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Wondering where to go this holiday? Try St. Tropez, France. Check out the list of the best things to do in St. Tropez, France, and places to go in St. Tropez, France below. Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, hopes to have a significant impact on the world.

Abbey of Thoronet

Abbey of Thoronet, St. Tropez, France
Abbey of Thoronet is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

View the magnificent historical architecture of the Abbey of Thoronet.

It is situated between the cities of Draguignan and Brignoles in the Var Department in Provence, in southeast France.

Thoronet Abbey was erected between 1160 and 1230.

It is one of the outstanding representations of the Cistercian order’s spirit.

one of the most notable structures created by the Cîteaux Order

This monastery exemplifies power, simplicity, and rigor, and it has influenced generations of architects.

The abbey, which is today designated as a National Monument for its exact yet straightforward construction and extraordinary acoustics, provides an intriguing insight into life under the Cistercian order of Saint Bernard.

Walk around the historical edifice and appreciate the numerous people who have worked to maintain and convert it into a shelter.

Interact with the nearby locals to learn more about the histories and events in the last hundred years.

Experience a calming adventure as you walk inside the Abbey of Thoronet. This is a historical adventure you surely won’t regret visiting.

Address: 83340 Le Thoronet, France

Cap Taillat

Cap Taillat, St. Tropez, France
Cap Taillat, St. Tropez, France / Tiomax80 / Flickr

This summer, visit the majestic beach and explore the unspoiled beaches to relax and enjoy the view.

Cap Taillat (also known as Cap Cartaya) is a Mediterranean Sea promontory located directly on the doorstep of Saint-Tropez.

Situated in the department of Var, south of the Saint-Tropez peninsula

It is unique in that it is connected to the shore by a sandy isthmus.

Take a few hours on a coastal trek to reach the beach, and indeed it would be worth it.

It is among one of the most, with well-preserved nature. pure beaches and pristine beaches

The numerous observation sites provide magnificent and unrestricted views of the turquoise sea and the picturesque coastline accented by streams and unique palm palms.

It’s a popular summer destination for tourists from all around France.

Add this to your bucket list and tour the fantastic surrounding beaches with their plants and the tremendous view this coming summer.

Address: Cap Taillat St. Tropez ,France

Chapelle Sainte-Anne

Chapelle Sainte-Anne, St. Tropez, France
Chapelle Sainte-Anne is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Take a look at the old preserved chapel at Chapelle Sainte-Anne, and experience a spiritual journey as you pave your way inside.

Chapelle Saint-Anne, built-in 1618, is hidden in a fir grove on Mont Pécoulet, a hill below Saint-Tropez.

Every year on August 15, following a torchlight retreat, the Moorish brigade’s friends and resistance fighters commemorate the day of liberty.

Long-distance sailors would ride up to this place in the nineteenth century to seek protection from St.

The chapel is in a lovely location, with views of the resort and the turquoise sea, but it also features pop culture.

Fun fact, Mick and Bianca Jagger married here in 1971, with Paul and Linda McCartney, Eric Clapton, and Ringo Starr among the guests.

Relax and experience the many loving grace of God that you’ll feel when you enter the old historical Chapelle.

Book a trip now and have a spiritual experience that you will not forget.

Address: 21 Chem. des Bastidettes, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption

Church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption, St. Tropez, France
Church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

You can’t say you’ve been to France without seeing the Church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption.

This massive church towers over the entire town and is definitely worth visiting.

The Church, built in the Italian Baroque style, has a white limestone façade with vivid yellow and red accent tones chosen to contrast with the blue of the sky and the sea.

Visitors may view the bust of Saint Tropez (patron saint of sailors and patron saint of St-Tropez) and the bust of Saint Pierre outside the cathedral (patron saint of fisherman and masons).

The Church holds many events throughout the year, including the bravado and a famous nativity scene in December and January.

You are not permitted to take photographs, although there is some beautiful artwork inside. 

