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Best Places in the USA to visit in April

Best Places in the USA to visit in April

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why visit Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada, is the perfect destination to visit in April because of its comfortable weather. Tourists are less likely to see this place but don’t worry! 

This is the best month to visit Las Vegas. For one thing, you’ll be able to find some fantastic deals on lodging and flights. So don’t miss out! 

The weather in Las Vegas, Nevada, is; Daily highs rise 8°F, from 76°F to 84°F, rarely dropping below 64°F or surpassing 94°F. Daily lows rise 8°F, from 53°F to 60°F, rarely slipping below 44°F or reaching 69°F.

April is a fantastic time to visit if you want to unwind by the pool. The Neon Museum, a variety of neon signs, is one of the quirkiest exhibitions in the US. Reggae Rise Up Event is in April for music festival fans. 

 At Lago, you can dine al fresco with views of Bellagio Fountain’s dancing water and get out into the desert to do hiking and ATV rides!

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Outer Banks, North Carolina

 Why visit Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks, North Carolina, is a peaceful place to visit in April. Aside from the spring season that makes it unique, there is no crowd!

 The off-season is a great time to take advantage of the many outdoor activities, as the weather is warming up and hotels are still reasonably priced.

The weather in Outer Banks, North Carolina, is; Highs rise 8°F, from 62°F to 70°F, rarely dropping below 50°F or surpassing 80°F. Daily lows rise 8°F, from 48°F to 56°F, rarely descending below 39°F or increasing to 66°F.

April is a great time to visit the Outer Banks to avoid crowds and enjoy the pleasant climate. The Outer Banks has impressive attractions for locals and tourists. 

This attraction is more than just its beaches. Sunrise and sunset on the rivers are mesmerizing. Relaxing on the beach and staring at the horizon transports you.

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Palm Springs, California

Why visit Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California, is the perfect place to drive around because of its mid-spring weather. You must do many outdoor and indoor activities here; hiking and pampering yourself at the spa are the best examples!

The weather in Palm Springs, California, is; Palm Springs has sunny, warm April weather. April’s midday temperature averages 80–88°F. April’s early morning temperatures average 56°F.

Palm Springs has hot springs, hotels, diners, and country clubs. Many celebrities have had homes in Palm Springs since the 1930s. 

The Coachella Valley, particularly Palm Springs, is a popular spring break destination. The perfect place to do your “Barbie and Ken” fantasy!

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Why visit Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a great place to go. Thanks to its early spring weather, there won’t be large crowds. Fewer tourists mean cheaper rates! Perfect hiking and driving climate in Abiquiu, where you can see the ecological landscape that influenced Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting.

The weather in Santa Fe, New Mexico is; Daily highs rise 8°F, from 58°F to 67°F, rarely dropping below 46°F or surpassing 75°F. Daily lows rise 7°F, from 30°F to 37°F, rarely slipping below 21°F or above 45°F.

Santa Fe is an impressive, diverse, artistic town with a rich history, Adobe-style structure, dazzling sunsets, and delicious food. It’s a New Mexico must-see. 

Early flourishing fruit trees, yellow forsythia, blue flowers, and red crab apple blossoms make April at the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens a treat. Enjoy the picnics and al fresco dining at local restaurants!

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San Francisco, California

Why visit San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California, is a fantastic place to visit in April because of its sunnier vibe! This is when San Francisco locals sunbathe the most. In addition, the Japantown Cherry Blossom Celebration, which takes place in April, is a must-see. You’ll have a blast dancing, listening to music, drinking delicious tea, and much more.

The weather in San Francisco, California, is; a Highs average of 63 F. (17 C). Some afternoons could reach 75 F. (24 C). Nights and early mornings are more relaxed, with 50 F temperatures (10 C).

Spring brings new life and blooming flowers. Get to know San Francisco’s neighborhoods beyond the Golden Gate Bridge. You may also want to book some of the loveliest Budget hotels in San Francisco, California. Trekking and biking could get your heart racing!

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Why visit Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway is a fantastic place to visit in April because of the vibrant changing colors of the leaves due to the spring weather! 

There are 469 miles of Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy on a spring road trip. Asheville is a popular starting point, but you can go in the opposite direction.

The average high temperature is 51°F at high elevations and increases to 67°F at low elevations.

Crowd Levels are still reasonably low, so you’ll have a great time experiencing the high views, and most stop without large crowds. 

There are a lot of camping sites in this place; the best examples are; Price Park Campgrounds and Linville Fall Campgrounds. Flowers are the best attraction in the town, the tourists see this while driving or even hiking!

Moab, Utah

Why visit Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah, is a superb place to visit in April because of the sunny weather. Arches National Park is a popular tourist destination in this small town on the western edge of Colorado. 

There’s also a short drive to Canyonlands National Park and other outdoor attractions like Corona Arch to explore. Moab has budget hotels and more; this town also has rentals, a hostel, campgrounds, and RV parks.

The weather in Moab, Utah is; Highs rise 9°F, from 64°F to 73°F, rarely dropping below 52°F or surpassing 83°F. Daily lows rise 8°F, from 39°F to 47°F, rarely dropping below 30°F or above 56°F.

April hiking is great because it’s sunny and mild; this is also the best month to bike all day without overheating. Spend one night outside Moab and look up; Sky shows are amazing.

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Santa Catalina Island, California

Why visit Santa Catalina Island, California

This town of Santa Catalina Island, California, is a stunning place to visit in April because of its cool weather; this is a great escape if you’re avoiding spring! Spring on Santa Catalina Island has fewer tourists, so prices are much lower.

