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Planning on a visit to Santorini, Greece, for your holiday? For the best things to do in Santorini, Greece, and the coolest places to visit in Santorini, Greece. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Santorini, Greece. As a Web 3.0 travel startup, Wondrous Drifter has big plans to shake things up in the field.


Akrotiri / Klearchos Kapoutsis / Flickr

A remnant from the catastrophe

Stroll along the Akrotiri, an ancient village destroyed by the volcanic eruption back 3,600 years ago. 

Although it was destructed, the remains of houses and frescoes were meticulously preserved as a memoir of a once lively place.

You will see a rocky and dusty treasure trove of items from cooking utensils, vases, flower pots, bathtubs, and bee hives. 

These artifacts have supplied historians with essential new insights into the Minoan civilization.

Because of the significance of the homes, a brand new building with a roof was constructed in 2012 and is currently serving to safeguard them.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the National Archaeological Museum in Athens now houses the fresco and the other relics removed from the site.

You are welcome to walk across the footbridge that leads to the ancient ceramic statue that dates back 3,600 years.

Is it worth it to travel here?

Without a doubt, allow yourself to explore and find out more about the remnants of a catastrophe that became a beautiful part of Santorini.

It’s time to go!

Address: Thera 847 00, Greece

Ancient Thera

Ancient Thera
Ancient Thera / Paul Arps / Flickr

Hand’s up to all who want a little trip to paradise. This place is for you!

Explore the Ancient Thera, an actual definition of paradise on earth.

Built-in the 9th century BC on top of Mesa Vouno Mountain, this is a historic site. It remained inhabited for the next 800 years after the disastrous eruption of the volcano.

In 1896, German archaeologist Friedrich Hiller von Gaertringen first set foot on the Thera remained.

Because of its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, Ancient Thera has been termed the “small paradise on earth.”

You will undoubtedly feel closer to the Greek gods when you climb to the top.

The agora, rows of Doric columns, and a few former residences ruins are worth exploring.

Don’t forget to visit the Roman-era theater dating back to the 2nd century AD.

The theater is constructed using limestones and some random stones you will only find in Thera. 

As a souvenir, be sure to take pictures of everything.

It’s time for you to embark on a new adventure, so pack your bags and head out today!

Address: Santorini 847 00, Greece

Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay
Amoudi Bay / BluEyedA73 / Flickr

A destination to visit when the weather is hot and sunny.

All the way from Oia, descend the 350 steps leading to the turquoise water of the Amoudi Bay port. 

With the reddish cliff surrounding the area and a stunning strategic location away from the city, this is the best place to be on a hot sunny day!

Refresh your mind by sitting at one of the terraces with a fantastic port view. 

Or you could cool off your feet by dipping them in the icy water of the port.

One of the main reasons this place is popular with locals is that you can taste some of the delightful Greek dishes such as Taramasalata.

Taramasalata is a classic fish roe dip made of creamy whitefish roe, potato, and drizzled lemon.

A tasty meal and a fantastic view. What a great combination!

Find your way out here!

Address: Ammoudi Bay, Santorini


Caldera / Klearchos Kapoutsis / Flickr

A vacation must be fun and exciting, so you need to make the most out of it!

Santorini allows you to explore the Caldera via boat trip.

Make your way to the port of Fira, where you can enjoy the boat trip to the stunning crescent moon-shaped Caldera. 

The breathtaking view of Caldera will surely make your Santorini trip more travel-worthy. 

Santorini is a Greek island that offers a breathtaking panorama of a white village and an astonishing reddish rock, including the Caldera.

In addition to the Caldera, the boat tours will take you to Palea Kameni, where you will have the opportunity to take a swim in the emerald-colored hot spring.

Palea Kameni will give you a peculiar experience, for it was located beneath the scorched rocks of a volcano.

Isn’t that a fantastic experience?

Take note also that you can hike up to the summit to get an incredible panoramic view of the entire island.

Get out there and have some experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Address: Santorini Caldera, Greece


Fira / Andreas Kontokanis / Flickr

Believed it or not, Santorini is the place that comes from a painting. Fira is one of the living proof. 

Spend a day in Fira, the biggest and most beautiful capital of Santorini. 

Located along the westernmost part of the island. The natural scenery in Fira is breathtaking, and the town also features lively nightlife, shopping districts, traditional housing, and many other attractions.

When you are here, you will be mesmerized by the overlooking view of Caldera, a cliff that is shaped like a half-moon.

You may walk to the picturesque alley that is surrounded by painted whitewashed houses. 

You can experience a different side of Santorini by going out at night and checking out the various bars, clubs, cafes, and restaurants that the island has to offer.

What makes your trip with it is that, even if you’re stranded in the middle of the road, you’ll still be able to enjoy the scenery.

