Animal Shelters in Phoenix, Arizona

Animal Shelters in Phoenix, Arizona

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Make a Pawsitive Impact: Volunteer at Animal Shelters in Phoenix, Arizona!

Are you an animal lover looking for a rewarding way to give back to your community? Look no further than the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, where numerous animal shelters are dedicated to providing care and shelter for our furry friends in need.

By volunteering at one of these compassionate shelters, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of animals while also experiencing personal growth and fulfillment. Step into the world of animal rescue and find out how lending a helping hand can bring joy, purpose, and a profound spiritual connection to your life.

From a spiritual perspective, volunteering at animal shelters provides a unique opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. By extending your love and compassion towards animals in need, you tap into a deeper understanding of empathy, patience, and selflessness.

Working with animals can be a spiritually uplifting experience, with their unconditional love and gratitude reminding us of the interconnectedness of all living beings. Embracing the role of a caregiver for these vulnerable creatures can bring a sense of purpose, a feeling of making a positive impact, and a heightened awareness of the beauty and sanctity of life.

Key Takeaways on the Benefits of Volunteering at Animal Shelters in Phoenix, Arizona:

  1. Personal Growth: Volunteering at animal shelters allows you to develop empathy, patience, and selflessness while gaining a deeper understanding of the needs and feelings of animals.
  2. Fulfillment and Joy: Helping animals in need brings a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and happiness, knowing that you are making a tangible difference in their lives.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Working with animals can enhance your spiritual wellbeing by reminding you of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of compassion.
  4. Stress Relief: Spending time with animals has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote mental well-being, providing a welcomed break from daily pressures.

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

Thinking about adopting an addition to your family? This is the place for you!

The purpose of AAWL/SPCA is to assume a leadership position in promoting humane ideals for the benefit of all animals and people. They do this by providing outstanding care, protection, and loving concern for the lives of the animals entrusted to them.

Aside from volunteering activities and adopting programs, AAW/SPCA will also assist you in creating a close relationship with your pet and training them to be well-behaved, pleasurable family members. AAWL provides free online training manuals.

Is your dog a little hesitant and timid? They also offer a free lesson to help you and your dog increase your dog’s confidence! 

Furthermore, they offer lots of training and activities for you and your buddy! Therefore, be sure to make time and visit here!

Address: 25 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States

Telephone number: +1 602-273-6852


Facebook page:

Arizona Humane Society Sunnyslope Campus

A pet needs your assistance, regardless of how much or little time you have to offer.

Adopt, play, shop, sit and stay here at Arizona Humane Society Sunnyslope Campus! 

Animal compassion starts early, so this organization provides a variety of summer programs and educational opportunities for the next generation. Additionally, they collaborate with multiple veterinary schools across the state. They are proud to give aspiring veterinarians firsthand training at their trauma center.

The Arizona Humane Society is pleased to present a range of events all year long. AHS is constantly organizing events to further support its mission to save the most vulnerable animals and improve the lives of both people and their pets. These events range from adoption fairs and fundraisers to their most significant event of the year, Compassion with Fashion. 

They will surely love to have you join them!

Address: 9226 N. 13th Avenue, 1311 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85021, United States

Telephone number: +1 602-997-7585


Facebook page:

Volunteer | Foster | Adopt - Help Animal Shelters
Volunteer | Foster | Adopt – Help Animal Shelters

Animals Benefit Club of Az

This is a private no-kill animal sanctuary.

The most severe situations of abuse, neglect, and abandonment are ABC’s areas of expertise. Many of the animals in their care arrived critically ill or damaged after being turned away by other facilities for care and rehabilitation. ABC gives them hope and a chance to enjoy a happy and safe environment.

Discover more about ABC and meet their rescue dogs and cats by attending volunteer orientation! The ABC relies on committed volunteers to help with walking, socialization, small work, adoption events, and other activities.

You can also shop at their partner stores, participate in fundraising activities, donate items, and many more!

Address: 3111 E St John Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States

Telephone number: (602) 867-2169


Facebook page:

Home Fur Good

Meet your new best friend today here at Home Fur Good!

Animals here at Home Fur Good are given an abundance of love and care in addition to a clean and comfortable place to sleep, wholesome food to eat, first-rate medical treatment, daily exercise, and daily attention from volunteers and staff. 

Each cat or dog is given the very best effort to locate a “forever home” that best satisfies both the needs of the pet and the potential adopter.

There are different fundraising activities guests and visitors can join. You can also stop by the shelter and buy a Home Fur Good cookbook. Every small help is significant to the lives of the cats and dogs in the shelter.

Address: 10220 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85028, United States

Telephone number: +1 602-971-1334


Facebook page:https:

Arizona Small Dog Rescue

A needy animal can benefit greatly from your kindness!

You don’t need to be an expert on animals to help out at any shelter! You just need to be willing to put in a little time. In fact, regardless of your lifestyle or schedule, you probably have skills and talents that AZSDR could benefit from. They would be grateful for any time you could spare.

AZSDR also facilitates events and fundraising activities aside from volunteering and adopting. Everyone is free to help, join, host, donate, adopt, and volunteer here at Arizona Small Dog Rescue. Ready to make a difference?

