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Have you made up your mind to travel to St. George, Utah? For the best travel experience in St. George, Utah, check out our curated list of things to do in St. George, Utah, and the best places to visit in St. George, Utah, below. Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, hopes to have a significant impact on the world.

To make the most of your week off, travel to St. George, Utah, and experience one of the most memorable experiences of your life!

One of Utah’s most picturesque cities is St. George, nestled in the southwestern part of Beehive State.

As soon as you arrive at St. George, you’ll feel warm and delighted.

Absolutely true! It is because St. George, Utah, is a beautiful area with a rich history and gorgeous natural scenery.

In addition, the location’s elevation and latitude provide great weather. Compared to other sections of the state, the winters here are quite mild.

In the city of St. George, you’ll find lots of opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

If you’re in St. George, Utah, you’ll have the chance to travel to some of the most beautiful natural wonders, such as breathtaking canyons, vast dunes, sandstone cliffs, and charming national parks!

Even if you don’t want to explore outside the city limits, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to be enjoyed downtown.

Tourists could quickly locate a marvelous downtown area filled with history, culture, art, and museums while strolling around.

Shop in luxury stores, dine at local restaurants, and have a quick snack or hearty meal at one of the many food stalls!

St. George, Utah, is ready to be explored and enjoyed by families, solo travelers, adventure seekers, and curious minds.

If you’re one of the said travelers, you’ll want to check out the following list of the city’s most popular attractions:

Arches National Park

Arches National Park, St. George, Utah
Arches National Park, St. George, Utah / Christian Keller / Flickr

The Arches National Park is one of the top attractions in Utah.

There are skyscrapers and towering mountains in other beautiful cities around the country, but you’ll be awed by what you see here!

Come by Arches National Park while you’re in St. George if you want to take a nice road trip with your family or friends!

Although it isn’t in St. George, it’s only a drive away.

Over 2,000 sandstone arches line the park’s scenery, which looks straight out of paintings!

In addition, the spectacular arches of the park soar over the surrounding Mojave Desert.

Arches National Park, a red sandstone paradise, is noteworthy.

Among the outdoor activities available in the park are horseback riding, rock climbing, canyoneering, hiking, or simply admiring the natural beauty.

While the Arches are breathtaking in any season, summertime isn’t a great time to visit because it’s so hot.

Moreover, the best way to experience Arches National Park is during the months of April, May, September, and October.

It is highly recommended that you visit Arches National Park while you are vacationing in Utah.

Address: Utah, United States

Art Around the Corner

Art Around the Corner, St. George, Utah
Art Around the Corner is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

Those who appreciate the arts will be pleased to discover that St. George, Utah, is a suitable place to visit for you!

Art Around the Corner is a community initiative that provides local artists with opportunities to display their work and educational programs for both kids and adults.

From the starting point of this project, a nearby park hosted an exhibit of sculptures.

Art Around the Corner didn’t take long to become popular with visitors from around the country.

Since its debut, Art Around the Corner has regularly displayed outdoor displays across the city.

Fun exhibitions you could come across in St. George include incredibly colorful, sentimental murals that express important social and ethical lessons about humankind.

The city has converted ordinary utility boxes into amazing works of art.

Each art installation has its own tale to tell, whether it depicts happy children having fun or monstrous dinosaurs.

In addition, the Young Creators Program promotes the creation of three-dimensional art by high school art and welding students.

Similarly, throughout the first several months of the school year, there are various programs for fourth-graders to learn about the lost wax method of manufacturing bronze sculptures.

Definitely visit art Around the Corner if you are planning on traveling to St. George, Utah!

Address: St. George, UT, United States

Bloomington Petroglyph Park

Bloomington Petroglyph Park, St. George, Utah
Bloomington Petroglyph Park, St. George, Utah / Matthew Dillon / Flickr

While today’s residents of St. George are still fascinated with art, the city’s earliest settlers had a fondness for etching on rocks.

The Bloomington Petroglyph Park is a highly recommended tourist spot to check out in St. George, Utah, whether you check it out today or during weekends.

Because the park is only a half-acre in size, it is simply easy to navigate your way around.

In the midst of an ordinary community, these petroglyphs make a unique impression on the area.