Isn’t that a fantastic place to visit?

If you want to discover more of its beauty, make a travel list and include this place.

Address: Fira, Santorini, Greece


Imerovigli / Nikos Roussos / Flickr

Fulfill your Santorini dream getaway here in the Imerovigli.

When you are in Greece, you should take the opportunity to see this incredible location!

Take most of your time sightseeing the breathtaking white Cycladic homes situated on the rim of the Caldera.

Many of the homes are in a rock shape forming a cave-like structure.

And if that sounds odd, remember that many of these dwellings are high-end boutiques and hotels with excellent interior design.

The Imerovigli is a name that originates from an event in Santorini’s history when the island was under attack by pirates. The name Imerovigli literally translates to “Day Lookout.”

If there is a perfect time to visit, it would have to be during sunset, when the view to the west across the Caldera is spectacular.

Get your camera ready because you are about to see a view that will take your breath away.

Make your way out here and feel like you are in a fairytale!

Address: Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach
Kamari Beach / zolakoma / Flickr

You went to numerous places, but in the end, there is nothing more relaxing than spending some time on the beach.

You can enjoy your time off during the summer at Kamari Beach, located in the Kamari village.

The beach stretches 5 kilometers long, making it one of the longest beaches in Santorini. 

Kamari beach boasts stunning black volcanic sand, crystalline waters, and lush green scenery. 

You are welcome to unwind on the sunbeds provided here, covered by umbrellas. 

Many water sports, such as paddle boating, waterskiing, scuba diving, and surfing, are also available.

If you are brave enough, you can try to dive at the famous diving spot in the north part of the beach.

What a thrilling and entertaining set of activities!

And if you prefer to stay dry, you can play beach volleyball or football situated along the coast. 

All of you looking for the perfect place to spend your summer vacation should look no further than this spot!

Come on over and get a tan right away!

Address: Kamari, Santorini, 84 700 Thíra, Greece


Megalochori / Klearchos Kapoutsis / Flickr

Endless panoramic views continue at Megalochori.

Take a trip to Megalochori, a picture-perfect village of Santorini. 

Megalochori features a stunning cobblestones alley and a view of traditional Santorini’s whitewashed houses with blue doors and vibrant bougainvillea blossoms.

This location is perfect for connecting with Greece’s history, customs, and culture.

Take into account the fact that this location is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it an excellent choice for a tranquil vacation.

Take every moment here and rest at a cozy plaza with many warm tavernas that sit right in the middle of the village.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Agios Nikolaos chapel, which is close to the cliff of the Caldera and offers a breathtaking view of the sunset and a serene environment.

Megalochori is a place for a honeymoon. It gives off a more romantic atmosphere than other towns in Santorini.

Visit and explore the area with your loved ones now!

Address: Megalochori 847 00, Greece

Museum of Prehistoric Thera

Museum of Prehistoric Thera
Museum of Prehistoric Thera / Klearchos Kapoutsis / Flickr

Santorini is full of hidden gems that are just waiting to be found.

A number of the artifacts and treasure troves discovered at Akrotiri can be found in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera.

The museum is divided into four sections, each focusing on a different aspect of Theran geology and volcanic activity.

You might also find out about the history of Akrotiri, beginning in the Late Bronze Age and continuing through the Golden Age and into the 17th century BC.

The final half of the exhibition consists of colorful frescoes painted with colors based on minerals and ceramic paintings that are equally artistic.

During your travel, you can stumble upon the Blue Monkey Fresco, painted around 36 centuries ago.

It is enticing to the eye, for it displays an unbelievable level of sophistication.

You should also allow yourself to explore various pieces of jewelry, figurines, and ceramics that date back to the Neolithic period.

And discover how the urban plan of the city and the structure of its bureaucracy have developed throughout the years.

What are you waiting for? Discover the Undiscovered at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera now!

Address: Thera 847 00, Greece


Oia / BluEyedA73 / Flickr

Without a doubt, Santorini is home to the most breathtaking sight of a white and blue village in the world. 

Discover Oia, the best place to watch a glimpse of a spectacular sunset.

Oia is situated in the northern part of Santorini. This village resembles the stunning houses you may find in Greece, yet it has a distinct charm that will surely take your breath away.

Everything is breathtaking, from signature cave houses and cobblestone alleys to a lovely theater.

In the 19th century, the village Oia was named one of the wealthiest merchant ship docks in Santorini.

All of the captains who have come here have built their own homes with Venetian architecture right in front of the Mediterranean sea.

Today, you can explore all of these and witness the dreamy terraces that offer a panoramic view of Oai. 

But the cherry on top is the sunset viewing, witnessing the glorious sunset that reflects throughout the village.

