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Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Grand Strand Humane Society

Grand Strand Humane Society offers shelter and care to the community’s lost, abandoned, helpless, and unwanted animals to improve the quality of life for companion animals. While providing the public access to low-cost veterinary care, they concentrate on finding adoptive homes for the animals in their shelter. Visit Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

The relationship between people and animals is strengthened through community involvement and education. Animals brought in by City of Myrtle Beach Animal Control officers and residents of the Myrtle Beach city limits are accepted at the open-admission GSHS shelter. 

It was the right choice and GSHS’s only option when they decided years ago to stop euthanizing adoptable, healthy animals for space.

Address: 3241 Mr. Joe White Ave. | Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Phone: (843) 918-4910

Email: [email protected] 


Kind Keeper Animal Rescue

The Animal shelter called Kind Keeper Animal Rescue is not for profit and does not kill animals. Visit Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Their goals are to save the lives of abandoned pets, encourage animal welfare, and advance the highest standards possible. Their mission is to establish a setting where all rescued animals are given or find a loving, long-term home free from abuse, abandonment, neglect and the threat of euthanasia. 

The objective of Kind Keeper is to actively save homeless dogs and cats who are in danger of being put down because of shelter overcrowding and frequently experiencing medical issues. This includes a sizable population of young animals, animals that are pregnant, and elderly animals. 

They prepare animals for adoption into the community by giving them veterinary care, healthy nutrition, training, and exercise.

Address: 1500 LD Drive, 1500 LD Drive | North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Phone: (843) 427-4388

Email: [email protected]


Volunteer | Foster | Adopt - Help Animal Shelters
Volunteer | Foster | Adopt – Help Animal Shelters

Head Butt Hotel

The Head Butt Hotel is a 501c3 No-Kill non-profit organization registered as a charity in South Carolina. 

Its mission is to provide rehabilitation using a holistic approach to veterinary care and using food as medicine. Responsible vaccination protocols and titer testing are required nationwide to reduce the 50% rising cancer rates in pets. 

Additionally, they avoid unneeded vaccination overdoses that endanger their health. Every animal is treated with respect at the Head Butt Hotel, just like their only pet. They take great pride in being the top Protect the Pets rescue group in South Carolina. 

Their unwavering goal is to maintain public safety through properly administered vaccinations while ensuring our residents’ health and well-being.

Address: 1336 Poole Street | North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Phone: (973) 619-2956

Email: [email protected] 


Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach

The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach’s goal is to place abandoned animals in loving, lifelong homes. Through their skilled, nearby veterinarians, they offer top-notch veterinary care. 

They provide low-cost spay and neuter programs for dogs and cats and educate kids, teachers, and parents about pet responsibility. Their commitment and professionalism are the souls of their business.

Their goal is to find permanent, devoted, and forever homes for stray cats and dogs in the North Myrtle Beach region.

They are grateful for all the support and gifts are given to them so kindly. Visit Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Address: Po Box 3369 | North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Phone: (843) 249-4948

Email: [email protected]



The non-profit 501(c)3 organization Paws-Ability was founded. They organize fundraising events to support neighbourhood animal shelters and promote initiatives that enhance animal welfare in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Their initiative, Paws Pantry, provides pet food to pet pantries in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

In Brunswick County, this is the only reliable source of free pet food.

Families with food insecurity also require pet food. So that no animal goes hungry, assist them in filling their bowls!

Promoting responsible pet ownership is their mission. They provide financial assistance to eligible animal welfare organizations in Brunswick County. They want everyone to know about animal problems in Brunswick County and elsewhere. 

Additionally, they educate the public on issues relating to animal welfare.

Address: Sunset Beach, NC

Email: [email protected] 



Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission

Pets will be kept safe, content, and healthy by the Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission. At the same time, they wait to be adopted into a forever home. They find homes for stray dogs, cats, and farm animals. 

They take care of their housing, food, and general care requirements. After a home visit, they adopt the cats and dogs to determine the new home environment.

Conway, South Carolina-based Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission (WARM) is a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation. A no-kill sanctuary to save and rehab pets, farm animals, and wildlife. 

Donations help with housing, food, medicine, and transportation for injured and abandoned animals.

Donations, adoptions, and volunteering are three quick ways to support their mission immediately. Visit Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Address: 3110 Barnfield Rd | Conway, SC 29526

Email: [email protected] 



Grand Strand Golden Retriever Rescue

Grand Strand Golden Retriever Rescue is an all-volunteer organization (GSGRR) based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. They guarantee the Golden Retrievers’ lifelong love and care. 

They are committed to rescuing, rehabilitation, and placement into the best homes. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation recognized by the IRS and are solely supported by your tax-deductible donations. 

