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Where should you go for the holidays? Try Rhodes, Greece. For the best things to do in Rhodes, Greece, and the coolest places to visit in Rhodes, Greece. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Rhodes, Greece. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Anthony Quinn Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes, Greece
Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes, Greece / Savvas Savvaidis / Flickr

Take a swim and enjoy the crystal-clear water at Anthony Quinn Bay.

This bay near Faliraki on the east coast is named after Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn.

 He bought it while filming the Guns of Navarone on Rhodes. 

It is known for its glistening emerald water.

The bay is located at a rocky inlet with long headlands that keep sea currents at bay.

The water clarity from these coniferous slopes makes for seriously instagrammable photos. 

There’s a small archipelago of rocks to climb and sunbathe on the beach before returning to the water.

There is a beach bar with local dishes if you want to eat some delicious food.

It has a modest beach but stunning underwater landscape, earning it a favored snorkeling spot.

These rocks may be risky for smaller children, so families may pick St. Paul’s or Tsambika, but couples and teens adore them.

Relaxation at its best; just chill in the water and have fun.

Address: Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes, Greece

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Greece
Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Greece / Jorge Láscar / Flickr

Visit the most highlighted museum in Rhodes.

The primary archaeological museum on the island is located at the Hospital of St. John. 

A stunning late-Hellenistic funerary monument with a lion grasping a bull’s head between its paws stands in front of the western arcade.

A Byzantine mosaic from the early Christian Basilica of Karpatha. 

And on the island of Karpathos stands in front of this.

Another noteworthy object to seek is the 1st century BC statue of the Crouching Aphrodite, based on the famed Hellenistic portrayal of Aphrodite attributed to Doidalses two centuries previously.

Incredible and historical artifacts are on exhibit, with professionals on hand to offer a more in-depth explanation of how they came to be acquired by the museum.

There are also vases and sculptures from Kameiros, unique mosaics, steles, capitals, medieval graves for knights, and coats of arms collected from various structures across the city.

This is a go-to bucket list if you’re a fan of eastern history.

Address: Akti Sachtouri 8, Rodos 851 00, Greece

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Greece
Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Greece / wilford peloquin / Flickr

Exploring the land of the Butterflies is one of the most lovely things to do in Rhodes.

The Valley of the Butterflies is a lovely nature reserve not far from Rhodes town. 

You may wander along small pathways while watching thousands of butterflies fly.

Millions of butterflies flock to the valley to reproduce between June and September. 

The most common is the Panaxia Quadripunctaria, a brown-black butterfly with yellow dots that may be seen all over the trees.

This enchanting valley is home to uncommon flora and animals, cobblestone walks, ponds, wooden bridges, and little waterfalls, contributing to a wonderfully calming ambiance. 

However, it may get crowded because the valley is one of the island’s primary attractions.

During the hot summer days, the shade of the trees, river Pelekanos, and waterfalls make a magnificent location for travelers to rest.

A trip you would surely go back to and see the fantastic butterflies.

Address: Rhodes 851 06, Greece

Fourni Beach

Fourni Beach, Rhodes, Greece
Fourni Beach, Rhodes, Greece / Luc Coekaerts / Flickr

The perfect spot to have peace of mind and have a relaxing walk with your loved one.

The beach is located in a cove surrounded by rugged terrain, mountains, cliffs, and rocks.

 A beautiful and dramatic environment

Fourni Beach is a 10-minute drive from Monólithos Castle.

Bouncy waves break on the shingle and gravel coast with brilliant blue seas at this wild and remote location.

It is a superb beach with few people on it, ideal for getting away from the crowds.

There are caverns and rocks to explore and a tiny café behind the beach providing beverages and modest meals.

Apart from that, there are no amenities.

The beach in the image looks fantastic. So wild and not crowded. Very lovely, with rocks around you that you may climb to admire the view.

This is a great area to experience the natural beauty of the coastline and one of the greatest sites to visit in Rhodes.

Address: Fourni Beach, Rhodes, Greece

Kalithea Hot Springs

Kalithea Hot Springs, Rhodes, Greece
Kalithea Hot Springs is one of the best places to go in Rhodes, Greece

Experience the relaxing and beautiful scenery as you soak in the hot springs.

