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Arranging a trip to Tianjin, China? Make the most of your vacation time in Tianjin, China, we have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Tianjin, China. Explore the top attractions and activities in the best places to go in Tianjin, China, by scrolling down! Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that brings the best travel ideas to travelers.

Ancient Culture Street

Ancient Culture Street Tianjin, China
Ancient Culture Street Tianjin, China / Shubert Ciencia / Flickr

You should not miss Ancient Culture Street. It is dotted with small businesses and street vendors selling everything Chinese, from traditional to modern.

The pedestrian street is designed in the Qing-era style, and while many of the buildings have been refurbished too many times to qualify as historical, the street is still a nice area to hang out, with various food booths and trinket shops.

It’s a terrific location to browse while purchasing interesting items you won’t find anyplace else. 

Famous examples include Clay Figure Zhang’s figures made of colored ceramic, Four Treasures’ painting and calligraphy brushes, art ceramics, jade carvings, double-sided needleworks, and so forth.

All products are authentic, reasonably priced, and of high quality.

A.D. Tianhou Palace, established in 1326 A.D., is located at the center of Ancient Culture Street. Tianhou Palace was formerly a spot where people prayed for a safe voyage. 

It is now the Tianjin Folk-traditional Museum, displaying various crafts made by people in the region and historical antiquities.

A trip where you can learn about the fascinating history of Tianjin.

Address: China, 天津市南开区大王庄 邮政编码: 300091

Eye of Tianjin

Eye of Tianjin Tianjin, China
Eye of Tianjin Tianjin, China / Terry / Unsplash

Take a thrilling ride on the Tianjin Eye.

The Tianjin Ferris Wheel, commonly known as the Tianjin Eye, stands around 120 meters tall and resembles the wheel of an upright bicycle. 

The most interesting thing about it is that it is the only one in the world built over a bridge. It is one of four in China and the fourth highest in the world.

It’s a nice area to waste an hour while taking shots. 

The Ferris wheel appears to be still, but it is actually moving at a glacial speed. 

Every package within is supposed to be filled with affection. When you and your loved one sit within, your love grows stronger as you ascend.

The Ferris wheel is a sight to behold both in the evening and on a clear day.

And from the top of the wheel, you’ll get excellent views of Tianjin’s spiraling city and the Haihe River.

Grab a ticket and board the train for panoramic views of the city’s sprawl over half an hour.

Address: Hebei District, China, 300141

Five Great Avenues

Five Great Avenues Tianjin, China
Five Great Avenues Tianjin, China / xiquinhosilva / Flickr

Feel the atmosphere and imagine what life has been like in the past.

Wander around Wudadao, or the “Five Great Avenues,” for the city’s most remarkable examples of European architecture. 

It’s a wonderful European-style neighborhood heavily impacted by Western culture. It is made up of five streets named after cities in southwest China.

You’ll be wondering if you’re in Britain until you smell the jianbing carts filling the streets.

The architecture is stunning. Walking among them, you can sense the history in the air and wonder what life was like 100 years ago.

It’s a pleasant spot to walk about. 

A horse-drawn carriage might be more intriguing, or you might rent a Surrey bicycle from one of the numerous street corners for the ultimate experience. 

It would be good to have a tour guide who could explain the history of the various structures.

You may take photos and even walk inside some of the structures.

A fantastic trip to go on to appreciate the history of Tianjin.

Address: 4677+564, Munan Ave, Heping, Tianjin, China, 300074

Great Wall At Huangyaguan Passy

Great Wall At Huangyaguan Passy Tianjin, China
Great Wall At Huangyaguan Passy Tianjin, China / Ronnie Macdonald / Flickr

Stroll along a part of the Great Wall and be mesmerized by the view.

The Great Wall at Huangya Pass is a calm and secluded stretch of the East Mountain, 30 kilometers north of Tianjin’s Jixian County. 

It’s a fantastic piece of old Chinese military engineering. More than 40 crisscrossing lanes within the pass form the shape of the eight diagrams, earning the town the moniker “Eight-Diagram Town.”

When the Northern Qi Dynasty erected this wall in the 6th century C.E., the Ming Dynasty bricked it over 700 years later.

It has been totally reconstructed and is now a popular destination for those looking for a day’s adventure.

It’s less crowded than Beijing, which attracts locals and tourists.