You can begin your tour of the site by heading to the foot of Bloomington Hill, where you’ll find boulders engraved with art.

This unusual cluster of stones was found by early settlers in the region around 1870.

Tourists can pause for a nice lunch while admiring the rocks’ portrayals of animals and humans.

Additionally, the park is encircled by seats and lots of room for stretching your legs or youngsters to play.

Bloomington Petroglyph Park at St. George, Utah, is the place to go to view these fascinating rocks for yourself!

Address: 1460 W Navajo Dr, St. George, UT 84790, United States

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Brigham Young Winter House

Brigham Young Winter House, St. George, Utah
Brigham Young Winter House, St. George, Utah / Ken Lund / Flickr

A recognized mansion with its distinctive green paint on its facades, you may well be enticed to enter this historic house.

The Brigham Young Winter House is a historic mansion that served as the residence of Mormon pioneer Brigham Young.

Brigham Young, a former Mormon Church leader, spent the winters of 1870 through 1877 at this house in St. George, Utah.

When Young stayed in the house, though, it was renovated and redecorated to seem as it did during that period of time.

Inside the house, you’ll see Brigham Young’s furniture used and constructed among other 19th-century historical antiques.

Moreover, you could learn about Young’s role in building St. George Utah Temple in Utah.

In addition to the free admission, the tour guides are highly educational and engaging.

To top it all off, guided tours will provide a chance to learn about Young’s family background and his role in the state’s transformation into a Mormon-dominated region.

Brigham Young’s modest house in St. George is worth a trip for anybody interested in his life as a great leader.

Address: 67 W 200 N, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Daughters of Utah Pioneer – McQuarrie Memorial Museum

Daughters of Utah Pioneer – McQuarrie Memorial Museum, St. George, Utah
Daughters of Utah Pioneer – McQuarrie Memorial Museum, St. George, Utah / Ken Lund / Flickr

Many historical images, artifacts, and accounts from the town’s early settlers may be found at this site.

The McQuarrie Memorial Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum is a St. George women’s society that carefully maintains the legacy of Utah’s first inhabitants and the lovely landscape.

As far as local history is concerned, the museum’s collection is unrivaled.

Visiting the museum and seeing the earliest known relics from St. George is surely a memorable experience.

In addition, there are excursions and other special events to choose from to fully appreciate the museum.

The McQuarrie Memorial Museum has over 200 female volunteers who administer and preserve the facilities and also act as Docents to tourists from all over the world.

From exquisite fancy clothes to huge installations to luxury goods, the museum’s collections have something for each and every style.

You’ll also see beautiful antiques from Utah’s ancient past, hand-made tools, Victorian interiors, fine art and other works of art, and even medical equipment.

There is no cost to entering for the general public!

The McQuarrie Memorial Museum in St. George is an excellent way for you to explore more about Utah’s history and culture.

Address: 145 N 100 E, St. George, UT 84770, United States

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Dixie Red Hills Golf Course

Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, St. George, Utah
Dixie Red Hills Golf Course is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

How would you feel about a place where you could play golf and enjoy breathtaking scenery?

The Dixie Red Hills Golf Course is just one of the best in the country. Playing it with family and friends will be an unforgettable experience!

Founded in 1960, the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course in St. George was the city’s first golf course.

The city owns and operates Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, a public 18-hole golf course.

Moreover, visitors can enjoy this location’s panoramic view of the Pine Valley Mountains and Zion National Park.

In addition, the course has a nine-hole, 34-par golf course which is also ideal for amateur players with its marvelous red rock scenery and accessibility.

Trees like Cottonwood, Mondale Pine, and Mesquite give shade throughout the area’s hot season, making this golf course perfect for everyone!

You won’t find the same place to play in the red rocks as this golf course.

As you make your move to the fairway, you’ll be playing shots off boulders, past cliffs, then through the woods.

Dixie Red Hills Golf Course in St. George, Utah, is the perfect place to combine golfing with relaxation and fun memories.

Address: 645 W 1250 N, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Grafton Ghost Town

Grafton Ghost Town , St. George
Grafton Ghost Town, St. George / Don Graham / Flickr

The Grafton Ghost Town is one of the best things to do in Utah.