Since antiquity, the natural springs of Kalithea have been prized for their medicinal virtues.

However, they were not fully developed until the Italian era, following a water analysis in the 1920s.

Pietro Lombardi built the complex in a blend of neo-Baroque and Moorish styles, and exotic plants and shrubs were placed on the grounds.

The spa is no longer in operation, but the exquisite Moorish pavilion and pergolas have been renovated and are available for event rental.

You may swim at Kalithea Bay for a nominal price, a large inlet with clear water surrounded by sun loungers and palm sunshades on terraces.

Beautiful location, a must-see! If you’re in Rhodes, come here to take in the scenery.

It’s a beautiful spot to visit. 

The views over bays are stunning, as are the homes and gardens. 

Enjoy the peaceful, quiet, and thoroughly delightful experience.

Address: Leof. Kallitheas 80, Rodos 851 00, Greece


Kameiros, Rhodes, Greece
Kameiros, Rhodes, Greece / Daniel Lobo / Flickr

Visit the significant ruin in Kaemiros.

Long before Rhodes City was established, Kameiros was one of the major urban centers on the island, populated by the Mycenaeans from prehistoric times.

The city’s ruins may be seen on Rhodes’ northwest shore, at Mount Akramytis.

The Acropolis is located on a terrace at the summit and contains the remains of an Athena Kameiras temple.

The central community was located on the middle terrace with grid-patterned apartment complexes.

Finally, a later Hellenistic temple, a fountain house, an agora, and a wall engraved with dedications to Zeus, Poseidon, and Artemis.

While no monument shines out, the site has an impressively complete Doric townscape.

As you walk around the pathways at the site, you can readily envisage the city’s buildings, bathhouses, and temples as they could have been.

Views of the glittering sea and other islands from the top of the hill are incredibly magnificent, making Kameiros one of the top spots to visit in Rhodes.

Address: Kameiros, Rhodes, Greece

Kritinia Castle

Kritinia Castle, Rhodes, Greece
Kritinia Castle, Rhodes, Greece / Luc Coekaerts / Flickr

Enjoy a thrilling experience as you visit the Kritinia Castle.

Kritinia, like Monolithos Castle, is located on the island’s isolated west coast and serves as both a fortress and a watchtower.

The Venetian fortress was built in the 15th century on a cliff with 360° views of the Aegean and surrounding countryside.

At the time, Rhodes was bracing for an Ottoman onslaught, which arrived in 1480, when the island repelled a 100,000-strong force.

The castle is now little more than a shell, but the coat of arms of Grand Master D’Amboise from the early 16th century may be found on the gateway.

A 16th-century chapel to St John is located inside the property and is embellished with exquisite murals.

The little café adjacent to the castle is well worth visiting for a refreshing drink with beautiful views and reasonably priced beverages.

Beautifully built stairs lead up to the castle. A parking lot with a café and facilities is located at the bottom.

It’s certainly worth a visit for the most excellent spectral views.

Address: Epar.Od. Ialisou-Katavias 15, Siana 851 08, Greece

Ladiko Bay

Ladiko Bay, Rhodes, Greece
Ladiko Bay, Rhodes, Greece / Forrestal_PL / Flickr

Walk along the relaxing bay and enjoy the thrilling activities that it has to offer

Only a 5-minute walk from Antony Quinn Beach, you’ll find the tiny but lovely Ladiko Beach, which has crystal blue seas and dunes. 

The sea is quiet and crystal clear, and the beach, albeit shingle and pebble, is pretty comfortable to stroll on.

It’s ideal for snorkeling and swimming, and to be honest, most people would prefer this to the other bays.

You may rent umbrellas and chairs (although you can also bring your own), and there is a shower, free parking, and bathrooms on-site. 

Snorkeling is a popular activity in this beautiful harbor.

There is a restaurant where you may get something to eat or drink.

Spend a couple of hours on this beach and have a great time!

If you have enough time, you may visit both beaches.

