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Best Places in Europe to visit in November

Best Places in Europe to visit in November

Asturias, Spain
Why visit Asturias, Spain

Asturias is a great place to visit in November because of the bearable temperature! You can explore the town without worrying about the weather!

The weather in Asturias ranges from 63°F to 54°F. Wear your most comfortable clothes that suit the climate!

Asturias is home to many stunning natural landscapes and fascinating historical sites. On the outskirts of Oviedo, one of the country’s most important cultural sites is located. This charming town has medieval streets, fantastic architecture, and vibrant nightlife.

Gascona Street is the place to go for a typical Asturian night. A hearty stew of meats and vegetables, the Fabada Asturiana is one of many regional specialties at the restaurants within!

Lucerne, Switzerland
Why visit Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is a perfect place to visit in November because of the not-so-cold weather; you can explore the rest of the town without freezing!

The weather in Lucerne during November ranges from 52°F to 41°F. Grab your cameras and capture the mountains around you without the big clouds!

Lucerne is a popular tourist destination with its architectural history and Chapel Bridge! Lucerne’s Reuss River Bridge is an architectural wonder and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. 

In Switzerland, don’t forget to visit the Swiss Alps. Glacier Cave and Cliff Walk are the main activities in Lucerne!

Sibenik, Croatia
Why visit Sibenik, Croatia

Sibenik is a great place to visit in November because of the fall season. This is also the month of fewer visitors from across the world.

The weather in Sibenik ranges from 65°F to 57°F. This is a perfect temperature for a day tour in the town!

This place is famous because the “Game of Thrones” movie was filmed in some spots of Sibenik! This picturesque seaside town offers many activities and sights to see. There’s no better place to visit than the historic old city! 

It is still possible to go swimming and sunbathing in pleasant weather. Perfect if you’re looking for a vacation with sightseeing and beach time!

Nice, France
Why visit Nice, France

Nice is a great place to visit in November due to its balmy weather and fewer tourists than in summer! Take this opportunity before the massive amount of visitors come!

The weather in Nice ranges from 65°F to 58°F; this is the perfect temperature while staying on the coastline!

Nice has a lot to offer, but a trip along downtown Promenade des Anglais is a must. A broad promenade runs beside the Mediterranean Sea’s sparkling blue seas and Nice’s beach resorts!

Venice, Italy
Why visit Venice, Italy

Venice is also on the list of must-visit places in November. Travelers recommend this due to its mild temperature!

The weather in Venice ranges from 59°F to 49°F. This is a bearable climate to stroll or explore the town’s attractions!

In Venice, there is a lot more to see and do. The St. Mark’s Basilica towers above Venice’s famous St. Mark’s Square in all of its white stone and gold magnificence, where you can admire the beauty of this place!

The Madonna Della Salute Festival takes place every November in Venice. It consists of a big feast and a parade to the Salute Church for hundreds of attendees.

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Zakopane, Poland
Why visit Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane is a great place to visit in November because of the fall season; this is also when the visitors are few.

The weather in Zakopane ranges from 44°F to 33°F. The calm wind will wake you up to see the breathtaking mountains!

Travelers flock to this region for its historic architecture, cuisine, and proximity to the towering Tatra Mountains. 

Pksowy Brzyzek National Cemetery and a modest chapel may be found nearby; this is a rare find you must not miss! A walk around the cemetery is like strolling through an art gallery.

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Milos, Greece
Why visit Milos, Greece

Milos is a perfect place to visit in November because it is the shoulder season, so expect fewer visitors and low accommodation rates in the area!

The weather in Milos has a temperature of 68°F to 63°F. This climate is perfect for the November getaway.

Visit a seaside eatery in Adams and savor the day’s fresh catch! Take a stroll through Milos’ history at the historic Plaka, which offers stunning views of the entire island. 

Plaka Castle and the Archaeological Museum can be found in this area if you want to learn about the place! Visit Klima, a historic fishing town, and Serakiniko beach, a moon-like beach for beachgoers.

