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See the wonders of Eritrea. Make the most of your vacation time in Eritrea, we have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Eritrea. Explore the top attractions and activities in the best places to go in Eritrea by scrolling down! Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.


Agordat, Eritrea
Agordat is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

If you’ve had your fill of the capital’s colonial architecture, head to Akordat for more.

The Barka zone’s former capital, Agordat, is an ancient town. Archaeological sites such as Qohaito Metera, the tomb of Said Mustafa wad Hasan, and Rora Habab, proposed for World Heritage Site status, are all located in the town.

Banana plantations are well-known in the area. The fruit of the Akat trees, also known as Doum Palms, may be found near the Barka River.

You can also visit a mosque built by Haile Selassie in 1963, which is Eritrea’s second-largest mosque. He also constructed the Catholic church and a big hospital on a hill overlooking the town, just beneath the opulent old Italian governor’s mansion.

You should also visit the obelisk overlooking the town, which memorializes Italians murdered during WWII.

Visit this town and see the ancient beauty it offers!

Address: Akordat, Eritrea


Asmara, Eritrea
Asmara, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

You wouldn’t want to miss this Italian village-like capital city of Eritrea!

This capital city has two sides to it. You’ll first notice the pleasant walking neighborhoods, sidewalk cafes with superb Italian coffee, plenty of pastry stores, and a relaxed pace about town.

You’ll feel like you’ve just landed in a small Italian village.

However, this natural splendor comes with a price: frequent power outages, abandoned streets, and a general lack of activity in the local economy.

In addition, you’ll discover here the greatest number of examples of modern architecture in one place. Most of the buildings in the historical neighborhood were built in the 1930s when Mussolini became interested in Ethiopia.

Its history, welcoming residents, and architecture make Asmara an easy place to fall in love with.

There are various tourist attractions around Asmara you can visit as well. So, plan a day or two to witness this city’s beauty!

Address: Asmara, Eritrea

Asmara Zoo

Asmara Zoo, Eritrea
Asmara Zoo, Eritrea / daryl_mitchell / Flickr

A perfect place to spend a quick side-trip!

Compared to other zoos around the country, the Asmara Zoo is considered small, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this attraction!

The Asmara Zoo is located in a neighborhood known as Biet Ghiorgis, which is on the road to Massawa city from the capital.

You may see various animals at the Asmara Zoo (also known as the Biet Ghiorgis Zoo). It is a wonderful and interesting tourist attraction.

You will see friendly hyenas and baboons as you walk around the zoo area. There are also a variety of snakes and colorful bird species you can watch!

Several lions and ostriches also make this spot a must-visit attraction in Asmara!

Another enticing reason to visit this location is the reasonable entrance fee.

Bring your family with you and enjoy as you walk around the Asmara zoo!

Address: Biet Ghiorgis, Eritrea

Asmara’s Opera House

Asmara's Opera House, Eritrea
Asmara’s Opera House, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

Art and theatre lovers will surely love this spot!

Located in the capital of Eritrea, Asmara, Asmara’s Opera is the official venue that houses the Eritrean Opera theater.

Romanesque Revival and Neoclassical elements were incorporated into the building’s architecture when it was designed in 1918 by Odoardo Cavagnari.

It’s one of Asmara’s most unusual spots; the building appears to have crystallized in the spot where it stood as if it were the work of some mad scientist.

It was regarded as one of the best-known buildings in Italian Asmara. The ceiling, roof, and other parts were decorated with beautiful murals.

The Asmara Opera House reflects Asmara’s role as a center for international performers.

During the resident cafe’s open hours, you are welcome to take a peek around for free or stay awhile and take in the ambiance over a cup of coffee.

Don’t miss a chance to visit and witness this attraction!

Address: Harnet Ave, Asmara, Eritrea

Dahlak Marine National Park

Dahlak Marine National Park, Eritrea
Dahlak Marine National Park is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

If you are looking for a stunning water attraction to visit in Eritrea, this is your spot!

Dahlak Marine National Park is situated in the Dahlak Archipelago and is surrounded by pristine waters.

This lovely region is located in Ethiopia and Eritrea’s war-torn areas, making it a rich ecosystem that has remained untouched by nature.

The national park is home to an estimated 300 different kinds of fish, as well as a number of stunning underwater sites that scuba divers can explore.

Moreover, formations made of pumice stone are made by underwater volcanoes and shipwrecks.

Also, you can discover its beautiful islands, making it among the best diving experiences you’ll ever have.

You’ll also discover the area’s turtles, manta rays, and dolphins. Keep an eye out for Dugon dugons; the rare sea creatures are thought to be the mermaid legend source.

