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Up for an adventure? Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has a lot to offer! Check out our curated list of the best things to do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and the best places to visit in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Located in downtown Eureka Springs, this landmark hotel is said to be a “symbol of hospitality.”

This hotel is one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains region.

It has a mountaintop spa resort known as “the emblem of Arkansas hospitality.” It is famous in the hotel with people or individuals looking for a romantic mountaintop spa escape or a pleasant, safe environment to explore, particularly for families with kids.

People have many activities or places to check out in the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa. These include its SkyBar Gourmet Pizza, Crystal Dining Room, daily resort activities, nightly guided ghost tours, and many other activities available at the hotel.

Known for its iconic and versatile locations, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa hotel is considered one of the best wedding locations and rehearsal dinners in Northwest Arkansas.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is one intriguing hotel one ought to visit.

Address: 75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Basin Spring Park

Basin Spring Park, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Basin Spring Park, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Elvert Barnes / Flickr

If you want to go to the heart of Eureka Springs, the famous healing spring in Basin Spring Park is the best place to go.

It’s known for its historical healing spring for Native Americans and is a spectacular place where visitors can sit and relax.

Native Americans usually use it to camp in the valley, drink the spring waters, and have some bountiful games.

They built this place using concrete similar to the streets of Eureka Springs was built in 1972. Including a series of curved limestone to retain the edge of the walls when sightseeing around this place.

As you look around, it has an ornamental foundation that is circular and considered the spring that led to the founding of this city. It has a wishing well near the spring for those wanting to come and make a wish. 

To be in the heart of Eureka Springs, you have to go and tour around here.

Address: 4 Spring St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Beaver Lake, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Clinton Steeds / Flickr

With a lake of over 31,7000 acres, Beaver lake is a must-go that attracts many, particularly those into water sports.

It involves the tall bluffs, the forest, and crisscrossed meadows because of the hiking trails. 

This lake is a reservoir set with many things for tourists and visitors to enjoy, such as the Beaver Lake parking, fishing, lodging, and other activities.

This tourist spot is well renowned as a destination for things such as bass fishing and many other fishing tournaments.

It is famous for doing water activities such as swimming, scuba diving, boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, and kayaking.

Besides enjoying to swim the waters of Beaver Lake, it is also a lovely place to have a picnic, walk, hike, and enjoy under the sun. 

The Engineers of the U.S. Army Cover have even built various recreational facilities around the lake.

Beaver Lake is a scenic place that you should visit to suit up and have fun in the sun.

Address: 4022 Mundell Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72631-8911, United States

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Belle of the Ozarks

Belle of the Ozarks is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Belle of the Ozarks is one of the best things to do in Arkansas.

Riding along the Belle of the Ozarks is the best way to look at the beautiful and crystal-clear waters of Beaver Lake.

 It is a fun tour boat where tourists and visitors book and see the scenic Beaver Lake.

The lake has many hiking and nature routes to look around the picturesque grandeur of the surrounding wildlife, mountains, and lake.

The riding the Belle of the Ozarks, its popular sites to see during the tour are when visiting Beaver Dam, Whitehouse Bluff, and Whitney Mountain.

People get to see the beautiful vista of Beaver Lake’s shoreline, a pristine island wildlife refuge, and learn about other historical and ecological places of interest.

When onboarding the Belle of the Ozarks, it has lake activities that visitors or tourists do, like scuba diving, swimming, skiing, and many other activities. 

To better see the stunning Beaver lake, visiting and hopping on board the Bello of the Ozarks is the best way to go.

Address: 4024 Mundell Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72631, United States

Blue Spring Heritage Center

Blue Spring Heritage Center is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Blue Spring Heritage Center is one of the top attractions in Arkansas.

Among the stunning places in Eureka Springs, the Blue Spring Heritage Center is a private-owned park famous for its iconic history and full of natural beauty.

It is some of the city’s cleanest waters where people consume millions of gallons of water a day, water that runs from the trout-filled lagoon and White River.

During the Trail of Tears, the historic site served as a renewal site for the Cherokee people and a trade center for Osage Indians.

Visitors and tourists go around the Blue Spring Heritage Center with its many gardens that are a natural splendor to see.

Most tourists and visitors come to the center of the Blue Spring Heritage Center as part of the sightseeing tour around Eureka Springs. It also holds same-day admission and hosts events and workshops for people that come or pass by. 

People even go around the place as part of a camping excursion as there are numerous campgrounds nearby. 

Visit the Blue Spring Heritage Center to appreciate Arkansas’ natural beauty.

Address: 1537 Co Rd 210, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

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Christ of the Ozarks

Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Christ of the Ozarks, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / jaystout / Flickr

If you’re wondering what monuments to see in Eureka Springs, the Christ of Ozarks has an iconic monumental sculpture worth seeing.

