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In the process of making overseas trip arrangements? A trip to Equatorial Guinea is something you should absolutely do. If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Equatorial Guinea, then look no further than Equatorial Guinea. Scroll down, and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Equatorial Guinea for the best places to visit in Equatorial Guinea. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea
Best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

There is enough to entice you to the stunning black-and-white coastlines of this country, despite its turbulent history, suspicions of corruption, and vast oil reserves.

Equatorial Guinea is one of Africa’s most popular ecotourism destinations because of its beautiful beaches, well-developed infrastructure, and mild temperature. It provides a variety of cultural and adventurous activities.

Located in Central Africa, Equatorial Guinea has the second-largest biodiversity globally, after only the Amazon.

There are 13 protected areas in Equatorial Guinea alone, from natural parks and monuments to scientific reserves. The country is home to the second-largest forest in the world.

When the government launched a conservation effort in 2012, it included everything from gorillas and elephants to mandrills and manatees, all of which are endangered.

In addition, visitors to the country’s beaches will encounter beautifully pure seas juxtaposed against black volcanic beaches and four kinds of sea turtles.

Equatorial Guinea, the continent’s only Spanish-speaking nation, has a lot to offer the adventurous tourist.

You’ll be drawn to Equatorial Guinea’s beaches, churches, and national parks. Take a trip to this nation to see it for yourself.

Altos de Nsork National Park

Altos de Nsork National Park, Equatorial Guinea
Altos de Nsork National Park is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea’s southernmost and easternmost national park is located in the remote Rio Muni region of West Africa, Altos de Nsork National Park.

Since its inception, the reserve has grown to include over 700 square kilometers, protecting some of its most pristine highland and jungle environments.

The national park encompasses the whole wooded territory west of Nsoc, despite the absence of any obvious delineation or signage.

To discover the forest elephants is the primary reason to travel to this area. Many of the same animals are found in the nearby Gabonese woods, including common chimpanzees, gorillas, black colobus, mandrills, and forest buffalos.

Every local resident has a story about the obnoxious elephants that frequent the area (usually a complaint involving eating their crops).

Elephants are so good at hearing and sense of smell that it’s difficult for humans to get near enough to see or hear them.

This is the ideal location for those that enjoy hiking. Walk through elephant-made ruts, marvel at the rich plant life, look up and see mandrills and black colobus monkeys, and maybe even spot an occasional buffalo.

Address: Nsork, Wele Nzas, Equatorial Guinea

Annobon Island

Annobon Island
Annobon Island / Embassy of Equatorial Guinea / Flickr

An entire island in its own right, set out in the swells of the Atlantic Ocean, beyond the off-the-beaten-path isles of little-known Sao Tome, and directly in line with the coast of Gabon, Annobon.

Annobón is a territory of Equatorial Guinea only if one understands the region’s colonial history.

About 480 kilometers south of Corisco, it is cut off from the rest of the country by the Atlantic Ocean and So Tomé Island.

Residents of this secluded community speak the Portuguese Creole Fá d’Ambô, which alludes to their peculiar origins.

Annobón, a longtime outcast, is now experiencing a development boom due to completing the island’s new airport in 2010.

Annobón is an excellent destination for hiking, whale-watching, and relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Remember to include this in your travel itinerary since the island is home to humpback whales, rare Ojo Blanco birds, and baobabs that conceal lizards in the wilderness for wildlife enthusiasts.

Arena Blanca, Luba

Arena Blanca, Luba, Equatorial Guinea
Arena Blanca, Luba is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

A white sand beach on Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea is famed for its spectacular “clouds” of butterflies, Arena Blanca.

There are hundreds of breeding butterflies on this seashore during the dry season.

Locals refer to it as “arena de playa” when referring to it. Visitors may enjoy the beach and play on the sand while staying at the resorts provided.

Despite Malabo’s lack of distinctive attractions, Arena Blanca equatorial Guinea provides the best entertainment value for visitors.

The beach’s primary characteristic is its white sand, making it unique on Bioko Island. It’ll take one hour to drive from Malabo to visit visitors’ favorite beaches.

