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Ready to pack your bags and head to Kiel, Germany? Check out our curated list of the best things to do in Kiel, Germany, and the best places to visit in Kiel, Germany below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Anschar Park

Anschar Park
Anschar Park / Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

Find relics in Anschar Park.

Anschar Park is another worthwhile destination.

The Anscharpark is a green space in the Wik district of Kiel, the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein.

Anschar Hospital, a former naval and garrison hospital built on this land some 70 years ago, inspired the name of this location.

The hospital was massive, with nearly 20 buildings, including the main block, pavilions, chapel, boiler, morgue, etc.

The hospital’s preserved buildings and outdoor facilities were added to Kiel-Wik’s list of cultural monuments.

Sadly, most of these building structures were demolished in recent years to make way for the growth of this park, but you still can see some entire pieces of history here, so bring your camera.

Take a quick trip and see the entire structure and if you’re lucky enough, take a look inside the building.

Ready your camera and get ready to roll the film

Address: 24106 Kiel, Germany

Aquarium GEOMAR

Aquarium GEOMAR
Aquarium GEOMAR / Frank Lindecke / Flickr

At Aquarium GEOMAR, you can see lively seals and numerous distinctive fish!

It’s a fantastic experience if you’ve never been to one before.

The Aquarium GEOMAR’s mission is to educate visitors about the animals in our oceans.

Also, fisheries and crustaceans from around the world are displayed in the aquatium.

Aside from that, you can discover further about aquatic life by watching an oceanographic video or taking a tour.

Bring your family or loved ones and enjoy a relaxing trip on this beautiful sea kingdom.

What’s not exciting about seeing exotic fishes swim around and play in the water in their safe habitat.

All in all, atour to the GEOMAR Aquarium should be enough for anybody who is fascinated by fish and seals!

Suppose you want to learn about the local and exotic underwater worlds. In that case, the GEOMAR Aquarium in Kiel is the place to go.

Address: Düsternbrooker Weg 20, 24105 Kiel, Germany


CITTI-PARK / Arne List / Flickr

Enjoy yourself and shop at CITTI-PARK, Kiel’s largest mall.

Discover the most recent fashion trends and special offers in over 90 shops and boutiques.

CITTI PARK should not be confused with a natural green park, as it is actually Kiel’s largest shopping mall.

It only has two floors, but it has nearly hundreds of shops, including clothing, shoes, groceries, electronics, bookstores, and cafés and restaurants.

Simply follow the blue line until you reach this massive shopping center.

There are plenty of escalators, so getting around will be simple.

It’s also wheelchair-friendly and very accessible to all.

This location will undoubtedly be a one-stop shop for all of your needs while in Kiel.

Whatever you want is more than likely to appear here.

The atmosphere is cheerful and upbeat, and it is spotless.

Prices may undoubtedly vary depending on the retailer.

Indeed, this is a spot where you would have a good time.

Address: Mühlendamm 1, 24113 Kiel, Germany

City Museum Warleberger Hof

City Museum Warleberger Hof is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Enjoy Renaissance-era paintings at City Museum Warleberger Hof.

Although museums always appeal to history buffs, City Museum Warleberger Hof stands out for another reason.

Built in 1616 as a noble court, this manor house is one of Kiel’s oldest constructions.

The home was converted into a museum and now serves as a permanent exhibition venue for historical art.

It also includes photographs and documentation from the Great War.

This charming tiny manor house houses a magnificent collection of Impressionist and traditional vintage paintings.

The basement level is dedicated to Kiel’s history. However, there is now a World War II display there.

The manor house is a classic construction with a massive antique fireplace. It is possibly the only or one of the few manor homes to survive the war.

When in Kiel, you should certainly pay this venue a visit.

It is a must-see for history and art aficionados alike.

Address: Dänische Str. 19, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Final Escape

Final Escape is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

At Final Escape, solve thrilling riddles to find your way out.

Final Escape in Kiel is the best spot to escape into another world.

If you’re unfamiliar with escape games, they’re simply fun games in which you have to get out of a locked area within a certain amount of time to win the round.

