Top 5 Movies Filmed in St. Cloud, Minnesota by US Box Office

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Lights, Camera, Action! Explore the Filming Locations of St. Cloud’s Blockbusters

Lights, camera, action! Well, look who we have here, a movie buff with an adventurous spirit! You’ve found yourself in the bustling city of St. Cloud, Minnesota, and you’re probably wondering, “What’s the scoop on the movie scene around here?”

Oh, we’ve got good news for you! St. Cloud may not be Hollywood, but it has had its fair share of moments in the limelight. And guess what? You can explore the very spots where your favorite movies were once filmed!

Key Takeaways:

  • St. Cloud boasts an impressive list of movies that were filmed within its borders, making it a treasure trove for any cinema lover.
  • Visiting movie filming locations can be an exciting and unique way to explore the city and immerse yourself in the movie magic.
  • Exploring the filming spots of famous movies allows you to see the city from a whole new perspective and discover hidden gems along the way.

Now, let us give you the lowdown on why visiting movie filming locations is such a ridiculously fun idea, especially in a place like St. Cloud. Picture this: you’re walking down the streets lined with quirky shops and charming cafes, and suddenly, you spot a place that looks strangely familiar.

You stop dead in your tracks and realize that you’ve stumbled upon a filming location from one of your favorite movies. It’s like stepping into the film itself!

As you wander through the scenes of these blockbusters, you’ll find yourself mentally transported to the exact moments when the actors and crew were hard at work, crafting movie magic.

It’s as if you’ve been granted a backstage pass to witness the behind-the-scenes action. Fancy yourself a cinephile detective? You can compare the real locations to their on-screen counterparts and marvel at the movie-making wizardry.

But visiting movie filming locations isn’t just about feeling like a star or appreciating the art of cinema. It’s an opportunity to uncover hidden gems and unexpected treasures within a city.

As you follow in the footsteps of your favorite actors, you might stumble upon a quaint coffee shop that served as the backdrop for a touching scene or a beautiful park where a climactic moment took place. These locations become more than just spots on a map; they become part of your personal journey.

Imagine capturing your own movie-inspired adventure, complete with snapshots of yourself mimicking iconic scenes. You can recreate a romantic moment, strike a superhero pose, or even reenact the hilarious antics of your beloved comedic characters. So go ahead, unleash your inner actor or actress, and have a cinematic adventure all your own!

Lights, camera, explore! Unleash your inner Spielberg and dive into our list of incredible movies filmed in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Get ready to explore the actual locations where your favorite scenes were brought to life. Lights, camera, action awaits you! Just scroll down and let the magic begin.

The Mighty Ducks – US Box Office: USD$50.75millions

Director: Stephen Herek 

Main Cast: Emilio Estevez, Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Heidi Kling

Release Date: 2 October 1992

Filming Locations: Peavey Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Mickey’s Diner – 36 W. 7th Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA; New Hope, Minnesota, USA; Met Center – 7901 Cedar Avenue, South Bloomington, Minnesota, USA; Rice Park, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Main Plot: Gordon Bombay, a rising star in the legal profession, is tormented by memories of his youth. Back then, he was the star player on the hockey team that won the championship. However, during a shootout, he missed the goal that would have won the game for his team. As a result, he did not receive his coach’s approval. Gordon is initially quite resistant when the court orders him to coach a peewee hockey team, which is the worst squad in the league. This comes as a result of his being charged with drunk driving. However, in time he can earn the respect of the youngsters and instruct them on how to be victorious. Along the road, he secures a sponsor for the team and gives them the moniker “The Ducks.” In the championship game, they will compete against Gordon’s old squad, which Gordon’s old coach coaches. This will provide Gordon with the opportunity to confront old demons.

Famous quotes:

Gordon Bombay: “I didn’t have a choice; we’re being sponsored.”

Les Averman: “By who, Donald and Daisy?”

Gordon Bombay: “Hey, you don’t wanna be Ducks? You’d rather be District Five? Some stupid number?”

Peter Mark: “Better than some stupid animal.”

Gordon Bombay: “I’ll have you know, Peter, that the Duck is one of the most noble, agile and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom.”

Connie Moreau: “But they’re wimpy!”

Guy Germaine: “They don’t even have teeth.”

Gordon Bombay: “Neither do hockey players. Have you guys ever seen a flock of ducks flying in perfect formation? It’s beautiful. Pretty awesome the way they all stick together. Ducks never say die. Ever seen a duck fight? No way. Why? Because the other animals are afraid. They know that if they mess with one duck, they gotta deal with the whole flock. I’m proud to be a Duck, and I’d be proud to fly with any one of you. So how about it? Who’s a Duck?”

Sequel: D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994); D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)

Fun Fact about The Mighty Ducks:

  • The initial plot of Mighty Ducks had a former NHL player turned alcoholic who seeks vengeance on his former coach by coaching against him. There was very little comedy. When Disney acquired the film’s rights, several details were altered (such as Bombay becoming a lawyer, who never played in the NHL, and who must perform community service for a DUI), including a greater emphasis on comedy and a downplaying of most of the adult themes.

