mother earth’s peacefulness.

The Mobile Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1974, offer a beautiful blend of cultivated areas and natural habitats for locals and visitors to indulge in.

A sprawling landscape of shrubs, flowers, succulents, and trees covering more than 100 acres will inspire amazement as you roam around the heart of Mobile’s magnificent environment.

Another essential feature of the attraction is that it is open all year with seasonal variation plants.

Another essential feature of the attraction is that it is open all year with seasonal variation plants.

Taiwanese cherries native to Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and China even bloom for a short time from January to February!

A specific area in the pitch pine haven at the garden contains a well-preserved remnant of the Southern pitch pine ecosystem. 

The garden also offers fun events like art lessons, yoga sessions, picnics, and poetry.

Visitors may also visit its gift shop to purchase handicrafts such as metal art, blown glass, wind chimes, etc.

Come and see those flowers bloom in Mobile Botanical Garden.

Address: 5151 Museum Dr, Mobile, AL 36608, United States

Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile Carnival Museum, Alabama

Mobile Carnival Museum, Alabama / NatalieMaynor / Flickr

The Mobile Carnival Museum is one of the best things to do in Alabama.

Disguise yourself by wearing masks and experience the glitz and glam of the world’s famous festival, the Mobile Carnival Museum

The Mobile Carnival Museum is almost as good as Mardi Gras; you can learn about its history, culture, tradition, and highlights back in 1886.

To prepare the French Catholics for Lent on Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras began.

The day before (Fat Tuesday) is a day to eat, drink, and get fun as it deliberately evolved into outlandish parades and masked costume balls in the whole place.

The exhibits range from masks, dresses, wands, jester outfits, vintage flappers, and past pageant crowns.

Information regarding float construction and the great costume exhibits in the museum.

The Mobile Carnival Museum is less crazy than the original Mardi Gras and is a family-friendly place to go.

The most popular thing they do at the festival throws a moon pie, a sweet sandwich of graham crackers with marshmallows covered in chocolate.

Add Mobile Carnival Museum to your travel bucket list for a unique travel experience.

Address: 355 Government St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

Mobile Flea Market

Mobile Flea Market, Alabama

Mobile Flea Market, Alabama / faungg’s photos / Flickr

Fulfill your antique treasure from the worldwide shopping dream by stopping by Mobile Flea Market with 700 – 800 vendors.

The Mobile Flea Market is the best place to go if you want to go on an affordable shopping spree.

Visitors may look through hidden treasures within trunks and boxes; as if each stall has a world of its own!

You Never know what kind of gems you’ll find among the stacked goods in the flea market.

Picnic areas, concession stands, and restrooms are accessible at the flea market, so you won’t bother going in and out of place.

Arrive early to get the first pick of unique items, then indulge in funnel cakes or hot dogs once you get hungry.

Be in your best comfort while exploring several items sold by hundreds of vendors.

Have the time of your life and spend your travel by visiting the interesting Mobile Flea Market.

Address: 401 Schillinger Rd N, Mobile, AL 36608, United States

Mobile Museum of Art

Mobile Museum of Art Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

Over 6,000 fine and decorative artworks from America, Asia, and Europe will surely quench your cultural thirst.

Thousands of people gather in the museum to celebrate the best of local art, culture, music, and food.

One of the most exciting things about the museum is the featured diversity of art.

Whether you’re looking for carefully preserved pottery or ancient or gleaming metal art installations with a modern twist, you’ll find something to satisfy your desire for aesthetic art.

While the majority of its collection is devoted to American art, they also display Asian Scrolls and African masks.

Portraits, art prints, and paintings are available, as are sculptures and ceramics, as well as glass art of woodcuts.

For leisure, visitors can wander around the museum and browse through pop-up markets and local galleries.

The community-wide art show is an excellent opportunity to socialize and have fun with locals while getting a taste of the Southern charm that their culture has to offer.

Travel across the globe as you walk in Alabama’s Mobile Museum of Art, full of artistic souls.

