Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky

Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky

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Make a Difference: Join the Pawsome World of Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky!

Attention all animal lovers in Louisville, Kentucky! Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of our furry friends? Look no further than the vibrant world of animal shelters right here in our city.

These shelters provide homes, care, and love to animals in need, and they offer a unique opportunity for you to contribute to their well-being.

By volunteering in these shelters, you not only help provide essential care for animals awaiting their forever homes but also embark on a profoundly rewarding journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

Beyond the countless practical benefits of volunteering, there is a spiritual aspect to engaging with animal shelters that touches the very core of our souls.

By dedicating your time and energy to these compassionate spaces, you open yourself up to a profound spiritual connection with the animals you encounter. The unconditional love and gratitude you receive from these innocent creatures can awaken a deep sense of purpose and compassion within you.

Volunteering at animal shelters in Louisville can become a transformative experience, allowing you to tap into a higher realm of empathy, empathy that transcends the boundaries between humans and animals.

Key takeaways on the benefits of volunteering at animal shelters in Louisville:

  1. Personal Growth: Volunteering at animal shelters provides you with a unique opportunity to enhance your personal and emotional growth. Through interaction with animals in need, you can develop patience, empathy, and a greater sense of responsibility.
  2. Sense of Purpose: Knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals can give you a profound sense of purpose. The fulfillment derived from helping animals in need can boost your overall happiness and well-being.
  3. Stress Relief: Spending time with animals has been proven to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Volunteering at animal shelters can offer a therapeutic escape from the demands of everyday life and allow you to focus on the present moment.

Kentucky Animal Relief Fund, Inc.

All senior dogs deserve to live pain-free lives filled with love and compassion. Visit the Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky. Find out how to contribute to the cause.

501(c)(3) non-profit Kentucky Animal Relief Fund was established in 2001. They are a small group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue and care of homeless senior dogs. 

Seniors, who are overlooked and undervalued, have very little chance of being adopted. At their most vulnerable, they are left to deal with disease, loneliness, confusion, and, ultimately, death. 

Each dog saved by their organization is given the veterinary care required for good health and a high standard of living. They want to improve each dog’s quality of life and find them a permanent home that has been carefully vetted and approved. 

Dogs who are not adopted live out their lives under the care of KARF. 

Address: Louisville, KY

Email:[email protected]



Friends of Metro Animal Services

The only fundraising organization for Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) in Louisville, Kentucky, is Friends of Metro Animal Services (FOMAS). 

FOMAS makes a lot of effort to raise money for Louisville Metro Animal Services. With the help of those funds, the shelter can provide services above and beyond.

They act as a Louisville Metro Animal Services spokesperson and promote public awareness, inter-communal cooperation, and fundraising. They offer this support through various ongoing programs and unique capacity-building initiatives.

Play and socialize with the cats and dogs at FOMAS! Or, by participating in their events, you can increase community awareness!

Address: 3528 Newburg Rd | Louisville, KY 40218

Email: [email protected]



Volunteer | Foster | Adopt - Help Animal Shelters
Volunteer | Foster | Adopt – Help Animal Shelters

Alley Cat Advocates

The humane movement accepts trap-neuter-return as the most efficient method for balancing and reducing the unowned cat population. It is also the kindest approach.

Alley Cat Advocates aims to ensure the humane treatment of feral cats in our area by managing a TNR program in the most secure, effective, and affordable manner. Their main goal is to make Louisville the most secure city in the nation for community cats.

Whether you can aid only once in a while or regularly, they look forward to seeing you and sharing information about all the good work they do.

Address: 3524 Newburg Rd. | Louisville, KY 40218

Phone: (502) 634-8777

Email: [email protected]


Special Paws, Inc

Up to 25 small dogs with special needs who come from various situations can find a forever home with the help of Special Paws. 

They have canines that are paralyzed, blind, deaf, and have three legs. Others struggle with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, congestive heart failure, and neurological conditions. 

Many of them are elderly. Shelters and rescues take in many abandoned animals. 

They are frequently considered unadoptable due to their needs. Some animals have been given up because their owners could not care for them. 

Their sanctuary is modest and based on homes. Many of them have never had a real home before; this is it. It’s amazing to see how they adjust to life at home.

Address: 2919 Arlington Ct | Louisville, KY 40299-1601

Phone: (423) 943-2786

Email: [email protected]


The Arrow Fund

Animals who have endured brutal torture, abusive behavior, or neglect can receive veterinary care from The Arrow Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Kentuckiana. 

Their focus shifts to holding the abuser accountable for their actions after securing care for these animals. Additionally, they support strengthening the laws governing animal welfare and work to raise public awareness of the ongoing issue of animal cruelty.

They perform their tasks by rehabilitating animals who have endured severe abuse and torture. In addition, they raise awareness of the problem of animal cruelty and the connection between animal violence and abuse against people.

Address: Louisville, KY

Email: [email protected]



The Paw and Feather Plan Inc.

The Paw and Feather Plan Inc. is a family-based, boutique rescue that relies on foster homes. They are pros at finding pets in long-term, loving homes. 

They seek to care for your pet when you cannot do so because of a death, illness, or another extreme life event. Moreover, they can serve as your pet’s primary caregiver or custodian. 