Visitors to Arena Blanca, equatorial Guinea, will discover a wide range of recreational options and the serenity that only nature can provide at this location.

You’ll be tempted to visit this island since it offers various activities and stunning scenery. Enjoy your time with your family to the fullest.


Bata, Equatorial Guinea
Bata is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

Known for its vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and sophisticated cafés, this city is guaranteed to make you feel at ease.

It is the capital of Equatorial Guinea, a Central African country, and is located on the coast. Bata is the country’s largest city.

Bata, Equatorial Guinea’s former capital, is home to the country’s most important port and a thriving traditional market and nightlife.

Aside from housing Colegio Nacional Enrique Nvó Okenve and an international airport, Bata is home to several other notable institutions. There are 27 administrative divisions in the province of Littoral, and Bata is the capital city.

Bata has a vibrant nightlife with hundreds of disco clubs, restaurants, and cafés equipped with the latest technology.

The city’s traditional markets, which sell locally made handicrafts, jewelry, and traditional clothing, are an essential aspect of the city’s culture.

Restaurants abound in the city, serving up delectable cuisine from worldwide. There are a few decent restaurants in Bata for tourists to eat at.

The city of Bata is a must-see! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take in all that the city offers.

Address: Equtorial Guinea

Bioko Island, Luba

Bioko Island, Luba
Bioko Island, Luba / Wapster / Flickr

Ringed by stunning beaches with either black volcanic or white dunes and forests, woods, grassland, and one cloud-covered volcanic peak, Bioko Island.

Rather interestingly, Bioko Island is located off the coast of Cameroon rather than Equatorial Guinea. Yet, Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea.

There are a few tiny communities in the northern section of Bioko Norte. Still, as you go farther south, the rainforest thickens, and majestic Ceiba trees can be seen swaying in the wind.

There are a variety of structural remains from the colonial era on the island because this is where the Spaniards landed to establish and where they primarily lived.

This is where your journey to Equatorial Guinea will begin. It is filled with many interesting sights and things to do.

You should visit Bioko island during its dry season between mid-November and February. Be mindful that flights around the Christmas holidays are highly demanded by expatriate employees returning home. Equatoguineans visit their families, so reserving in advance is recommended.

Cathedral de Santa Isabel, Malabo

Cathedral de Santa Isabel, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Cathedral de Santa Isabel, Malabo is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

The country’s largest Christian church is one of the most visible monuments of Spanish colonialism.

The cathedral has a peach-colored front, and two 130-foot-tall spires are on a quiet square beside a coastal harbor.

Catedral de Santa Isabel construction began in 1887, while Equatorial Guinea was still a Spanish colony. In 1916, the church was officially dedicated.

Local practitioners, corporations, and the Spanish government funded the large construction project.

Antonio Gaud also had a hand in designing the Gothic revival church, designed by Llairadó Luis Segarra, a well-known Spanish architect.

Catedral de Santa Isabel’s Neo-Gothic architecture is worth a look. The Archdiocese of Malabo is housed in this enormous church, which has twin 40 m (131 ft) spires.

People who admire the architecture and those who are devout will find much to enjoy in this church. You’ll be able to hear the choir if you come during worship. Take a rest near the cathedral’s fountain, where local youngsters often go.

Address: QQ4M+R3Q, Av. De la Independencia s/n, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


Cogo, Equatorial Guinea
Cogo is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

The Muni River marshes, mangrove swamps, and some of West Africa’s lesser-known birding locations surround the peninsular town of Cogo on the Equatorial Guinea coast.

Located on the Muni estuary in Equatorial Guinea’s mainland, Cogo was previously known as Puerto Iradier.

One of Cogo’s most prominent sights is a statue of Manuel Iradier Ybulfy, the town’s first European settler.

Wenceslao Mansogo, a prominent doctor and political leader, was born and raised in Congo. Robin Cook’s novel ‘Chromosome 6’ features a lank with Cogo.

It’s hard to find modern shops and food stalls in Cogo, yet the town is complete with traditional businesses and food stalls.

Spanish Colonial structures, some of which have been allowed to fall into disrepair, have made Cogo a popular tourist destination. With a local or a tour guide, one may quickly locate them.

