Exploring The World of Animal Shelters: An Inside Look At Casper Humane Society

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An interview with Casper Humane Society From Casper, Wyoming.

As the sun sets on another day, the love and compassion at Casper Humane Society continue to shine brightly for all their precious companions.

Introducing Casper Humane Society

My name is Craig Cummings.  I am the Director of the Casper Humane Society.  I have been with the shelter for fourteen years.  I began working with the animals and feel in love with the organization and its work in our community.

How Did The Casper Humane Society Started? What Are The Challenges Encountered Along The Way?

Prior to 1958, there were no humane options for animal care in Casper, Wyoming.  We began as a small group of people working together. They opened their homes to foster and protect animals until they found new homes for them.  Eventually, they were able to have a small building that housed animals.  They were passionate and dedicated individuals.  After many years of fundraising (garage sales & bake sales) they were able to build the amazing building that we have today.  We have been in our current location for more than 20 years.  The biggest obstacles were and are financial.  

Tell Us About The Most “Unusual” Animal That Casper Humane Society Has Ever Taken.

Over the years we have taken in many unconventional animals.  At one point many years ago, we had a lamb in a small room that we had to bottle feed.  We have taken in baby racoons and cared for them until they were old enough to be released.  We also took in some very large potbelly pigs.

Tell Us About The Most Unique And Creative Fundraising Campaigns Your Rescue Has Done.

For many years we have hosted the “Super Garage Sale” which has been a favorite in our community.  Hundreds of volunteer hours are required for us to set up a “department store” full of gently used items.  We also, at one point, had the “Spayghetti and No Balls Dinner” fundraiser.  The Hairball Ball has been one of our most recent and popular dinner & dancing events.  Our most popular event by far is the “Phantom Ball”.  People donate so that they don’t have to attend a fundraiser.  People love that option.

Nurturing compassion and empathy, Casper Humane Society inspires young hearts as they teach kids the importance of kindness towards animals.

Tell Us About The Most Rewarding Part of Running An Animal Shelter.

The most rewarding part of working with the shelter of course is the animals. In my 14 years there have been thousands of animals that needed our help.  Another rewarding thing has been the many amazing volunteers and donors that believe in the work that we do.

What Do You Think Might Be The Greatest Challenge of Running An Animal Rescue?

The greatest challenge at this time is the cost of care.  All of our animals receive veterinary care, vaccines and are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  The cost of those services has increased greatly in the past couple of years.

Tell Us More About The Volunteers in Casper Humane Society

We have many passionate volunteers.  They all come to the shelter for different reasons.  Our most dedicated, long time volunteer has been involved with the organization for fifty years.  She has worked in the shelter cleaning and caring for the animals.  She has fostered animals and has served on the Board of Directors.  For many years, she did TV spots twice a week to promote animals in the shelter.  I’m sure that she would say that the shelter is “her baby”.

A tender bond formed, as a dedicated volunteer at Casper Humane Society shares a heartfelt kiss with a grateful furry friend.

Tell Us More About The Animals In Casper Humane Society

Most of the animals in our shelter are owner surrendered animals.  Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in animals being given to shelter as people are moving or no longer have time for them.  We also pull animals from high kill shelters and dangerous situations.  We are proud to be able to assist animal control when they are in need.

I n gentle hands, a compassionate volunteer at Casper Humane Society shares a moment of connection, bringing comfort and warmth to a beloved feline companion.

What Are The Busiest Periods And How Does Casper Humane Society Cope?

Spring and Summer are the busiest times for the shelter.  This year in particular, we are seeing an influx of puppies & kittens in addition to the regular animals in need.

What Animals Does Casper Humane Society Focus On?

 We work with all breeds and temperaments at our shelter.  We are most proud of the “difficult” cases that we take in.  Often times we step in to help animals that would be euthanized in other shelters.  We do our best to give every animal a chance for a happy life.

Unleashing joy and playfulness, a dedicated volunteer at Casper Humane Society engages in delightful moments of feline fun, bringing happiness to the lives of playful cats.

Working With The Local Community

We have worked with our city shelter and accepted transports of animals from high kill shelters.  We help provide pet food to Meals On Wheels recipients to help ensure that people can retain their pets on limited incomes.  We are currently working to find ways to assist with the rising cost of veterinary care for low income pet owners.

Tell Us More About Your Events

Summer is a busy time for the shelter.  We try to be as visible as possible to raise awareness and facilitate animal adoptions.  The shelter is always in need of repair and updating.  If you visit our website you can donate to help with shelter support.  Those donations ensure that our animals receive the care that they need and allows us to continue to serve our community.

Programs And Services That Casper Humane Society Offers.

We are proud to consider ourselves a rescue in addition to being a No-Kill Shelter.  We often accept animals that have medical or behavioral issues.  We believe that many times the money spent for medical issues is money well spent and the time it takes to break through to an animal with behavioral issues is almost always worth it.  We also offer the “Tales With Tails” reading program for young readers.  This monthly program allows children to work on their reading skills while socializing the animals in the shelter.  In addition, we visit the local school and help educate about the importance of spaying/neutering and the humane treatment of animals.  We also offer Low Cost Vaccine Clinics for our community.

With captivating tales and wagging tails, a passionate volunteer at Casper Humane Society sparks imaginations and nurtures young hearts through the magic of storytelling.

How Was Casper Humane Society Adapted To The Challenges Presented By The Pandemic?

The pandemic certainly came with challenges.  We were fortunate that in Wyoming the restrictions were far less than in other parts of the country.  We did our best to maintain the health of our staff and volunteers while continuing to place animals in homes.

Share With Us Some Of The Heartwarming Stories Of Animals Rehabilitated And Rehomed By Casper Humane Society.

A young dog was returned to the shelter after being adopted.  Unfortunately, the adopters did not socialize or train the dog and he began showing signs of aggression.  We accepted him back into the shelter and began intensive training and socialization.  After months of intensive work, he was adopted and we even provided his new family with additional training opportunity to ensure that he would continue to be a good citizen and faithful companion.

From second chances to a lifelong bond, Watson’s journey at Casper Humane Society proves that patience, dedication, and proper training can transform a troubled pup into a loving and well-behaved companion.

What Are The Help Needed From The Local Community?

Like most shelters, the support of our local community is very important.  Whether someone supports us financially, donates needed items of helps with networking of our animals, their support is needed and appreciated.

Connect With Casper Humane Society:

Phone number: 307-265-5439

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CasperHumaneSociety

Twitter:  @CasperHumane

Instagram:  casper.humane.society

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