Top 7 Movies Filmed in Columbus, Ohio by US Box Office

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Lights, Camera, Action! Explore the Iconic Film Locations in Columbus, Ohio!

Hey there, fellow movie fanatic! If you’ve found yourself googling movies filmed in Columbus, Ohio, then boy, do I have some exciting news for you. Get ready to embark on a cinematic adventure as we dive into the glitz and glamour of the silver screen right here in the heart of Columbus. But enough chit-chat, let’s jump into the reel deal!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the hidden gems of Columbus while strolling through the iconic film locations.
  • Immerse yourself in the magic of your favorite movies and imagine you’re the star of the show.
  • Turn your sightseeing into a fun scavenger hunt, spotting scenes from various films.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Why should I visit movie filming locations?” Well, my movie-loving friend, let me enlighten you. Picture this: you’ve been binge-watching movies like there’s no tomorrow, and suddenly, that travel bug bites you.

You’re rearing to go, but where to? Cue Columbus, Ohio – a city brimming with history, culture, and a surprising number of film sets that will make you feel like you’re living in the scene itself.

Imagine strolling through the same streets where your favorite actors once walked, reliving those iconic movie moments firsthand. From romantic comedies to heart-stopping thrillers, Columbus has served as the backdrop for an impressive lineup of films. It’s a chance to connect with the stars, albeit in spirit, and uncover a hidden layer of movie magic that’s waiting to be explored.

Now, let’s talk fun! Exploring movie filming locations is like stepping into a real-life version of Clue, where you get to play detective and solve the mystery of where your favorite scenes were shot. Feel the thrill as you match the scenery on your screen to the landmarks in Columbus, adding a whole new level of excitement to your sightseeing adventures.

As you traverse the city, you’ll stumble upon familiar sights that will leave you feeling like you’re inside the movie itself. Imagine sipping a coffee at that cute café where the main character had that pivotal conversation, or standing on that bridge where the climactic showdown took place. It’s an experience that breathes life into the movies you love, giving you a deeper connection to the stories that resonate with you.

So, my adventurous friend, grab your popcorn, channel your inner film aficionado, and get ready to explore the magnificent movie filming locations scattered throughout Columbus, Ohio. From popular blockbusters to indie darlings, each location has a tale to tell, just waiting for you to experience it firsthand.

Lights, camera, action! Time to dive into the world of movies filmed in Columbus, Ohio. Grab your map, put on your walking shoes, and prepare for a thrilling adventure as you explore the iconic film locations that have graced the silver screen.

Step into the shoes of your favorite actors and create your own cinematic memories. Get ready, because Columbus is about to show you a reel good time! Just scroll down to discover the top movies filmed in this amazing city.

Remember, my fellow movie buff, the greatest films are the ones that transport you to another world. And in Columbus, Ohio, that world is just around the corner, waiting for you to unravel its mesmerizing stories. So, go ahead, seize the day, and let the magic of the movies guide your wanderlust. Lights, camera, action – let the adventure begin!

Air Force One – US Box Office: USD$172.96millions

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Main Cast: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson

Release Date: September 12, 1997 

Filming Locations: Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Culver City, California, USA; Moscow, Russia; USA

Main Plot: The American President travels to Moscow and delivers an impassioned speech describing the country’s new “Zero-tolerance” approach to terrorism. Terrorists hijack Air Force One, the President’s official aircraft, as it is flying home and hold the passengers, including his wife and daughter, hostage. Each half-hour, a hostage, will be executed by the terrorists unless/until their demands are satisfied. The President, though, is a former Medal of Honor recipient, so the terrorists might be in for a shock. As the crew of the Hercules draws Marshall in, he still has trouble fastening his zipline strap. The pilot switches the Hercules’ call sign from “Liberty 2-4” to “Air Force One” after he is safely aboard (this title applies to any aircraft that the President is aboard). The F-15 squadron continues flanking positions as they escort the First Family residence as Marshall is reunited with his family.

Famous quotes:

Liberty 24 Pilot: “Blue Star… Air Force One is down!”

Control Room [Blue Star]: “Liberty 24 have you got the president?


Control Room [Blue Star]: “Liberty DO YOU HAVE THE PRESIDENT!”

Liberty 24 Pilot: “Standby…”

Ivan Korshunov: “Your national security advisor has just been executed. He’s a very good negotiator. He bought you another half hour.”

Fun Fact about Air Force One:

  • Two F/A-18 fighters showed up one day while filming and radioed in a shocking report that the jet they had been requested to identify was Air Force One and had bullet holes. (In reality, they were decals.) The Los Angeles air traffic control tower was informed of the recording and was able to clarify things.