Take in the exciting view of the Church from the top of the hill for a breathtaking experience.

Visit this massive church tower that overlooks the entire town and is definitely worth visiting.

Address: Rue Commandant Guichard, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Citadelle de Saint-Tropez

Citadelle de Saint-Tropez, St. Tropez, France
Citadelle de Saint-Tropez is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

An early-17th-century stronghold rises over Pointe de Cimetière east of Saint-Tropez.

The Citadel was constructed between 1602 and 1608, according to the plans of engineer Raymond de Bonnefons.

It was built following the French Wars of Religion as a vital defense between Toulon and Antibes, defending what was then a border, with moats and counterscarps on a hexagonal pattern.

The castle was promptly called into service, withstanding an attack by 21 Spanish galleons in 1637.

Learn about its history. Though Saint-Tropez is well-known for its glamor and splendor, the city also boasts a rich and exciting history.

The St-Tropez Citadel (Citadelle de Saint-Tropez) is a great example, serving as the town’s crown jewels since the 17th century.

Among the few of its size remains on France’s southern coast today.

Grab a tour and check out the not-so-massive defense citadel of the french against the enemies.

Address: 1 Mnt de la Citadelle, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France


Gassin, St. Tropez, France
Gassin is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Take a minute to see the magnificent village and its environs from atop the hill.

This community, positioned 200 meters above the sea, is just minutes from Saint-hinterland. Tropez’s

Gassin features a slim, elliptical street pattern because it is nestled on a small ridge that provided safety during Barbary pirate assaults, common in the Early Modern Age.

The town is fun to explore with two old churches, tunnels, and twisting stairways.

The best place to contemplate is at the Table d’Orientation on Place du Portail Neuf.

 You can gaze out over the Gulf of Saint Tropez and out to the dark green peaks of the Esterel Massif.

Go to the center and interact with the locals to learn fascinating histories.

As a tourist spot, this Place gives fantastic views of the land and sea; the effort would be worth it.

Address: Gassin, St. Tropez, France


L’Annonciade, St. Tropez, France
Image for illustration puporses only

Interested in arts? L’Annonciade is the vanguard of art during the 20th century.

The collection focuses on early-modern trends like pointillism, fauvism, and Les Nabis, which emerged in the 1890s.

It is well-known for its French luxury: enormous yachts, charming fishing towns, and breathtaking European homes.

Visitors to this area will discover that St-Tropez is also home to one of the region’s most notable museums.

Despite its small-town setting, the museum houses an extraordinary collection of works by Signac, Kee, Matisse, Rodin, and other well-known painters.

Paul Signac, the pointillist painter, captivated by the light at Saint-Tropez in 1892, invited friends such as Matisse, Derain, Cross, and Marquet to join him.

Travelers will find its calm galleries and magnificent exhibits to be a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of St-Tropez.

And the ideal place to spend a morning or afternoon admiring some truly magnificent works of art.

Appreciate the fantastic artwork of historical artists with their ideas displayed for you to see.

Address: 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Maison des Papillons

Maison des Papillons, St. Tropez, France
Maison des Papillons is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Take a quick break and see the museum houses hundreds of unique historical arts.

Dany Lartigue, the grandson of André Messager, who directed the French Opera and was associated with cultural luminaries such as Gabriel Fauré and Claude Debussy, founded this museum.

Lartigue has spent his whole life collecting 35,000 butterfly specimens, which are now on display in the family house in the heart of Saint-Tropez.

Every French butterfly species and exotic specimens from the Amazon and the Solomon Islands may be found in these chambers.

Thousands of specimens have been fixed in preparation for the presentation. They are currently being sorted under ideal circumstances, with the technique of presentation deciding the collection’s unique grade.

Take photos and films of the hundreds of butterflies and other impressive collections.

The museum has a two-pronged appeal: its entomological importance and the artistic arrangement of the butterflies.

Visit and get a tour of the museum with us and appreciate the people’s efforts to display these fascinating collections.