The “Music Wall” refers to a specific section of the building.

It generates a fascinating sound when you step on it, similar to playing the piano.

It’s a lovely spot for photos. The pass seems formidable at sunset, with steep hills on both sides.

A fun place to visit for a relaxing time in Tianjin.

Address: China, Tianjin, Jizhou, 黄崖关路卫围公路28公里黄崖关长城风景区 邮政编码: 301913

Haihe Culture Square

Haihe Culture Square, Tianjin, China
Haihe Culture Square is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Find Your Way Around Haihe Culture Square.

The cultural plaza derives its name from its closeness to Ancient Culture Street and the revitalizing project development that has taken place.

It is Tianjin’s “Bund,” a nice place to walk around and admire the fine architecture and bridges along the Haihe River. It is directly across the street from the Tianjin Railway Station.

One of the square’s most notable aspects is its bright and creative lighting. 

They are particularly concerned with Tianjin’s cultural and traditional customs. 

The sidewalk is lined with historic buildings and a plethora of tiny artisanal stores and vendors.

Almost 2000 lighting fixtures have been placed, and each nook and cranny has a unique lighting pattern that must be experienced.

Many folks visit to unwind. 

A river ride or a walk along the Haihe River towards the Tianjin Eye are both fantastic. 

Locals can be seen fishing in the river, bathing, or photographing wedding couples against the backdrop of European-style buildings. 

When the river freezes over in the winter, you may enjoy ice skating there. 

The night vista, with its multicolored lights, is particularly appealing.

It is definitely a hot spot for romantic couples.

Address: 45JX+JH5, Minsheng Rd, Hebei District, Tianjin, China, 300010

Hai River

Hai River Tianjin, China
Hai River Tianjin, China / Scott Edmunds / Flickr

Take a relaxing cruise down the Hai River.

The Hai River, which flows from Beijing through Tianjin to the Bohai Sea, is Tianjin’s lifeblood. 

Some of Tianjin’s most beautiful buildings may be seen along its banks, and the riverfront pathways make it a pleasant spot to wander.

It’s a street along a coastal river that is lined with hawkers selling food. 

People are frequently seen singing and playing the piano on the streets. 

However, there is no better way to admire the river than by boat, cruising beneath the city’s numerous old bridges. 

There are many places along the river where you can buy tickets for boat trips, but you will have the most options if you talk to sellers near the Guwenhua Jie Wharf or the Haihe Culture Square.

It was an open space with a view of the water and no blocking structures.

You will undoubtedly feel wonderful if you go in the spring or summer. 

Take a trip and enjoy a peaceful time on your vacation.

Address: Tianjin, China

Italian Style Street

Italian Style Street, Tianjin, China
Italian Style Street is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Experience a taste of Italy in Tianjin.

Because Tianjin was an Italian concession at the time, the street was built in 1902, making it one of the city’s most renowned crosswalks.

After the local government and Tianjin Haihe Construction Development made considerable modifications, it was renamed Xin Yi Street and given its current name a century later.

It’s a good spot to unwind and sample some authentic Italian cuisine. “Italian Style Street” is actually a collection of over 200 European restaurants, shops, and pubs.

It was formerly known as the Italian Concession. The buildings have kept their original forms.

Aside from the architecture, there are traditional clothing, street performances, handicraft displays, and maybe the finest pizza ever.

Italian souvenirs and Venetian masks are available at the shops. Some restaurants have outside dining as well as live music.

There are tour buses at Marco Polo Plaza that will drive you around and introduce you to the highlights.

Because of its uniqueness and history, this location has served as the setting for several Chinese television dramas.

It’s a lovely area for a peaceful stroll across the city with loved ones and friends.

Address: China, Tianjin, Hebei District, 自由道5号 邮政编码: 300000


Jingyuan, Tianjin, China
Jingyuan is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Imagine what it feels like to live inside an emperor’s home.

The historic site and 3A’s beautiful location are now recognized for the palace of Aisin Gioro Puyi.

He was the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty.

The home is a one-of-a-kind blend of European and Chinese architecture.

It’s a Spanish-style masonry and wood building. Still, the interiors have been restored to their original use and are delicately Chinese in design and concept.

The interior mood is incredibly attractive and tranquil, thanks to the appropriate lighting.

