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Deciding to travel to Banff, Canada? For the best things to do in Banff, Canada, and the coolest places to visit in Banff, Canada. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Banff, Canada. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Alpenglow Festival

Alpenglow Festival, Banff, Canada
Alpenglow Festival is one of the best places to go in Banff, Canada

Gather for S’mores and live music at Alpenglow Festival.

The mountain’s summit comes alive during the winter months with the colorful and vibrant Alpenglow Festival, and spending a few hours up here is a lovely Banff winter activity.

The alpenglow is a beautiful thing that happens when the tops of the mountains turn red right after the sun goes down.

The Alpenglow Festival is a great event in the late afternoon because many local artists perform, there is good food, and people are given s’mores to make on the fires outside.

It’ll be a memory you’ll never forget.

It’s one of those moments when you just have to stop what you’re doing and look up at the mountains. 

In the day’s final minutes, a blanket of reddish, pinkish, and purple light spreads across the mountaintops. Alpenglow is a fleeting experience that leaves you speechless.

Experience a fun festival that will leave you wanting to visit again and see the fantastic views.

Address: Banff, Canada

Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca Glacier (Banff), Canada
Athabasca Glacier (Banff), Canada / Marilyn Peddle / Flickr

Hike on the Athabasca Glacier for a thrilling adventure.

There are more visitors to the Athabasca Glacier than anywhere else in North America. It is part of the beautiful Columbia Icefield, the most enormous ice mass in the Canadian Rockies.

This spectacular glacier, located approximately midway down the Icefields Parkway, may be visited in various ways. 

The most popular choice is to take a ride on the glacier in the Ice Explorer, a specially equipped adventure bus.

This journey takes a little over an hour and is an excellent option to see the glacier if you are short on time or have mobility concerns.

In addition to the Glacier Adventure trip, the Glacier Skywalk is a favorite extra activity.

The views aren’t much different from the platform itself. Still, for some people, it’s an exhilarating experience to walk on glass and stare down at the valley below. 

During your tour, you’ll also be able to learn about the waterfalls and the wildlife and fossils.

But if you genuinely want to have an adventure, you should trek to the glacier yourself!

Excitement awaits you on this thrilling adventure.

Address: Banff, Canada

Banff Gondola

Banff Gondola (Banff), Canada
Banff Gondola (Banff), Canada / Ron Cogswell / Flickr

A trip up the gondola is a must if you want to feel like you’re on top of the world. 

This part of the Rocky Mountains is very unique and beautiful, and the best way to see that beauty is from high above the mountains.

The Banff Gondola is located at the end of Mountain Avenue in Banff.

If you want to see the beautiful mountain range views from the summit of Sulphur Mountain without having to trek up or down, the Banff Gondola is the way.

This gondola will transport you to the summit of Sulphur Mountain, where you will get panoramic views of the town and surrounding mountain ranges. 

The vistas along the journey offer a one-of-a-kind perspective on the grandeur of Banff and the surrounding region.

Many platforms lead to several viewing locations and a restaurant, bar, and coffee shop.

It’s definitely one of the best things to do when you visit Banff.

Address: 100 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1B2, Canada

Buffalo Nation Luxton Museum

Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum (Banff), Canada
Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum (Banff), Canada / Ron Cogswell / Flickr

Polish up on your Native American history at the Buffalo Nation’s Luxton Museum.

No vacation to Canada is complete without learning about its fascinating First Nations culture. This fantastic museum in downtown Banff does an excellent job of doing just that.

The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum has been operating since the 1950s and has committed itself to educating everyone about the aboriginal people’s contributions to the surrounding territories.

This museum has a lot of exciting exhibits and historical facts about the local First Nation tribe.

The knowledge and artifacts are fantastic, and it’s a fantastic museum that blends old and contemporary technology to give you a sense of their traditions.

This museum is a fantastic Banff destination, especially for history and culture buffs. It’s a little museum that may be toured in approximately an hour.

