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Have the intention to visit Davao City, Philippines? Explore the top activities to do and sights to see in Davao City, Philippines, to make the most of your time there. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Davao City, Philippines, and the best places to visit in Davao City, Philippines, below. Wondrous Drifter is an ambitious Web 3.0 travel startup with the potential to revolutionize the market.

Davao City

 Davao City Davao City, Philippines
Davao City is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

The Philippines, as they say, is a lot of fun! You will enjoy the natural beauty of its beaches and the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. You have every reason to be thrilled about this.

Davao is often regarded as the Philippines’ top tourist attraction. Compared to other places in the Philippines, Davao is also a unique place to visit.

From the beautiful blue beaches to the breathtaking mountain vistas, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, you’ll get to eat some authentic Filipino cuisine while there!

The city of Davao is recognized as the “Crown Jewel of Mindanao.” It is also known as the “Durian Capital of the Philippines.” It is a popular tourist destination for tourists. Davao is always a sure bet for a pleasant vacation.

That’s not all of it. Get ready to interact with some of the warmest and kindest people in the world! Filipinos are known for hospitality, and they’ll treat you like family.

Don’t miss a trip to this stunning city, which will surely provide an unforgettable experience! You’ll adore it and want to return again and again.

Balut Island

Balut Island Davao City, Philippines
Balut Island is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

Because of its uniqueness, even visitors are unaware of its existence. As you visit the island, you’ll be stunned by the natural beauty and undisturbed wilderness.

A volcanic island off the southern coast of Davao Oriental is a must-see if you ever get the chance.

Located in the Paril-Sangay Marine Protected Area, Balut Island is named after its egg-like shape.

One of Davao’s best-kept secrets is that an unspoiled and gorgeous island in the Celebes Sea, which is very sparsely populated, sits just off the coast.

Indonesian Muslims, Bilaans, and indigenous Sangils make up the intriguing cultural mix of Balut Island. For the vast majority of the people who live here, growing coconuts is their primary source of income. 

This area is home to a wide variety of people, so you’ll find various restaurants.

Make the most of your time in Davao by visiting this enchanting island. It’s a great place to visit. It’s unique and uncommercialized. By itself, the beauty is enough to make you happy.

Address: Davao City, Philippines

BlueJaz Water Park

BlueJaz Water Park Davao City, Philippines
BlueJaz Water Park is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

This well-known beach resort is a great place to escape the heat with your family, especially the kids! Natural scenery and a spectacular vista are certain to greet you.

You ride two lengthy, winding water slides to come to the ground. You may replay these slides as many times as you like.

Take pleasure in a revitalizing beverage provided by this opulent resort! It is incredible and really captivating!

You may have a beautiful view of the environment before you fly into the sea on a stilted water slide about 100 meters from the coast.

This resort is ideal for families with young children, thanks to the abundance of slides and other fun activities. Adults, too, will have a nice time.

Visit the beach, where you may laze about or get your adrenaline pumping with activities like jet skiing or banana boat riding.

Not only will you enjoy the stunning views from here, but there are also several activities to partake in! If you’re planning a trip, put this on your schedule.

Address: Paradise Samal, Maryknoll Road , Brgy. Vicenta Hizon, Davao City, Davao Del Sur

China Town

China Town Davao City, Philippines
China Town is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

You’re wondering if this is China. So it isn’t. Davao City’s Chinatown is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

The discovery of so much Chinese culture in Davao was unexpected. Restaurants, shops, and businesses catering to Chinese tourists may be found around 44-hectare Mindanao China Town.

Chinese Filipinos run many businesses in the Philippines because they can trace their roots back to China.

Davao is the most modern city in Mindanao and is known as the “Gateway to the World.” It has several malls and businesses with a Chinese theme.

When it comes to dining, shopping, and entertainment in Chinatown, you have many choices.

Entering Chinatown through a bright crimson archway with shingled rooftops will make you feel as if you’ve entered another universe.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit this Chinese-themed area. You’ll be stuffed to the gills with all those great Chinese dishes.

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park, Philippines, Davao City
Crocodile Park, Philippines, Davao City / Gary Todd / Flickr

You may view thousands of crocodiles at this well-known tourist destination. You and your kids will have a great day, especially because there is also a crocodile show!

A lifelong fascination with saltwater and freshwater crocodiles led the park’s owner, Philip Dizon, to establish Davao Crocodile Park.