You may learn about the history and life of the last Emperor by visiting Tianjin’s Former Residence of Puyi.

Take a look around and be impressed at how well-preserved this establishment is and with numerous antique antiquities housed in the villas.

It will motivate you to learn more about the Emperor and his life and what was going on in China at the time.

It’s certainly worth a visit if you’re interested in Chinese history. 

Address: China, Tianjin, Heping, 鞍山道70号 邮政编码: 300020

Nanshi Food Street

Nanshi Food Street, Tianjin, China
Nanshi Food Street is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Take a walk and get a snack at Nanshi Food Street.

This isn’t so much a food street as it’s a massive food mall designed to resemble an ancient Chinese walled castle, replete with a contemporary musical fountain in the center of everything. 

There are over 100 different food stalls to explore, making this a great spot to sample foods from all around China. 

You may sample Tianjin’s native foods at Nanshi Food Street.

The most popular items are Goubuli-loaded steamed buns, Jianbing (crepes) filled with coriander and spring onions, and extraordinarily fresh fish.

You may buy all of Tianjin’s local favorites to take home and an opportunity to experience some of those delights.

Whether or not you wanted to buy something, simply walking around this comfy, clean, and bright space was enjoyable and calming.

After a long day trip, this is a stop you could indulge yourself with delicacies.

Address: 45MM+5H7, Shenyi Ave, 南市 Heping, Tianjin, China, 300021

Porcelain House

Porcelain House Tianjin, China
Porcelain House Tianjin, China / xiquinhosilva / Flickr

Tianjin has a lot of beautiful buildings, but the Porcelain House is, without a doubt, the strangest one.

The Porcelain Mansion, commonly known as “China House,” is a historic house that has been converted into a museum. 

The Porcelain House is the culmination of the life-long devotion and efforts of one businessman, Zhang Lianzhi, who is deeply interested in his country’s art and culture.

It’s a genuine jewel among the dazzling billboard commercials and touristic food streets in downtown Tianjin, decorated and refurnished by antique collector Zhang Lianzhi.

The museum’s one-of-a-kindness has won it the title of one of the world’s 15 most beautiful museums. 

The Porcelain House is now the most noticeable building in Tianjin and one of the most popular tourist spots in the city.

You may take photos from the street, but the inside, which has been transformed into a museum, is also worth seeing. 

For good luck, visitors prefer to hurl one yuan note from the top of the spiraling stairs.

Take a moment to enjoy the stunning structure.

Address: 46F2+WVG, Chifeng Ave, Heping, Tianjin, China, 300022

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Tianjin Binhai Library

Tianjin Binhai Library Tianjin-China
Tianjin Binhai Library Tianjin, China / Nolan Monaghan / Unsplash

A library shaped like an eye.

After its premiere, the Tianjin Binhai Library went popular on social media.

The huge library is the center of Tianjin’s new industrial area, Binhai New Area, which was just built.

Bookshelves cover every inch of the library’s curving atrium, which has been called “The Eye” because of the curvature of its facade.

Just as you might expect from the size of the library, there are literally thousands upon thousands of volumes to choose from.

A little commotion ensued when it was discovered that the books on the library’s topmost shelves were not what they appeared to be.

Whatever your opinion on whether it stores actual books, it’s a stunning piece of contemporary architecture.

The entrance to the library is remarkable; it is like an eye, with the big orb in the library constituting the iris. Once inside, the library is nearly overwhelming.

If you enjoy beautiful architecture, you should go.

Address: China, Tianjin, Binhai, 旭升路347號

Shuishang Park

Shuishang Park, Tianjin, China
Shuishang Park is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Shuishang Park is also called the Green Dragon Pond.

The existence of two colleges a short distance away made the location a summer favorite for students and academic staff during the nineteenth century, paving the path for further growth.

It was formally opened to the public on July 1, 1951. The National Tourism Administration classifies it as a 4A tourist attraction today. 

The park consists of five islands surrounded by three lakes. These islands are connected via interconnecting rivers, roads, and bridges.

A lovely park with plenty of vegetation, ponds, and an open area for a variety of activities. 

Visiting this park is worthwhile at any time of year, especially if the weather permits. 

Each season has its own unique charm and traits.

Locals congregated in groups for dancing, singing, chess, and calisthenics.