Address: Ladiko Bay, Rhodes, Greece

Lindos Acropolis

Lindos Acropolis, Rhodes, Greece
Lindos Acropolis, Rhodes, Greece / jon crel / Flickr

Get to know the incredible history of the Ancient Lindos Acropolis

A long series of civilizations have occupied and worshiped a rock to the east of the contemporary settlement of Lindos.

Lindos’ Acropolis has remnants dating back over 2,000 years.

Knights of St. John and the Byzantines forces, as well as Ottoman forces, all used the rock to their advantage.

The Knights of St. John Castle, which dates back to the 14th century, is a remarkable collection of medieval ruins.

To begin with, the view of the coastline from the summit is motivation enough to make the hike (or donkey ride).

There isn’t enough space to detail all you should see at the Lindos Acropolis. Still, the remnants of the Doric Temple of Athenia Lindia from the 4th century BC and the Propylaia (portal) from the same time are must-sees.

You’ll also get a unique perspective of Lindos beaches and the stunning Rhodes coastline from the summit.

Lindos should be top on your list of places to visit in Rhodes, and with good reason!

Address: Acropolis of Lindos, Lindos 851 07, Greece 

Líndos Beach

Líndos Beach, Rhodes, Greece
Líndos Beach, Rhodes, Greece / Francesco Sgroi / Flickr

Consider the magnificent sandy beach with crystal blue waves and a view of the town and Acropolis.

After descending from the clifftop remains of Lindos Acropolis, you may unwind on one of Rhodes’ most fantastic beaches.

Lindos Beach’s golden beaches are kissed by clean, mild waves in a narrow harbor surrounded by rocky headlands.

There are many sun loungers for hire, and water sports if lying in the sun isn’t your thing.

A beautiful beach with excellent paddleboard rentals allow you to paddle right to the back of the protected beach to see the cliff coves. 

Great snorkeling, massive beach with plenty of space for everyone. 

Cafes that are both safe and tasty.

In Rhodes, the top things include strolling around the gorgeous fishing hamlet of Lindos and sunbathing on the Lindos beach.

It has a long beach with soft sand and various water sports activities, including parasailing, waterskiing, and boat tours.

A few pubs and restaurants overlook the beach, one of Rhodes’s most excellent sites.

Address: Líndos Beach, Rhodes, Greece

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Mandraki Port

Mandraki Port, Rhodes, Greece
Mandraki Port, Rhodes, Greece / Daniel Lobo / Flickr

Consider the magnificent sandy beach with crystal blue waves and a view of the town and Acropolis.

After descending from the clifftop remains of Lindos Acropolis, you may unwind on one of Rhodes’ most fantastic beaches.

Lindos Beach’s golden beaches are kissed by clean, mild waves in a narrow harbor surrounded by rocky headlands.

There are many sun loungers for hire and water sports if lying in the sun isn’t your thing.

A beautiful beach with excellent paddleboard rentals allow you to paddle right to the back of the protected beach to see the cliff coves. 

Great snorkeling, massive beach with plenty of space for everyone. 

Cafes that are both safe and tasty.

In Rhodes, the top things include strolling around the gorgeous fishing hamlet of Lindos and sunbathing on the Lindos beach.

It has a long beach with soft sand and various water sports activities, including parasailing, waterskiing, and boat tours.

A few pubs and restaurants overlook the beach, one of Rhodes’s most excellent sites.

Address: Plotarchou Plessa 2, Rodos 851 00, Greece

Monastery of Filerimos

Monastery of Filerimos, Rhodes, Greece
Monastery of Filerimos, Rhodes, Greece / Shadowgate / Flickr

Rest for a few days here and breathe in the breathtaking views of the Monastery.

Filerimos is an isolated mountain in a nature reserve, situated about ten kilometers southwest of Rhodes City.

A monastery constructed in the 15th century by the Knights of St John may be located along a winding path.

The church features pointed arches and a big cross pattée in the masonry on the exterior. It has all the hallmarks of Gothic architecture.

Take a stroll through the gardens, where peacocks are allowed to wander, and you’ll come across a 14th-century underground church.

If you stay on the mountain route, you may follow the stations of the cross to a magnificent cross at a viewpoint overlooking the ocean and farms to the west.