It is an iconic monument of Jesus Christ around a 67-foot-tall effigy built-in 1966. This monument was envisioned by Geralds Smith and sculpted by Emmett Sullivan in 1966 to make it the tranquil vantage point it is today.

It is a breathtaking and must-see sight as one of Arkansas’s most visited attractions every year.

It stands as a “blessing” in Eureka Springs, sitting on Magnetic Mountain. This spectacular sculpture is within the Great Passion Play religious theme park for visitors and tourists to come tour and take a moment to look upon this stunning statue.

This monumental sculpture is even a symbol of hope and love to the world.

It strikes a similar pose to the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. 

Be sure to visit this stunning vantage point of Jesus Christ. 

Address: 937 Passion Play Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Downtown Eureka Springs

Downtown Eureka Springs, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Downtown Eureka Springs, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Marcus O. Bst / Flickr

Are you enlightened to find a vibrant area downtown? Downtown Eureka Springs is a must-go-to-place to explore around.

There are many things to do for visitors and tourists, such as dining, shopping, experiencing the nightlife, and many more to keep you busy. The meandering streets have unique shops, fantastic restaurants, and family-friendly activities as you explore around.

It is known as the heart of experiencing the art, culture, and music in Northwest Arkansas. 

As you walk down its main street, there are many other places to discover in Downtown Eureka Springs.

In fact, you can dine underground, take a carriage ride, or learn its history by taking the Downtown Walking Tours.

Be aware that Downtown Eureka Springs is famous for its fantastic shopping, buying your favorite pet, delicious meals, or anything you’re intrigued to buy.

It has various housing options from historic homes like the Basin Park Hotel, cottages and cabins, luxury properties, Bed and Breakfasts, and even tree houses. 

Downtown Eureka Springs has a lot to offer to keep you busy and thrilled.

Address: 5-19 Spring St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

As a famous tourist spot in Eureka Springs, it is one passenger rail system that you should not miss.

The late Robert Dortch, Jr. established it in 1981 as a for-profit passenger tourist railway. 

It is now a family-friendly attraction as tourists board in and enjoys their train journey through the hills. It is a beautiful train that can travel 70 miles.

Riding onboard this scenic train ride is a perfect way to view Eureka Springs’ beautiful scenery and surroundings.

They even provide a dining car to keep their customers pleased and entertained with a menu of various exquisite food such as the Chicken Eurekan baked chicken breast, the chef’s prime rib, and many more.

Regardless of what season of the year of riding aboard the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway, its spectacular vistas will not disappoint.

Getting onboard this vintage train is a must to witness for a scenic excursion through the Ozark Mountains.

Address: 299 N Main St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Eureka Springs Historical Museum

Eureka Springs Historical Museum is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Ever since 1971, the Eureka Springs Historical Museum was house to give a fundamental understanding of the history and founding of Eureka Springs.

It is at the heart of the historic district of Eureka Springs, in the 1889 Calif Building.

They aim to collect, preserve, document, and exhibit objects of historical significance as their mission as a museum.

There are self-guided tours through the museum to showcase how their city was founded and began.

Any family or group shall be educated and entertained by the newly renovated museum.

It has a vast collection of Eureka Springs from souvenirs, photographs, official documents, home furnishing, and many other displayed artifacts.

It has some in-depth exhibits and art galleries to portray and tell Eureka Springs’ stories.

People can also go to their gift shop for souvenirs and pieces of jewelry and buy a book regarding the history of Eureka Springs.

As an iconic historical place, a visit to the Eureka Springs Historical Museum is in order.

Address: 95 S Main St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Intrigue Theater

Intrigue Theater is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Intrigue Theater is one of the best places to visit in Arkansas.

The Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs is a jam-packed place of entertainment and fun for couples and families.

Personalities like the extraordinary duo of performers, Sean Paul and Juliana Fay, who have histories of being magicians, mentalists, animal trainers, and even escape artists, are featured in the theater.

It started in 2011, welcoming visitors of all ages and interests to bring a delightful and nostalgic performance worth watching.

When tourists asked why they chose to be in Arkansas, the award-winning show producers of the Intrigue Theater said they wanted to stay in Eureka Springs by choice.

Throughout any show in the Intrigue Theater, expect a swift and engaging experience to enjoy.

It shows more than just magic by even doing hysterical comedy, hilarious storytelling, and humorous stories throughout its show.

The live shows featured in Intrigue Theater will involve using some dazzling effects, stage illusions, the artistries of each performance, and other incredible surprises.

Intrigue Theater is a must-see experience here at Eureka Springs.

Address: 80 Mountain St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Keels Creek Winery

Keels Creek Winery is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Specializing in local wines and grapes, the Keels Creek Winery has one of Arkansas’s best wine-tasting spots to visit.

In 2004, this winery was established and initially built with just an eight-acre vineyard. 

