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Best places in Europe to visit in August

Best places in Europe to visit in August

Bunol, Spain

Why visit Bunol, Spain

Bunol, Spain, is a lovely destination in August because of its splendid annual events, scenic green spaces, and mountainous surroundings. 

The usual temperature runs around 32-18 degrees Celsius, mostly sunny and cozy for taking walks and picnics under the sun.

La Tomatina is a festival you should witness in this city. It is one of the biggest food fights in this country during August. The annual mouthwatering event starts early at breakfast time. A truck full of ripe tomatoes is thrown at everyone at the center of the square park as part of the food fight event.   

You can also visit and experience the ancient vibe and breathtaking views of 13th-century castles. 

Budapest, Hungary

Why visit Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, is one of the favorite tourist destinations of many during August because of the pleasant weather and because the city is basically a perfect mix of the new and the old. 

The weather during August is so calming and cozy for a summer day and night out, with an average temperature of 28–17 degrees Celsius. 

Budapest is very well known for its ancient and historical tourist attractions. You can visit many of them while staying in Hungary. Including the Hungarian Parliament Building, Charles Bridge, and St. Matthias Church.

After taking a long stroll or ferry ride along the city, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner at the Danube, a dinner cruise only offered during August since the waters of Budapest are calm enough. 

Pag Island, Croatia

Why visit Pag Island, Croatia

If you are a traveler on a tight budget yet want to experience a luxurious trip without burning a hole in your pocket, the island of Pag in Croatia is the perfect destination.

With an average temperature of 26–15 degrees Celsius, it will mostly be sunny and sultry weather in August. This makes it perfect for viewing astonishing destinations and doing water-based outdoor activities. 

The Pag isle is a small island, yet you won’t run out of activities to do while staying on this lovely island. The first thing to do is hike the trails of Croatia to witness the olive groves and amazing waters of the Adriatic Sea.

They also celebrate a five-day Sonus festival, where they showcase different types of entertainment, such as boat parties and new music performances at the Zrce beach.

Prague, Czech Republic

Why visit Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to experience an amazing quick getaway with a tight budget, the city of Prague, Czech Republic, is the best place. 

The usual weather is sunny and sultry enough to go for walks in the city, with an average temperature of 26–15 degrees Celsius.

Prague offers the cheapest yet luxurious hotel and restaurant deals during August. Book your trip as early as now because many tourists will be aiming to do the same.

The city is known for its blasting nightlife, so don’t forget to visit some famous bars or rooftop pubs. Day trips are also a perfect activity in Prague, so visit the Kutna Hora and Karlstejn castles.

Frankfurt, Germany

Why visit Frankfurt, Germany

If you have been longing for a tranquil vacation, Frankfurt, Germany, is a perfect place to visit because there are few tourists during August.

The usual temperature hovers around 23–15 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for having iced coffee along the streets of Germany or even having picnics in its green spaces.

Don’t forget to experience the Embankment Festival of Frankfurt during August, where they have many fun activities for tourists to enjoy, such as museums in the river, music, and dance performances.

If you are tired of long walks, try riding their Ebbelwei Express. You will enjoy views around the city while being served local delicacies such as pretzels and apple wine. 

Vienna, Austria

Why visit Vienna, Austria

If you are looking for a fabulous destination for your romantic summer getaway, the city of Vienna, Austria, is the perfect place. Thanks to its grand buildings and wonderful green scenery.

The usual temperature is around 78-90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is mostly warm and pleasant enough to have a cup of coffee along the city’s sidewalks or picnic at the park.

The city has long been known for its world-class performances of cultural dances, operas, and theater shows, so don’t miss out on one of these events.

The Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna is perfect for chilling and staying outside this month since it is not hot enough and sufficient wind blows through the city. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Why visit Copenhagen, Denmark

If you want a superb and special trip in August, visiting Copenhagen in Denmark is the right thing to do.

The weather will usually be 68–55 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will be perfect for a magical visit around the city and spending all your money on this trip.

Save up for this next destination because hotels and restaurant reservations are relatively high in this city. But what’s nice is that they only provide high-quality service, so being a money spender in this city should not be a hassle for a worthwhile vacation. 

Luckily, some airlines to these destinations offer airfares that are lower than usual or compared to other months of the year. Book your flight as early as possible to avoid this lovely destination. 

Bergen, Norway

Why visit Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway, is the perfect place if you want a romantic getaway from the city in August.

With an average temperature of 66-54 degrees Fahrenheit during August, this is ideal for having a peaceful and calming vacation in summer.

If you are not a fan of going on long walking trips, you can ride a bus or take boat tours to explore the whole majestic view of Bergen.

There are also tons of alpine and mountain peaks you can enjoy and witness while riding around the place. Don’t forget to charge your phones and cameras to take stunning pictures of the astonishing scenery of Norway.