A romantic and of a kind experience that you should not miss!

Visit and explore Oia right away!

Address: Oia, Santorini, Greece

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Panagia Platsani Church

Panagia Platsani Church
Panagia Platsani Church / Matt Kieffer / Flickr

Another visit to Santorini’s most beautiful and famous place of worship

The Church Panagia Platsani is located in Oia village.

It is widely regarded as the most spectacular chapel on the entire island of Santorini. 

The church is a sight to behold with a magnificent white square construction and five blue domes.

The facade comprises arched windows and a pyramid-shaped bell tower with six bells.

There is also a mosaic that can be found hanging high above the church’s main door.

According to legends, the fisherman found the icon of the Holy mother floating on the coast. He could not get the icon, so he called a priest and moved it to the church.

However, it disappeared the next day and was found in the castle of Oia. 

Later on, the locals built a church for the icon, and it has been there ever since. 

This is why the named Platsani comes from “Plat-Plat,” a sound of waves hitting the icon.

What a great story! 

Today, the church is a great place for meditation, for it gives a serene atmosphere. 

Now is the time to go here! Witness its beauty right before your eyes!

Address: Oia village, Santorini Island, Greece

Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach
Perissa Beach / kuhnmi / Flickr

Sun is up! Wear shades and head to the beach!

A summer getaway to Perissa Beach is a perfect way to spend the hot sunny weather of Santorini.

Perissa Beach is known for its incredibly dark volcanic sand and clear blue sea.

This beach may be found in the lower portion of Gargantuan, close to Mesa Vouno, famous for being the home of the Ancient Thera.

The coastline of Perissa Beach extends approximately seven kilometers, the entire length of which is lined with palm trees and stocked with sun loungers for beachgoers.

Wakeboarding, surfing, scuba diving, and various other water sports are just some of the activities that may be enjoyed here.

Or, if you simply want to get a tan, you can bring your favorite book and a beach mat and spend the day basking in the sun.

Along the coastline, many restaurants, taverns, and water activity centers offer equipment rentals for all types of water activities.

Fulfill your dream summer vacation here at Perissa beach!

Address: Santorini 847 03, Greece

Profitis Ilias Monastery

Profitis Ilias Monastery
Profitis Ilias Monastery / Arian Zwegers / Flickr

Take some adventure to the highest peak of Santorini.

You should go and check out the Profitis Ilias Monastery, which can be found 565 meters above the ground on the highest point of Santorini.

Before reaching this monastery, you will pass by a rocky landscape and vineyards of Pyrgos. Take a few pictures here for souvenirs. 

When you reach the top, marvel at the monastery built-in 1712. It plays a significant role in the economy and culture of the Santorini. 

During the 18th century, the monastery owes a ship that carried trade business with Agean and in the Meditteranean region.

Later on, the monastery became a Greek language and literature school and began to deteriorate in the 1860s.

It is also one of the many structures destroyed by an earthquake in 1965.

It was renovated, and today, it houses a rare collection of handwritten books, byzantine icons, and some ecclesiastical items. 

You may also participate in shoemaking, candle-making, and printing workshops.

The view of the yards is an excellent spot for unwinding. It offers a panoramic view of the island.

What are you waiting for? Travel now!

Address: Monastery Of Profitis Ilias, Santorini


Pyrgos / Anna & Michal / Flickr

Make your way up to the highest town in all of Santorini.

Visit the Pyrgros, the village that once served as a safe haven for pirates. The maze of narrow alleys was built to confuse the attackers and protect the town.

Witness one of the five Venetian castles named the Kasteli. It is situated at the very top of the village.

The castle may be in ruins, but that does not detract from its overall beauty. 

A plaque at the castle entrance commemorates the island’s residents who fought for their lives in World War II.

You may explore the Zannos Melathron Hotel and the Church of St. Nicholas. Both offer amazing natural scenery.

There are cafes along the area with terraces where you can watch the glorious sunset and drink. 

There is nothing more wonderful than taking a trip with the people you care about.

Go to Pyrgros with your loved ones to make it even more special!

Address: Pyrgos Kallistis 847 00, Greece

Red Beach

Red Beach
Red Beach / Giuseppe Milo / Flickr

Santorini is giving you an extraordinary beach you won’t find anywhere else.

Get your tan at Red Beach. The beach’s name comes from the reddish cliffs that can be found all along the coast.

It is a picture-perfect scene thanks to the complementary colors of the cliffs, which are reddish, sand, and clear turquoise water.

Because of the red and black volcanic stone surrounding the beach, this location is very distinctive and well-liked by locals and tourists.

You can go swimming and sunbathing at this location. The water is peaceful, making it an ideal spot for a vacation with the family.

And if you want, you can also explore the bars and cafes at the beach’s far end.