The area will provide you with several scenarios in the form of a conundrum, which you must answer to obtain the clues that will allow you to exit.

Final Escape in Kiel has 12 rooms with varying degrees of difficulty.

Creativity, logical thinking, and teamwork are just a few of the skills required to solve various mysteries.

Connect clues, gather information, plan your next move, and look for hidden technological functions.

A challenge can be completed in 60 or 120 minutes, and 12 individuals can participate.

This is an excellent surprise for friends or family members. Superb in every aspect and well worth the amount we spent.

Address: Küterstraße 14, 24103 Kiel, Germany


Flandernbunker, Kiel
Flandernbunker, Kiel / Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

Check out the Flandernbunker, an air-raid shelter.

In the last years of World War II, the German naval harbour of Kiel was attacked mercilessly.

Meanwhile, leaders have secret hideouts in anticipation of these airstrikes.

In contrast, regular civilians had to depend on building bunkers for their survival.

This bunker features a 4-meter (13-foot) thick roof and interior walls that measure up to 2 meters (7 feet), but safety was not assured.

In fact, there are also other shelters, but nothing can withstand the pounding. Flandernbunker, which housed approximately 800 people, nearly blew up as well.

The great two-meter-thick concrete walls evoke images of wartime military fortification.

The displays are intriguing and are spread out in several rooms up and down the stairs.

There is a combination of historical and current art shows. A private roof balcony may also be reached through an enclosed stairwell.

Spend some time with Kiel; he will share and teach you a lot.

Address: Kiellinie 249, 24106 Kiel, Germany


Hiroshimapark / Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

Take a stroll in Hiroshimapark.

You may spend a more peaceful day in the city by strolling through Hiroshimapark.

Hiroshima Memorial Park is located in the heart of Kiel, Germany, and features enormous shade trees and a water edge to relax by.

This location was named in honor of the tragic tragedy during WWII, the first nuclear bomb dropped over Japan.

A green sanctuary in the city’s heart with some remarkable ancient trees. Beautiful lake view.

This park was initially named after German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

Also, it provides a welcome break from the strains of everyday life.

You are still near to everything while being in the heart of Kiel.

This is a green zone between the town hall and the Kiel Theater, where you may rest if you are in or around these regions.

This park’s pond and fountain are its main attractions.

A relaxing place to be with your family and loved ones for sure.

Address: Lorentzendamm, 24103 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hörn Bridge

Hörn Bridge is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Prepare your camera and observe the Hörn Bridge in action.

The Hörn Bridge is a folding bridge located in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

You’ve probably seen Tower Bridge in London in action; it boasts a double-leaf bascule construction that lifts both sides to clear boat traffic.

If the bridge design piques your attention, check out another spectacular design in Kiel.

Hörn Bridge employs a three-segment bascule mechanism that folds on one side to form an N.

This pedestrian bridge, built-in 1997, is a relatively new addition to the city’s landmark list.

The bridge is folded every hour to allow boats and ships to cross, so there are many opportunities to see it in action.

They watch the bridge unfold and be astonished at how they did it.

Enjoy walking on the Horn Bridge as you pass through it to go to the other side.

Address: Hörnbrücke, Kiel, Germany

Kieler Brauerei am Alten Markt

Kieler Brauerei am Alten Markt is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Craft beers may be sampled at Kieler Brauerei am Alten Markt.

This location will benefit everyone who likes beer. Fresh beer has a unique flavor, so instead of the bar, visit the local brewers. 

If you’re inquisitive, you should visit Kieler Brauerei am Alten Markt. 

This restaurant can accommodate up to 200 people and serves delicious cuisine and beverages. 

Brewing beer is an art because it must preserve its flavor. Thus a brewer must pay attention to all of the components, including malt, water, and yeast, among other things. 

The ideal location for sampling authentic German cuisine.

This restaurant transports you to the Middle Ages. Their portions are generous. 

This is a lovely city center establishment with decent beers and amazing cheese-coated pretzels.

Have fun interacting in a friendly place with a pleasant atmosphere and good service.

The menu has so many options that you should try them all.

