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Deciding to travel to Genoa, Italy? Explore the top activities to do and sights to see in Genoa, Italy, to make the most of your time there. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Genoa, Italy, and the best places to visit in Genoa, Italy below. As a Web 3.0 travel startup, Wondrous Drifter aspires to make a huge impact on the world.

Albertis Castle

Albertis Castle, Genoa, Italy
Albertis Castle is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

When you’re atop the Albertis Castle in Genoa, you’ll get a fantastic view you won’t forget.

The Castello d’Albertis, located on a hill in the Castelletto region, is a fifteen-minute walk from the old harbor. 

It is a unique historical home in Genoa that combines architectural styles from all over the world.

The castle was erected in 1886 in the Gothic Revival style. 

It was built on an earlier 12th-century fort and retained the fort’s original foundations.

It is a neo-Gothic house that was built in the 1800s on top of fortifications from the 1600s. It is decorated with details that bring exotic trips and colonial times to mind.

The castle provides spectacular views of the Ligurian Sea and the city.

Today, the castle hosts events, conferences, and two museums: the Cultures of the World and the Musiche de Popoli.

You may see the collection gathered by the captain on his maritime journeys, which was completed with gifts from America, Oceania, and Africa.

A trip to an ancient castle is always a thrilling experience.

Address: Corso Dogali, 18, 16136 Genova GE, Italy


Biosphere , Genova
Biosphere , Genoa / Joe Passe / Flickr

A sanctuary for many animals and plants,

The Biosphere is the huge steel and glass sphere that can be seen in the most famous pictures of the old port area of Genoa.

This scenographic building houses a real tropical jungle.

This was also made by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano. It opened in 2001, at the same time as the G8 summit.

The inside of the sphere has its own microclimate, thanks to a cutting-edge air conditioning system. 

About 150 different kinds of plants and animals can live here, such as turtles, beautiful and colorful fish, insects, and birds.

It is a remarkable attraction in terms of location and construction. 

It will allow you to feel the ambiance of a remote tropical jungle just a short distance from the city center.

Definitely a great place to bring your family with you to just relax and forget about the problems for a moment.

Contact us now for a trip to the amazing Biosphere of Genoa.

Address: Ponte Spinola, 16126 Genova GE, Italy


Boccadasse , Genoa
Boccadasse , Genoa / María Renée Batlle Castillo / Flickr

Slow down and enjoy the sunset.

Boccadasse is a charming city neighborhood with small, colorful houses built on a cliff overlooking the sea. It reminds me of the Cinque Terre towns.

It is a historic fishing town in Genoa that is part of the Albaro area and located at the end of Corso Italia.

This is a beautiful site to visit if you want to watch the sunset in a romantic setting or if you want a taste of Cinque Terre but can not make it to the region.

Boccadasse is a small town that is ideal for a quick visit before nightfall or for a meal before returning to the city center.

The neighborhood comes alive around dusk when groups of couples, friends, and families flock to the little ice cream shop on the beach to watch the sunset.

Take a stroll along Corso Italia all the way to Boccadasse, where you can relax on the beach or on the rocks with the locals and have gelato from the local ice cream shop.

Address: Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Cathedral of San Lorenzo , Genoa
Cathedral of San Lorenzo , Genoa / Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

With its amazing design, the church is definitely a trip that will amaze you.

The Genoese cathedral, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, was built in the 12th century. It is the most well-known church in Genoa.

On the front are three Gothic doors, two bell towers, and two beautiful stone lions.

Inside, many different styles, centuries of history, frescoes, and works of art come together to create a lovely atmosphere.

The relics of San Lorenzo, which came into the city after the Crusades, are stored here. It is worthwhile to see the Museum of the Treasure housed in the cathedral’s basement.

An English World War II grenade, which dropped within the cathedral but miraculously detonated, may be found inside the church on the right.

Outside, you may look for a little dog miniature sculpted in marble. 

The small puppy appears to have followed the workmen and sculptors around throughout construction. 