According to the interests of tourists, the ideal time to visit Cogo is between December and February. However, the most popular season is between December and February.

Spend a few more days here and soak in the laid-back, Iberian ambiance.

Corisco Island

Corisco Island, Equatorial Guinea
Corisco Island is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

With only 14 square kilometers of land, this scenic island has been given its name by borrowing the Portuguese term for lightning. 

Corisco Island lies 29 kilometers southwest of the Rio Muni estuary, where the Gabonese border may be clearly seen. 

White sand beaches and superb scuba diving await visitors to Corisco. Intensely blue tropical seas and a year-round temperate environment make it an ideal vacation spot.

Corisco has a rich cultural and historical legacy in addition to its natural beauty. This island is home to one of Central Africa’s oldest cemeteries, which dates back roughly 2000 years.

The island’s isolation is part of its appeal. Still, a new international airport connects the locals with the rest of Equatorial Guinea and opens the island up to visitors.

It’s just a short distance from Equatorial Guinea’s coast that the tiny island of Corisco is protecting the entrance to Corisco Bay and the estuaries of the Rio Muni.

If you visit the island, you will not be able to miss it. It’s not just the unspoiled beaches or the flowing grasses of the sand dunes that attract visitors here; the history and culture are the main lures.

Address: Equtorial Guinea


Evinayong, Equatorial Guinea
Evinayong is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

A popular destination for both nature and adventure enthusiasts, Evinayong.

Centro Sur Province in Equatorial Guinea’s Rio Muni mainland. It is located roughly 120 kilometers southeast of the capital city, Bata. Evinayong is its capital and administrative center.

The town’s nightlife, traditional market, and nearby waterfalls are among its most popular draws for travelers, and it’s nestled in the mountains. 

Evinayong’s prison is a well-known landmark. Evinayong is located at an elevation of 630 meters.

Rain-drenched palm trees cover the streets, while a few small drinking establishments attract a crowd of chatting residents.

In addition, there’s a local market full of colorful vegetables, beans, and fruits that have just been harvested from the fields.

Evinayong has a plethora of restaurants and food stalls popular with tourists. Traditional markets and food stores are the only options for shopping. 

And if you’re seeking to get some fresh air, the location is just a short distance from Monte Alén and Altos de Nsork national parks!

Address: Equatorial Guinea

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Ilachi Waterfalls

Ilachi Waterfalls, Equatorial Guinea
Ilachi Waterfalls is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

One of the most alluring sights on the Island of Bioko, The Iladyi or Ilachi waterfall, is where three separate rivers merge.

The longest and highest waterfalls in the country span 155 kilometers. The journey that awaits those who succeed in reaching these islands is reminiscent of a jungle tale.

The Ilachi River plunges around 250 meters from the canyon’s edge. It’s the country’s most impressive waterfall!

There is a vast distance between the village of Moka and the waterfalls of Ilachi. Depending on your speed, an hour or two is about right for completing the woodland journey.

You’ll see the area’s natural ecosystems, including waterfalls cascading down the mountainside, making the region exquisite.

Other highlights include a river crossing, moderately challenging mountain descents, views of zebus, and breathtaking photography. It is one of Bioko’s least-known destinations.

It also can easily integrate with nearby adventures like a trip to Lake Biao or a stop at Lake Loreto.

If you happen to be in Equatorial Guinea, do not miss the opportunity to see the Ilachi Waterfalls.

Address: Equtorial Guinea


Luba, Equatorial Guinea
Luba is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

A colonial hospital, an opulent Luba Crater Scientific Reserve, cafés and entertainment centers, and remarkable beaches make Luba a popular tourist destination.

Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea’s Equatorial Guinea is home to the town of Luba, formerly known as San Carlos.

Second only to Malabo, the island’s capital, Luba is the island’s second-largest city.

In Luba, you’ll find many restaurants that cater to tourists, many of which include African-inspired meals. There are only a few food stores in the area.

Luba, a coastal town, is home to several beautiful black sand beaches that provide a variety of water sports, including swimming. On the beach, you’ll also discover some more up-to-date eateries.