For tourists with a different taste for adventure, rather odd, a visit to this town could give you both creeps and enjoyment.

Grafton Ghost Town is a unique travel destination that travelers to St. George, Utah, should try to include in their itinerary.

In spite of its proximity to Zion National Park’s major road, the town of Springdale receives quite a few visitors due to its location on the other side of the river.

Brigham Young, the famous religious leader, founded the town as a cotton mission, and that once thrived.

During severe floods of the Virgin River and the Blackhawk War, the site of Grafton was evacuated and abandoned.

However, Grafton is in better condition now than when it was at its most economically developed.

In the present time, you could visit this unexpected place and feel like you’re back in the early 1900s.

Since Grafton was abandoned, the schoolhouse and a few residences are still being maintained and developed.

Nearby, you can also check out the perfectly preserved cemetery with a number of burials from the 1860s that are still in use.

Although a self-guided ghost town tour will only take an hour, figuring out which houses will be available at any particular moment might be challenging.

Grafton Ghost Town is a wonderful site to walk about despite whether or not you’ll be able to enter any of the buildings.

Address: 1717 W Main St, Rockville, UT, United States

Green Gate Village

Green Gate Village, St. George, Utah
Image for illustration purposes only

If you want to focus your time in St. George touring or shopping, this is the best option.

Green Gate Village is a neighborhood shopping zone that will satisfy your retail compulsions.

Green Gate Village was formed after Brigham Young ordered white paint for St. George Temple in 1877.

When Young discovered it was not actually white paint but rather green, he then distributed the green paint to everyone in town. 

Some residents painted their fences and exteriors green as a result of that.

There are 14 historic properties in Downtown St. George’s Green Gate Village.

It’s interesting to note that The Green Gate Village is one of just a handful of green gates that have endured since its construction 131 years ago.

Boutique shops and local eateries will also be available for tourists’ enjoyment, whether it is for a nice lunch or a shopping spree.

Additionally, there is a historic general store, a home décor shop, interesting clothing stores, the only bookshop in the area, a jeweler, and a barbershop, all in Green Gate Village.

But there are also newer facilities, such as in-room whirlpool baths and an outdoor pool, which have been maintained.

Furthermore, Green Gate Village conducts a variety of entertaining events on a regular basis.

Green Gate Village has a variety of fun events throughout the year, such as a Christmas village and food truck festivals.

Green Gate Village is the place to go whether you want to watch a show, shop, or dine!

Address: 76 W Tabernacle St, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Judd’s General Store

Judd's General Store, St. George, Utah
Judd’s General Store, St. George, Utah / brewbooks / Flickr

Stop by this general shop to view old structures in St. George before they’re gone.

Judd’s General Store is one of those places where you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

A must-see feature of Judd’s General Store is the storefront, which acts as a time portal.

In actuality, it’s just a retail business over a century old! Cool, right?

According to its proprietor, Judd boasts of being the town’s oldest retail establishment, which opened the business in 1909.

If you’re looking for a gem of an old-fashioned general shop, Judd’s Store is it.

This shop is full of drinks, sweets, and other snacks that will make your youngsters squeal with joy.

Judd’s General Store really takes you back to those days with nostalgic treats like retro candy and vintage beverages!

Moreover, there are light lunches, including nachos, hand-made soups, and sandwiches that you can eat either inside or outside the terrace.

Indeed, Judd’s General Store is an awesome historic location to share with youngsters.

When visiting St. George, head down to Judd’s General Store for a really, truly unforgettable experience!

Address: 62 W Tabernacle St, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Kayenta Art Village

Kayenta Art Village, St. George, Utah
Kayenta Art Village, St. George, Utah / Alan Levine / Flickr

This village in St. George, like Green Gate Village, is popular with travelers who are passionate about art.

Kayenta Art Village is a culture, arts, shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.

Outside St. George, Utah’s Kayenta Art Village is an emerging center of artistic activity.

If you’re searching for a quick break from the city, Kayenta Art Village is a fantastic option.

At first sight, you’ll be greeted by several residences in Kayenta and an art village.

As you wander down Kayenta Art Village, you’ll discover that it is a majestic place to shop for peculiar things and have a coffee or lunch on the covered terrace.

