Top 5 Movies Filmed in Gillette, Wyoming by US Box Office 

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Lights, Camera, Action! Get Ready to Explore Gillette, Wyoming’s Movie Magic

Imagine stepping into the shoes of your favorite movie characters, strolling through the very locations where they worked their magic on the big screen. Well, my friend, get ready for a dose of Hollywood right here in Gillette, Wyoming. We’ve got a spotlight shining on this hidden gem, as it has played host to numerous blockbuster films that you won’t want to miss!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the real-life backdrops of your favorite movies
  • Immerse yourself in the world of film and feel like a star
  • Explore the charming city of Gillette while hunting down these iconic locations

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Why venture to movie filming locations when I can simply watch the movies at home?” Ah, my curious friend, let me show you the marvelous reasons why you’ll want to pack your bags and embark on this cinematic adventure.

Lights, Camera, Gillette:

  • Marvel at Movie Magic: Have you ever wondered how those jaw-dropping action sequences were brought to life? Visiting movie filming locations gives you a front-row seat to the behind-the-scenes world of film. Get up close and personal with the sets, see where your favorite stars stood, and marvel at the sheer creativity that goes into creating movie magic.
  • Oh, the Stories You’ll Share: Who needs boring vacation tales when you can regale your friends and family with stories of exploring the very locations where famous movie scenes unfolded? Imagine their envy as you recount your encounters with the spirit of Hollywood. Plus, think of the epic photo opportunities you’ll have to prove that you were there.
  • Wander Through Movie History: Gillette, Wyoming has seen its fair share of movie magic unfold within its borders. As you roam the streets, you’ll be transported to different eras and worlds depicted in films. From thrilling Westerns to heart-wrenching dramas, every corner holds a piece of cinematic history waiting to be discovered.
  • Double the Adventure: Your journey doesn’t end with visiting the movie filming locations alone. Gillette itself has a treasure trove of attractions and activities to offer. Explore the beautiful landscapes, immerse yourself in local culture, and create memories that go beyond the silver screen. There’s something for everyone, whether you crave outdoor adventures or prefer appreciating art and history.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, lace up your movie-themed sneakers, and embark on an unforgettable adventure to the movie filming locations in Gillette, Wyoming.

Get ready to make your own film-worthy memories while exploring this fascinating city. It’s time to turn the cameras towards yourself and say, “Action!”

Now, without further ado, dive into our listicle showcasing the movies that put Gillette on the map. Let’s explore the magic captured on screen and uncover the gems of this captivating destination. Lights, camera, Gillette!

Powwow Highway – US Box Office: USD $0.28 million 

Director: Jonathan Wacks

Main Cast: Gary Farmer, A Martinez, Joanelle Romero, Amanda Wyss, Sam Vlahos, Wayne Waterman, Margot Kane, Geoffrey Rivas, Roscoe Born, John Trudell, Wes Studi, Tony Frank, Chrissie McDonald, Sky Seals, Maria Antoinette Rogers, Nicholas Anthony, Kandi Brooks, Dalin Gomez

Release Date: 24 February 1989

Filming Locations: Nambe Reservation, Nambe, New Mexico, USA; Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana, USA; Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; Taos, New Mexico, USA; Gillette, Wyoming, USA

Main Plot: An unexpected reconnection to their spiritual heritage, two Northern Cheyenne men named Delbert and his activist buddy Jaded embraced it. That happened while they were heading to New Mexico, coming from Montana to bail for the sister of Jade, who was framed and subjected to imprisonment in Sta. Fe. Their trip has been an exciting and culturally engaging voyage. It inspires people to look at their culture as something special. Delbert is a lovable and thoughtful person who is in the process of identity and pride cultivation through the traditional and spiritually mystified ways of power gathering. Jaded has been influenced by his veterans in the Vietnam War and pushed through his principle, contradicting Delbert’s approach since he is more contemporary. As they emerged through this necessity to travel, they could see their differences which made them more aware of what to revisit and acknowledge to create such a connection with each other.

Famous quotes:

Aunt Harriet: I get sick of being asked… for good old Indian wisdom. I’ve got none. So get the hell out of here!

Jane Red Bow: We shoulda rented a car.

Philbert Bono: We have my pony.

Jane Red Bow: Your pony is an old nag.

Rabbit Layton: [sees Philbert’s car] What, are you traveling incognito as a garbage man?

Buddy Red Bow: You tell everybody fairy stories.