Address: Alter Markt 9, 24103 Kiel, Germany


Kiellinie / Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

Stroll beside the Kiellinie

Known as Sailing City, Kiel hosts an annual sailing event called the Kieler Woche or otherwise known as Kiel Week.

If you’re in the vicinity, travel to the Kiellinie, a seaside boardwalk that stretches for three miles along the bay.

Moreover, this walkway includes several Kiel sites, such as the Marine Memorial, Ferry Terminal, and Grammerstorf Bridge.

When you come here, be sure to go along this busy street.

The promenade stretches beside the port and provides excellent views of the marinas and waterfront houses.

Try watching the seals swim out into the tanks.

Also, spend some time watching some kids in canoes execute Eskimo rolls and then try to get back into the boats.

Take a stroll along the Kiellinie.

Nice view of private yachts and the harbor: food, beverage booths, the Strecht, and a few large restaurants.

Address: An die Kiellinie, 24103 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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Kiel at Kiel Maritime Museum

Kiel at Kiel Maritime Museum is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

At the Kiel Maritime Museum, you may learn about Kiel’s maritime history.

Because Kiel is regarded as “the sailing city,” we’ll begin our directory with a sailing-related attraction.

Visiting here will allow you to see the city in a new light.

It’s more like a historical museum, with many intriguing social facts presented unusually neutrally. 

The pamphlet provided is worth reading several times to obtain more profound knowledge of the role of ordinary people in historical events.

Stop at the Kiel Maritime Museum when visiting this location, also known locally as the Schifffahrtsmuseum.

It is set inside a former fish auction structure in the Satorikai area. Inside the exhibition hall, you may learn about Kiel’s maritime history through model ships, antiques, papers, and photographs.

Visiting this gallery is a fantastic experience for those interested in World War II naval history and free admission.

Address: Wall 65, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Kiel Canal

Kiel Canal
Kiel Canal / liebeslakritze / Flickr

Sail through the Kiel Canal

Before WWI, Germans were considered navy-obsessed. In the Imperial German Navy, dubbed the Kaiserliche Marine, there was always a need for improvements.

This culminated in the Kiel Canal being built in the last decade of the 1800s.

The canal connects the North Sea to the Baltic Sea and is 61 miles long.

Today, it is especially one of the busiest waterways in the world, with hundreds of ships passing through each year.

This is an excellent location for getting up and personal with the many ships that come and go through the Kiel Lock.

It was fascinating to discover that this is the busiest manmade canal. 

At both ends of the lock, there is an excellent lock closing.

It is recommended to take a boat excursion to see this gorgeous canal.

Address: Kiel Canal, Germany

Kiel Town Hall

Kiel Town Hall
Kiel Town Hall / Diego Delso / Flickr

See the antiques and other intriguing historical artifacts at Kiel Town Hall.

Constructed in 1911, this edifice was practically unscathed through the Great War bombardment. Not much was destroyed during the Second World War air attacks. 

This architectural landmark reopened to the public after being restored.

Rathaus’s features are its massive size, the exquisite antiquities kept therein, and a vintage paternoster lift.

The building is a hidden gem with large marble hallways, statues, artwork, and fittings.

There are also impressive statues and vases and lovely timber ceilings.

A modest but stunning area dedicated to memorializing Kiel’s Holocaust victims.

Unless you admire the excellent architecture, you may dismiss this as simply another government building where business is usually done.

When visiting this city, stop at Kieler Rathaus or Kiel Town Hall. 

Put it on your list of places to visit if you enjoy art, history, or architecture.

Address: Fleethörn 9, Schleswig-Holstein, 24103 Kiel, Germany

Kunsthalle zu Kiel

Kunsthalle zu Kiel
Kunsthalle zu Kiel / Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

Visit the Kunsthalle zu Kiel, where beautiful artworks are on exhibit for you to enjoy.

Kunsthalle zu Kiel is an impressive art museum in Kiel, and a trip is highly recommended if you enjoy art.

Although there are no works by well-known painters such as Picasso in this gallery, you will be able to witness notable artworks dating back to the 17th century.