Around the village, you’ll discover art galleries, studios, spas, a café with an outdoor seating area, and many other things.

In reality, it’s a pedestrian-only zone where you can go for a stroll in the morning and in the afternoon without feeling rushed.

It also has a lovely arboretum where desert plants and a maze rose garden exists. Other nearby attractions include a sculpture garden, a pottery workshop, and more.

Finally, Kayenta Art Village conducts some festivals and other unique events, so you may come back again and time again and experience something fresh.

Drive by and discover Kayenta Art Village and spend the day experiencing culture and art!

Address: 851 Coyote Gulch Ct, Ivins, UT 84738, United States

Painted Pony Restaurant

Painted Pony Restaurant, St. George, Utah
Painted Pony Restaurant is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

If you’re in St. George and want to treat your significant other to a romantic meal, this is the place to go.

An iconic St. George restaurant, Painted Pony Restaurant is a must-stop for visitors coming into the city.

Because of the restaurant’s art-filled surroundings, you can enjoy tasty meals while also learning about diverse museum-style artworks.

In addition, The Painted Pony adds a taste of the Southwest to St. George.

Hidden in Ancestor Square’s quiet nook is a restaurant that’s adorned with modern Southwestern paintings and pretty flowers.

With softer lighting and outside seating, this restaurant provides an ideal ambiance for a romantic dinner date.

When you’re looking for an authentic Southwestern dining experience that’s also fun, Painted Pony Restaurant is an excellent pick.

If you’re visiting Utah, don’t forget to reserve a table at one of the best restaurants in the state.

Exceptional food and service, as well as an extensive wine selection, make this restaurant extraordinary!

Undoubtedly, The Painted Pony has mastered the excellent skill of employing fresh ingredients and subtle flavorings so that guests come back for more!

Whether you’ve already been to St. George or are still planning a trip, don’t forget to dine at The Painted Pony.

Address: 2 West Saint George Boulevard #22 Tower Building, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area , St. George , Utah
Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, St. George, Utah / Bureau of Land Management / Flickr

The Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is one of the best places to visit in Utah.

“Wow” is an understatement when describing your experience at this amazing location in St. George!

A drive away north of St. George, Utah, you’ll discover the jaw-dropping Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.

In fact, the conservation area is a connecting point between the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, and the Colorado Plateau. 

At over 45,000 acres of natural wonder, the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is one of Utah’s most captivating tourist destinations.

If you’ve ever wanted to view a wide diversity of wildlife and plant life from all around the world, here is the place to go.

This is a must-see for travelers who want to glimpse the extraordinary contrast between a harsh rock-scape and exquisite, tenacious life.

Upland and Lowland zones have been established in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve due to their varied topography and biological makeup.

In addition, the park is home to approximately 150 miles of hiking trails that provide the ideal environment for awe-inspiring wildlife and nature viewing.

Likewise, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts go to the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area in the Mojave Desert because it is a habitat for endangered animals like the Mojave Desert Tortoise.

In the vicinity of the paths are wilderness areas, recreational locations, and campgrounds.

Also, your furry friends are only permitted in campsites, picnic areas, and primitive roads, but not on the trails.

So grab your equipment and get ready for an exciting journey across the picturesque Red Cliffs National Conservation Area!

Address: 345 E Riverside Dr, St. George, UT 84790, United States

Red Hills Desert Garden

Red Hills Desert Garden, St. George, Utah
Red Hills Desert Garden, St. George, Utah / Andrey Zharkikh / Flickr

The state’s first integrated desert conservation garden should be on everyone’s bucket list while visiting St. George.

Red Hills Desert Garden is a five-acre sanctuary that is rich in desert plants and wildlife that is only found in Utah.

Unique desert flora and ecosystem are showcased in this garden’s many qualities.

Moreover, the Red Hills Desert Garden features 5,000 water-loving and efficient plants, the majority of which are native to Utah.

You can also observe a variety of fish swimming in the aquarium and a stream running through the middle of the garden.

As you roam through the captivating garden, you’ll stumble upon the activated slot canyon, which has prehistoric dinosaur footprints dating as far as 200 million years.

In fact, the dinosaur footprints are expertly employed to bring visitors down pathways that properly exhibit the garden’s unique attributes.