Philbert Bono: The stories of our ancestors. How they solved problems. Often the problems never change. Nor the people.

Buddy Red Bow: Yeah, well it’s just too bad those stories don’t tell us how to keep our reservations from turning into sewers.

Philbert Bono: But they do.

Sky Red Bow: Rabbit? What tribe are me and Jane?

Fun Fact about Powwow Highway:

  • John Trudell appears as Louie Short Hair in his first film role. David Seals, another AIM member and contemporary of John Trudell in the AIM hierarchy, was the author of the novel, “Powwow Highway, ” the basis for the screenplay. Seals’ son Sky plays the son of Bonnie Red Bow.

Crystal Clear: The Jessica Dooley Story

Director: Andrew McGee

Main Cast:  Daniel, Julie Grecko, Billie Jo, Leroy, Andrew McGee, Phyllis Reynolds, Tracy

Release Date: 1 June 2008

Filming Locations: Gillette, Wyoming, USA; Helena, Montana, USA

Main Plot: This movie depicts an interesting social issue and its emerging effect on people. It presents drug use and how it ruins life. It revolves around the story of Jessica Dooley, who was 21 years old when she was murdered by a man who Crystal Methamphetamine drowned. What is interesting in this movie is their attempt to let people know how real drug addicts live their lives. They want people to be aware of the cost it takes to survive in a world where people stereotypes and how this affects them as a victim and not as an addict. You can see the heartbreaking reasons why people resort to this kind of activity here. Most of them tend to escape the reality of life which has brought them the trauma of not wanting to live anymore but being afraid of dying and being hurt. It features the daily struggles of drug addicts and discusses methamphetamine and its intense bearing on one’s nervous system until it controls the abuser. You will see in this movie what happens when they have been caught in this activity, and they quit and renew life which inspires a lot. 

Fun Fact about Crystal Clear: The Jessica Dooley Story:

  • The film was shot without financing.

Slow Ride Home

Director:  Jesse Morrow

Main Cast: Justin Barnes, Joe Hammill, Derric Hoffman, Ron Araya, Sean Porter, Paul Green, Elliot Snyder, Jesse Morrow, Dane Qualls

Release Date:  27 April 2020

Filming Locations:  Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA; Anderson, South Carolina, USA; Lebanon, Tennessee, USA; Jackson, Missouri, USA;  Nevada, Missouri, USA

Main Plot: Eight friends of The Seattle Soldiers of Destiny Scooter Club travel from Florida to Washington, making it an eleven-day ride. This movie presents many places and showcases different cultures everywhere they go. The view, diligence, and enthusiasm will entertain these friends while on the road. If you love to travel, you will feel the essence of knowing routes and enjoy the bond they get to let us watch. This contemporary travel documentary will surely interest you since 11 days of staying at home would be a lot different than having a ride, meeting new people, and trying fresh foods and places to sleep in. This is also a comedy movie that entails an adventurous VLog-like traveling documentary.

Famous quotes:

Ron: My bike is a lot like me. It’s big, it’s dumb and it tries too hard to be cool.

Derric: So, here we are, 125 cc’s, 40 miles an hour, 3,700 miles, in 11 days.

Big Daddy: There’s just turtles in the road and we’re like, you’re dodging turtles, you’re dodging sticks, you’re dodging little creeks of water, it was crazy.

Paul: Big Daddy pooped his pants


Director: Andrew V. McLaglen

Main Cast: John Wayne, Katharine Ross, Jim Hutton, Vera Miles, Jay C. Flippen, Bruce Cabot, Edward Faulkner, Barbara Stuart, Edmund Hashim, Valentin de Vargas, Frances Fong, Alberto Morin, Alan Caillou, Laraine Stephens, John Alderson, Lal Chand Mehra, Rudy Diaz, Bebe Louie

Release Date: 27 November 1968

Main Plot: Risking his life, Madelyn divorced Chance Buckman, the head Houston-based oil well firefighting outfit. Chance is a diligent man who travels the world, putting such ease to those fearing blazes by industrial accidents, explosions, and even terrorist attacks. His ex-wife took their daughter Letitia with the burden of their love for each other. The fear of Madelyn came through as Chance was crushed by a bulldozer blade, which resulted in a near-fatal accident. One of his team members fetched his daughter as he requested a constant visit to the hospital. Chance is in great doubt since he is a playboy who uses his reputation as a firefighter to bed women. Despite that, he learned to trust her daughter’s choice and accepted Chance to be part of their family. The same amount of fear is laid by Madelyn for her daughter as the same field is where their husbands are running through. But Chance decided to win back his wife and accepted the corporate job offered by his old friend Jack Lomax. But, after years, he got bored with the job and decided to return to the field. It so happens that Greg is struggling with Fire in Venezuela, where 5 oil wells are burning at once. Chance grabs the chance to get back to the field without knowing that Letitia and Madelyn followed them and witnessed the job well done by both men in their lives.