Address: 4850 Museum Dr, Mobile, AL 36608, United States

Mobile Opera

Mobile Opera, Alabama

Mobile Opera, Alabama / Onasill ~ Bill Badzo / Flickr

The Mobile Opera is one of the best places to visit in Alabama.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for opera enthusiasts that they must not miss to see the real, southern-style “opry” singers perform on their home stage in Mobile Opera, Alabama. 

Founded in 1945, The Mobile Opera is the state’s oldest and longest-running performing arts organization.

Visitors can enjoy the show with highly talented and world-class artists performing on a grand stage outfitted with modern equipment.

It’s a wholly unique cultural experience wrapped up in live entertainment.

They offer a wide range of excellent shows to choose from whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, family, or with friends.

Aside from the usual, Mobile Opera continues to encourage young individuals to improve their talent while providing educational production more than just music.

The opera is also performed in community venues and schools throughout the region and on the main stage.

Move and groove to your favorite plays because you can’t say that you’ve been to Alabama without stopping by the iconic Mobile Opera.

Address: 257 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

Oakleigh Garden Historic District

Oakleigh Garden Historic District Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

Do you fancy living in architectural-style houses with great history? Then Oakleigh Garden is the right place for you!

This place in Alabama has beautiful, superb, and southern-style mansions.

The oldest mansions were built in the 1820s, while the most “modern” was constructed around the 1940s.

Aside from its architectural style, wealthy locals display themselves with hat-topped ladies and suit-wearing gentlemen.

The city’s most spectacular homes with a touch of rare Greek architecture revival.

Though there are no actual activities, several families still reside in the area.

The Oakleigh Garden Historic District is one of the best places to visit in Mobile for a taste of old southern charm. It is whether you’re fascinating cultural background, old money, or perhaps just beautiful homes.

Enjoy a historic home with your loved ones as you get accompanied by period-appropriate attire. You can explore rooms and learn about history during your tour.

Don’t miss the Oakley Garden Districts’ mansions and cottages waiting to be explored!

Address: 300 Oakleigh Pl, Mobile, AL 36604, United States

Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

Need a break from all the travels and need to chill out for tea? Spot of Tea in Mobile is the perfect place for cozy spots to see in a New York City slice-of-life film. 

It is a popular restaurant in a historic building dating from the 1830s.

Spot of Tea is a popular restaurant housed in a historic building dating from the 1830s.

They offer several popular tourist attractions like five-themed venues, outdoor dining, live entertainment on occasion, rental facilities, and many other amenities.

As it befits its name, they also serve a wide variety of tea flavors with an entire tea ceremony.

Spot of Tea has a delectable menu to satisfy any craving, from loaded baked potatoes served with tomato bisque to dainty flatbread sandwiches.

Must have mouth-watering food for the tourists: tasty sandwiches, flavorful chicken, delicious waffles, fresh salads, and a variety of heavenly options available.

They serve delicious cuppas from a beautiful historic building in the city’s heart on top of everything.

Take Instagram-worthy selfies with their charming and adorable interior.

Address: 310 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

TimberCreek Golf Club

TimberCreek Golf Club Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

Award-winning architects’ golf club landscape view in TimberCreek Golf Club.

Designed by Earl Stone, a golfer who used his experiences as a guide in developing the TimberCreek, a 27-hole championship layout spacious enough, with rolling fairways carved from pines, magnolias, and dogwoods.

Unlike any other area on Gulf Coast, TimberCreek creates an atmosphere of wetland preserves and abundant wildlife complementing the flowing terrain.

The TimberCrek Golf Club is one of the best tourist spots in Alabama for well-off visitors.

They provide a fantastic golf experience for individuals of all skill levels. 

A full-service restaurant and a clubhouse full of amenities, practice areas, and meeting rooms. And the staff are generous in helping and showing hospitality to visitors.

If you are feeling anxious because you are not a professional in golf, have no worries, as they provide lessons and private instructions to golfers.

The luxurious experience and the satisfying food are a must for anyone who loves to travel.

