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Best Places in North America to visit in April

Best Places in North America to visit in April

New Orleans, Louisiana

Why visit New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want a place with lots of food and a great temperature, consider visiting New Orleans in April. This fantastic place will never give you a dull moment, but happy moments you can treasure!

The weather in New Orleans usually ranges from highs of 79F (26C) and lows of 61F (16C). This temperature will not let you have a wrong time appreciating the place.

The neighborhood celebrations of the French Quarter Fest and Freret Street Festival are celebrated uptown. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival features 14 stages of live music.

Aside from festivals, you can enjoy parties featuring food vendors, live music, and a street party atmosphere. As added fun, this is also the best time for you to see alligators on a bayou boat tour.

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Seattle, Washington

Why visit Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a great place to visit in April if you are fond of cherry blossoms and sailboat rides. Suppose you want to see the place’s seasonal blooms and natural landscapes uncovered, so this is your chance to enjoy every moment! 

The weather typically scales from 57°F to 63°F. With the warmer temperature caused by the spring season, you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones while strolling the place!

You can find many fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to admire. They also have The Browns Point Lighthouse, which offers breathtaking views that are perfect for an adventure on a warm April day. You can also have cheaper accommodations at this time.

Aside from that, they are celebrating The Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival. This is also the best time to witness the pink Japanese cherry blossoms.

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Denver, Colorado

Why visit Denver, Colorado

In April, Denver has a better temperature which increases hiking opportunities. If you want to try some extraordinary adventures, this is a fantastic place to visit this month!

The weather in Denver usually lies from 60°F to 67°F. This is the best opportunity for you to try different summer activities in the city!

One thing you can enjoy here is biking the city’s paths. Seeing the state’s world-famous breweries and museums also sounds fun! It also offers quick access to many beautiful hiking destinations. A weekend trip to Denver is the ideal city getaway!

You can also have fun traveling to the gorgeous Garden of the Gods for a day trip and shopping at the outdoor 16th Street Mall. You can enjoy exploring the historic Larimer Square!

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Why visit Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe should be included in your bucket list as one of the places you must visit in April if you want to see botanical gardens bloom with fewer crowds. There are lots of outdoor opportunities that await you too!

The weather typically ranges from 58°F to 67°F. The temperature in April is ideal for exploring the city and skiing or snowshoeing in the mountains nearby.

You can also explore this city’s rich history, culture, and outdoor experiences. Santa Fe is a beautiful, multicultural, creative city with a rich history. Picnics and al fresco dining at neighborhood eateries is just a bonus! Early blossoming fruit trees, yellow forsythia, blue flowers, and scarlet crab apple blossoms make April at the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens a treat. 

Additionally, this fantastic place has Adobe-style buildings and breathtaking sunsets. It also offers delectable cuisine and exhilarating outdoor pursuits!

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Anchorage, Alaska

Why visit Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is a fantastic place to visit in April if you want to witness gray whale migration! Since spring is on the horizon after the long winter, you will surely enjoy staying in this beautiful place.

The weather in Anchorage usually scales from 40°F to 52°F. The temperature invites you to experience heading to the coast and enjoying the fantastic views!

In Seward, boat trips resume, and Airbnbs are much more affordable in the spring than in the summer. You can reserve a lodging option near the harbor and go on a reasonably priced boat tour to observe the whale migration. You can also check out their Kenai Fjords National Park for an additional adventure!

As a bonus, there isn’t too much or too little daylight in Anchorage during April. Perfect timing for enjoying a road trip through the beautiful Alaskan scenery!

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Why visit Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for festivals and comfortable temperatures, this is the best time to visit Las Vegas in Nevada. During April, there are lesser crowds and cheap accommodations!

The daily temperature in Las Vegas typically ranges from 76°F to 84°F. You can enjoy the fantastic destination and outdoor activities!

Outdoor festivals, pools, and street performances are some activities you can experience. Admire their architecture, which includes the Stratosphere and Bellagio fountains. Eiffel Tower and New York Brooklyn Bridge are other spots you can visit. A gondola ride at the Venetian with your loved ones also sounds fun!

You can also attend their Reggae Rise Up Festival for tourists who are into music festivals!

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Outer Banks, North Carolina

Why visit Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks is a superb place to visit in April as this place will offer you cheap accommodations and lighthouse views!

The temperature in the Outer Banks ranges from highs of 69F and lows of 52F. Since it’s the spring season, hotels are relatively affordable!

This location is so much more than just its well-known sandy beaches. The stunning sunrise and sunset reflections on the ocean are impossible to miss. You enter another universe while sitting on the beach and looking at the colorful sky.

Outer Banks offers many beautiful lighthouses to visit. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse for scintillating ocean views. Visiting Corolla Beach will allow you to look out for wild horses and locate wild animals too!

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Texas Panhandle, Texas

Why visit Texas Panhandle, Texas

Texas Panhandle is the best choice to visit in April if you are into camping and hiking. This place will give you a chance to experience many outdoor activities!