When the little dog went missing and was never found again, the sculptors put this small statue of him outside the cathedral.

Take a quick stop and pay your respects.

Address: Piazza S. Lorenzo, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

Church of the Annunziata

Church of the Annunziata, Genoa, Italy
Church of the Annunziata is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Even if you’re not into churches, this is a fantastic eye-catcher.

Wandering through the lanes, the Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata del Vastato is a masterpiece that you must see.

Turn right from Via del Campo to reach Piazza dell’Annunziata. 

It is in the midst of the university district and the lanes.

This lovely 16th-century church is a wonderful example of Genoese art in the Baroque style. 

The paintings and sculptures in the chapels are exceptional. 

You may find informative panels providing details on the artwork in each chapel. 

It has been transformed and restored countless times over the years.

You should go if you’re not a fan of religious architecture or churches in general. 

From the exterior, it appears to be a typical church, but from the inside, it is a genuinely magical site.

The different artists who painted the Basilica did a great job, and you will enjoy just walking around and looking at their work.

A must-see while in Genoa.

Address: Piazza della Nunziata, 4, 16124 Genova GE, Italy

Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace , Genoa
Ducal Palace , Genoa / Francisco Anzola / Flickr

A stunning structure by itself, but also the location of fantastic exhibitions!

The Doge’s Palace may be found just a few meters from the Basilica of San Lorenzo.

This magnificent and imposing palace dates back to the 13th century and has served many duties throughout its history. 

It really is an amazing building. Some of the stairs on some staircases have worn down in some places, which is a real sign of how old this building is.

Today, it is an exhibition venue for exhibitions, conferences, and cultural events.

There are several galleries and other cultural activities.

It also houses several groups and the foundation that bears its name, whose mission is to promote cultural and social values.

Stroll around, appreciate the amazing relics, and learn while relaxing about the history and events.

It is well worth a visit, and you may simply stroll in after you pay for the inexpensive pass.

Address: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 9, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

Esplanade of Castelletto

Esplanade of Castelletto, Genoa, Italy
Esplanade of Castelletto is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

If you haven’t taken a trip to the most breathtaking view on the Esplanade of Castelletto, you’ve never been to Genoa.

Previously, the Castelletto fortress in this location was destroyed in 1849. This explains the name’s origin.

Spianata Castelletto is undoubtedly one of Genoa’s most magnificent panoramic locations.

This piazza in the old center may be accessed through a stunning Liberty-style elevator from Piazza Portello or along a beautiful panoramic road.

Spianata, of course, has one of the greatest views over the sea, the city, and the harbor.

From here, you can see Genoa from above, with the old city’s rooftops, domes, and towers and the historical harbor as a backdrop.

There are only a few benches for people to sit on, but it’s still worth a quick look.

After touring the length and width of the city, this peaceful location is great for shooting beautiful shots and relaxing on the benches under the shade of trees.

Spianata Castelletto is a must-see if you’re in Genova for a brief visit!

Address: Genoa

Forte Diamante

Forte Diamante, Genoa, Italy
Forte Diamante is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

If you like Game of Thrones, this is the place you should go and see the fort.

It is a magnificent stone stronghold perched on the pinnacle of Monte Diamante, above sea level, like a hefty crown. 

Its imposing aspect and difficult-to-reach location aided the Italian armies of the 18th century by ensuring that any invading forces from the north would be quickly noticed and repulsed. 

The region around the forts is kept cool by gentle winds, but during the summer, you’ll feel the soaring heat.

It is roughly an hour’s walk from the Righi helicopter square, but the beauty of this historic fort is well worth the effort.

Modern tourists find it less convenient because they have to drive up into the hills above Genoa and then walk for about 30 minutes to get these views of the whole area.

The tranquillity and a 360-degree view from above are to be savored and not to be missed.