This boutique winery produces sophisticated wines based on four types of white grapes and three other red grapes, more into the lightly sweet ones.

In contrast to many wineries around the country, Keels Creek Winery is unique for making its wine based on grapes grown in Arkansas. Thus, as a boutique winery, they have their products locally grown. 

They have a tasting room for visitors to come and drink some wine by just going to their Spanish-style building, featuring some art galleries showcasing local artists’ work.

Lastly, Keels Creeks Winery offers customized treatment from one of the winery’s owners at slower times of the year to try to give you a pleasant experience.

Taking a moment to pick and sip delectable wine is a handful of reasons you should come to Keel Creek Winery.

Address: 3185 E Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR, Phone: 479-253-9463, United States

Lake Leatherwood

Lake Leatherwood, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Lake Leatherwood, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / sodai gomi / Flickr

Somewhere between the countryside of Ozark Mountain lies Lake Leatherwood Park with its natural serenity.

It is a stunning lake of over 1610 acres, including a spring-fed lake with 85 acres.

This park is part of one of the National Register of Historic Places listings. 

With checking around the wildlife nature in this park, know that it is home to various waterfowl and other species like geese, herons, wild turkeys, and bald eagles. 

People can do various activities at the park, from fishing, picnics, swimming, throwing rocks, nature-observing, and other activities.

This park is famous for fishing and boating; it includes a concrete boat ramp, a handicapped-accessible kayak, and a canoe launch accessible for anyone. 

When fishing in the stunning park, expect to find fish such as bream, crappie, bream, largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.

The park provides a wide range of leisure options, and cabins and camping are available every year for people wanting to stay or visit.

Lake Leatherwood is a lovely attraction spot to spend the day.

Address: 532 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Onyx Cave Park

Onyx Cave Park, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Onyx Cave Park, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / James St. John / Flickr

To those seeking adventure, going to Onyx Cave Park may give anyone the thrill of a lifetime inside a cave.

Onyx Cave is a small cave located east of Eureka Springs, around six miles.

This cave has been a famous tourist attraction known as Arkansas’s oldest show cave.

In 1893, they opened the Onyx cave to the public after being discovered a few years later. 

The cave got its unique name based on its distinct features of having rich stone formations such as strange flowstones, stalactites, and stalagmites. Though flowstones were previously called “cave onyx.” Thus, was how this cave got its unique name.

The cave maintains a 57 degrees Fahrenheit of average temperature throughout the year.

If you recall the movie “It’s Alive,” it was a fictional science b-movie that did one of its shootings inside Onyx Cave in 1969. 

Thus, it has become an exciting and amusing cave for those who want to explore or tour.

Make sure to tour and explore the wondering parts of this iconic cave.

Address: 338 Onyx Cave Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge

Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr

With its unique and unusual rock formations, the Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge is a fascinating place in Eureka Springs to visit.

The Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge are just two of the many natural wonders found in Pivot Rock Park.

When Pivot Rock Park opened as a tourist attraction more than a century ago, it paved the way to making it a pleasant roadside attraction.

Moreover, its walkways are among the natural mountain landscape of the Ozarks and other rock formations.

This retro-inspired design involves the area’s unusual piled natural rock formations.

The Pivot Rock has the shape of an upside-down pyramid, which is suitable for taking memorable photos.

While the Natural Bridge is another geological oddity as a beautiful, naturally formed stone bridge as a trail for hiking.

This tourist spot allows visitors of any skill level, including children, to experience walking and hiking through its geological formation. 

Two distinct rock formations, Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge, are both unusual and intriguing to see at the same time.

Address: 1708 Pivot Rock Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Quicksilver Gallery

Quicksilver Gallery, Eureka, Spring , Arkansas
Quicksilver Gallery, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Quicksilver Media Spokane / Flickr

Since it opened in 1991, Quicksilver Gallery has some of the best, unique and artistic-made collections that you can find around Eureka Springs.

Located in Arkansas’s Historic Downtown, the Quicksilver gallery is considered an art and fine craft gallery for anyone to see. 

It has various collections, either collected or handcrafted by the artist.

They display over 120 diverse works from different local, regional, and nationally recognized artists. 

People visiting the Quicksilver Gallery can explore its one-of-a-kind wall, pictures, animal paintings, tapestries, limited edition prints, and many other artistic works.

Their exhibits are exquisite musical instruments where people may play diverse instruments from gongs and chimes, strumsticks, the lovely sounding Freenotes, brass Tibetan singing bowls, and xylophone offshoots.

Furthermore, Quicksilver Gallery has some handcrafted works in Ozark, ranging from beautiful gold and silver jewelry pieces to intricate smoke paintings, watercolors, and various artworks.

To look at Eureka Springs’ intrinsic collections, Quicksilver Gallery is worth a stop.