Even though it is not a huge museum, the Buffalo Nations have built a great exhibition of First Nations culture. It is well worth a visit.

Address:1 Birch Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A8, Canada

Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain (Banff), Canada
Cascade Mountain (Banff), Canada / Daniel / Flickr

A hike that will leave you speechless with its view.

Cascade Mountain towers over Banff like a guardian angel, and tourists have been amazed by its beauty for decades.

It rises over Banff and has been on every Banff National Park postcard for years.

It’s difficult not to stop and capture dozens of mountain shots from every angle in town. Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even hike to its summit!

Cascade Mountain’s summit is 2998 meters above sea level, and the path there is not for the faint of heart.

The 18-kilometer return trip to the peak gains 1325 meters in height. You don’t need to know how to climb to the top, but there is some scrambling, and the terrain can be dangerous.

The trek begins at Mount Norquay’s ski lodge. Begin early and give yourself a full day to reach the summit and safely descend.

Prepare your cameras for hundreds of amazing shots.

Address: Banff, Canada

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Cave and Basin National Historic Site (Banff), Canada
Cave and Basin National Historic Site (Banff), Canada / Ron Cogswell / Flickr

Consider visiting the Cave and Basin National Historic Site to see a magnificent view.

The Cave and Basin National Historic Site is one of the most exciting parts of Banff’s history.

It’s always great to interact with history, and that’s exactly what visitors to the Cave and Basin National Historic Site can do.

This location originally put Banff on the map and led to its designation as Canada’s first national park.

The location has a natural, warm mineral spring inside a cave and an emerald-colored basin outside.

Inside the cave is a natural thermal hot spring that is no longer open to the public and is now used for educational purposes.

There are a number of interactive displays that tell people about this area’s importance, and a Discovery Tour is designed to let you get to know it better.

The cavern is really magnificent and one of Banff’s coolest locations to explore.

Take a break and just appreciate the natural wonders nature has to offer.

Address: 311 Cave Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1K2, Canada

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway (Banff), Canada
Icefields Parkway (Banff), Canada / Heipei / Flickr

Drive the legendary Icefields Parkway for a day trip.

Driving the Icefields Parkway, recognized as one of the finest road drives on Earth, is an experience that no Banff visitor should miss.

The Icefields Parkway, which stretches 230 kilometers from just beyond Lake Louise to Jasper, is a famous roadway that winds through some of Canada’s greatest alpine landscapes.

Beginning in the south, you will go via Banff National Park, passing through some of the most magnificent scenery conceivable, including the eerie blue Peyto Lake. Peyto Lake is well worth a visit in and of itself.

The journey through the Icefields Parkway is breathtaking and may be done with your own rental car or by joining a tour from Banff.

Even though the Icefields Parkway is just 230 kilometers long, you may easily spend 5 hours driving it, especially if you stop at all the sights along the way and complete any climbs.

Stop at Saskatchewan Crossing for food and gasoline; it’s the final spot with a petrol station before reaching Jasper.

I recommend taking your camera and pausing to really appreciate the Icefields Parkway.

Address: Banff, Canada

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon (Banff), Canada
Johnston Canyon (Banff), Canada / Aurélien Coillet / Flickr

Explore the Johnston Canyon Falls for breathtaking scenery you’ll never forget.

Summer or winter, Johnston Canyon is one of the area’s most beautiful walks. It’s also one of the simplest and most popular.

The short 5km hike to the Upper Falls and back takes you through the tight valley formed by Johnston Creek, a tributary of the famed Bow River, and up to a cluster of magnificent waterfalls and pools.

It is suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities since it alternates between well-kept paths and a boardwalk. 

Don’t be turned off by many people; the beauty is definitely worth coping with the crowds.

The waterfalls are encased in a massive expanse of ice in the winter. If you’ve never seen a frozen waterfall, now is a great time to do so.

A frosty nighttime walk to Johnston Canyon with ice cleats is a superb pastime.

It is quite breathtaking and one of Banff’s nicest things to do.