Address: 16010 Sant’Olcese, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

Genoa Aquarium

Genoa Aquarium , Italy
Genoa Aquarium , Italy / N i c o l a / Flickr

It’s undoubtedly the city’s top attraction, and if you’re in Genoa, you should go at least once in your life.

The Aquarium, located close to Piazza Carciamento in the main waterfront area, is a great place for the whole family.

This building is home to sharks, dolphins, fish, jellyfish, turtles, and other types of marine life.

Renzo Piano’s big rehabilitation project in 1992 resulted in the aquarium.

Sharks, dolphins, penguins, sea turtles, tropical fish, and a variety of other marine species of great beauty may now be seen in this modern facility.

With the installation of the “Pavilion of the Cetaceans” (four open-air tanks), the building was enlarged in 2003.

The trip is divided into two levels, allowing you to see the creatures from above and underwater.

Aside from just looking at the fish, tourists to the aquarium can get involved in a variety of events, education programs, and live entertainment.

The tanks and displays are well-kept and have enough space for the animals. The habitats have been accurately re-created to give the animals what they need regarding climate and living conditions.

Write this down on your bucket list; you will surely love it.

Address: Ponte Spinola, 16128 Genova GE, Italy

Galata Museum of the sea

Galata Museum of the sea, Genoa, Italy
Galata Museum of the sea is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Take a moment and read Maritime Genoa’s true history.

Galata Museo del Mare is the second must-see sight in Genoa’s Porto Antico district, dedicated to the aquatic world.

The museum is structured around 10,000 square meters of display space on 5 levels inside a contemporary glass and steel structure close to an ancient arsenal.

Six centuries of marine life are shown here through life-size equipment, boats, and antiques.

For those not afraid of heights, the truly unique feature of the museum is a tour of the submarine S518 Nazario Sauro.

Don’t miss out on the museum’s interactive activities.

A magnificent patio overlooking the city overlooks the whole exhibition space.

Give yourself at least three hours if you want to learn more about Genoa’s interesting past.

A trip worth taking with exciting displays and exhibits for you to see.

Address: Calata Ansaldo De Mari, 1, 16126 Genova GE, Italy

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House of Christopher Columbus

House of Christopher Columbus, Genoa, Italy
House of Christopher Columbus is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Take a short trip to the house of the man who discovered America.

The Christopher Columbus House is close to Porta Soprana. It is a well-known tourist destination for both Italians and people from other countries.

It’s a house museum honoring the explorer who found America. It was erected atop the ruins of the ancient house where the explorer spent his childhood in the eighteenth century.

Several documents profess to contribute to the house’s origin.

Try climbing to the top of the wall to obtain a magnificent perspective of the city. 

The ancient town is incredibly vibrant, with vividly painted multicolored houses and laundry drying on clotheslines interwoven between the buildings. 

Beautiful scenery. We strongly recommend it as an excellent historical lesson; bring your camera!

You will surely enjoy a sight you will not forget and a history lesson. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera for a very picturesque view.

Address: Via di Porta Soprana, 16121 Genova GE, Italy

Lanterna di Genoa

Laterna di Genoa, Italy
Lanterna di Genoa is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

A beautifully designed protector for boats and ships.

The Lanterna di Genoa is an old lighthouse with a lot of detail. It has been there since the 12th century but has been fixed over the years.

The Lanterna di Genoa is the second-highest lighthouse in the world and the first one in the Mediterranean. 

It is the city’s symbol, and it stands on a high rock, so the total height is above the sea.

It was reconstructed in 1543 near the eastern end of Sampierdarena, the city’s industrial sector, and principal port.

Today, a path connects the building to the ferry terminal along part of the old defensive walls.

On one side is a giant emblem of Genoa, and the top is capped with a large glass light.

Tourists may tour the museum, which is dedicated to the city’s traditions, history, art, and culture via the voices of everyday people.

Then, you can climb 172 stairs to get to the panoramic terrace, offering amazing views of the harbor and the old town.

This trip will leave you amazed at the tall and amazing structure of the lighthouse.