Unfortunately, a large portion of its original collection was destroyed by a pair of air raids during World War I; otherwise, this area would have been much more beautiful.

Nonetheless, the show and its sculpture garden are worth seeing.

A beautiful gallery. The show was instructive, and all of the written material was exhibited in perfect English.

 The staff is kind and helpful. The artwork is a combination of antiques and works by local artists.

 It’s tiny, but it’s still worth a look.

You may visit this gallery after a pleasant walk along the canal.

Address: Düsternbrooker Weg 1, 24105 Kiel, Germany

Machinery Museum Kiel Wik

Machinery Museum Kiel Wik is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Know about the history of machinery at the Machinery Museum Kiel Wik.

The Machinery Museum Kiel Wik is a museum located on Am Kiel-Kanal in Kiel. 

As recently as a few past decades, humanity was not completely reliant on computers.

The elder age has seen the world evolve with them. Yet, many younger generation appears to be unaware of technological advancements. 

With that, visiting the Machinery Museum is essential, especially for younger kids.

In fact, you’ll see old inventions such as steam and fuel-powered motors and vintage machinery. 

A must-see for anybody interested in engine and mechanical history. Kiel has a beautiful thing going on here!

If you are a fan of machinery, a visit to this place would be a memory you won’t forget.

Address: Am Kiel-Kanal 44, 24106 Kiel, Germany


Mediendom is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Discover about science and space at Mediendom.

Mediendom is a 360-degree planetarium theater that is part of the University of Applied Sciences campus.

The dome theater’s primary purpose was to pique the attention of children in this particular study through hands-on activities.

However, Mediendom serves another purpose, so it is also known as the cultural hemisphere.

This dome has seating for more than 60 people, allowing for the organization of small scientific talks, seminars, and other activities.

A site that is always worthwhile to visit, Astronomy is explained clearly and engagingly.

Christine Högl’s recitals on the Celtic harp are among the regular activities at the Mediendom.

It relates to the unique acoustics and ambiance of this miniature planetarium.

You may take a relaxing rest beneath the imaginary starry sky; tickets can be obtained online, and reservations are also recommended.

Address: Socratespl. 6, 24149 Kiel, Germany

Olympic Center Schilksee Kiel Landeshauptadt

Olympic Center Schilksee Kiel Landeshauptadt is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Come out and enjoy the gorgeous landscape at the Olympic Center Schilksee Kiel Landeshauptadt.

This is another excellent area to hang out in the city; adjacent attractions at this sailing harbor include restaurants and cafés, a beach, and a promenade.

During the 1972 Olympics, the Olympic Sailing Center in Kiel served as a yacht harbor.

It is now utilized for boat racing during Kiel Week.

A lovely holiday resort with a stunning panoramic view, a beach promenade, a marina, and a plethora of eateries.

Bring your loved ones and experience a lovely walk as you go through the promenade and see the unique boats, yachts, and other surrounding sceneries.

Always a pleasant walk, and don’t forget the fish brotschens.

Any time of the day, Olympic Center Schilksee Kiel Landeshauptadt is always worth a visit.

When no regattas are scheduled, you may enjoy this beach, and if the weather permits, you can even try swimming in the marina.

Address: Soling 38, 24159 Kiel, Germany


Schrevenpark, Kiel
Schrevenpark / Rüdiger Stehn / Flickr

Plan a relaxing and stunning picnic at Schrevenpark.

The Kunsthalle Kiel is an art museum in Kiel, Germany. 

The city’s largest museum, Düsternbrooker Weg, leads north from the city center.

There is a lecture hall, a small cafe, and a sculpture garden.

Every bustling metropolis has a lovely public park in the heart of it.

Every large city has an outstanding park, and Kiel’s is Schrevenpark.

While not as large as Central Park, Kiel’s equivalent does include a lake in the center.

You are welcome to come here to walk your dog, exercise, or have a picnic.

Your kids will adore feeding the ducks and geese near the lake, and you will have a wonderful day with your family.

This tiny paradise is a complete surprise, a gorgeous park with a lake bordered by lovely weeping willows draped over the lake’s edge.

So, the next time you want to get away from the crowds, go to Schrevenpark.