Address: 17 Rue Etienne Berny, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Marché de Saint-Tropez

Marché de Saint-Tropez, St. Tropez, France
Marché de Saint-Tropez is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Craving for delicious foods? A quick trip to the market is what you need here in Marche de Saint-Tropez, serving different dishes that would make you crave more.

During the summer, up to 120 stallholders set up business in the shade of the plane trees on Place des Lices, just steps from the harbor.

Pastries, charcuterie, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, shellfish, apparel, Provençal herbs, handcrafted products, flowers, old posters, kitchen equipment, and much more may be found.

Highly recommended to try the rotisserie chicken and other freshly prepared cuisines, like at the best French markets, which will fire your hunger.

Clothing, local handicrafts, furniture, plants, and flowers are also available.

In the winter, there’s still a market on Place des Lices, albeit it’s a little smaller than it is during the tourist season.

Available only on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, so don’t miss out and ready your cravings to be satisfied.

Address: Marché de Saint-Tropez, St. Tropez, France

Maritime History Museum

Maritime History Museum, St. Tropez, France
Maritime History Museum is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Visit the Maritime History Museum and learn about the city’s rich history.

A historic 17th-century stronghold today houses a museum with nautical exhibits and a beautiful roof patio.

The Musée d’Histoire Nautical (Maritime History Museum) in St Tropez chronicles the city’s long and rich maritime history.

Its more recent reincarnation as an on-trend destination for the wealthy jet-set predates many years.

The museum is located in the dungeon of St Tropez’s fortress, which is an appropriate and attractive setting.

Once you’ve seen the exhibits of artifacts from journeys off the French coast and further afield, you can also see the spectacular 17th-century fortress.

The Citadel has vantage spots over the sea and mountains, must-sees for incredible, sweeping panoramas.

It’s a lovely place to stroll and just take in the relaxation of the city and appreciate its beauty of it.

For a moment, get a good look at all the displays, and you’ll be astonished.

Address: 1 Mnt de la Citadelle, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

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Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma

Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma, St. Tropez, France
Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

The intertwined histories of cinema and the French police force

If the name of this site seems rather precise, it’s because the facade of Saint-police Tropez’s station has been in several films.

This structure used to house the original police headquarters, the “gendarmerie.” Still, it is now home to the Museum of Police and Cinema.

It highlights St Tropez’s rich, energetic, and long-standing history of film production and how it became a center for film and the arts.

Fun Fact: “And God Created Woman,” starring Brigitte Bardot, was the film that started it all.

You can witness the many films made in St Tropez and the surrounding region.

In an incredible crossover that pays tribute to the venue’s heritage – how the police have been portrayed in French films throughout the years.

The museum also contains displays that attempt to dispel the different clichés that surround the glitz of St Tropez’s famed film industry.

What are you waiting for? Visit us and join the ride down memory lane.

Address: 2 Place Blanqui, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Place aux Herbes

Place aux Herbes, St. Tropez, France
Place aux Herbes is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Connect with the locals in a simple market scene.

The Place des Herbes is a bustling market plaza where vendors offer fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, and fresh farm items. It’s among the most incredible venues to people-watch in town.

The original old morning market plaza in the Vieux Port region is where you may receive a first impression of St Tropez’s little more humble side.

It’s a fantastic spot to visit if you want to escape the glitz and glitter of the city’s beaches and bars.

Browse the delightfully fresh southern French fruit that benefits from the sun’s abundance in the Mediterranean area. If you have a place to cook back at your lodging.

You can even pick up a few components to make your own French feast.

Take time to have a coffee and people-watching on the patio of the neighboring Café Senequier.

Go for a walk and mingle with the community.

Address: Place aux Herbes, St. Tropez, France

Place des Lices Market

Place des Lices Market, St. Tropez, France
Place des Lices Market is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

For some of the most fantastic products available in Provence,

St Tropez is alive with bustle from the earliest hours of the day.