Address: Rampa della Lanterna, 16126 Genova GE, Italy

Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, Genoa, Italy
Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Has in the past been called one of the world’s wonders.

People think that the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno is one of the most interesting and important places in Europe.

It’s a massive open-air work of art. 

A museum of modern art that was interesting to people like Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Napoleon ordered that people couldn’t be buried in churches or crowded areas, so this beautiful building was built between 1844 and 1851.

As a result, a location outside the city center was required to construct a grand cemetery commemorating the emergence of the city bourgeoisie. 

Giuseppe Mazzini, a member of the bourgeoisie, was the chief interpreter of Italy’s unity.

The magnificence of the cemetery’s enormous chapels truly leaves you awestruck. 

They span from Gothic to Art Nouveau, as well as Byzantine and Neoclassical styles.

Enjoy the scenery as you stroll along the path and learn even a little bit about the history of Genoa.

Address: Piazzale Giovanni Battista Resasco, 16137 Genova GE, Italy

Parks of Nervi

Parks of Nervi, Genoa, Italy
Parks of Nervi is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

This is the Mediterranean’s largest urban park on the sea.

Nervi is located a few kilometers from Genoa’s downtown. 

The Parks of Nervi may be found in this little hamlet facing the sea and its distinctive promenade and marina.

A botanical park of about 90,000 square meters was created from a collection of private residences that is now home to museums and other historical-cultural activities.

This park is especially beautiful in the spring, when most of the botanicals are in full bloom.

Enjoy a beautiful walk along the sea that is readily accessible by bus or rail. While you’re at it, get gelato or focaccia right off the promenade.

Enjoy a beautiful walk along the sea that is readily accessible by bus or rail. While you’re at it, get gelato or focaccia right off the promenade.

A family trip here will bring you a fantastic experience you will never forget.

Address: Genoa

Piazza De Ferrari

Piazza De Ferrari , Genoa, Italy
Piazza De Ferrari , Genoa, Italy / gula08 / Flickr

Stroll through the historic plaza streets.

The Piazza De Ferrari, which is in the Molo area of Genoa’s old town, is one of the city’s most important places and has many different things to do.

The large Piazza de Ferrari separates Genoa’s old area from the new city center.

The beautiful bronze fountain in the heart of this huge area enchants with its water games.

It’s worth seeing, especially with Genoa’s caruggi, because the contrast is stunning!

Around the fountain are several important buildings, such as the Palace of the Duke of Galleria, the Genoa stock market, the Palace of the Doges, and the Carlo Felice Theatre.

Admire the many buildings and 19th-century architecture, toss a coin into the fountain or site, and observe the residents at work.

Alternatively, there are several small eateries and cafés with outside seating where you may relax.

This is where the city’s hustle and bustle may be found and where adventure abounds.

Address: Piazza Raffaele de Ferrari, 16121 Genova GE, Italy

Porta Soprana

Porta Soprana, Genoa, Italy
Porta Soprana is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Originally built in the 9th or 10th century, Porta Soprana is the city’s sole antique entrance door. 

This ancient stone edifice is the genuine symbolic entryway to the historic core.

This is among the few remaining antique gates. 

It was built as part of the famed Barbarossa Walls between 1155 and 1159. It is also known as Porta Sant’ Andrea. 

It is close to Via and Piazza Dante and not far from Piazza de Ferrari.

Walking through the medieval gate transports you back in time and is an experience you will long remember.

The Towers of Genou are extremely high and hence even more remarkable because they are directly close to the House of Christopher Columbus, which is not large and so even more spectacular.

You could see the massive towers on your route to your destination long before you went through them.

Contact us now and make a reservation at this destination for the amazing time of your life.

Address: di Soprana, Via S. Pietro della Porta, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

The Caruggi, the alleys of Genoa

The Caruggi, the alleys of Genoa, Italy
The Caruggi, the alleys of Genoa is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Europe’s biggest historical center

In Liguria, these narrow, shady streets are called “carruggi,” They are surrounded by colorful buildings that grow up and out of the ground.