Address: Bow Valley Pkwy, Alberta T1L 1K2, Canada

Kicking Horse River

Kicking Horse River (Banff), Canada
Kicking Horse River (Banff), Canada / Sheila Sund / Flickr

Enjoy the breathtaking views while whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River.

Whitewater rafting is one of the most thrilling things to do in Banff National Park for those who enjoy sightseeing with adrenaline coursing through their veins!

The famous Kicking Horse River is close to Banff and is known as one of the best places to rafting.

Charging down class 5 rapids, over waterfalls, and through tiny valleys is sure to racing your heart. 

If this is too much for you, you can always take it slowly and simply enjoy the scenery.

There are many trips you can take in the area. The Kananaskis River and the intermediate Horseshoe Canyon are two of the easier ones.

Whether you’re a seasoned rafter or a total novice, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with rafting, which is probably one of the greatest ways to see Banff’s breathtaking natural beauty.

A bucket list you should have fun experiencing.

Address: Booking Office, 211 Bear St, Banff, AB T1L 1A8, Canada

Lake Louise

Lake Louise (Banff), Canada
Lake Louise (Banff), Canada / Jorn van Maanen / Flickr

Enjoy the moment by walking around Lake Louise and the nearby teahouses.

Lake Louise is one of the region’s great beauties, almost as famous as Banff.

Lake Louise, which is an hour east of town in Banff National Park, is a very beautiful place with scenery that is hard to find anywhere else on Earth.

The picturesque turquoise lake is often surrounded by tourists taking photos or paddling about in canoes, which can be rented on-site.

In Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a blue gem encircled by towering hills. While Lake Louise is not excellent for swimming, it is perfect for canoeing!

One of the nicest things to do in Banff National Park is canoeing on Lake Louise as Mount Victoria rises majestically to the west.

Hiking and exploring are other fantastic possibilities, and a visit to the local teahouses is not to be missed.

While tourists gaze quietly in awe of the natural splendor, locals radiate a sense of calm that surpasses a two-dimensional photograph.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now and take a trip.

Address: In Cascade Plaza, 317 Banff Ave Suite 300, Banff, AB T1L 1B3, Canada

Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Ski Resort (Banff), Canada
Lake Louise Ski Resort (Banff), Canada / Philip Turnbull / Flickr

Take a ride on the slopes for an exciting Lake Louise Ski Resort activity.

Canada is one of the world’s most recognized skiing and snowboarding destinations because of its towering mountains, heavy snowfall, long winters, and incredible infrastructure.

Banff has world-class skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

People travel long distances to carve turns on the legendary slopes of Whistler Blackcomb and Revelstoke Mountain Resort, two of the world’s top ski destinations.

The Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff National Park is the peak of Alberta’s world-class ski resorts.

With 4,200 skiable acres and 145 courses served by 10 chair lifts, it’s no surprise that visitors come to Lake Louise to shred the terrain.

Lake Louise Ski Resort’s slopes cater to skiers of all ability levels. Whether starting on the bunny hill or hucking back 5’s off cliffs, you’ll find something to keep you happy.

There is possibly no greater ski resort in the world than Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Address: 1 Whitehorn Rd, Lake Louise, AB T0L 1E0, Canada

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka (Banff), Canada
Lake Minnewanka (Banff), Canada / Danial Bradford / Flickr

Relax and unwind on Lake Minnewanka.

Lake Minnewanka, which is 5 km northeast of town, is the largest lake in Banff National Park.

This is the type of location where you may be lost for days. 

Active people will find relief in the kayak and canoe rentals near the main pier, or they may embark on one of the many beautiful walks in the region.

Would you rather unwind with friends and family? Lake Minnewanka is ideal for a picnic, or you may take a boat tour, perhaps one of Banff’s top summer activities. 

On the beaches of a lake, there is no better spot to soak up the Banff sunshine.

The good times don’t stop there. It’s also a popular place to go fishing since big trout and whitefish live there.