If you’re in St Tropez, the Place des Lices market is the Place to go for fantastic food.

Even people who aren’t necessarily foodies understand that Provence is the Place to visit in France.

Many would argue that it is one of the greatest in Europe for select meats, cheeses, pastries, bread, and more, with Place des Lices presenting its best.

The twice-weekly market is ideal for stocking up on groceries if you’re staying in self-catering accommodation in St Tropez or picking up goods for an unscattered between the two capes of Caps Camarat and Taillat is a string of three sand and pebble beaches connected only by rounded rocks.

There are also homewares and handcrafted goods to discover – just be sure to get here early.

Pétanque players gladly frolic under the hundred-year-old plane trees of this gorgeous plaza. Still, they must also make way for the market, which takes place every Tuesday and Saturday.

Excited to buy many interesting things in the market? Contact us now

Address: Place des Lices, 20 Boulevard Vasserot, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Plage de l’Escalet

Plage de l'Escalet, St. Tropez, France
Plage de l’Escalet is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Beautiful beach with beautiful sand and parasol trees in the background.

Scattered between the two capes of Caps Camarat and Taillat is a string of three sand and pebble beaches connected only by rounded rocks.

The beach nearest to the parking lot fills up in the summer, but the throng thins out a little if you’re patient enough to go around the bay.

Beaches are a combination of the environment. In addition to being very attractive, these beaches have their natural and architectural surroundings making beaches much more gorgeous.

Because of the headlands, these sparkling blue waters are untouched by the Mistral or sea currents, making them ideal for snorkeling and bathing.

Stay at a small, secluded beach in a rocky bay.

Kayaks and boards may be rented from friendly local personnel.

Eat at roadside eateries that serve a wide range of hot and cold food and beverages.

This should undoubtedly be on your list of places to see and activities to do.

Address: Plage de l’Escalet, St. Tropez, France

Plage de Pampelonne

Plage de Pampelonne, St. Tropez, France
Plage de Pampelonne is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

The sun, sea, and sand draw most of the jet set to St Tropez, and the Plage de Pampelonne (Pampelonne Beach) is the most fashionable.

Plage de Pampelonne, with its five kilometers of beautiful white sand and mild waves. It is undoubtedly the longest beach in the vicinity of Saint-Tropez, and it has had its fair share of celebrity visitors.

Pampelonne is famed for its luxury beach clubs crowded with A-list celebs, but you can also pull out your own blanket or hire a deckchair along most of the beachfront.

Since 1955, you want to go to the beach if you want to show your acquaintances where you’ve been, and it’s an organization.

Moreover, sun loungers may be rented for a fee from beach clubs along the beach, and a shuttle service will take you there from the primary resort.

It is, therefore, suitable for families who want to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

In southern France, topless sunbathing is acceptable everywhere.

Excited about a relaxing time with your loved ones? Then this is the Place to be.

Address: Plage de Pampelonne, St. Tropez, France

Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud, St. Tropez, France
Port Grimaud, St. Tropez, France / Tobias von der Haar / Flickr

Experience living in a house just next to the water, with boats to take you where you want.

As you wander about Port Grimaud, you’re struck by how distinctive this lakeside hamlet is.

An exquisite urban development launched in the early 1960s and the brainchild of architect and urban planner François Spoerry may be found in the darkest corner of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Port Grimaud is a labyrinth of canals linked by rows of dwellings modeled after the medieval fisherman’s hovels of Saint-old Tropez.

Each residence is immediately on the water and has a berth for a boat. Generally occupied by a sleek-looking yacht because this “Little Venice” is home to some highly affluent people.

You may also explore the city on foot, rest on Place du Marché, or visit Grimaud’s ancient town positioned on a hill.

Relax here and feel the cool breeze as you walk or take a boat here at the little Venice

Address: Port Grimaud, St. Tropez, France


Sainte-Maxime, St. Tropez, France
Sainte-Maxime is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Diverse cultural events in an innovative setting

With Les Bateaux Verts ferries, you may travel from Saint-Tropez to Port Grimaud and across the gulf to the lovely town of Sainte-Maxime.