It is advised that visitors visit Genoa to explore the ancient city’s alleyways. 

A walking tour is the greatest way to acquire a true sense of the city, understand its secrets, and admire its cultural and architectural riches.

There are hundreds of Carruggi, and getting lost without admiring the most magnificent is fairly common. Here are some of the most well-known:

Go up via Ponte Reale from Piazza Loading. After 100 meters, look out for Piazza Banchi and the “Loggia della Mercanzia.”

Via San Luca is one of Genoa’s most attractive and scenic streets.

Visit Fabrizio de Andrè’s former residence on Via del Campo, the site of the song’s composition.

Exploring these and other Carruggi, you will come across royal houses, artisan stores, historic cafés, antique churches, and distinctive squares described by Genoese composers.

Among these lanes are some of Genoa’s top focaccia.

There’s tons of adventure waiting for you to experience here at the Caruggi.

Address: Vico della Casana, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

The Palazzi dei Rolli

The Old Port, Genoa, Italy
The Palazzi dei Rolli is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

A must-see attraction in Genoa’s historic center is the Via Garibaldi, also known as the “Strada Nuova.”

It is also known as “via Aurea” because, over five centuries, it has amassed an unparalleled collection of architectural and artistic marvels.

In reality, this neighborhood houses the most magnificent and prominent buildings in Genoa, known as “I Rolli.”

Between 1500 and 1600, these beautiful structures housed the Genoese elite. 

Since the city didn’t have a royal palace, these buildings were used to host important people who came to visit.

They were given this name because the most elegant apartments were featured in special lists known as “the Rolli of public housing,” created and maintained by the Republic of Genoa.

The palaces were classified into three groups in this register, each linked with a specific type of guest.

Exquisite stairways, breath-taking atriums, enormous interior courtyards, and wonderful lounges await you.

Address: Via Garibaldi, 12r, 16124 Genova GE, Italy

The Old Port

The Palazzi Dei Rolli, Genoa, Italy
The Old Port is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

For all tourists, this is a must-see in Genoa, especially for families. It’s one of the nicest sites to see in the city.

In previous ages, Genoa’s old port was the center of the city’s trade and economical operations.

This portion of the city was fully refurbished for the Colombiadi, the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, following the project of Renzo Piano, the great Genoese architect.

This 230,000-square-meter port area is now the most popular tourist attraction in Genoa. 

There are several attractions and entertainment options.

Aside from a great walk or an aperitif in the sun, there are many intriguing things to see and do here.

Bigo, the panoramic lift, can take you up to 40 meters above the historic port. 

The summit will provide you with a stunning 360-degree panorama of Genoa.

After seeing all these fascinating things, you may go shopping or relax in the neighboring pubs and restaurants.

This is the spot for you to explore the variety of attractions and interact with the locals.

Address: Molo Ponte Morosini, 21, 16126 Genova GE, Italy

Via del campo 29 red

Via del campo 29 red, Genoa, Italy
Via del campo 29 red is one of the best places to go in Genoa, Italy

Regarding songwriting in Italy, Genoa is unquestionably the city to visit.

The Rosso is a small but very well-kept museum; the show’s topic is the Genoese school, which shaped Italian music history.

If you inquire around, many people just refer to it as the “De André museum.”

The show will be held at the former “Musica Gianni Tassio” shop, a famous meeting spot for musicians and lovers.

Original vinyl records, pictures, books, magazines, and other fascinating artifacts may be found here.

Moreover, the museum’s main attraction is Fabrizio de Andrè’s famous guitar, the “Esteve ’97.”

Suppose you are a fan of Genoese composers. In that case, you should surely visit this museum, which takes its name from Fabrizio de André’s renowned song.

Still unsure to make Genoa, Italy, your next destination? Check out reasons to visit Genoa, Italy, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Via del Campo, 29R, 16124 Genova GE, Italy

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