The weather in the Texas Panhandle typically scales from 68°F to 76°F. This warm springtime weather will make you enjoy countless outdoor recreational experiences!

You may go camping, hiking, swimming, biking, and other natural activities. Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument and Lake Meredith National Recreation Area are some of the spots you can enjoy yourself with. Pay a visit to the Cadillac Ranch on the outskirts of Amarillo for extra fun!

Visiting Amarillo, considered a pretty iconic town, you can have a meal from one of its fantastic restaurants as a bonus!

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Nashville, Tennessee

Why visit Nashville, Tennessee

If you prefer a place with fewer crowds, Nashville is a great place to visit in April. This beautiful place will allow you to explore museums without lines!

The weather in Nashville ranges from 67°F to 75°F. The tolerable temperature will make your stay even more worth it!

Many fantastic outdoor music festivals, like the one at Musicians Corner in Centennial Park, are waiting for you. Live music, lots of open space, food trucks, and picnic tables are other fun this place can offer!

You can explore places like the Music City Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry backstage tour. You can find excellent food everywhere you look, and the chicken and biscuits are a must-try.

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Park City, Utah

Why visit Park City, Utah

Beautiful views and world-class resorts are some spots you can visit in Park City during April. Experiencing skiing or hiking is also a possibility!

The weather in Park City usually scales from 46°F to 54°F. This means that you may arrive at the snow, or you may arrive at the newly blooming flower season!

You will have horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking opportunities. If the slopes are open, you can ski or snowboard on some of the most well-known runs in the United States.

As added fun, you can also explore the two renowned ski resorts, Park City Mountain and Deer Valley. Checking into a luxury hotel and enjoying the spa and jacuzzi cabins is a must-try!

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Nantucket, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Why visit Nantucket, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Nantucket is an excellent place for your vacation in April, especially if you want to witness its famous Daffodil Flower Show. You can also enjoy some museum opportunities in this fabulous place!

The weather usually lies from 47°F to 55°F. Since it’s the spring season, you can expect fewer crowds and affordable accommodations!

Nantucket’s yearly Daffodil Festival ushers in the new year in April. The island hosts a festival to mark the arrival of spring that features an antique automobile procession, art exhibitions, and competitions. You can also experience their world-famous Daffodil Flower Show.

Claudette’s sandwich shop is delicious and quick for takeaway orders if you want something to eat. Exploring their Whaling Museum will allow you to see the reassembled skeleton of a 46-foot sperm whale.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Why visit Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a fantastic place to visit in April if you want to experience several outdoor opportunities and night markets. This place is also considered home to one of the best food scenes in the world!

The weather typically scales from 69°F to 76°F. The temperature will let you have some fun together with your loved ones!

You can try some of the countless incredible restaurants on Buford Highway. This place has the best international cuisine in the area. If you prefer American food, you can dig in at Downtown Roswell. You can have a wide selection of eateries that are sure to please, adorable stores, and very Instagrammable locations.

As a bonus, you can also experience the Inman Park Festival and the Atlanta International Night Market!

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Boston, Massachusetts

Why visit Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the place to go if you want to experience baseball games and food festivals during April. This place will allow you to witness whale-watching tours and the Boston Marathon!

Daily high temperatures range from 51°F to 61°F. This is an ideal temperature to enjoy exploring the city’s beauty!

You can attend a spring training baseball game at Fenway Park or simply stroll the Esplanade. There is also the Taste of South Boston food festival. Many of the best taverns and restaurants serve their unique dishes in a stunning setting with views of the harbor. Almost time for lobster roll season as well!

Check out their Boston Marathon, the most prestigious annual marathon in the world. As a bonus, it’s free to watch!

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Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Why visit Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

The Sawtooth Mountains is a stunning place to visit in April as this place offers you nature opportunities and wildlife spotting!

Daily highs of 50F and lows of 20F are the average temperature in the Sawtooth Mountains during April. A perfect time to enjoy some snow-free outdoor activities!

You can also try their Boat Box Hot Springs, which has a unique cauldron-like tub where bathers may control the steamy water from the spring. Kirkham Hot Springs has various pools to select from and even a natural hot shower.

Since it’s spring season, you can also have a high chance of spotting local wildlife- elk and mule deer!

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Florida Keys, South Florida, Florida

Why visit Florida Keys, South Florida, Florida

The Florida Keys is the best choice to visit in April if you want a place with a peaceful vibe and fewer crowds. April tends to be slightly cheaper than March or May, so you can avail affordable accommodations!

The weather usually scales from 80°F to 83°F. This lovely weather is just suitable for you to enjoy the mood and different activities of the place.

You can start your Florida Keys road trip in the Upper Keys. This will allow you to see oceans overflowing with vibrant life. There are also some of the best fishing and diving opportunities you can enjoy!

April marks their annual Conch Republic Independence Festival. The 10-day event is jam-packed with odd and eccentric customs, like the yearly bed race down Duval Street and shell-blowing competition.

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