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Krakow, Poland

Why visit Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland, is the perfect place to be in August if you are looking for a Nordic and ancient destination in the summer season. 

With an average temperature of 25–15 degrees Celsius, this is a lovely time to enjoy the beauty of Krakow since there are large natural parks and historical places you can visit.

There are several low-priced accommodations in this city during August, and we are here to help you figure it out. 

This might make your vacation longer, so prepare for a long trip since there are many great offers.

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Budva, Montenegro

Why visit Budva, Montenegro

The city of Budva, Montenegro, is a perfect place to visit in August if you want to party all day and you want your summer to be fully blasted. 

With an average temperature of 71–56 degrees Fahrenheit, this is perfect for celebrating and having fun in the small town.

Budva is considered one of the most fun places to visit in Europe because of its lively festivals and daily celebrations of different events. 

One is the Sea Dance Festival, where around 100 international and local music artists perform. You can enjoy this event by swimming in their stunning beach arc while drinking cocktails under the sun. 

You can also take stunning pictures along the big coastal area of Budva Riviera, where hundreds of limestone can be seen from the mountains. 

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Valencia, Spain

Why visit Valencia, Spain

It is perfect for visiting cities with beautiful beaches in Europe to beat the summer heat in August, and Valencia, Spain, is one of them.

The place is obviously sunny during August since it is summertime. With an average temperature of 25–15 degrees Celsius, prepare a lot of sunblock and hats, as it will be scorching hot in this city.

Big waves are coming to Valencia, so don’t forget to list the outdoor water activities you should do while having the best vacation in Valencia. 

You can do this by heading to La Malvarrosa, a vast stretch of white sand beach. You can also visit Port Saplaya to witness the stunning beauty of Valencia’s old, vibrant port area. 

You can travel the whole city by bike, saving you a lot of money since you don’t have to pay for gas or rent a car. By biking, you can already reach the Central Market of Valencia, where you can taste thousands of different foods from Spain. 

Zakynthos Island, Greece

Why visit Zakynthos Island, Greece

The summer season in Europe can be hot, so it will be natural for tourists to look for destinations that will outshine the blazing heat in August. Zakynthos Island is one of the best places to achieve this.

The usual temperature hovers around 70-64 degrees Celsius, which is relatively hot and humid. Still, since you are at the beach, it is just one swim away, and this will never be a problem.

Want to enjoy swimming while capturing the breathtaking views of Greece? Putting Navagio or Shipwreck Beach on your itinerary should be the first thing to do. These beaches have the most eye-catching scenery, with the most crystal blue water and vibrantly colored limestone cliffs.

There are also tons of hidden coves and villas around the island where you can stay. High-quality restaurants that serve traditional Greek food are also nearby. You can enjoy your meal while sitting at the beach with the most stunning sunset view. 

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Interlaken, Switzerland

Why visit Interlaken, Switzerland

If the beaches are not enough to beat the burning heat of summer in August, Interlaken, Switzerland, is a perfect place to visit. This stunning tourist destination is covered with snow all year round.

The lovely wintry weather is always present in this city, with an average temperature of 19–11 degrees Celsius. This makes it perfect for a winter wonderland vacation in the summer. 

This fantastic destination is at its best during August. You can witness many stunning views, just like the long mountain ranges covered in white snow and the beautiful scenery of massive landscapes along the area. 

Switzerland is one of the most breathtaking spots to visit in Europe during August. You can ride a cable car to the Schilthorn Observation Deck to experience the city’s unique beauty or hop on a train at Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe.

Sardinia, Italy

Why visit Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy, is a perfect place to visit in August if you want to enjoy the beach and get tanned by the sun in summer. 

The usual temperature hovers around 28–20 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for beach-hopping. There are hundreds of beach resorts and islands you can travel to from this little town.

Sardinia also celebrates a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage event called the Descent of Candlesticks. This commemorates the Virgin Mary by carrying huge wooden columns along the historical roads of Italy. 

You will never run out of beaches to go to because Sardinia is filled with small islands you can hop on to for your day trip. First, there is the secluded island of Costa Verde. Another is the island known for its horse-shoe-shaped figure, the Spiaggia Su Portu.

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 Dublin, Ireland

Why visit Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, is a perfect place to visit in August because of its breathtaking scenery and historical heritage sites that are free to visit. 

The usual temperature is about 18-11 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for a stroll around the city or a picnic in one of its huge green spaces.

Dublin is known for its rich cultural destinations, ancient-themed places, and stunning views of the whole place. So make sure to rent your car or take a train tour to witness all of these in Dublin.

To take a tour in the countryside or see the eye-catching lush greeneries of Dublin, you may take a transit ride.

What’s perfect about this city is that there are thousands of castles and historical towns that you can visit, making your stay in Dublin worthwhile.