There is a new development in Luba, which was formerly a hub for logging operations in Bioko’s highlands, but is now being transformed into something much more.

Explore Luba and all that it offers, including its unique sights and scrumptious eateries.

Address: Equtorial Guinea


Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Malabo is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

Inhabited by a unique blend of colonial and contemporary architecture characterized by maturity level and water ruins.

In Equatorial Guinea, Malabo serves as the country’s capital and is located on Bioko Island’s northern shore.

After Bata, Malabo is Equatorial Guinea’s second-biggest city and the largest of a group of five islands.

The city of Malabo is a study in contrast. Toward the east lies the harbor and the ancient city, which has a magnificent cathedral and several notable colonial structures.

The city’s premium neighborhoods to the west, including expensive houses, upscale hotels, and government agencies and embassies, positively sparkle.

Downtown, you’ll find a retail complex with high-end tenants and a variety of restaurants and hotels in the middle of it all.

With the adjacent school and cultural hub, it’s a perfect setting. Several clubs and restaurants are serving cooked plantain stews that go along towards the hills overlooking the ocean.

Explore the city of Equatorial Guinea and its many attractions and activities. If you want the finest vacation in the country, stay in a hotel at their high-end hotel.

Address: Equtorial Guinea


Mbini, Equatorial Guinea
Mbini is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

Stunning vistas of coastal estuaries and the massive Benito River, the country’s longest, which winds its way through the town for a town on the ocean’s edge.

Located near the mouth of the Benito River, Mbini is a settlement in Ro Muni, Equatorial Guinea.

Ro Muni is known in Ndowe as Mbini. 44 kilometers southwest of Bata, it is the nearest town.

The city’s population was 14,000 in 1994, and it is connected to Bolondo via boat. The local seafood is well-known, as are the adjacent beaches.

It’s one of the most incredible spots in Equatorial Guinea to eat the country’s famous seafood because it’s both a river and a marine fishing town.

There are also a few resort hotels to relax in and a long stretch of white-sand beaches and expansive views of Monte Alén in the distance.

Go fishing, then relax and enjoy some fresh seafood you caught! Try it out for yourself.

Address: Equatorial Guinea

Monte Alen National Park

Monte Alen National Park, Equatorial Guinea
Monte Alen National Park is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

Wilderness areas in West Africa could be the most under-appreciated area of natural splendor you haven’t heard of.

One of Central Africa’s best-kept secrets, Equatorial Guinea’s Monte Alen offers a compelling incentive to visit the country.

The Rio Muni National Park is a great site to see the area’s beautiful rainforests and fauna.

At an elevation of 1200 meters, several lakes and falls can be found in this area.

Gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, crocodiles, a slew of other African creatures, and many birds and insects may all be found in the park.

This region has miles and miles of well-maintained hiking paths and an abundance of wildlife.

A guide located near the park entrance is highly recommended because trekking in the park may be hot, slippery, and exhausting. Bring your own food and drink.

The African Safari is a must-do adventure experience in this park, where you may explore the African wilderness on your own terms with the help of a personal safari guide.

Address: Equatorial Guinea


Moca, Equatorial Guinea
Moca is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

It’s a stunning picture of unspoiled Equatorial Guinea, lying within Moca Valley just on the southern edge of Bioko.

These virtualized mountains provide a natural backdrop for the Buki tribe’s home.

Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Island is home to the settlement of Moka or Moca. According to legend, the town got its name from King Moka (Bubi King Möókáta) of the Bahtáari Dynasty. Controlled the area from 1835 to 1845 and from 1875 to 1898.

Lake Biao and Loreta are popular destinations for tourists who want to view the stunning blues of the spectacular Cascades of Moca or the mountains.

Lake Biao, Lake Loreta, and the renowned Cascades of Moca are home to various monkeys. These are only a handful of the region’s numerous natural attractions, home to many species of monkeys.

Come here to trek the rugged, monkey-dotted Cascades of Moca or to observe the vivid blues of Lakes Biao and Loreta, which culminate in the ancient volcanic calderas of the highland plains below.