Famous quotes:

Chance Buckman: Exactly WHAT did you tell her about Madame Loo?

Greg Parker: Only that she’s 80 years old, weighs 300 pounds and is one of your oldest friends.

Colonel Valdez: My father is finally going to marry my mother! Isn’t that great?

Colonel Valdez: [completely nonplussed] That is very nice.

Chance Buckman: [referring to the fact that Greg brings a girl to a different fire] What did you use for openers this time, the old headache gag? Why, you poor man, perhaps if I rubbed your neck?

Greg Parker: True – every word, true. But it works.

Chance Buckman: Can’t say I blame you. A fellow as ugly as you are probably couldn’t get to first base without a fire.

Greg Parker: [after being awakened by a kiss from Tish] What are you doing here?

Chance Buckman: [being awakened by Greg’s question] What’s Tish doing here?

Madelyn Buckman: That was my idea.

Chance Buckman: Somebody wake me up!

Jack Lomax: There’s no mystery. There just seems to be.

Fun Fact about Hellfighters:

  • Jay C. Flippen had a leg amputated due to infection in 1965 while filming Cat Ballou (1965). That is why he played Jack Lomax as a wheelchair user, with the reason given that the character had broken his back fighting a fire.

The Outlaws Is Coming

Director:  Norman Maurer

Main Cast: Larry Fine, Joe DeRita, Moe Howard, Adam West, Nancy Kovack, Mort Mills, Don Lamond, Rex Holman, Emil Sitka, Henry Gibson, Murray Alper, Tiny Brauer, Sidney Marion, Jeffrey Scott, Marilyn Fox, Audrey Betz, Lloyd Kino, Joe Bolton

Release Date: 1 January 1965

Filming Locations:  B-Bar-B Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyoming, USA

Main Plot:  Boston wildfire conservation magazine’s editor deployed Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe. But, their supposedly simple life employment was turned upside down as they messed up the pressroom, and their publisher got them off to the company by sending them out west to stop the slaughter of Buffalo from being punished with his assistant editor Kenneth Cabot. Where they ended up, Rance Roden and his gang planned to kill all the buffalo at Casper, Wyoming, which resulted in a big riot among Indians. After knowing that Cabot is sent to investigate the slaughter of buffalo in the place, Rance sends his men to wipe out the law enforcement officers, but the three stooges sneak into the gang’s hideout and glue their firearms to their holsters. So, when Cabot confronts them, they choose justice more than crime since they know where they will end up without their weapons. Rance was enraged then and tried to sell the firearms with Gattling Guna and cannon turret to the Indians, but the stooges foiled this plan by taking a photo of the sale. Cabot was then recognized and solved the case with the three.

Famous quotes:

Johnny Ringo: [after shooting a telegraph delivery man] That’ll teach ya to interrupt me when I’m swoonin’ the gals!

Jesse James: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fastest gun of all?

Narrator: Jesse James, you was best, til this new boy came out west.

Jesse James: That’s a lie!

[shoots mirror]

Moe: Your names will live forever. You may even get into TV.

Cole Younger: Listen, right now Trigger and Roden are up in Bald Knob selling guns and ammunition to the Indians.

Rob Dalton: Listen, right now Trigger and Roden are up in Bald Knob selling guns and ammunition to the Indians.

Sequel: The Outlaws 2

Fun Fact about The Outlaws Is coming:

  • The actors who portray the gunslingers were local hosts of The Three Stooges television programs in the 1960s. One of them, Don Lamond, the host in Los Angeles, was Larry Fine’s son-in-law. The other hosts and their respective cities were Joe Bolton (New York), Bill Camfield (Dallas-Ft. Worth), Hal Fryar (Indianapolis), Johnny Ginger (Detroit), Wayne Mack (New Orleans), Ed T. McDonnell (Boston), Bruce Sedley (San Francisco), Paul Shannon (Pittsburgh), and Sally Starr (Philadelphia).

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