Address: Goethestraße 15, 24116 Kiel, Germany


Sparkassen Arena
Sparkassen-Arena / Arne List / Flickr

Witnessing spectacular events at Sparkassen-Arena will be an experience you will never forget.

Sparkassen-Arena is a prominent downtown indoor arena for athletic events, tradeshows, and rock or pop concerts.

The location is excellent, as it is near to the railway station. It is not a long walk. It is not just a sports facility, but it also includes various activities during the day.

It is also the home of THW Kiel, a top team in Germany’s professional handball league, Handball-Bundesliga.

When visiting this city, make careful to check the schedule at Sparkassen-Arena, since there may be anything scheduled.

You may add a new activity to your trip by viewing a game or a show.

The facility can house up to 13,500 people, so getting a ticket will not be difficult.

Near the square, there are several cafes and real estate brokers. Looking at the housing prices in Kiel is fascinating.

This place has excellent activities, so bringing your family is an enjoyable way to visit this sports field.

Address: Europapl. 1, 24103 Kiel, Germany

St. Nikolai Church

St. Nikolai Church, Kiel, Germany
St. Nikolai Church, Kiel, Germany / Jens Cederskjold / Flickr

Visit the St. Nikolai Church.

St. Nikolai Church was erected in the 13th century to commemorate Saint Nikolas of Myra, an early Christian bishop in the Roman Empire.

This location has traditionally been a landmark for Kiel, but the church was completely destroyed during WWII air attacks.

After a fire in WWII, this memorial was partially reconstructed. 

The restored manner indicates how the original form should have been, and everything has been extremely well preserved. 

It’s impressive to wander around and understand what’s transpired here.

The current structure is rebuilt, yet it retains the same Gothic architecture.

Fortunately, it is in the city center, near the town hall and several eateries.

You won’t have to walk far if you’re already in this neighborhood.

Even though you’re not religious, you should go because the experience will be divine regardless of your beliefs.

Address: Alter Markt, 24103 Kiel, Germany


TanTamar is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

Enjoy delicious and excellent Thai food in Germany at TanTamar

You’ve probably tried many cuisines worldwide, including Thai food, if you’re gourmet. 

However, if you have never had Thai cuisine, you lose out. 

The spicy curries, savory foods, and delectable fragrances will make anybody hungry. 

The real challenge now is where to find authentic Thai tastes in Germany. 

TanTamar is the answer to this. 

This well-known Thai restaurant in town serves other Asian delicacies at moderate costs. 

A meal at Tan Tamar is an unforgettable experience. The cuisine is fantastic, and the meat they serve is of excellent quality.

This would surely be a romantic place to bring your loved ones for a fantastic dinner.

And also an excellent spot to hang out with friends and try new things.

Remember this name if you’re in Kiel and desiring Asian cuisine or authentic Thai.

Address: Steinstraße 1, 24118 Kiel, Germany

Zoologischen Museum Kiel

Zoologischen Museum Kiel is one of the best places to go in Kiel, Germany.

At the Zoologischen Museum Kiel, look for varied wildlife and plant specimens.

The Kiel Zoological Museum is near to the Kiellinie and the Kieler Schloßgarten. It is easily accessible by bus or vehicle.

For generations, the Zoologischen Museum has been a part of the University of Kiel. A quick visit is highly advised if you’re here for the first time. 

This museum displays various evolutionary changes in fauna, including representatives of birds, reptiles, and mammals. 

Be enchanted by an ample, light space dedicated to whales and wildlife, built by architect Martin Gropius. It contains skeletons (or specimens) of many animal species, allowing us to see how diverse the animal world truly is.

A dozen frames of various whale species include a 14-meter (46-foot) long sperm whale skeleton. 

However, the most fantastic element of this attraction is its exhibition of deep-sea species, which makes it the most unusual type of zoological museum.

Take a few minutes and explore the biodiversity the Zoologischen Museum Kielf has to offer.

Are you still on the fence about visiting Kiel, Germany? Check out reasons to visit Kiel, Germany, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Hegewischstraße 2, 24105 Kiel, Germany

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