This lake may be viewed from the summit of Sulphur Mountain, which can be reached by hiking or the gondola. 

You may also drive to the lake and take a picturesque boat ride.

It is truly one of the nicest things to do in Banff and is well worth visiting.

Address: Banff, Canada

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake (Banff), Canada
Moraine Lake (Banff), Canada / Sergei Alfliquer / Flickr

Visit Moraine Lake and appreciate the peaceful scenery that nature has to offer.

Moraine Lake is a picturesque alpine lake near Lake Louise.

With its ten peaks reflecting in the lake like a mirror, Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed places in Canada.

Moraine Lake is so well-known that it was shown on an ancient twenty-dollar piece! 

So it’s no wonder that practically everyone who visits Banff makes an effort to see Moraine Lake for themselves.

Moraine Lake is about an hour’s drive from Banff, and once there, you’ll discover some of the best hiking trails in the area.

There are various hiking paths, so even inexperienced hikers will have no trouble adjusting to the lake’s landscape.

A visit in early October or late May, just after the road opens, will give you the best parking and the fewest visitors.

Lake Moraine’s view is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking Banff sights.

Address: Banff National Park, Alberta

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Mount Norquay

Mount Norquay (Banff), Canada
Mount Norquay (Banff), Canada / Matt Seppings / Flickr

A real adventure for those searching for a thrilling experience.

Mount Norquay, located northwest of Banff, is a ski resort in the winter and a great destination for hiking in the summer since it serves as the trailhead for two of the most popular day-hike paths in the area. 

It’s really stunning and probably one of Banff’s nicest things to do.

You may also take advantage of the free shuttle service that operates many times each day from downtown Banff to North American Lodge.

There’s a magnificent vantage point at the summit of Mt. Norquay and the Cliffhouse Bistro, providing dining views from 7,000 feet.

Hike your way up the mountain with your friends and loved ones for a view so spectacular it’ll leave you breathless in awe.

This trip, which you can only do with the help of a certified guide, will take you along Mount Norquay and will include suspension bridges, ladders, and being secured in a harness while connected to the side of a mountain.

Definitely, a trip that should be listed on your bucket list of things to do in your life.

Address: #2 Mt Norquay Rd, Banff, AB T1L 1B4, Canada

Park Distillery

Park Distillery, Banff, Canada
Park Distillery is one of the best places to go in Banff, Canada

If you’re feeling cold, try a taste of quality liquor to warm you up.

This great local distillery on Banff Avenue in downtown Banff makes some of the best alcohol in the country, and they don’t mind trying new things!

The Park Disterilly is a trendy restaurant and distillery in Banff.

Park Distillery has been trying out different kinds of liquor for the past few years and is now proud to be one of Banff’s best places to visit.

Inside and outside dining are available at an open-air eatery in the heart of Banff’s downtown area. It doesn’t matter if you’re inside or outside to admire the scenery of Banff Avenue.

It’s among one of Banff’s best restaurants for lunch and dinner, and it gets packed in the summer.

It’s the ideal spot to unwind with friends after a day of trekking or skiing.

If you enjoy the taste of a good gin or delectable rye, Park Distillery is a must-see while deciding what to do in Banff.

Address: 219 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1A7, Canada

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake (Banff), Canada
Peyto Lake (Banff), Canada / David Stanley / Flickr

A breathtaking view awaits you.

This glacier-fed lake may be reached through the world-famous Icefields Parkway. 

The lake on its own is tough to get to, but a 20-minute trek will get you to a vantage point where you can see it from a great height.

After Louise and Moraine, this is perhaps the third most popular lake to visit in Banff. 

The reason for this is its unusual form and simply stunning blue sea.

The lake turns a wonderfully vivid blue color throughout the summer because of the large amounts of glacial rock grains that pour into it. 

As a result, it has become one of Canada’s most photographed lakes. 

This is merely a photo stop to soak in the scenery.

Just park and go up a ten-minute trek to the overlook to get the best view.