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Budapest, Hungary
Why visit Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is also on the list of must-see places in November. Budapest in November is shoulder season; with fewer tourists and affordable prices, you can discover the rest of the gem!

The weather in Budapest ranges from 53°F to 42°F. Perfect climate to drink some wine with your friends!

The Citadel is Budapest’s most recognizable landmark. You’ll need to climb the hill to the summit to get there. The Citadel is a short walk away, and you’ll have spectacular city views.

In the vicinity of Budapest’s City Park, you’ll find Széchenyi, the main attraction’s thermal spa complex; relaxing in the heated water is an amazing way to spend a day.

Montepulciano, Italy
Why visit Montepulciano, Italy

Montepulciano is a great place to visit in November because of the fewer visitors; you can expect some low accommodation rates in the area!

The weather in Montepulciano has an average temperature of 53°F to 42°F. This climate is pleasant for roaming around the town!

The changing colors of the leaves will make this medieval town more attractive to visitors. Just by seeing the Tuscan hills, you’ll be relaxed with the view!

Spending time in their outdoor restaurants to drink wine or coffee is a good idea to spend your day with the locals!

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Dublin, Ireland
Why visit Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is also a must-visit destination in November. The rates during the month are pretty cheaper than during the summer season! Take the opportunity to explore the place without spending too much!

The weather in Dublin typically spans from 54°F to 49°F. This is perfect weather to visit the attractions in the town!

A whiskey event takes place during November; you can attend the event and even try various types of whiskeys made by the locals! There are also famous libraries in the town that you can explore!

Puerto De La Cruz, Spain
Why visit Puerto De La Cruz, Spain

Puerto De La Cruz is one of the greatest places to visit in November, especially if you want to save money and avoid the large group of visitors!

The weather in Puerto De La Cruz has a typical temperature of 78°F to 74°F. This is perfect to see the big waves on the coast!

Visit the Jardín Botánico, a compact but wonderfully designed botanical garden. Designed to serve as a resting spot for rare and unusual plants! The growing art scene in the streets of this town will also amuse you!

You can also enjoy your time at the black beaches and swimming pool complex!

Lisbon, Portugal
Why visit Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is also on the list of great places to visit in November because of its sunny weather! November also has fewer tourists, so grab the opportunity before the holiday visitors come!

The weather in Lisbon typically ranges from 68°F to 61°F. Stunning castles match the temperature for your explorations!

You’ll find many interesting items from the Portuguese explorers who explored much of the globe! There are also museums and historical sites that you can visit around!

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Gdansk, Poland
Why visit Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is also a great place to visit in November, especially if you want to experience a bit cooler during your vacation!

The weather in Gdansk typically ranges from 48°F to 40°F. This is a great climate to discover this small town in Poland!

Festive markets and delicious Polish fare abound in this city. You’ll leave feeling loaded, but with an eye-popping view; you can have a romantic dinner on the beach or a night out on the town in nearby Sopot.

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Sofia, Bulgaria
Why visit Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is also one of the best places to visit in November because the place offers bearable temperatures, but bring your jacket or umbrella; the weather might be unpredictable. This is also an excellent place to avoid a massive amount of visitors!

The climate in Sofia ranges from 56°F to 44°F. You can still see the attractions in the place, whatever the temperature is!

The National Palace of Culture, the bustling Vitosha Boulevard, and the Medieval Boyana Church are all beautiful sites to visit. Drink a cup of coffee offered by the locals to warm yourself up!

 Bring your cameras to capture these magnificent structures!

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Athens, Greece
Why visit Athens, Greece

Athens is also on the list of must-visit destinations in November because of the pleasant weather and the off-season, so expect fewer tourists and lower accommodation rates!

The weather in Athens ranges from 68°F to 60°F. You will have time to discover this gem without worrying about the climate!

There are a lot of museums and ancient structures that you can visit in the area. The Museum of Cycladic Art and the Temple of Athena Nike are among the best attractions in the area.

 These are important to the locals because they have an immense contribution to their rich history.

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