Address: Equatorial Guinea

Monte Temelon Natural Reserve

Monte Temelon Natural Reserve, Equatorial Guinea
Monte Temelon Natural Reserve is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

Its most notable features are the diverse flora collection and vast greenery expanses.

Monte Temelon Natural Reserve is a protected area in Equatorial Guinea’s Ro Muni region. In 2000, it was founded.

Monte Temelón Natural Reserve is situated in the middle of the Cameroon edge and highlands of the Rio Muni. It is said to be a more underrated region of wilderness in EQ.

This plateau’s relief is relatively uniform, yet despite the prominence of some regions like the Temelón Mountains, the feeling of being in a peneplain persists.

One of the most notable aspects of the area is the abundance of wildlife that has been rescued from the devastation of the region’s woods in this refuge area.

A thick layer of mist engulfs the woods as crocodiles hide on the sides of rivers that dot the landscape.

The rare gigantic pangolin, which is peculiar to the area, is a must-see for anybody who wants a unique encounter.

Address: Equatorial Guinea

Pico Basile

Pico Basile, Equatorial Guinea
Pico Basile is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

The highest point for a panoramic perspective of the island is Pico Basile.

The protected area on the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea, in the Gulf of Guinea, in the Atlantic Ocean. Pico Basilé National Park has been designated a national park.

It has a total area of 30 thousand hectares and was established in 2000.

The island’s tallest and biggest basaltic shield volcano reaches its top here. Mount Cameroon may be seen in the distance to the northeast from the top.

It is noteworthy for the diversity of its landscapes and plants and the diminishing number of primates resulting from illegal hunting.

International organizations have expressed worry over the country’s noncompliance with a 2007 decision prohibiting killing a wide range of species.

The park is named after the Basilé peak, Equatorial Guinea’s tallest, standing at 3011 meters above sea level (9878 feet). Administratively, it is under the authority of the province of Bioko Norte in Equatorial Guinea.

This is the ideal location for a traveler who enjoys hiking.

Address: Equatorial Guinea

San Antonio de Ureca

San Antonio de Ureca, Equatorial Guinea
San Antonio de Ureca is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

This hamlet is surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls and is located in one of the wettest locations in the world.

The settlement of San Antonio de Ureca, commonly known as Ureka or Ureca, is located on the island of Bioko, south of the capital city of Equatorial Guinea’s Bioko Sur province.

It has a waterfall that empties into a pool, making it ideal for swimming and fishing.

A prominent ecotourism hotspot in San Antonio de Ureca is still a secret.

That’s where environmentalists in Spain first tried to stop the illegal sale of endangered turtle eggs in the 1990s, and they won, too!

The town still has residents protecting the sandy and rocky shores, which are home to an endangered sea turtle species.

Moreover, San Carlos Caldera’s shadow encompasses many waterfalls and trekking paths!

Overall, you may spend the day relaxing on the beach, cooking, and swimming in the surf like the locals. A vacation you should not miss.

Address: Equatorial Guinea

Utonde Beach

Utonde Beach, Equatorial Guinea
Utonde Beach is one of the best places to go in Equatorial Guinea

 This beach is always bustling with activity.

Bata is home to some of Equatorial Guinea’s most ambitious tourism development initiatives. Which has easy access to the airport runways and expanses of mostly unspoiled white sand along its coast.

The Rio Campo Reserve is a 330-square-mile expanse of land that includes Fang ethnic hamlets and wetlands near the Cameroonian border. It is connected to mega-resorts with infinity pools and a private beachfront.

In calm weather, the water is crystal clear and suitable for swimming; the beach transforms into a surfing area in windy weather.

Catalogs featuring romantic sunsets on secluded beaches worldwide are sure to have piqued your interest. 

The poolside area is decked up with thatched umbrellas. Chef Rafi’s menu includes pizzas, seafood, and steaks. It’s a nice area to get away from the city.

A beach club has everything you need, including a beautiful restaurant and helpful personnel. As a result of its distant location, the beach is a terrific place to unwind.

If you’re planning a vacation to Equatorial Guinea, including a stop at this beach on your itinerary.

Still unsure to make Equatorial Guinea your next destination? Hop over to why visit Equatorial Guinea at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Equatorial Guinea

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