To get to Red beach, you will first have to go on a short hike.

Bring appropriate footwear with you, as the terrain will be rocky in parts along the way.

The summer months are the best time to visit this small beach.

What are you waiting for? Check this place now!

Address: Red Beach, Santorini

Saint John The Baptist Church

Saint John The Baptist Church
Saint John The Baptist Church / Randy Connolly / Flickr

The most stunning church in Santorini is about to be revealed to you.

Pay a visit to the majestic Saint John the Baptist Church, a place of worship that is really one of a kind.

The outside of the church has blue and white domes arranged in a pattern similar to the traditional Cycladic architecture of Santorini.

The construction of this church began in the 17th century. However, in 1965, it was destroyed by an earthquake.

The building underwent restoration in 1975. As a result, it now features a magnificent church and a clock tower.

When you enter the church, your eyes may be drawn to the vivid blue, orange, and cream-colored paint and the eye-catching chandelier.

There are also religious murals on the dome and arches surrounding various holy figures’ images. 

This is a beautiful spot for reflection, and it also provides a glimpse into the Christian culture of Santorini, which is an exciting side trip.

Make sure to capture all of these on your camera.

When you are in Santorini, you should visit this location!

Address: Agiou Ioannou, Thira, Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Windmills

Santorini Windmills
Santorini Windmills / kuhnmi / Flickr

From beaches to cliffs, to volcanoes, to mountains. It is without a doubt that Santorini is a place of everything. 

However, there is more to come. The island of Santorini is known for its strong winds.

Witness the fascinating 70 windmills scattered along with the place of Santorini. 

The windmills were built from the 14th century to the late 17th century. 

One of the best windmills you should visit is the windmill of Oia. This is the most iconic spot for photography.

The windmill of Oia is also a fantastic whitewashed villa.

A real sight to behold! 

You can stay at the windmill and spend your night there. 

A stone staircase will greet you before reaching the windmill villas.

Take advantage of your stay here by unwinding on a deck that provides a breathtaking view of the entire island. This will enhance your overall Santorini experience.

Make sure you bring your camera here. 

Add this to your Santorini travel itinerary.

Address: Oia village, Santorini Island, Greece

Skaros Rock

Skaros Rock
Skaros Rock / Jorge Láscar / Flickr

You have the sky above you, the ocean beneath you, and a magnificent landscape.

Make your way to Skaros Rock, which can be found in Imerovigli.

Skaros Rock was the most important of Santorini’s five Venetian fortified settlements during the medieval period.

It was forced to be abandoned in the 17th century after a series of earthquakes brought on by the eruption of the underwater volcano Kolumbo.

Even though its stone was reused for new structures, there are still traces of the old structure scattered along the area.

Hike up to the top and be rewarded with a panoramic view of the sea and the cliff of Caldera. 

After descending around 200 steps, you will reach the Theoskepasti church, which is characterized by its bright blue dome and doors.

This is yet another picture-perfect site, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Come on here now!

Address: Imerovigli 847 00, Greece


Therasia / Andrew Hurley / Flickr

The pure bliss of adventure

Travel to Therasia, a small volcanic island in Santorini.

Compared to the other towns on Santorini, this location provides more tranquility and peace.

Therasia is known for its stunning natural landscape, geological features, and breathtaking beach view.

Spend at least one day in this location to get the most out of your time.

While you’re here, some of the many activities you can participate in include sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

The crystal clear water surrounding the quaint little island is something you’d expect to see only on a postcard.

This is the best place for those who want to be secluded a little in the busy city life. 

Prepare your summer outfit and camera because what you will see here is just an endless glorious view.

Couples looking for a romantic getaway should consider this spot. Your journey here at Therasia will surely be more romantic.

See this place now!

Address: Therasia, Santorini, Greece

Three Bells of Fira

Three Bells of Fira
Three Bells of Fira / Jorge Láscar / Flickr

The charm of Fira’s enchanting chimes

Head to Thera and wander at the Catholic Church of Dormition, where you will see the astonishing Three Bells of Fira.

The church was initially constructed in 1757, but it has undergone multiple renovations due to the building’s deterioration.

The outside of the church has been given a spectacular makeover in recent years. It now features a blue dome and whitewashed paint.

The three bells at the very top of the church, which chime when the service begins, are definitely a trip highlight.

This is a favorite spot of all the photographers due to its stunning panoramic view of the sea, calendar, and cliffs surrounding the island.

Aside from this, you also can spend some time meditating and unwinding while taking in the breathtaking scenery of this spot.

Three Bells of Fira is worth your time.

Come on here now!

Are you still on the fence about visiting Santorini, Greece? Check out reasons to visit Santorini, Greece, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Fira village (Thera), Santorini Island, Greece

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