One More Saturday Night – US Box Office: USD$0.03millions

Director: Dennis Klein

Main Cast: Tom Davis, Al Franken, Moira Sinise, Frank Howard

Release Date: 22 August 1986

Filming Locations: West Dundee, Illinois, USA; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Golf, Illinois, USA; Illinois, USA; Chateau Louise – Route 31, West Dundee, Illinois, USA

Main Plot: The movie portrays a typical Saturday night in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Russ Cadwell is prepared to engage in sexual activity with his lover Diane Lundahl. Once a minor criminal, Doug chooses to take up burglary when his friend Traci recommends they rob a house in the area. The father of Diane, Karen, and Kevin, Mr. Lundahl, goes out on a date with a woman named Peggy. An automobile is used for sexual activity in the park. Parents Bill and Lynn Neal have left their children in Karen’s care as they enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Karen’s boyfriend drops by the house and convinces her to host a party. A disagreement arises between Russ and Diane. She and her pal Tobi frequently watch the band playing at the local tavern, Bad Mouth. Larry Hays and Paul Flum, the frontmen of their respective bands, are both looking to make some noise. As time progresses, both the craziness and the quality of life improve. Adults and teenagers in a tiny Minnesota town confront issues while trying to find a date for a Saturday night.

Fun Facts about One More Saturday Night:

  • Franken appeared on the 1985-1986 season finale of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment and announced that Columbia Pictures would test-market the film in Sacramento, California, in June 1986. He also displayed a map showing the locations of theaters showing the film and provided directions to the nearest theater for viewers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • The film’s title is drawn from a song by the Grateful Dead of the same name. Franken and Davis were ardent Grateful Dead fans.

Far From the Elysian Fields

Director: Jessie Ann Wade 

Main Cast: Cory Schneider

Release Date: 2018

Filming Locations: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

Main Plot: A troubled young man by the name of Mason lives a life in which he is inextricably linked to various forms of modern technology. In the end, he discovers a little device made of mirrors that, when opened, whisks him away to another planet. As soon as he realizes where he is, he is overcome with disbelief and begins worrying about how he will ever return to his own reality. Mason’s mobile phone is currently out of service. Thus he is unable to stay in touch with the outside world. While in this parallel universe, Mason witnesses more sinister and threatening depictions of everyday life, and he decides to explore this so-called “new world” in search of a method to return home. Ultimately, he cannot keep track of the device and must search for it to be brought back to the present. As a result, upon his return, Mason has a deeper appreciation for the life he leads in the “real world.”

Fun Fact about Far From the Elysian Fields:

  • Mason is a young man trapped in a life of unhappiness due to his addiction to modern technologies. Ultimately, he discovers a technology that allows him to travel through time and takes him very far into the future.

Dirt Track Confidential

Director: Jacy Norgaard 

Main Cast: Denis Czech, Justin Pogones, Jody Bellefeuille, Landon Atkinson

Release Date: 7 November 2016

Filming Locations: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA; Duluth, Minnesota, USA; Ogilvie, Minnesota, USA; Little Falls, Minnesota, USA; Zimmerman, Minnesota, USA

Main Plot: It is an enthusiasm born in the muck and fed by the adrenaline rush that comes from moving quickly. Unlike any other sport, a competition takes place on an ordinary Saturday night in a peaceful small town in the middle of the country. In the movie Dirt Track Confidential, you’ll find a captivating story of four racing drivers and their pursuit of greatness on a dirt track oval. This story is told through the lens of an oval track. The narrative is given from their perspective throughout the entire thing. This whole narrative is told from the point of view of a racetrack that is oval.

Sequel: Dirt Track Confidential 2 – Girls of Dirt

Fun Fact about Dirt Track Confidential:

  • The intention behind the title Dirt Track Confidential was to reveal dirt track racing’s untold secrets. To delve deeply into the origins of our sport and demonstrate its essence in the only manner we know with a camera. We strongly believe that to enjoy and grow our sport, and we must be familiar with the individuals behind it.

Hammered: A True Story

Director: J.L. Sosa  

Main Cast: Connor Green, Rachel Grubb, Brandon Van Vliet, Sara Atkinson

Release Date: 4 November 2017

Filming Locations: St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Main Plot: Taylor Gordon was going in different directions while his friends were coming of age. In the film Hammered, based on real events, an invitation is offered to attend the most hazardous party of the year (1994). 1994 is the year that is in dispute here. While everyone’s attention is focused on the O.J. Simpson trial, Taylor Gordon, a young sociopath, is getting ready to unleash horrible havoc on his quiet suburban community. He plans to accomplish this while everyone else is focused on the trial. The television show Hammered contains characters that are easy to identify with, in addition to its dark sense of humor and its realistic depictions of blunt force damage.

Fun Facts about Hammered: A True Story:

  • Armie has not commented on the docuseries, but in January 2021, he responded through his attorney to the women’s allegations. “These statements regarding Mr. Hammer are demonstrably false. His lawyer claims that all of his client’s interactions with others were voluntary and consenting “Communications from the individuals concerned to demonstrate that the media articles are a mistaken attempt to depict a one-sided story to damage Mr. Hammer’s reputation.”
  • After the startling allegations, Armie has retreated into seclusion. He reportedly began selling timeshares in the Grand Cayman Islands after completing rehabilitation in December 2021.

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