Enjoy a vivid and alive environment with your family and friends as you walk around the park.

If you ever visit Tianjin, spend a weekend day strolling through this magnificent park to learn about Chinese culture, food, and the vibrant environment.

Address: Bin Hai Xin Qu, China

The Astor Hotel

The Astor Hotel, Tianjin, China
The Astor Hotel is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

A hotel that has a museum filled with riches.

This venerable institution is the only hotel in China with a historical collection dedicated to maintaining its 150-year history.

John Innocent, a British Christian minister, founded it in 1863.

Moreover, the museum is housed in the hotel’s basement, where paintings, pictures, gramophones, and other treasures.

It was well-kept and managed to maintain its grandeur from a bygone period. 

The hotel has also hosted celebrities from throughout the world.

Also, it features suites and 152 rooms designed in a blend of contemporary and  Victorian styles.

The Astor Hotel is still open for business, and you can even sleep in Herbert Hoover’s former room. 

On the other hand, people who aren’t staying at the hotel can visit its museum, which has items from its long history.

A great place to stay during your vacation with its interesting background.

Address: 33 Taierzhuang Rd, Heping Qu, Tianjin, China, 300040

Tianjin Zoo

Tianjin Zoo Tianjin, China
Tianjin Zoo Tianjin, China / Steve Langguth / Flickr

It’s filled with fun and amazing wildlife for you to see.

The Tianjin Zoo, which is home to among the best exotic species, is one of Tianjin’s “Top Ten” picturesque locations. 

For the animals, the whole 133-acre site has been separated into a variety of habitats.

Aside from the standard tiger, zebra, monkey, and lion, the zoo also houses a variety of exotic species such as the jaguar, lynx, swan, panda, and macaw.

There is a space where the animals could be fed out in the open.

Additionally, a variety of recreational activities are available in the vicinity of the circus, including boating on the lakes in the area.

At the back of the zoo, a little river faces Ao Cheng. It is a peaceful and picturesque refuge ideal for a family outing. 

All in all, it’s a great spot to spend the end of the week with family and friends.

What are you waiting for? Contact us in advance for a booking that perfectly fits your schedule.

Address: 1 Shuishanggongyuan W Rd, Nankai District, Tianjin, China, 300391

Tianjin Folklore Museum

Tianjin Folklore Museum, Tianjin, China
Tianjin Folklore Museum is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

A hidden gem many don’t know about.

Tianhou Palace is part of the Tianjin Folklore Museum, which houses over 2,000 traditional objects. 

The Tianjin Museum is open to the public and offers historical insights into the region. 

Foreign visitors must provide their passports to enter the museum. 

The museum features fantastic displays on three floors. I encourage going to have a better understanding of Tianjin’s history.

It introduces the evolution and customs of a wide range of areas of everyday life, including trade, the arts, and clothing.

Tianjin is witnessing the growth of water transportation, fishing, and salt commerce.

You could also come across some unique folk customs. Take, for example, a wedding. 

Almost all of the exhibits include English descriptions, and the translations are excellent.

Folk crafts, like clay sculptures, brick carvings, paper cutouts, and weavings are also for sale.

If you visit on the correct day, there are guides available to discuss the history and tales of the exhibition pieces.

This is a must-see attraction, even if you are just in Tianjin for a day.

Address: 80 Guwenhua St, Nankai District, Tianjin, China, 300090

Tianjin People’s Park

Tianjin People's Park Tianjin, China
Tianjin People’s Park Tianjin, China / Bill Benson / Flickr

Relax after a long day.

After being donated to the government by a private salt trader, the park has since become everyone’s favorite in Tianjin. 

The park was built in 1863 during the Qing era as an exclusive garden for Li Chuncheng. 

When the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949, the LI family donated it to the government, and it was made available to the public in 1951. 

Aside from the conventional paths for strolling, running, and walking, the park contains pools with floaters for relaxation, a small entertainment zone for youngsters, and two massive bird cages. 

The park’s central location in the city and its beautiful ambiance with towering green trees, lakes, and fresh wind make it a popular destination for the general population.

The entire park is lovely in early fall, with many original plants and a very well-kept and tidy appearance.

It’s a pleasant spot to relax and unwind.

Surely a must-see destination during your trip to Tianjin.

