Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

Exploring The World of Animal Shelters: An Inside Look At Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

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Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

An interview with Catillac Ranch Sanctuary from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Introducing Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

Lauryn and Danielle Davis of Cadillac Ranch Sanctuary

Hi, my name is Danielle Davis, and I’m the founder and president of Catillac Ranch Sanctuary. I started Catillac Ranch after saving numerous abused and abandoned cats in the subdivision where I once lived.

How did Catillac Ranch Sanctuary Start? What Are The Challenges Encountered Along The Way?

Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

I was inspired to start the sanctuary when I realized just how many animals were homeless and being euthanized for space in overcrowded shelters.

What Kind Of Support Does Catillac Ranch Sanctuary Need From The Community, And How Can People Get Involved And Support Your Mission?

Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

We always need help with fundraising, setting up events, and picking up large pallets of pet supplies. Donations of time and money are always greatly needed, but we also need help with pet supply drives for items such as but not limited to: cat/dog food, litter, pet beds, cat trees, pee pads, parasite preventatives, and cedar/pine shavings. C.R.S. has a free community pet panty, offers low-cost spay-neuter services, and helps with urgent vet care bills for those that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to get their animals’ help. So raising money for our nonprofit is truly lifesaving!

Can You Give Us An Idea Of The Scale Of Catillac Ranch Sanctuary’s Operation, Such As The Number Of Service Dogs You Have Placed And The Number Of Individuals And Veterans You Have Helped?

We do not place service dogs, but we help feed community pets that otherwise the owners would have to surrender without our community pantry. We’ve donated over 22,000 lbs of food since August 1, 2021!

Tell Us About Any Challenges You Have Faced In Your Work And How You Have Overcome Them

More and more people are learning about our organization and reaching out for help which has been very challenging to keep up with the demand. This has put a great strain on us financially and emotionally. We’ve researched different ways to fundraise and have been putting it into action by doing online fundraisers, applying for grants, signing up for programs that allow people to round up to the next dollar on purchases and donate the extra change to us, auctions, along with also preparing to do a yard sale this summer. 

Are There Any Partnerships Or Collaborations That You Have Formed With Other Organizations Or Agencies In The Community?

We have formed partnerships with veterinarians and other nonprofits to help with low-cost options for low-income families in our area.

Catillac Ranch Sanctuary

What Are The Help Needed From The Local Community?

Catillac Ranch Sanctuary’s future goals are to be able to buy a transport van that will allow us to take large quantities of animals per trip and save even more on services and make donations/ grants last longer. We also want to complete our exam room, that’s about 75% complete. Last but not least, we want to build a warehouse to store supplies that will also have kennels that will allow us to do low-cost boarding for families that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford regular-priced boarding facilities. 

Connect With Catillac Ranch Sanctuary here:

Address: New Market, TN

Phone: (865) 217-6651

Website: is thankful to Catillac Ranch Sanctuary for the interview. 

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