A little distance from the Monastery is a massive cross with access stairs to the summit. The views across the surrounding region are spectacular from here.

If you are on vacation in Rhodes, you should definitely pay this site a visit.

Address: Φερενίκης 14, Ialisos 851 01, Greece

Monolithos Castle

Monolithos Castle, Rhodes, Greece
Monolithos Castle, Rhodes, Greece / Shadowgate / Flickr

Explore the remains of medieval castles on the west coast of Rhodes

The fortress of Monolithos was constructed in the 15th century to safeguard the island from pirate raids. It is perched on a massive, lonely rock above the hamlet. 

Many steps must be climbed to reach the castle, but the effort is well worth it.

This monument atop a rock 100 meters above the west shore of Rhodes is a bit of a trek from the island’s tourist hotspots.

But it’s a journey you won’t regret after you’ve climbed the stairs that snake up the cliff.

You can see the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands and islets. 

Monolithios Castle, built by the Knights of St John, was originally one of the island’s four most formidable fortifications and was never overrun.

Within the walls are two 15th-century chapels dedicated to St. George and St. Panteleimon.

But the most significant part is that you may clamber along the steep, pine-edged slopes to examine the craggy cliffs of Mount Akramytis in the background. 

And cast your eyes out to sea to locate the tiny Dodecanese islands.

A breathtaking scenery you will surely not forget.

Address: Epar.Od. Monolinthou-Frourio Monolinthou 89, Monolithos 851 08, Greece

Palace of the Grand Master

Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes, Greece
Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes, Greece / Shadowgate / Flickr

It’s always exciting to see a real castle of a palace grandmaster.

The Knights of Saint John erected the Grand Master’s Palace in the 14th century. It is located at the end of Knights’ Street in Rhodes’ historic town.

This castle, one of the unique instances of Gothic architecture in Greece, is a World Heritage Site in Rhodes City and dates back to the 7th century when it was a Byzantine fortification.

The Knights Hospitaller used the castle as a base of power and a luxurious dwelling for the order’s Grand Masters throughout the 14th century.

Damage from a 19th-century explosion was restored when Rhodes was under Italian authority in the 20th century. Benito Mussolini chose the castle as his residence.

The palace is now a museum that tells the narrative of the monument. It displays the centuries-old architecture of the Main Hall and the arcaded courtyard.

There are other artifacts from the Dodecanese, such as a set of mosaics from Kos.

You may visit the courtyard with an admission ticket and see the knights’ remarkable antiquities.

Address: Ippoton, Rodos 851 00, Greece


Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece
Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece / seligmanwaite / Flickr

Relax on Rhode Island’s most fantastic beaches.

A stretch of beachfront in Rhodes’ far south is unlike any other on the island.

The tidal island of Prasonisi is connected to the mainland by a lengthy sandbar.

Prasonisi beach’s water is crystal clear and shallow, ideal for minor children and non-swimmers. 

There are numerous surf shops and schools in the neighborhood and a few cafés, restaurants, and pubs.

The beach is renowned for surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing due to the high winds. You’ll see many of these as you approach the region. 

Windsurfer sails are frequently seen on the beach, open to ocean breezes.

The eastern side is quieter, and there is a swimming area with umbrellas and seats. 

The western side is more windy and so unsuitable for swimming.

Visitors trek on the island, a natural reserve, and sit on a beach with water in the summer.

Ready your sunblock, lie down and relax on this fantastic beach.

Address: Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Old Town, Greece
Rhodes Old Town, Greece / Tony Hisgett / Flickr

Visit the historical city of Rhodes Old Town.

The historic center of Rhodes City, encircled by a crescent-shaped fortification, seems like something out of a movie.

After passing through the gates, you’ll find yourself wandering cobblestone alleyways, ducking beneath vaulted vaults and soaring buttresses.

It’s the kind of location where you don’t mind getting lost. It pays to be curious and check out the lovely internal courtyards behind the wooden doorways.

The Street of the Knights is an old avenue part of the 1400s Gothic ensemble known as the Knights’ Quarter.

The path is bordered by facades of inns for the Order of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, lined up in several nations such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.