The PAFP enjoys assisting people in keeping their pets, even in difficult or emergencies.

Additionally, if you can no longer care for your pet adequately, they can help you find a new home for them. Visit the Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky. Find out how to contribute to the cause.

Address: 4218 Curtis Ave | Louisville, KY 40213

Phone: (502) 309-4155

Email: [email protected]


Kentucky Humane Society

The state’s largest pet adoption organization and provider of spay/neuter services is the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), which is based in Louisville. 

With its founding in 1884, KHS is also the oldest animal welfare organization in the state. They have been improving Kentucky over the years for horses, dogs, and people who love them. 

KHS accomplishes more than you might imagine! They not only assist the neighborhood’s stray animals but also assist owners in strengthening their bonds with their cherished pets.

They look forward to the day when every companion animal receives the love, support, and permanent home they so richly deserve.

Address: 241 Steedly Drive | Louisville, KY 40214

Phone: (502) 366-3355

Email: [email protected]


Shamrock Foundation

If you already have a pet, spaying or neutering your animal can help with the issue of pet overpopulation (male). Visit the Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky. Find out how to contribute to the cause.

The Shamrock Pet Foundation seeks to improve the lives of companion animals. This is achieved through proactive initiatives like spaying/neutering, public awareness campaigns, and adoption opportunities.

Since 1993, they have been a group of highly dedicated, unpaid volunteers passionate about their mission and its objectives. Their commitment to speaking up for the voiceless is just as strong these days, and their passion is still as great. 

Their greatest rewards are the animals they have saved and the community they have helped.

Address: 1446 Goddard Avenue | Louisville, KY 40204

Phone:(502) 585-3220

Email: [email protected]


Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs Inc.

The goal of Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs (GRRAND) is to lower the number of abandoned or mistreated golden retrievers drastically. They accomplish this by running active programs for rescue, rehabilitation, placement, and education.

Established in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, GRRAND started its zealous mission in 1994. After more than 5,000 rescues, this small rescue group has developed into a well-run, all-volunteer operation that saves 200 to 300 Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and other breeds every year. 

They depend on adoption donations, special events, merchandise sales, memberships, grants, and charitable donations for their mission to rescue dogs in need.

Address: 7924 Vine Crest Ave | Louisville, KY 40222

Phone: +1 (866) 981-2251

Email:[email protected]


Bluegrass Doberman Rescue

Not everyone is an enthusiast of Dobermans. The working Doberman breed requires stimulation because they are highly intelligent, active, and inclined to seek out their sources of mental entertainment. 

Due to their short, thin coat and the fact that they prefer to be with “their people,” Dobermans are not a breed that can live outside.

A diverse group of volunteers makes up Bluegrass Doberman Rescue. They aim to unite through a common passion for saving, treating, and rehoming Dobermans in need.

Do you fit perfectly for a Doberman? Are you patient enough to deal with these behaviors if they crop up? If you are, your Doberman will shower you with unending love and make you a brilliant companion dog.

Address: 121 Vernon Avenue | Louisville, KY 40206-2036

Phone: (502) 905-5512

Email: [email protected]


Kentucky Pets Alive

Kentucky Pets Alive is setting a new standard for the community’s dedication to and care for its animals. They primarily run their business through a network of foster homes and the PetSmart adoption facility on South Hurstbourne Parkway. Visit the Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky. Find out how to contribute to the cause.

They were established as Shelby County No Kill Mission of Kentucky, Inc. in August 2008 and are a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) organization.

They now assist numerous animals across Kentucky. Their assistance places will expand as their base of volunteers and supporters do. They could not run their life-saving programs without your help!

Address: 10474 Bluegrass Parkway | Louisville, KY 40299

Phone: (502) 777-2968

Email: [email protected]


Chibis Furiends

What does fostering cost? Totally free!

Fostering Helps Save Lives Chibis Furiends can rescue more dogs when they have foster families willing to welcome dogs in need into their homes. Fostering allows you to receive a dog into your home who would otherwise be put to death at the shelter. 

The Chibis Furiends are responsible for covering all costs. Their local vet performs vaccinations, health certificates, and spay/neuter surgeries. 

Chibi’s Furiends covers the cost of food, kennels, collars, leashes, and other supplies to provide their furbabies with the best possible home environment. At the same time, they search for their forever family.

Chibi’s Furiends, Inc. is a non-profit founded in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They run a completely foster-based animal rescue.

If you want to be their next foster hero, get in touch with them!

Address: Jeffersonville, IN

Email: [email protected]



Little Orphans Kitten Rescue, Inc.

Little Orphans Kitten Rescue, Inc is the sole rescue in Louisville and the surrounding area. It aims to take care of orphaned kittens under six weeks old who still require nursing. Visit the Animal Shelters in Louisville, Kentucky. Find out how to contribute to the cause.

By being spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested, and immunized up to date before being placed with a forever family. They also assist in lowering the number of homeless cats.

The kittens are cared for in residential homes because their rescue is solely foster-based. They are dedicated to giving every kitten they take the best care possible and all the assistance and instruction their fosters require to raise well-adjusted, healthy kittens.

Address: P.O. Box 43786 | Louisville, KY 40253

Phone: (859) 242-5277

Email: [email protected]


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