Address: 1102 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85021, United States

Telephone number:+1 602-944-2440


Facebook page:

HALO Animal Rescue

HALO Animal Rescue, based in Phoenix, Arizona, provides a safety net for many stray dogs and cats every year. Its acronym stands for Helping Animals Live On. 

There are a variety of activities and events happening all year round here in HALO. They have many exciting events, such as adoption fairs and shelter visits. Guests are welcome to wander around the sanctuary and find adorable animals in the area.

This Animal Rescue also offers training and tutorials to young people who want to visit and volunteer. Some of the tutorials are mostly ‘Do It Yourself’ toys and fleece blankets for the dogs.

Kids and adults alike will indeed have fun while helping in HALO!

For additional details on how to participate, see the events calendar on their website!

Address: 3227 E. Bell Rd. D151, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Telephone number: 602-971-9222


Facebook page:

Almost There: A Mom + Pups Rescue

Your new best friend is waiting for you!

ATR offers a wide range of educational resources for everyone interested and willing to learn how to better care for animals. Everyone is free to access such resources and has the option to either visit, adopt, volunteer, or donate to their rescue facility.

A virtual challenge to log 30 miles or more of activity during November is being held by Almost There Rescue. Whether riding, hiking, or jogging, follow what you love!

It is highly recommended that you log kilometers with your paw-pets because there will also be weekly challenges and bonuses for winning. Every registration comes with a lovely t-shirt, and all money raised goes to Almost There Rescue.

Sounds interesting, right? Having fun and lending a hand at the same time is always possible!

Address: 2611 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

Telephone number: +1 480-336-9860


Facebook page:

Heidi’s Village

Want to become Heidi’s Hero? Then keep on reading.

Monthly donations supporting the animals in Heidi’s Village care are known as Heidi’s Heroes. These heroes guarantee that this safe haven’s objective can be carried out monthly.

Helping does not only about money. There are also various ways to help just as volunteering, attending an event, taking a tour of the village, or hosting a fundraising event.

It is possible to see the lovely pets and their facilities for yourself by scheduling a tour on their website. 

Ready to be a hero? Get involved now!

Address: Heidi’s Village 600 N. 40th Street Phoenix, AZ 85008

Telephone number: (602) 241-4640


Facebook page:

Freed Spirits Animal Rescue

Prepared to inspire and be inspired?

Freed Spirits Animal Rescue‘s goal is to enhance the quality of life for both people and animals by helping animals, involving the community, and raising awareness.

They accommodate all kinds of animals that aren’t considered typical domestic animals. 

Join them for a chance to work with farm animals as a volunteer. They are constantly looking for new volunteers to assist with household tasks, handy labor, purchasing supplies, and caring for the animals. They are now offering tours of their facility for donation, and you can also shop in their store!

Visit Freed Spirits Animal Rescue and take a tour!

Address:1002 E Maddock Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85086, United States

Telephone number: +1 206-898-8420


Facebook page:

Living the Dream Rescue

Dedicated to helping animals in need, Living the Dream Rescue is a non-profit organization that operates out of foster homes.

This rescue facility also offers guides to future pet owners, supporters, and volunteers. Such guides include how to introduce pets to children, ways to welcome a new pet into your home, and many more. 

Additionally, there is also an adoption event happening from time to time, as well as a paw-party. Feel free to contact and sign up for more exciting activities and events in Living the dream Rescue.

Hurry and meet the adorable pets waiting for you!

Address:1745 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015, United States

Telephone number: (602) 750-5264


Facebook page:

Saving Paws Rescue Arizona

Pet lover or not, you’ll surely not resist the adorable dogs in this rescue center.

You may support rescue in many ways, including volunteering or becoming a foster parent! But did you know that you may assist them by making a simple Amazon purchase or Fry’s Food Store supermarket purchase? Learn all the ways you can help in saving more lives!

They also have various programs, such as the Love for Life Program, which helps loving dogs find their forever shelter. 

Are you considering helping Saving Paws Rescue Arizona as a volunteer? They need your help from dog walking and kennel cleaning to adoption events!

This should be fun for you and the dogs! Don’t miss the opportunity, folks!

Address: 87148, Phoenix, Arizona 85080.

Telephone number: +1 480-737-6089


Facebook page:

Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue

Are you fond of fashion shows?

Did you know Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue held a Fashion Show annually? During the event, guests can enjoy tea, desserts, wine, coffee, and more while watching the models wearing fashions from the own thrift store of this rescue facility.

Isn’t that wonderful? You can enjoy yourself while getting involved in saving lovely pets.

Moreover, there are also adoption events, volunteering programs, legacy programs, and different fundraising activities!

If interested, you may proceed with their website and check out more offers and fun activities from the Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue!

Address: 10807 N 96th Ave Peoria, AZ 85345

Telephone number: (623) 773-2246


Facebook page:

Friends for Life Animal Rescue

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re trying to adopt a dog or cat in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Did you know that a local shelter only receives adoptions for 1 in 5 animals? We can raise that figure with your assistance! The right animal in the right home is the top priority at Friends for Life.

This rescue center also offers animal safety education to both children and adults! Being a group that saves both cats and dogs, it is crucial for them to spread the message of animal compassion to adults and children and improve their knowledge of animal safety.

If you are interested in taking a tour of their adoption center, you are welcome to do so!

Address: 952 W Melody Ave Gilbert, AZ 85233

Telephone number: (480) 497-8296


Facebook page:

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