Additionally, they satisfy the criteria for grant programs for volunteers, employee giving, and corporate matching.

Fostering can assist a dog in finding a forever home. All veterinary care and monthly preventatives are covered by their rescue. They always seek volunteers to help in other capacities if you cannot foster.

Address: Po Box 463 | Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

Email: [email protected]



Cat Tails Cat Adoption Services, Inc.

Cat Tails Cat Adoption Services, Inc. aims to place adoptable cats and kittens in permanent, secure, loving homes. They achieve their goal by rescuing stray, unwanted cats and kittens who have been turned over to a kill facility. 

They perform feline leukaemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, and feline heartworm tests on their cats and kittens. Before being made available for adoption, healthy, adoptable animals receive age-appropriate vaccinations, worming and flea treatments, and spaying or neutering.

Additionally, Cat Tails Cat Adoption Services give animals veterinary care, wholesome nutrition, training, and exercise, as well as get them ready for adoption into the neighbourhood.

Visit Animal Shelters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Address: 6622 Beach Dr Sw | Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Phone: (910) 253-1375

Email: [email protected]


Flip Side Sanctuary

Flip Side Refuge is a 2015-founded 501c3 animal sanctuary for abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. 

Their primary area of interest is farm animals. Still, they also recognize the necessity of rescuing local dogs and cats, spaying and neutering them. They provide for their medical needs and find them loving homes.

They look after neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. They convey a different perspective of each person as a unique individual with a distinctive personality. 

They give them a voice so they can share their experiences and work to end the suffering and abuse.

Flip Side Sanctuary has saved more than 350 animals as of 2021. They keep expanding their foster program to recruit more volunteers and boost their capacity to save more animals.

Address: Tabor City, NC

Email: [email protected] 



Unforgotten Souls, Inc

A non-profit organization called The Unforgotten Souls is committed to preserving the lives of companion animals to lower the euthanasia rate. They raise money for the animals at the shelter’s basic medical requirements. 

They educate communities about spaying and neutering, raising awareness of animal cruelty and other issues.

All dogs’ needs are met by Unforgotten Souls, Inc. (spay/neuter, shots, dewormer, basic vetting). They are not put to death for any reason while they are housed at the neighbourhood county shelter. 

Additionally, they pull, rescue, or provide foster care for some severely neglected dogs or dire need of a way out due to illness. They collaborate closely with their partners to help the dogs leave the shelter faster, so there is no need to put them to death for lack of space.

Address: Sunset Beach, NC

Email: [email protected] 



Salty Dogs Senior Animal Rescue

Animal rescue organization Salty Dogs Senior is based in foster homes. Their goal is to give older dogs in need a warm, welcoming home while they search for their forever families. They promote community awareness, compassion, and senior pet care.

The founders, Holly and Laura, recognized the importance of a real home environment in easing the transition to adoption. Additionally, this would give animals a devoted foster family. Some of them would feel a sense of belonging for the first time.

Salty Dogs Senior Animal Rescue was established with these goals in mind. They are a 501(c)(3) organization that is entirely supported by donations and other forms of community support.

Address: Pawleys Island, SC 

Email: [email protected] 



Canine Angels Service Dogs Inc.

Thousands of healthy dogs are killed every day for no reason at all. 

They may have been judged hostile, dangerous, foolish, or bad. Whatever the label, it means that everyone gave up on the dogs, even though most of them lacked the proper training.

Canine Angels Service Dogs Inc. aims to rescue dogs from neighbourhood shelters. They train them for at least a year to be working service dogs, rehabilitating them to have good manners, obedience, and joy in their lives. 

To give their heroes a chance to reclaim some of the independence they gave up for their country, they match pets with local disabled veterans. Their 501(c)3 organization has saved and placed hundreds of dogs in loving homes since its launch in 2011.

Address: 2873 Loblolly Ave | Little River, SC 29566

Phone: (917) 575-6235

Email: [email protected] 



A dog and cat rescue group called All4Paws uses an evolving holistic approach to meet abandoned animals’ emotional and physical needs. 

As a caring no-kill rescue group, they work to rescue and care for responsibly. They place as many lost, abandoned, abused animals as possible while serving as an important community resource.

They have saved more than 15,000 cats and dogs. Of those held, they transferred over 6,600 to other rescues for adoption, placing over 8,000 in forever homes. 

They have grown into an active extended family of over 230 volunteers. These staff members are passionate about finding loving forever homes for the unfortunate abused, abandoned, lost, and forsaken dogs and cats.

Address: 708 Petigru Dr | Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Phone: (843) 237-7297

Email: [email protected]