Traffic – US Box Office: USD$124.12millions

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Main Cast: Michael Douglas, Benicio Del Toro, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jacob Vargas

Release Date: January 26, 2001

Filming Locations: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; El Paso, Texas, USA; Pasadena, California, USA; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio, USA

Main Plot: Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez (Del Toro), a police officer, and his partner Manolo intercept a drug delivery and apprehend the couriers in Mexico, where the movie opens. General Salazar (Milian), a senior Mexican official, stops their detention. The Tijuana Obregón Drug Cartel’s legendary hit man, Frankie Flowers (Collins, Jr.), is the target of the general’s decision to recruit Javier. The latter is given the assignment to find and capture him. A conservative Ohio judge named Robert Wakefield (Douglas) is then designated as the director of the President’s Office of National Drug Control and given the title Drug Czar. His predecessor and several powerful politicians warn Wakefield that the war on drugs cannot be won. Wakefield is unaware that his honor student daughter Caroline is consuming cocaine. And develops a drug addiction after her lover Seth introduces her to freebase cocaine. When a fellow student at her high school overdoses on drugs, and they attempt to drop him off at a local hospital surreptitiously, they are both arrested. Robert learns that his wife, Barbara (Irving), was aware of their daughter’s drug use for more than six months.

Famous quotes:

Robert Wakefield: “If there is a war on drugs, then many of our family members are the enemy. And I don’t know how you wage war on your own family.”

Montel Gordon: “I lost my virginity with a sophomore in high school.

Ray Castro: That’s cool.” 

Montel Gordon: “Yeah, sweet.”

Ray Castro: “Did he treat you good?”

Fun Fact about Traffic:

  • Screenwriter Stephen Gaghan noted that the high school record in the movie was his and that he had been consuming drugs. 

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – US Box Office: USD$102.00millions

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Main Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicoll, Gregorio, Georgina Cates

Release Date: October 23, 2013 

Filming Locations: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Sacramento, California, USA; Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Main Plot: In “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” 86-year-old Irving Zisman travels across America with his most improbable traveling companion: Billy, his 8-year-old grandson. Moviegoers will join Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll’s Irving Zisman and Billy on the most outrageous hidden camera road trip ever documented on video. Along the way, Irving will expose the impressionable young Billy to individuals, environments, and circumstances that redefine the concept of “childrearing.” Male strippers, angry kid beauty pageant entrants (and their equally angry mothers), funeral home mourners, biker bar clients, and plenty of unknowing bystanders will all come into contact with the pair. Real people in absurd circumstances make for one very screwed-up comedy.

Famous quotes:

Irving Zisman: “You young ladies in the market for a nice bed?”

Woman #1: “No.”

Irving Zisman: “Seventy-five dollars.”

Woman #2: “What’s so special about it?”

Irving Zisman: “It’s got that special vibrating feature, you know what I’m saying?”

Fun Fact about Bad Grandpa:

  • Before filming the scene where he gives birth to his son, Gregorio spends a few hours in the motorcycle pub. He used that time to rile up the bikers and incite them to open hostility.

Ordinary People – US Box Office: USD$54.80millions

Director: Robert Redford

Main Cast: Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch, Timothy Hutton 

Release Date: March 5, 1981

Filming Locations: Northbrook, Illinois, USA; Lake Bluff, USA; Apple Valley, California, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; 308 Scott Street, Lake Forest, Illinois, USA

Main Plot: Buck Jarrett, the younger brother and closest friend of Conrad Jarrett died in a boating accident. Soon later, Conrad attempted suicide. Conrad is back with his parents, Calvin and Beth Jarrett, in their upper-middle-class suburban Chicago home following a four-month hospital stay. Conrad returned to high school for his senior year. And participating in his previous extracurricular activities, like the swim team and chorus, represents the Jarrett family’s collective effort to go on with their lives in public. But there are problems in the Jarrett household. Conrad resumes his outpatient mental therapy with a doctor named Berger, even though he claims he is uncertain why he decided to do so. The Jarretts’ collective dissatisfaction may be explained by this therapy. Each person considers their connections with the other two and the dynamics of the family as a whole.

Famous quotes:

Conrad “Con” Jarrett: “Bucky, I didn’t mean it! Bucky, I didn’t mean it!”

Dr. Berger: “What?”

Conrad “Con” Jarrett: “I said put the sail down, but you said keep it starboard, and then we go over! And you say “Hang on, Hang on!”, but then you let go! Why’d you let go?”

Dr. Berger: “Because I was tired!”

Conrad “Con” Jarrett: “Oh yeah? Well, screw you, you jerk!”