The Sultan Mustafa Mosque and the Hammam may be found on the western lanes of the old town.

Lose yourself in Rhodes Old Town and explore the many historical sitings that fascinate you.

Address: Rhodes Old Town, Rhodes, Greece

St. Paul’s Beach

St. Paul’s Beach, Rhodes, Greece
St. Paul’s Beach is one of the best places to go in Rhodes, Greece

St. Paul’s Beach is a great place to relax and take in the vista of the Lindos Acropolis from its lofty throne.

It’s really picturesque, and you can take some lovely photos here.

The main sandy beach is located on the southern curve of an ovular bay with just a little entrance on the northeastern side.

Another smaller pebble beach may be found on the north end, directly beneath the Acropolis.

Both soon fill up during the summer, sharing the beach with hundreds of other people.

But none of this takes away from the primary appeal, the clear water, which is calm and shallow enough that even non-swimmers may wade in and rest.

The beach is rocky and narrow on both sides, with better sunbathing opportunities on the opposite side of town.

Try the soothing, moving chaises longues near the beach’s end.

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Address: Lindos 851 07, Greece


Sými, Rhodes, Greece
Sými, Rhodes, Greece / BIG ALBERT / Flickr

A boat ride to the Dodecanese island of Symi is one of the most incredible things to do in Rhodes, especially if you have a few days.

The tiny island of Smi, roughly an hour distant by the quickest vessel, is rightfully the most popular day excursion from Rhodes. 

Arriving at Smi’s ferry port provides one of the most breathtaking views in Greece. 

Hundreds of neoclassical stone facades, iron balconies, and hundreds of pastel-colored shutters ascend up the slopes from the bay. 

Horió is capped with the unavoidable Knights’ castle, constructed amid Smi’s old fortification remnants.

There are plenty of tour businesses at Mandraki marina that provide boat day trips to Symi. You may also buy a ferry ticket to go there. 

Symi has beautiful beaches and bays and a rich cultural and historical history, primarily expressed in the Archangel Michael Panormitis monastery and the attractive town of Symi.

A relaxing boat trip to Symi would make you forget your modern-day problems.

Address: Sými, Rhodes, Greece

Tsambika Beach

Tsambika Beach, Rhodes, Greece
Tsambika Beach, Rhodes, Greece / dronepicr / Flickr

The most excellent beach on Rhodes.

A beach almost too beautiful to be real lies underneath the monastery.

Tsambika beach is regarded as the greatest on Rhodes. I wouldn’t say “best,” but it is the most gorgeous! 

It is a long stretch of golden sandy beach on the island’s east coast, about a 40-minute drive from Rhodes town.

The beach has mild, shallow waters ideal for non-swimmers or families with children. 

It is a comprehensive and long beach with several beach clubs, water sports, ample parking, and various beach amenities.

Tsambika monastery, located on a hill above the shore, is another must-see attraction that may be reached by climbing 298 steps to the summit.

Suppose you grow tired of paddling in the shallow emerald sea. In that case, there is a watersports center on the beach to participate in more thrilling activities.

Experience the best beach Rhodes has to offer.

Address: Tsambika Beach, Rhodes, Greece

Tsambika Monastery

Tsambika Monastery, Rhodes, Greece
Tsambika Monastery, Rhodes, Greece / dronepicr / Flickr

Get a breathtaking view of the monastery at the top of the mountain.

Tsambka Monastery is perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the island’s east shore.

A common motif in Rhodes is that challenging hikes are rewarded with exciting monuments and breathtaking views.

As a result, the modest, domed 17th-century monastery church with fresco fragments attracts childless ladies.

The Virgin, to whom the convent is dedicated, provides fertility to women.

To the north, you can see the tiny resort of Kolymbia. In contrast, you can see to the south as far as the Lindos Acropolis, which is 20 kilometers distant.

The church was erected in the Dodecanesian style in the 18th century, with hollow ceiling tiles.

After seeing the monastery, relax and enjoy the sun at Tsambika beach. It has a large sandy beach, bars, sun seats, and crystal blue water.

The sights down the shore from the grounds are unrivaled.

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Address: Archangelos 851 02, Greece

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