Address: China, Tianjin, Hexi District, Tianjin, 徽州道29号 邮政编码: 300299

Tianjin Quanyechang Building

Tianjin Quanyechang Building, Tianjin, China
Tianjin Quanyechang Building is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Visit the oldest and still standing mall in Tianjin.

The Quanyechang Building, China’s oldest retail mall, is the oldest of its type. 

Muller, a French architect, finished the five-story structure in 1928, making it the biggest and most renowned retail mall in the world at the time.

The sixth and seventh were added after the war. 

Today, it is one of Tianjin’s three biggest retail department stores and a place for both business and fun.

The market has about 30,000 different items, including toys, jewelry, fashion, apparel, spices, fruits and vegetables, watches, cosmetics, and footwear.

There are also leisure amenities on the upper two levels, such as a theatre, a teahouse, a night garden, and indoor activities such as table tennis and bowling.

A Buddha figure is enshrined in a tower atop the structure.

The building is a symbol of Tianjin’s culture and authenticity, and it is one of the city’s top attractions.

Add this stop to your list of places to go when you take a trip to China.

Address: 290 Heping Road, Heping District, Tianjin, China.

Tianjin Water Park

Tianjin-Water Park Tianjin, China
Tianjin-Water Park Tianjin, China / Bill Benson / Flickr

A fun place to have an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Tianjin Water Park is Tianjin’s largest urban park and recreation area. It is made up of nine islands and three lakes.

The park, which is located on the south side of Tianjin, is the city’s recreational resort.

Pathways, pagodas, and gardens surround the rivers. Both Chinese and Western architectural styles are represented in the gardens.

It’s a fun destination to take your kids to since it has a variety of recreational amenities such as Ferris wheels, trains, space ships, and water boats. 

The lotus pond has a wide variety of lotus flowers. 

The scenic spot is clean and tidy, suitable for treading and relaxing.

A great way to have family time and have a very relaxing experience at the same time.

It is also a refreshing drink for adults and children on hot summer days.

A place that surely gives you a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Address: 35PF+XG9, Shuishanggongyuan E Rd, Nankai District, China

Xikai Catholic Church

Xikai Catholic Church Tianjin, China
Xikai Catholic Church Tianjin, China / Ken Marshall / Flickr

With its exquisite “Green Dome,” this landmark can be seen from miles away.

The Xikai Catholic Church, known initially as St. Joseph Cathedral, is one of the most intriguing vestiges of Tianjin’s old foreign concessions. 

The Roman Catholic church was erected in 1916 as part of the surrounding old French Concession. Its location at the end of Binjiang Dao, a lively shopping street, makes it ideal for a stroll.

It has a characteristic Romanesque architectural style. 

The main hall can hold around 1500 people and is supported by 14 massive columns that lead to a gallery-style tee. 

The walls are adorned with paintings and murals representing biblical scenes. 

It was reported to be Tianjin’s tallest structure from the time it was built until nearly 80 years later. 

The church has remained strong throughout the years despite several natural and man-made disasters. 

After major restorations, the church reopened to the public in 1980 and is now on Tianjin’s cultural relic preservation list.

Take a moment and pay respect inside the church.

Address: China, Tian Jin Shi, He Ping Qu, 西宁道9 邮政编码: 300051

Yangliuqing New Year Painting Museum

Yangliuqing New Year Painting, Tianjin, China
Yangliuqing New Year Painting Museum is one of the best places to go in Tianjin, China

Explore learning about the exciting ways Chinese events are being celebrated.

The Lunar New Year is a time when many Chinese people adorn their homes and businesses with art and calligraphy to mark the event.

Residents of Yangliuqing are known for their beautiful Chinese New Year artworks. These paintings show happy scenes of family members eating together or giving cash in customary red envelopes as well as words of good luck.

However, you don’t even have to drive to the outskirts to see the artwork.

The Yangliuqing New Year Painting Museum in Tianjin’s downtown houses some of China’s finest annual year paintings, some of which date back several centuries.

Experience the diverse folk traditional cultures here, and one of them is the New Year photographs of Yang Liuqing in Tianjin. 

You may see New Year’s images in both huge and little hutongs, and it is also quite local.

It is definitely a great way to learn more about the culture and traditions of China.

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Address: 35VX+P5W, Binguan Rd, Hexi District, Tianjin, Tianjin, China, 300061

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