Visit this attraction if you’re up for a diving experience here in Eritrea!

Address: Dahlak Archipelago, Eritrea


Dankalia, Eritrea
Dankalia, Eritrea / theblacknemesis / Flickr

Have you been to the hottest place on Earth? Don’t worry; this is not the most desirable place you are thinking about. 

Dankalia in Eritrea stretches for around 500 km along the Red Sea coast. The Danakil depression, located inland, is thought to be the hottest site on the planet.

One of the warmest places on Earth is believed to be the Danakil depression, which is nestled in the center.

This is also among the lowest spots on the planet, having sunk to more than 300 feet below sea level.

You will witness deep valleys, isolated mountain ranges, and volcanoes. 

Furthermore, the Afar tribe is the one that lives in this area.

In fact, there is a significant percentage of their income comes from the mining of salt on the enormous flats that are scattered across the terrain.

This isn’t a place for the weak. The scenery is amazing and offers a unique experience for everyone.

Is there anyone who has the guts to try it? Then, take the challenge and witness the hotness of this attraction!

Address: Dankalia, Eritrea

Debre Bizen Monastery

Debre Bizen Monastery, Eritrea
Debre Bizen Monastery is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

Pilgrimage in the clouds

The Bizen Monastery is Eritrea’s most famous beacon and symbol of Christianity, with numerous saints and explorers buried there, including the famed 16th-century Spanish adventurer Alvarez.

1361 was the year that His Holiness Abune Philipos established Debre Bizen. An air of mystery and lore surrounds this monastery, which rises to 2450 meters above sea level.

According to a legend, three disabled people were reportedly cured just by the shadow of Abune Philipos due to his holiness.

There is no other option for visitors except to climb the steep slopes on foot, but the reward is a breathtaking sight of the surrounding mountains.

You’ll begin your journey to the 600-year-old Debre Bizen at the village of Nefasit, located about 25 kilometers from Asmara on the Asmara-Massawa highway.

Debre Bizen’s history, combined with the museum’s collection of relics and the monastery’s heavenly experience, is a major attraction.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this stunning attraction!

Address: Debre Bizen Mountain, Eritrea

Emba Soira Mountain

Emba Soira Mountain, Eritrea
Emba Soira Mountain is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

Witness the Eretria at the highest level!

This destination is Eritrea’s highest mountain, located in the country’s southern region.

Emba Soira is part of the Eritrean Highlands, which rise 3,018 meters above sea level and form one side of the Great Rift Valley, which runs across Eritrea and enters the Red Sea.

You may get to Emba Soira by taking a paved route from the city of Senafe, which is located 135 kilometers south of the country’s capital Asmara.

From there, an extremely tough and perilous dirt trail leads to the peak, which is about 20 kilometers in length and incredibly challenging to navigate. The final section must be hiked, and it will take at least a couple of hours of travel time.

The people who enjoy trekking and hiking will find this quite fascinating.

If you are up for an incredible adventure, this spot awaits you!

Address: Debub Region, ‎Eritrea


Filfil, Eritrea
Filfil, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

Looking for a place to recharge your nature batteries? 

Filfil is a must-see nature spot! 

Filfil Rainforest, locally known as ‘Seminawi Bahri,’ ‘Filfil Solomuna,’ or ‘Green Belt of Eritrea,’ is an incredible wonder.

Plantations surround Filfil, and the town and forest combined form a national forest protected by law.

This spot was more remarkable because it remained intact when plenty of Eritrea had been severely deforested.

Surprisingly, you will find this green spot in the center of a mostly dry environment.

To get the most out of your time here bird-watching, plan on staying for at least a full day.

In the center of the forest, there is a welcoming hotel where you may stay the night or two to further explore Filfil’s hidden valleys.

This tourist spot will surely take your breath away because of the picturesque greeneries. 

Check out this spot and witness this beautiful creation with your own eyes!

Address: Filfil, Eritrea

Hawatsu Reservoir and Copse

Hawatsu Copse and Reservoir, Eritrea
Hawatsu Reservoir and Copse, Eritrea / Malcolm Macgregor / Flickr

A true haven for bird and nature enthusiasts

Hawatsu Copse is a tiny area of native forest located near the reservoir, a few miles north of the city. This location is well-known for its bird-watching opportunities.

Suppose you travel to the location from Asmara. In that case, the plain descends down to a reservoir, which is particularly scenic in its natural setting.

The Egyptian Goose, Pink-backed Pelican, Black-headed Heron, Little Grebe, Hammerkop, Grey Heron, Northern Shoveler, Red-knobbed Coot, and the European Wigeon are among the most common bird species to be found in this attraction.