The weather in Santa Catalina Island, California, is; Highs rise 3°F, from 66°F to 69°F, rarely descending below 57°F or surpassing 81°F. Lows rise 2°F, from 52°F to 55°F, rarely dropping below 46°F or exceeding 62°F.

Catalina is a must-see destination for a day tour. Golf carts can be rented, or open buses can be taken; to the Botanical Gardens, there are numerous waterfront restaurants and bars to enjoy. In addition, the boat cruise is a pleasant experience.

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Antelope Valley, California

Why visit Antelope Valley, California

The town of Antelope Valley, California, is also an excellent place to visit in April because of the spring! This place will make you fall in love with the flowers around you. The Poppy Reserve, which is usually in full bloom in April, is a must-see while you’re in the area!

The weather in Antelope Valley, California, is; Daily highs rise from 69°F to 76°F, rarely dropping below 56°F or reaching 88°F. Daily lows rise 6°F, from 43°F to 49°F, rarely moving below 36°F or surpassing 57°F.

The Mojave Desert Grassland habitat impresses the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve each spring. Year to year, color and scent intensities and durations vary. 

There’s also a Museum of History, Art, and relaxation at the Apollo Community Regional Park.

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Edgartown, Massachusetts

 Why visit Edgartown, Massachusetts

This town of Edgartown, Massachusetts, is the best place to visit in April especially if you like a breezy wind because the weather here is frosty spring! This place is also for you to relax while having a stop at the unique boutiques in town.

The weather in Edgartown, Massachusetts, during April is; highs average 48.7°F (9.3°C) and lows average 43.2°F (6.2°C).

Whether you’re visiting Martha’s Vineyard for the day or the week, Edgartown is a great place to base yourself while exploring the island. 

During the 1800s, Edgartown acts as an important whaling port. It is among the most beautiful on the island.

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Key West, Florida

Why visit Key West, Florida

Key West is also a sizzling place to visit in April. You can also expect cheaper accommodations and tiny vacationers because people tend to visit places during the winter season. 

Fishing, snorkeling, and annual April festivals in the Southernmost City are great ways to spend your time in the great outdoors right now.

The weather in Key West, Florida, is; Daily highs rise 3°F, from 80°F to 83°F, rarely dropping below 75°F or surpassing 86°F. Daily lows rise from 71°F to 75°F, rarely descending below 65°F or increasing to 79°F.

This month is typically the year when peak season begins to fade as summer draws closer. As a result, the months of April and May are delightful, with fewer tourists and milder temperatures.

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Texas Hill Country, Texas

 Why visit Texas Hill Country, Texas

The Texas Hill Country is an excellent destination in April because of the spring season! This is the best month to avoid the summer heat in Texas. 

Fredericksburg is a great place to visit in the Texas Hill Country. In the spring, some different hikes can be enjoyed in the nearby Enchanted Rock State Park, a sight to behold.

The weather in the Texas Hill Country is; Daily highs rise 7°F, from 73°F to 80°F, rarely dropping below 61°F or reaching 87°F. Daily lows rise 8°F, from 54°F to 61°F, rarely descending below 42°F or above 70°F.

The Texas Hill Country is beautiful and has several things to do and places to stay. Texas’s Hill Country is the perfect place for adventure and exploration, whether you want to see a sea of wildflowers or eat apple pie in the Apple Capital of Texas.

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Havasu Falls, Arizona

Why visit Havasu Falls, Arizona

One of the best destinations in April is Havasu Falls in Arizona! The Spring season makes this attraction more pleasing to the eyes. The 10-mile-long trail is mainly rocky and unprotected from the sun. Your soul will be taken away when you reach the waterfall. 

The weather in Havasu Fall, Arizona, is; Daily highs range from 83°F to 91°F, rarely dropping below 72°F or surpassing 101°F. Daily lows rise 8°F, from 57°F to 65°F, rarely descending below 49°F or reaching 73°F.

It’s an excellent spot for hiking, paddling, swimming, and landscape photography. Havasu City is an outdoor lover’s paradise! 

If you want to stay in a campground, you need to have a reservation first; the minimum stay is three nights and four days.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Why visit New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana, is a great place to visit in April because of the fewer crowds, lower accommodation rates, and flight prices; Isn’t that perfect? The French Quarter Festival, which takes place in April, is one of the best things to do in New Orleans. 

While you’re there, don’t miss the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, where you can eat and dance the night away!

The weather in New Orleans, Louisiana, is; Daily highs range from 76°F to 82°F, rarely dropping below 68°F or reaching 88°F. Daily lows rise from 61°F to 67°F, rarely descending below 50°F or surpassing 74°F.

The sounds of New Orleans are plenty to consider when exploring the place. The year-round music festivals, daily live music performances, and numerous iconic performers and arenas in New Orleans all contribute to making it one of the most sought-after music destinations in the world.

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Why visit Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the destinations with beautiful scenery is the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. It is great to visit it in April because of the spring weather; this is your chance to escape from the scorching heat every summer! This is also the time wherein the wildflowers are in blossom. 

The weather in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, is; April highs in Grand Canyon typical 83°F and lows 55°F. Summer averages are 105°F, so taking a trip in April is advisable.

Thousands of visitors worldwide each year to witness this natural phenomenon up close and personal. The Grand Canyon’s South Rim is a remarkable attraction.

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