Address: 73 Spring St, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Quigley’s Castle

Quigley's Castle, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Quigley’s Castle, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Jeremy Thompson / Flickr

If you’re looking for an unexpected place, stop by Quigley’s Castle.

Located four miles south of Eureka Springs, this tourist spot is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other place you have ever seen.

With touring around Quigley’s Castle, it is home to an eclectic family with various collections.

This Castle was constructed in 1943 and is a dream home of Elise Quigley. 

Expect the garden in Quigley’s Castle to be full of rock sculptures. During her youth, Elise tended to collect rocks to make artwork using the materials she had collected. 

The site has indoor plants that look good from any view. It even has a butterfly wall that we a work of art in her bedroom.

This tourist site is wildly different for its intrinsic artistry of various collections that the Quigley family have made during their time in this dream house.

It is a must-see tourist attraction to see the unexpected.

Address: 274 Quigley Castle Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Tony Bowden / Flickr

Founded by a missionary priest, this church was built in 1906 and has become recognized as one of Arkansas’ historical landmarks.

It is a historic and beautiful church located in Northeast Arizona.

It was built initially by Richard Kerens as a chapel in memory of his late mother. It then replaced the Catholic Church on Fairmont Street.

The dome structure’s design is based on inspiration from the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul when constructing the church.

As time passed, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church has blossomed into a beauty of art and architecture in the many years since its founding.

The church is unique when walking to the bell tower and 14 Stations of the Cross made of Italian marble. 

Its distinct features to look around involve the church’s multiple statues, flowers, and fountains. 

The St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Eureka Springs is among the beautiful spots worth seeing to feel God’s presence.

Address: 30 Crescent Dr, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

The Great Passion Play

The Great Passion Play is one of the best places to go in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

If you love live performances or plays, the Great Passion Play will bring you back, showcasing Jesus Christ’s life.

It is known for portraying the life of Jesus Christ for about an hour and forty-minute reenactment during the last weeks of his life. 

Moreover, the Great Passion Play also displays the before-and-after moments of the crucifixion up to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the Institute of Outdoor Theatre and Drama of East Carolina University at Greenville, the Great Play is considered “America’s #1 Attended Outdoor Drama.” 

Great Passion Play has a multi-level set, 4,000 outdoor amphitheater seats, live animals, sound effects, special lighting, and many other props.

It even casts over 2000 Biblically dressed performers to produce a thrilling epic play in a 4,000-seat outdoor amphitheater.

On July 14, 1968, it had its “soft” media debut, followed by its first public performance the next night. More than 7.5 million people around the world attended this tourist attraction.

It is a tourist spot worth visiting to grasp the life of Jesus Christ.

Address: 935 Passion Play Rd, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas
Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka, Spring, Arkansas / Clinton Steeds / Flickr

Are you looking for a breathtaking chapel? The Torncrown Chapel is a one-of-a-kind chapel that you should stop by!

It opened its doors to the public in 1980, and over seven million people visited this beautiful woodland chapel.

The architect of the chapel, E. Fay Jones, was the one responsible for visualizing and designing this stunning chapel.

The Torncrown Chapel has a magnificent wooden building nestled in the woods and is as tall as around 48 feet.

Moreover, it has over 425 windows and over 6,000 square feet of glass, including over 100 tons of local stone and colorful flagstone, to blend everything flawlessly with the surrounding woods.

Reviewers have stated that the chapel’s beauty and architectural inspiration were to make it one of the best religious venues of contemporary times!

Lastly, Thorncrown Chapel usually involves having getaways, daily visits, and tours, including weddings for any couple wanting to marry at this stunning chapel.

Indeed, The Thorncrown Chapel is one stunning chapel to visit for its architectural design and structure.

Address: 12968 US-62, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Eurekan, Spring, Arkansas
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, Eurekan, Spring, Arkansas / PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Ha / Flickr

If you want to glimpse wild cats taken care of and saved, the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is the place to visit to see wild animals.

Eureka Springs’ Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is one of the top 10 family-friendly destinations that you must visit in Northwest Arkansas.

It is a tourist attraction that attempts to educate locals and visitors about the predicament of big cats and the need to preserve their habitats.

This unique animal facility in Eureka Springs was built in 1992 and is home to various native and exotic animals.

It is one of Arkansas’s most respected prominent sanctuaries for big and wild cats.

Likewise, the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge cares for almost 100 species, including bears, ligers, servals, lions, leopards, tigers, and more.

It was built-in in the Ozark Mountains on 459 acres.

In addition, visitors can go on instructional excursions every day, or they can explore Africa in the Ozarks.

Events like the Howl-O-Ween Spooktacular and Art, including an Altitude Kite Festival, are presented in the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge each year.

This one-of-a-kind Eureka Springs attraction is a must-go-to-see for some big cats.

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Address: 239 Turpentine Creek Ln, Eureka Springs, AR 72632, United States

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