When traveling to Hawatsu, this location is a visual treat for the eyes. Make sure to stop by and take a quick selfie with the stunning background of nature.

This is a perfect spot for photographers who wish to capture the beauty of these bird species.

You should plan a day trip to explore and witness this beautiful attraction!

Address: Hawatsu Reservoir, Eritrea

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Keren, Eritrea
Keren, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

Are you looking for a quiet and laid-back place to visit in Eritrea?

Then, head to Keren, Eritrea’s third-largest city and the capital of the Anseba Province. This is a beautiful town known for its laid-back atmosphere.

Keren means “highland,” a charming town popular with visitors seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of Asmara or Massawa.

Keren is one of Eritrea’s most important fruit and vegetable growing hubs. Banana plantations cover an area to the west.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of ethnicities and vibrant markets. There is a Romanesque Catholic church, a 19th-century Egyptian fortress called Tigu, and many architectural wonders in the city.

It also has dairy herds that provide fresh milk and butter and a cheese plant that manufactures provolone and other cheeses.

Take a snooze in one of the many baobab trees, as the locals do, for ultimate relaxation.

Plan a day or two in this fantastic city of Eritrea!

Address: Keren, Eritrea


Massawa, Eritrea
Massawa, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

If you finished exploring the bustling city of Asmara but crave more, Massawa should be your next city on the list!

Massawa is made up of two islands and the mainland. Two causeways link them together.

The war memorial, St. Mariam’s Cathedral, the historic railway station, the Dahlak hotel, and the Imperial Palace are all located on the first of the two islands, Taulud.

After crossing the second causeway, you’ll find yourself at the town’s Moorish port district. This portion of Massawa, known as Batse, retains its allure, particularly at night, when the small lanes between the Turkish, Egyptian, and Italian buildings suddenly appear.

The city was largely destroyed during the battle for freedom, and restoration is a lengthy process.

Massawa is the starting point for diving expeditions and journeys to the Dahlak islands. The attractions can be enjoyed with the utmost convenience and safety.

Strolling through the streets and alleyways and discovering all the little porticoes, arcades, and white structures hidden here and there is great fun!

Don’t miss to see the attractions this place offers!

Address: Massawa, Eritrea


Metera, Eritrea
Metera, Eritrea / Clay Gilliland / Flickr

An interesting and historical place to visit in Eritrea.

Metera is a historical landmark located about a kilometer south of Senafe. This attraction is a monolithic church that has appeared in historical records.

According to many scholars, Pre-Axumite ceramic types from Metera bear a significant resemblance to ceramic forms found in ancient sites in the Greater Asmara area dating back to 800-400 BC.

What looks to be a stele and two small damaged structures off the dirt road is actually the expansive site of a city that was once a significant stop between the Aksumite capital and the Red Sea port city of Adulis.

Metera’s ruins strongly show the significance of this ancient city. Although there is no information explaining the remains or a guide to tour you around, a stroll among the crumbling ruins is interesting.

Visit this tourist attraction and have the most unusual ancient city tour experience!

Address: Senafe, Eritrea


Qohaito, Eritrea
Qohaito is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

A visit to one of the most renowned archaeological attractions is one thing you must not forget during your Eritrea journey.

Qohaito is a spectacular location with stunning natural features and breathtaking scenery.

The vertical faults, deep gorges, and panoramic views of the neighboring mountain ranges provide a distinct sense of unspoiled wilderness, contrasting with the network of foot routes running across the steep and rocky landscape.

The remnants of King Saba’s palace and the Safra’s Dam – both of which date back to the eras of Axumite and pre-Axumite – may be found here.

Extensive excavations began in the 1960s after the site was initially found in the nineteenth century.

It has been known that this location has been occupied since the 5th century, based on the rock art that has been discovered.

Exploring the ruins is a fascinating way to imagine what life was like thousands of years ago. 

Address: Debub Region, Eritrea

Red Sea

Red Sea, Eritrea
Red Sea, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

A trip to Eritrea will not be complete without visiting this spot!

The Red Sea is thought to be among the most incredible bodies of water on the planet. 

It is a massive basin bounded north by the Suez Canal and south by the Bab al Mandeb Strait, cut off from the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea currents; that is why it lacks a tidal system.

The Red Sea is also the world’s last great unspoiled tropical paradise, with something to see and do for every scuba diver and snorkeler.

The Red Sea is one of the world’s richest regions. There are around 1,000 different fish species, 2,000 different invertebrates, and 180 different coral types.

On the sandy beaches, huge sea tortoises lay their eggs. Dolphin pods and even enormous dugongs or sea cows have been spotted playing in the vicinity of the boat.