Address: 9650 Timbercreek Blvd, Spanish Fort, AL 36527, United States

The Shoppes at Bel Air

The Shoppes at Bel Air Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

Alabama’s oldest famous operating premier shopping destination attracts more than eight million visitors yearly.

Located at a prime intersection in the high-growth city of Mobile, Alabama, The Shoppes at Bel Air offers a compelling anchor line-up and an appealing mix of dining, entertainment venue, and shopping. 

They are one of the most important things of interest south of the Mason-Dixie line.

Visitors will enjoy this shopping destination through rain or shine because it is entirely an indoor mall.

They also have a wide variety of shops, including boutiques and upscale shops that you won’t find in other rural areas of Alabama.

Shop ’til you drop with its enormous square footage that exceeds 1.3 million square feet.

With socializing and shopping, The Shoppes at Bel Air can provide a luxurious vacation experience that more than lives up to its name.

A place that individuals who love shopping and dining must not miss. 

Address: 3299 Joe Treadwell Dr, Mobile, AL 36606, United States

Three Georges Candy

Three Georges Candy Mobile, Alabama

Image for illustration purposes only

Are you feeling nostalgic about Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Visit the sweetest destination in town, Three Georges and the Nuthouse.

Keep an eye out for Alabama’s number 1 candy store as they hand-dip their chocolates, a tradition since 1917.

The soda fountain, wooden candy counters, and simple glass are the pride and honor of Three Georges.

The Shop’s interior combines the classic white and black checked floor with a clear view of an open area where the magic happens in Candyland.

Visitors can see all kinds of delicacies come together, which has been open for nearly 100 years.

However, sweets aren’t the only thing they offer. You can grab some rice and red beans for a Creole twist.

Have a nice course meal at the restaurant if you are craving some gumbo.

Satisfy and fill your stomach with some delicacies; white chocolate dipped pretzels and rum-soaked fruitcake.

Make plans to encounter a fantastic old-time candy store great for every sweet tooth!

Address: 226 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602, United States

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Alabama

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, Alabama / Robert D Bruce / Flickr

Go aboard a submarine and a battleship and have the chance to step back in time at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

The park was built in 1977 and is home to the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials.

See the magnificent USS Alabama, a battleship used between 1942 and 1947 during WWII.

The battleship was on the verge of being scrapped when kids from Alabama raised $100,000 to purchase it in 1964.

Located on the shore of Mobile Bay, the park has two main attractions; USS Alabama and USS Drum.

A wide range of military commemoratives, such as missiles, tanks, military equipment, bombers, fighter planes, and the iconic 1950s “sky sweeper” guns, can be seen inside the park.

Machines used during wars have compelling backstories, such as the Tuskegee Airmen’s planes that they flew during the war.

They host several local events; concerts, sports events, holiday festivals, and concerts.

Encountering how people in the past lived in those tight quarters for long periods is a real flex that you can share on your social media.

Address: 2703 Battleship Pkwy, Mobile, AL 36603, United States

Wales West Light Railway

Wales West Light Railway, Alabama

Wales West Light Railway, Alabama / Jeremy Segrott / Flickr

Your not-so-typical train ride experience can be found only in Alabama’s Wales West Light Railway.

Their resort includes a 13-acre park, a tearoom, Nature trails, a gift shop, and a 3-acre lake, all available—the only authentic steam-powered Welsh narrow-gauge train in the United States.

Every year, people flock to the railroad to enjoy seasonal rides such as the “Arctic Express and the “Pumpkin Patch.”

From a distance, the train may seem to be an oversized toy.

It’s painted in a splash of bright colors, and it frequently toots from its horn as it chugs along the tracks.

Although people see it as an oversized toy, it is still a real railway that brings joy to families.

They also offer recreational facilities like a water slide, heated swimming pool, hot tub fishing, playground, and outdoor games suited for any age.

Enjoy the lovely scenery and take some time to spend quality time with your family and friends.

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Address: 13670 Smiley St, Silverhill, AL 36576, United States