After landing, take a stroll around the port and old district, which are pleasantly down-to-earth.

There are local French stores and a vast community that lives here year-round, not just during the busy season.

At Plage de la Nartelle, you’ll discover a beautiful beach without any of the tourists that you’ll discover at Saint-Tropez.

Visit The Carré Sainte Maxime, a multi-disciplinary performing arts theater in the same city.

You’re in luck if you want to load up on culture after spending your days bronzing on the beaches and your evenings star-gazing in the nightclubs.

A broad and diversified calendar of activities is on offer throughout the seasons.

Join us and experience an exciting time relaxing or watching unique activities.

Address: Boulevard des Mimosas 83120 Sainte-Maxime France

Saint-Tropez Harbour

Saint-Tropez Harbour, St. Tropez, France
Saint-Tropez Harbour is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Saint-Tropez Harbour is a relaxing place to be, with a fresh wind in the air and a sense of atmosphere.

If the pricey clubs, restaurants, and luxury fashion boutiques turn you off, at least you won’t have to pay to take in Saint-Tropez’s luxurious atmosphere.

A few streets away from the water are unpretentious eateries serving crêpes and soft drinks.

Take a stroll down the Jean Réveille jetty, which holds the Mediterranean at bay, and look at the boats in astonishment.

Soak in the light and ochre colors astonished early-modern painters more than a century ago.

The quayside is teeming with artists attempting to capture this beauty, and you might want to look through their work for a keepsake.

Interact with the friendly community, learn more about the history of the Place, and, of course, take your time relaxing.

Contact us now for the best trip of your life.

Address: Saint-Tropez Harbour, St. Tropez, France

Sentier du Littoral

Sentier du Littoral, St. Tropez, France
Sentier du Littoral is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Imagine standing on a very high cliff and seeing the marvelous view of everything with your eyes.

Enjoy hiking your way up for a thrilling adventure that you will not forget.

Appreciate the surrounding nature and its beautiful, unique traits.

You can see for yourself on the Sentier du Littoral. This route connects more than 40 kilometers of shoreline from Saint Tropez to Cap Caillat.

Despite the strong temptation, it’s encouraging that so much of the shoreline near Saint-Tropez remains untouched.

You will cross steep cliffs and ascend pine and juniper-flecked limestone outcrops with stairs cut into the rock as you continue down the coast.

And if you remember to pack your swim gear, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cool off in translucent rock pools.

Grab your equipment, get ready for an adventure of your life, and enjoy the exciting activities this Place offers you.

Address: Sentier du Littoral, St. Tropez, France

St Tropez’s ‘old town’

St Tropez's 'old town', St. Tropez, France
St Tropez’s ‘old town’ is one of the best places to go in St. Tropez, France

Get lost in La Ponche’s backstreets. And be astounded by the magnificent architectural structures.

La Ponche is St Tropez’s “old town,” It embodies the attitude that most people see when they think of France’s lovely, character-rich south.

Here, you may walk around the small, pastel-colored alleyways, feeling the cobblestones beneath your feet while you take in the sights.

The Église Paroissiale Notre Dame de l’Assomption (Church of Notre Dame) is a popular attraction, but there are also restaurants and shops.

Pubs and cafés in this lively, evocative neighborhood – and, in reality, getting lost in its charm is a big part of the attraction.

Several famous cafés overlook the Place, which hosts a Tuesday and Saturday morning market.

Between the beachfront promenade and the Place des Lices, a short walk inland is a stretch of pedestrian-only lanes dotted with designer stores.

Don’t miss out on this and bask in the fantastic things you can find and delight yourself in what cravings you want.

Are you still on the fence about visiting St. Tropez, France? Hop over to reasons to visit St. Tropez France at least once in your lifetime here

Address: St Tropez’s ‘old town,’ St. Tropez, France

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