Fun Fact about Ordinary People:

  • According to Timothy Hutton in an article in Entertainment Weekly, Robert Redford instructed the cast and staff on set to take advantage of his inexperience. And refrain from assisting him so he would feel as alone and abandoned as his character.

Brubaker – US Box Office: USD$37.12millions

Director: Stuart Rosenberg

Main Cast: Robert Redford, Yaphet Kotto, Morgan Freeman, Jane Alexander

Release Date: September 11, 1980

Filming Locations: Junction City Prison, Junction City, Ohio, USA; Columbus, Ohio, USA;  Lancaster, Ohio, USA; Fairfield County Fairgrounds – 157 E. Fair Avenue, Lancaster, Ohio, USA; New Lexington, Ohio, USA

Main Plot: The corruption and schemes the guards and prison authorities are running are all on display for the new warden, who enters the facility dressed as a prisoner. The local business community, which had benefited from the scams, pushes back when he comes forth and begins to execute changes to end the corruption. The corrupt jail system starts causing political trouble for the new warden. Dickie tells Brubaker that he was right about prison reform when Rory Poke, the next warden who will take over for him, addresses the jail. Dickie starts clapping as Brubaker exits Wakefield Prison, signaling the other prisoners to break formation and clap for Brubaker as a symbol of respect.

Famous quotes:

Lillian Gray: “I want to know why you always think you can just walk out.”

Henry Brubaker: “Because that’s murder they’re talking about in there. And if I condone it, you can’t turn around and tell these men why they’re locked up. It’s one standard for everyone, the way I see it.”

Lillian Gray: “And you can’t see any options, no middle ground.”

Henry Brubaker: “No, I don’t see playing politics with the truth, Lillian.”

Lillian Gray: “No way to compromise?”

Fun Fact about Brubaker:

  • Nicolas Cage makes his acting debut as an extra. Additionally, this was Morgan Freeman’s debut movie with credit.

Draft Day – US Box Office: USD$28.83millions

Director: Ivan Reitman 

Main Cast: Kevin Costner, Chadwick Boseman, Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella

Release Date: October 3, 2014

Filming Locations: Wildwater Kingdom, Aurora, Ohio, USA; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Berea, Ohio, USA; Manhattan, New York, New York, USA; Eleven River Road, Rocky River, Ohio, USA

Main Plot: The team’s owner (Frank Langella) tells Sonny he will be fired if he doesn’t make a splash and boost ticket sales with 13 hours till the start of the NFL draft. Due to this, the general manager accepts a trade offer from another team that grants him the first overall pick in exchange for three additional first-round choices. The move infuriates the head coach of the Browns. It compels every scout in the organization to learn everything they can about the Wisconsin quarterback that everyone, including the owner, expects them to select. Weaver, meanwhile, finds himself attracted to a gifted linebacker who must deal with family problems and has a fiery temper.

Famous quotes:

Ali: “How is it that the ultimate prize in the most macho sport ever invented is a piece of jewelry?”

Coach Penn: “This is the draft analysis we’ve all been working on for the last two weeks…”

Sonny Weaver Jr.: “Love some.”

Coach Penn: “Light and sweet, honey, thanks.”

Ali: “Yeah, I’m not getting you idiots anything.”

Fun Fact about Draft Day:

  • The MPAA had given the movie an original R rating. Still, Lionsgate successfully challenged the decision and secured an uncut PG-13 certificate. As a result, using the epithet “motherfucker” in a PG-13 movie is relatively uncommon.

Teachers – US Box Office: USD$27.7millions

Director: Arthur Hiller

Main Cast: Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, Judd Hirsch, Ralph Macchio

Release Date: February 27, 1985

Filming Locations: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Main Plot: This film entitled Teacher begins with A teacher who manages to get over his frustration in a high school filled with flunkies. His issues grow as he works to educate his children while also trying to help them, which lands him in hot water with the school board. He defeats the school board and his annoyance with the help of his students. Did he do the wrong thing to prove his point or not? It is now up to the audience what their verdict is on the Teacher’s decisions. What are you waiting for, come and see the film yourself to see the exciting part happen

Famous quotes:

Alex Jurel: “My resignation? What for?”

Dr. Donna Burke: “Because, Mr. Jurel, no one here wants to go through the pain of firing you.”

Lisa: “It really is good to see you, Mr. Jurel.”

Alex Jurel: “Considering how much you’ve seen, who don’t you call me Alex?”

Roger Revel: “We’re not here to worry about one kid, we’re trying to get as many through with what we’ve got.”

Fun Fact about Teachers:

  • Later, both Laura Dern and Crispin Glover participated in the film Wild at Heart. He also made an appearance in Chinatown with his father, Bruce Glover, and her mother, Dianne Ladd.

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