Exploring The World of Animal Shelters: An Inside Look At For Duck’s Sake

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An interview with For Duck’s Sake From Ogden, Utah.

Introducing For Duck’s Sake

RaeAnn Christensen, the Director of For Duck’s Sake started this organization once she saw the need for help for dumped domestic ducks and geese at local ponds.

For Duck’s Sake

How Did For Duck’s Sake Started? What Are The Challenges Encountered Along The Way?

My sister asked me to go feed starving ducks at a pond. I was very confused why ducks would be starving. Once I educated myself and realized the difference between a wild and domestic duck, I knew I had to help. There are not many organizations helping dumped farm animals, so I had to step in and do what I could. After some time of rescuing and rehabbing injured and starving ducks and geese, I knew I was not going to be able to maintain financially at the rate I was going and how many animals were in need. I started a non-profit to be able to help me fund mostly vet care. It’s very expensive. If I have extra funds, I will use them for supplies and food for rescues and pond ducks.

Tell Us About The Most “Unusual” Animal That For Duck’s Sake Has Ever Taken.

Geese are probably the most unusual. Geese have a reputation for being mean and aggressive, when really, they are just big feather puppies. Some of them are super friendly and will even sit in your lap.

Tell Us About The Most Unique And Creative Fundraising Campaigns Your Rescue Has Done.

We have designed “Don’t Dump Duck’s” merchandise. It helps us fundraise, as well as get a message to people who may not understand that domestic ducks do not belong in the wild.

The Cozy Home of Feathered Friends!

Tell Us About The Most Rewarding Part of Running An Animal Shelter.

Seeing an animal that may have been dead if left in a wild environment recover and live again.

What Do You Think Might Be The Greatest Challenge of Running An Animal Rescue?

For domestic ducks and geese, there are literally no state, county or city resources. Our wildlife rehabbers only help “wild” animals. Animal control says they don’t help ducks and geese. If people find or need to rehome domestic ducks or geese, they have nowhere to go. If people find injured domestic birds at ponds, there’s no one to help.


Tell Us More About The Volunteers in For Duck’s Sake

Our rescue is small right now. But I, and the couple others who are helping are extremely passionate with our reward being the animals are thriving and living. 

Tell Us More About The Animals In For Duck’s Sake

Most come from local ponds. I keep them in my unfinished basement while they are injured and recovering. We then try to find them forever, safe homes. Some are special needs and permanent residents. It’s very hard to find a special needs duck forever homes.

Duck’s Pen

What Are The Busiest Periods And How Does For Duck’s Sake Cope?

Busiest time is Spring and Fall. Farm supply stores across the state have ducklings shipped to their stores by the hundreds. People impulse purchase these animals because they are there in the store. Sometimes the babies are on “clearance” down to $.50 or even given away for free because farm supply stores cannot sell them. This is an archaic practice and needs to end. We don’t see buckets of puppies, or kittens at stores available for purchase at pet stores. People realize that they can’t take care of the ducks, they are expensive, messy, and a lot of work, so they go release them at a pond. Ducklings will only make it a couple hours before other ducks kill them. Adult ducks will eventually starve, get injured, and become susceptible to unnatural predators.

What Animals Does For Duck’s Sake Focus On?

We focus on ducks and geese because no one else is. It’s challenging because there are so so many dumped and we do not have enough homes. It’s rewarding, because you would have never known that ducks have so much personality and love to give.

Duck Paradise: Where Spoiled Feathers Flourish!

Working With The Local Community

We work with other non-profits, although only a couple, that help rescue farm animals. It takes a village to do this kind of work, and we know we must work together.

Tell Us More About Your Events

We are always fundraising online. Right now, we are raising funds for a domestic goose dumped at a local pond to get surgery. It has a badly infected fishhook in its cheek.

Programs And Services That For Duck’s Sake Offers.

Most shelters focus on cats and dogs. We focus solely on domestic ducks and geese.


Share With Us Some Of The Heartwarming Stories Of Animals Rehabilitated And Rehomed By For Duck’s Sake.

We have so many. One of our fan favorites is Howie the jumbo Pekin. We found Howie at a local pond, and he couldn’t even walk. I picked him up, took him home, and started his rehabilitation. A couple of months into antibiotics and he still wasn’t getting better, I was so scared for him. One day, I found a giant fishhook in his throat, I couldn’t believe it. I think his body pushed it out, and the swelling went down so I saw it. Once removed, he finally started getting better. But not without long-term effects. He has a ruptured air sac, which doesn’t hurt him, he just has a low-pitched raspy quack. He also is very susceptible to infections. So, he is a permanent resident.

What Are The Help Needed From The Local Community?

We really need people to understand what they are getting into when purchasing ducks. It’s a 10–15-year commitment, longer for geese. They require predator-proof housing, very expensive healthcare, food, and supplies. It’s a lot. We also need farm supply stores to realize that duck dumping is a huge problem. It’s a systemic problem and farm supplies could really help curb it and save animals’ lives. It would be a simple special order for ducklings rather than having them on hand every spring and fall. 

Hatcheries also need to stop “shipping” animals. Many of them die in transport and it’s so unnecessary. Having state, county, and city resources would also be helpful. Lawmakers could also help in this battle to help get regulations put in place for the protection of domestic ducks and geese. We need cities with local ponds to get on board with educating residents and posting signs to “Don’t Dump Ducks” and not to feed bread at their ponds. 

Duck’s Pen

Connect With For Duck’s Sake:

Website: www.forducksake.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4ducksake

IG & TikTok @for_ducksake 

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