Make sure to include this spot in your Eritrea itinerary!

Address: Red Sea, Eritrea

Semenawi Bahri National Park

Semenawi Bahri National Park, Eritrea
Semenawi Bahri National Park is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

A fantastic park for individuals who want to enjoy nature without being bothered by big tourist traffic.

The Semenawi Bahri National Park, dubbed Eritrea’s most beautiful countryside, stretches along with a range of mountains and through lowlands.

Exiting species, such as rosy patched bush shirks splashing around in tiny rock pools, come in fast succession along the route.

The twisting descent from Woki to the coastal plain is even more magnificent than the main Asmara-Massawa road, offering a truly breathtaking panorama as you snake your way downward.

The park’s various features include a diverse range of animals and plants and several rare species that will appeal to bird lovers.

The peaceful sounds of birds that provide tranquility and delight to visitors are incredible.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a road trip with your loved one!

Check out this famous road and wander around the places it offers!

Address: Debub Region, Eritrea


Senafe, Eritrea
Senafe is one of the best places to go in Eritrea

Another interesting town to visit is Eritrea!

Senafe is a town on the edges of Eritrea’s highlands. Archaeological and geographic landmarks can be found here. 

The site is approximately ten hectares in size and contains a number of ruins, including an obelisk from the third century.

The ruins of Metera, the Enda-Tsadqan monolithic church, and the local stone outcrops are some of its most notable attractions.

Other historical sites, the monastery, and an ancient tree may also be found in Metera. The tree has 12 branches, which according to legend at the monastery, represent the 12 months of the year, with each branch bearing ripe fruit for a month.

You can ask a native to guide you on how to climb on top of the rocks if you’re feeling daring. You’ll be delighted with a breathtaking panorama!

It will be perfect if you spend a day or two in this town to explore most of it!

Address: Senafe, Eritrea

St. Mariam Cathedral

St. Mariam Cathedral, Eritrea
St. Mariam Cathedral, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

A beautiful religious attraction in Eritrea!

This religious attraction is an Orthodox Cathedral found in the capital of Eritrea. It is said to have been built before the Italian occupation, with renovations by Italian architects in 1920 and 1938.

Enda Mariam is a magnificent structure that holds religious events such as the Nigdet of Saint Mary every 30th of November or 1st of December.

You will see during your visit that the building is entirely made out of alternate levels of brick and stone, replicating Aksumite architecture’s layers of stone and wood. This style has been used in the Eritrean highlands for centuries.

The main entrance has two enormous white doors with red frames and little windows on each side.

When you visit, you will see seven religious icons above the main entrance that depict the Mother of Jesus.

Make some time to pay your respects and visit this beautiful attraction during your Eritrean journey.

Address: Asmara, Eritrea

The Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression, Eritrea
The Danakil Depression, Eritrea / Ian Swithinbank / Flickr

It’s more than simply a desert or a mountain range; it’s also home to plenty of natural beauties and mysteries.

The Danakil depression is Eritrea’s most unusual tourist destination in many ways. Climate, water shortage, and soil composition make it a challenging location to visit.

The Danakil depression in Eritrea is also home to many flora and fauna species.

In addition to the Abyssinian Hare, Common Warthog, and Rock Hyrax, you may also see Spotted Hyenas, Black-Backed Jackals, Ostriches, Abyssian Hares, and Squirrels, as well as Gazelles, Rock Hyracoids, Koris, and Arabian Bustards.

It is one of only two active rift valleys globally, with the Baikal Rift Zone in Siberia, Russia, being the other. 

Geological treasures abound across the entire rift valley. So much so that it hardly resembles our planet in most places.

See for yourself the mysteries of this destination offers!

Address: Danakil Depression, Eritrea 

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace, Eritrea
The Imperial Palace, Eritrea / David Stanley / Flickr

Witness the ruins of a once-stunning architectural wonder in Eretria

The Imperial Palace at Massawa overlooks the harbor. The original structure was built in the 16th century by a Turk named Osdemir Pasha.

The existing structure was designed by Werner Munzinger in the 19th century. It was used by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.

It was heavily destroyed during the Struggle for Independence. Yet, you could still see what Massawa looked like immediately after the war in its current state.

Because the gates are rarely locked, it usually is possible to stroll around the grounds.

The site was first built for the Turks and was later remade for a Swiss adventurer before being destroyed in a war. It is still an excellent spot to see history in all forms.

It is a great spot to take amazing pictures because of the surrounding scenery.

Visit this spot and take a glimpse of the history of Eritrea!

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Address: Massawa, Eritrea

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