Meanwhile, visitors may relax in the gazebo, dine al fresco, and take in the diversity of Utah’s flora.

Red Hills Desert Garden is always open throughout the day, and the entrance is always free of charge.

To have the best vacation with your family or friends in St. George’s, one must visit Red Hills Desert Garden!

Address: 375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum, St. George, Utah
Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

Looking forward to observing more animals in St. George? A must-see for visitors to the city is this wildlife museum!

Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum is located in southern Utah and houses many amazing dioramas depicting animal portrayals from all continents.

You’ll be astounded at how many amazing species from throughout the world you can see right here without going across the country.

Incredibly detailed taxidermy may even be seen on every one of the animals on display at the museum.

Their 35,000+ square foot family-friendly establishment is guaranteed to offer a little of everything for everyone!

In every section of the wildlife museum, you’ll encounter diverse creatures, findings, and dioramas that precisely recreate every animal’s natural environment.

There’s also an educational children’s exhibit there, so it’s a wonderful location for families with kids.

On top of all that, the museum offers some impressive audio tours that explain everything you ever wanted to know about wildlife and their natural environments.

Tour around Rosenbruch World Creatures Museum, and you may find a variety of wildlife and know more about them all in one place!

Address: 1835 S Convention Center Dr, St. George, UT 84790, United States

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park, St. George, Utah
Sand Hollow State Park is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

It’s at this state park where the majestic, deep-red cliffs and dunes meet the clear, cool waters.

Over 1,300 acres of Utah’s Sand Hollow State Park are home to a 1,300-acre reservoir that provides the backdrop for amazing water sports.

It’s only a short drive from St. George to Sand Hollow State Park, which is located near Hurricane.

A trip to this amazing spot is a must if you enjoy being on or near the water.

At Sand Hollow State Park, you’ll find an oasis from the desert’s blistering summers.

In the magnificent reservoir of the state park, you could go fishing, swimming, and boating.

The state park has a lot more to offer than only water-based activities.

On its Sand Mountain, thrill and adventure seekers could enjoy miles of off-roading action in the desert.

With that, Sand Mountain features ATV paths through sand dunes that will get your heart racing.

Additional campsites are available in the state park for people who wish to prolong their visit.

Overall, there are so many attractions to see and do that visitors can easily spend more than a day or even spend the night.

A road trip to Sand Hollow State Park in Utah is a surefire way to have a great weekend if you are in St. George, Utah.

Address: 3351 Sand Hollow Rd, Hurricane, UT 84737, United States

Sears Art Museum

Sears Art Museum, St. George, Utah
Sears Art Museum is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

Spending some quality time with someone you care about in one of St. George’s museums while you’re there is always a nice idea!

The Sears Art Museum is located in the Delores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center at Utah Tech University, which was founded in 2004.

Each year, the university and local community could experience and learn about six different shows at this art museum, covering a wide range of art styles from classic to modern.

As a result, visitors can expect to see different exhibitions each time they come to the museum.

If you enjoy art, you should surely make time to visit the museum.

The museum displays a wide range of media, although it can only hold 200 artworks at a time.

Additionally, the museum has a large permanent collection, including works on a wide range of topics, including women’s voices, art history, and cultural stigmas.

When arranging your visit to the museum, keep in mind that it is only open Monday through Friday; nevertheless, entry is free.

Moreover, you have the option of participating in social or educational organizations.

Visit the Sears Art Museum, a one-of-a-kind tourist destination in St. George, for an institution overflowing with arts and culture.

Address: 155 N University Ave, St. George, UT 84770, United States

St. George Art Museum

St. George Art Museum, St. George, Utah
St. George Art Museum is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

Since St. George is a city that celebrates art, there are a lot of art institutes and shows in the region. St. George Art Museum is yet another art museum worth visiting.

The St. George Art Museum is one of the city’s premier museums for learning about Utah’s history, culture, and art.

Once a sugar beet seed warehouse, the building has been repurposed into an attractive art gallery.

Presently, the St. George Art Museum is located across the street from the Post Office, in the center of historic downtown.

Aside from the amazing art collections, wandering around The St. George Art Museum is a refreshing experience due to the varied spectrum of artworks on display.