It’s the ideal spot to appreciate the spectacular Banff National Park vistas in both winter and summer.

What are you waiting for? Take a trip now for the best relaxation of your life.

Address: Banff, Canada

Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village (Banff), Canada
Sunshine Village (Banff), Canada / 5of7 / Flickr

Have a fun and thrilling time at the Sunshine Village.

Banff Sunshine is a mountain that has something for everyone, from pros to novices.

Sunshine Village, located just 30 minutes from Banff, is predominantly a ski resort. It is frequently the first resort to open in Canada each winter and one of the last to close. 

You might easily end up on freeride terrain that would be deemed off-limits at other resorts. 

If you’re seeking for a mountain that has some truly breathtaking scenery inside its borders, this is the place to look. Banff Sunshine is the perfect destination if that’s the case.

Families will enjoy themselves, and the ski school there is among the best in the country.

Sunshine Village is one of the best things to do in Banff, even if it isn’t inexpensive. You can spend the day skiing and then unwind at the lodge with a delicious drink.

It’s definitely a worth trip spending on, filled with excitement and new memories.

Address: 1 Sunshine access Rd, Banff, AB T1L 1J5, Canada

Upper Hot Springs

Upper Hot Springs (Banff), Canada
Upper Hot Springs (Banff), Canada / Amanda / Flickr

Enjoy hot water in the chilly air as you relax.

The Banff Upper Hot Springs was originally revered by the First Nations as a source of divine healing waters. It’s now a place where people may unwind and unwind.

This is Canada’s highest elevation hot spring and the only one available to the public in the park.

Upper Hot Springs is a popular destination in both winter and summer.

These natural hot springs’ unique features make them one of the best tourist attractions in Banff National Park, and they’re open all year.

When combined with the surrounding surroundings, these hot springs may readily calm both the body and the psyche.

All of this contributes to the hot springs being one of Banff’s top locations to visit.

Don’t be put off by the cold Canadian weather; there are lots of ways to warm up in and around Banff.

After a long day of hiking, this was the perfect way to end it.

Address: 1 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1K2, Canada

Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

Yamnuska Mountain Adventures, Banff, Canada
Yamnuska Mountain Adventures is one of the best places to go in Banff, Canada

Climb your way up the mountain for a breathtaking view

Going on an ice climbing tour with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures is one of the best things to do when visiting Banff during the winter months.

A whole new world of adventure awaits those who venture to the Rocky Mountains when the temperature drops and the waterfalls turn to ice.

In Banff, summer is for rock climbing, and winter is for ice climbing, which is one of the most enjoyable sports you can do.

You climb vertically up frozen falls, pounding your ‘tool’ into the ice and kicking the tips of your crampons in, meaning that with strength, technique, and a little bit of trust, you can go to frightening heights.

You’ll instantly fall in love with this pastime if you try it.

Winter in Banff might be challenging, but this is one activity that should not be missed.

Address: 50 Lincoln Park #200, Canmore, AB T1W 3E9, Canada

Whyte Museum

Whyte Museum (Banff), Canada
Whyte Museum (Banff), Canada / PunkToad / Flickr

A treasure filled with the rich history of Banff

Suppose you need a break from all the area’s outdoor activities. In that case, you should certainly visit the Whyte Museum to learn about art and culture specific to the Canadian Rockies.

The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is Alberta’s fourth-biggest cultural history museum. It first opened its doors in 1968.

The Whyte Museum is in downtown Banff and has exhibitions, heritage residences, archives, a library, and a museum store.

The Whyte Museum is tiny yet full of intriguing facts.

Whyte Museum is really beautiful, containing historical images and objects from the area’s past. 

There was also a unique horse display with some beautiful paintings and sculptures.

You may easily lose track of time reading and seeing all of the displays.

Stroll around and appreciate the history while relaxing from all the exciting activities you did in Banff.

This is a fun spot for enthusiastic learners who are ready to know everything.

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Address: 111 Bear St, Banff, AB T1L 1A3, Canada


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