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Best Places in Europe to visit in May

Best Places in Europe to visit in May

Krakow, Poland

Why visit Krakow, Poland

Karkow is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in May. Krakow has a Spring season during May; this is also the low season in the destination. That is why it is an excellent choice to have a vacation!

The weather in Krakow has a temperature of 63°F to 69°F daily. This is perfect weather to join in their vibrant and joyful festivals!

Rynek Glowny is one of the attractions that you should not miss! Krakow is a lively city that is filled with rich history and culture. Wandering in Planty Park is fantastic because you will see a series of green surroundings.

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Berlin, Germany

Why visit Berlin, Germany

May is an excellent time to visit Berlin because it is the shoulder season and the weather is warming up from the Spring. Low accommodation fees and low prices are around the place, and long queues are also gone!

The weather in Berlin has a temperature of 63°F to 69°F. This is ideal weather to explore the rest of the town with your friends!

Berlin has museum sites called Museum Island that play a significant role in the country! Check out the Brandenburg Gate and Tiergarten Park, where you can fully experience the spring season!

Budva, Montenegro

Why visit Budva, Montenegro

Budva is a great place to visit in May because it is the low season! Low accommodation rates, lower prices, and fewer visitors are expected!

The weather in Budva ranges from 68°F to 76°F. This is a perfect moment to get a tan from Mr. Sun!

These crystal clear beaches are the ones to explore in Montenegro; they will definitely capture your heart! This town is also filled with restaurants, bars, and quirky shops that will offer you the best of Budva! Take a road trip with your friends by renting some cars or motors, a great idea to discover the place!

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Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Why visit Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Scottish Highlands is a great place to visit in May because this month has the best weather conditions, not too cold and too hot! Just the right amount of sunshine and wind to admire the scenery.

The weather temperature typically ranges from 45°F to 55°F. Be ready with what you wear; you might encounter daylight and rain on the same day!

The Highlands is composed of beautiful sceneries that are jaw-dropping. Its picturesque fishing village, wild landscapes, and medieval castles make the town attractive to tourists. The town also offers whisky to visitors! Bring your cameras and capture this fantastic place!

Korcula Island, Croatia

Why visit Korcula Island, Croatia

This Island is a great place to visit in May because of its warmer weather, and there are a lot of accommodations in town that are cheaper than in summer!

The weather in Korcula Island has a temperature of approximately 73F. An ideal temperature to soak up under the sun with your friends!

Korcula Island attracts tourists because of its Historic Old Villages, Crystal Beaches, and Medieval Charm! All of these factors make the town spectacular! Mix and match your activities on the same day!

San Sebastian, Spain

Why visit San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is a great place to visit in May because the area has warm weather that is perfect for exploring the rest of the town!

The weather in San Sebastian has a temperature of approximately 65°F with 13 hours of daylight! That is enough to see the beautiful attractions around!

San Sebastian offers vibrant beaches and daring hiking trails if you want adventure! Locals also arrange several festivals wherein they can invite tourists to join. Bars with jazz music will make you groove!

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Why visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

In May, the National Park is at its most attractive due to the arrival of spring! During this period, there are fewer visitors than in summer.

The temperature in the National Park ranges from 67°F to 74°F. The park is appropriate for a two-day visit!

The park comprises vibrant green trees, a mirror lake, and full-bloomed flowers! Perfect for nature lovers. Maximize your stay by hiking in their mountains; you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view once you reach the top spot!

Larnaca, Cyprus

Why visit Larnaca, Cyprus

This Island is a great place to visit in May because of its stunning warm weather! Car rentals are also cheaper during this time; you can stroll around the area without spending too much!

The weather in Larnaca gives you a bright sun that shows the beauty of this area; the temperature ranges from 76°F to 83°F. This is perfect for getting your Larnaca Tan!

The sun will help you appreciate the spectacular beaches around you! The Island also offers mouth-watering unique cuisines!

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Why visit Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is a great place to visit in May after the winter days! A warm climate will welcome you ahead of your arrival!

The weather in Vilnius has a temperature of 60°F to 68°F. Comfortable weather to explore the area!

Gediminas Tower, it’s the only castle remnant, overlooks Vilnius Cathedral. The tower offers jaw-dropping views at the top! If you love music, there is Street Music Day, where the locals gather around and perform with tourists all day!

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Marbella, Spain

Why visit Marbella, Spain

Marbella is the perfect place to visit in May because of its sunny weather! There are also fewer tourists during this moment, so expect some lower prices around the area.

The weather in Marbella has a temperature of 57ºF to 75ºF. There is a slight chance of rain during this period, so don’t worry about it!

There are several things to do in Marbella, From soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches to discovering the city’s Old Town! Plaza de Los Naranjos is a delightful square surrounded by cafes and eateries.

Cannes, France

Why visit Cannes, France

Cannes is an absolute destination to visit in May because of the stunning warm weather brought by the sun! This place is famous for its coastline and spectacular beaches!

The weather in Cannes ranges from 65°F to 72°F. Soaking up under the sun and a cocktail beside you with your friends is a bomb!

Even though the area is known for its year-round sunshine, in May you can see some celebrities unexpectedly. To see stars from the movie industry walk the streets of Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival in May is normal! La Croisette, a famous beach and esplanade, is the place to be if you want to be a celebrity!

Antwerpen, Belgium

Why visit Antwerpen, Belgium

Antwerpen is a fantastic place to visit in May because of its warm weather; just like the sun, the flowers, bars, and terraces are also starting to shine!

The weather in Antwerpen ranges from 61°F to 67°F. The right amount of sunshine will make the town alive!

The Red Star Line Museum, one of the city’s many excellent museums, creates Antwerpen an ideal destination for a city break! When visiting Antwerpen’s Rubenshuis basilica, you’ll find an impressive collection of Renaissance-era paintings.

Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Why visit Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo, Sicily, is a dazzling place to visit in May because of its hot weather and a perfect climate to get your tans and drink some cocktails! There are also fewer tourists during this month, so you can take some time to explore around!

The weather in Palermo ranges from 69°F to 77°F. Wear your shades before wandering in the area!

Settimana delle Cultura is a week-long festival that gives you cultural activities, concerts, exhibitions, and more! This festival will definitely bring joy to you! 1184’s Palermo Cathedral is another must-see. Visitors can trek the cathedral’s stairs for a few euros and be rewarded with beautiful scenery at the top.

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London, England

Why visit London, England

London is a great place to visit in May. This is the best month because it doesn’t have terrible weather, you can expect warm and sunny weather. Lower accommodation rates are seen around.

The weather in London ranges from 48°F to 63°F. The right amount of daylight will make you explore the city!

Check out Buckingham Palace’s Changing of the Guard while you are there. Pomp and show reign supreme at Buckingham Palace, one of the country’s most recognizable landmarks.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why visit Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a great place to visit in May to experience the perfect warm weather and to avoid a large group of tourists.

The weather in Amsterdam ranges from 46°F to 61°F. This is the best month to explore the city!

Do Canal Cruises with your friends while capturing the colorful houses in the place! Tulips are a vibrant flower that you will see in Amsterdam, grab your baskets and fill them with tulips! Amsterdam will really make you fall in love!