Exhibitions by artists from throughout the world portray a wide range of subjects, including people, places, and times.

Likewise, the museum offers fun, family-friendly events and activities in addition to its extensive collection.

Kids’ art camps, Take-Home Art Kits, and weekly art critique nights are just a few of the many options for your kiddos to try!

If you’re traveling with your family, be sure to include The St. George Art Museum on your list of places to visit!

Address: 47 E 200 N, St. George, UT 84770, United States

St. George Children’s Museum

St. George Children's Museum, St. George, Utah
St. George Children’s Museum, St. George, Utah / Ken Lund / Flickr

Spend the day out with your kids at this kid-friendly museum in St. George!

The St. George Children’s Museum has a variety of academic, fun, and learning experience and exhibitions for children.

As you tour around the museum, you and your kids will be entertained by a wide variety of exhibits suited for everyone.

Moreover, St. George Children’s Museum can be experienced through self-guided tours, with 12 interactive rooms to explore.

Inspiring children’s imagination, creativity, curiosity, and sense of wonder are the top priorities of the museum’s exhibitions and shows.

In fact, the rooms are designed to encourage interaction between children and adults.

Similarly, the St. George Children’s Museum features entertaining exhibits, such as a farm, an outer space station, a library system, a transportation display, and a grocery shop.

With those exhibits, your kid’s senses will surely be put to use and challenge them intellectually.

If your kids also want to sing, dance, dress up, or want to be a broadcaster, the museum’s theater is a great area to unleash their entertainment skills!

In contrast to the spectacular display rooms, the museum frequently hosts special events, including handicraft sessions, a tinkering lab, and music and art lessons.

It’s time for you and your youngsters to schedule a tour of the St. George Children’s Museum in St. George, Utah!

Address: 86 S Main St, St. George, UT 84770, United States

St. George Carousel

St. George Carousel, St. George, Utah
St. George Carousel is one of the best places to go in St. George, Utah

Is treasure hunting something you’d want to try? This St. George attraction is a “hidden jewel,” even though you won’t discover any gold or diamonds there.

Hidden but willing to be found, St. George Carousel is a wonderful place to have a ride and feel like a kid once again!

If you want to spend the day enjoying being carefree and joyful throughout the day, you can start by visiting St. George Carousel.

Though it may look like just another carousel, it is considered a historic amusement set amid the quaint Town Square Park that was built in 1989.

It did not begin as a public favorite for the residents; in fact, many residents are against putting the carousel in Town Square.

As a result, in March 2014, the St. George Carousel became an attractive element of the Town Square when the city decided that the longing for nostalgia and allure to downtown must prevail over the critics.

Another fun option for youngsters to cool down in the warm desert summers is this splash pad, which allows them to have unrestrained fun.

It’s true in the sense that a carousel is a great way to keep the whole family entertained!

You’re welcome to come to ride as often as you like and cool down in the splash pad! Remember to snap lots of adorable photos while you’re there.

Even if you’re just in town for a few days, the St. George Carousel is a one-of-a-kind sight that you won’t see anywhere else.

Address: 100 W Tabernacle St, St. George, UT 84770, United States

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site , St. George, Utah
St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, St. George, Utah / 5of7 / Flickr

Are you up for a trip back in time without ever having to leave St. George? 

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site is a must-see tourist site to experience time-traveling!

It is only a minute’s walk from downtown St. George, where you can quickly spot its building.

Furthermore, St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site was formed around the year 2000 by a doctor who, according to rumor, won the fossil jackpot!

Undoubtedly, it’s a museum that dinosaur fans of all ages will love.

Among the early Jurassic fossils on display are dinosaur footprints and other artifacts, which may be seen up close during such a visit to the site.

A Jurassic habitat, a fish display, and other museum exhibits can also be seen at the location.

Meanwhile, the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site provides special activities like paleontology camps and Paleo talks from time to time for those interested!

Dino Park, located just outside the museum, is a great place to take a break, eat a picnic, and get some exercise.

Most importantly, visitors may bring their furry friends along for the trip!

Come and tour the impressive St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site to understand more about St. George’s past, particularly the days before mankind!

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Address: 2180 E Riverside Dr, St. George, UT 84790, United States


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