In November 1995, the government gave the first Davao Crocodile Park permission to open and a license to do business.

Teachings on crocodile biology and the environment are a regular feature of this attraction. Additionally, they provide information on the park’s other wild animals.

Crocodiles are bred in the most cutting-edge facility in the Philippines, which happens to be the Davao Crocodile Park.

Crocodiles have been raised and born on the site, freshwater and saltwater. Stop by the incubator chamber to see hundreds of crocodile eggs develop into baby crocs.

In their natural habitat, you’ll also witness monkeys, birds, snakes, and other reptiles. A good one for the kids here. For this reason, don’t miss out!

Address: 3HWX+RMH, Gadi Road, Talomo, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Dahican Beach

Dahican Beach, Philippines, Davao City
Dahican Beach, Philippines, Davao City / / Flickr

You can always count on the beaches in the Philippines. Their innate beauty is undeniable. You’ll be greeted at this beach with breathtaking vistas of white sand and the blue ocean. It is just SEAmingly beautiful!

Long, sandy beaches with coconut trees and crystal-clear water make Dahican a great place to practice bodyboarding and surfing.

Seven kilometers of immaculate sand and crystal-clear water await you at Dahican Beach, the most beautiful beach on the continent.

Sea turtles, or “pawikan,” are protected by the local authorities in this area. The term “Dahican” derives from the word “dahik,” which the locals use to describe the turtles’ behavior when they return to the sea to deposit their eggs.

Surfing, skimming, and other water-based sports are also popular with water sports fans.

You can pitch your tent on the beach and sleep there for a small fee. Wake up to the sound of breaking waves, then cool off in the water.

This is the ultimate opportunity that you should not pass up. You’ll be greeted by a stunning landscape and a unique adventure.

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Davao Butterfly House

Davao Butterfly House Davao City, Philippines
Davao Butterfly House is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

Feel free to soar and bloom as you take in the beauty of this region and the flowers and butterflies you will see along the way.

It’s possible to witness butterflies and other unusual creatures like fish and crickets at the Davao Butterfly House. Pesticide-free plants and flowers abound in this area.

Trees, grass, and flowers abound at the Davao Butterfly House, making it a pleasant place to spend time outdoors.

You can see more butterflies in the morning when they are either laying eggs or courting or mating, so get up early and go watch them fly.

The beautiful wings of several butterflies will be visible. When you see how stunning they are, you’ll be speechless.

There are also many other insects in this area. It’s a wonderful experience; you can snap photos of the butterflies.

A visit to this location is necessary for families with children. A wide variety of insects, including beautiful butterflies, will be visible. This is a treat that they will appreciate.

Address: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Davao Museum

Davao Museum, Philippines, Davao City
Davao Museum, Philippines, Davao City / Gary Todd / Flickr

An architectural wonder in Davao, the Museum of Davao is a cultural treasure housed in a gorgeous building that showcases Davao’s indigenous artists and historical artifacts.

More expansive than Museo Dabawenyo, this two-story building in Lanang’s Insular Village requires at least an hour of your time. 

The museum’s art and antiques provide visitors a glimpse into the lives of the many ethnic groups in the Philippines.

This museum has a wide variety of artifacts, including works of art and historical artifacts. Because they were manufactured a long time ago, all of them are in excellent condition.

Among the museum’s treasures are several really rare items. It provides an insight into Philippine and Davao history.

Visitors to the museum aren’t allowed to take photos inside. To protect the exhibits within To keep it safe, these items have already been created in the past.

It’s a great site to visit if you’re interested in Philippine or Davao history. As a tourist destination, the Philippines has a fascinating history.

Address: Zonta Building, 113 Agusan Circle, Insular Village 1, Lanang, Davao City, Davao Del Sur

D’Bone Collector Museum

D'Bone Collector Museum, Philippines, Davao City
D’Bone Collector Museum, Philippines, Davao City / Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ / Flickr

If you’re looking for a museum to take your kids to learn about some animal bones, this is the place to go.

In keeping with the museum’s name, the skeleton of a 41-foot sperm whale may be found within the halls of this Davao institution.

Many preserved animals may be seen in the D’Bone Collector Museum. The remains of dead animals are the principal purpose of this facility.

Animal skeletons have been preserved from all around the world, and these skeletons represent a wide range of lifestyles and environments.

People of all ages have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about fascinating wildlife.

In addition to being able to learn something new, visiting the museum gives you the unique opportunity to see actual animal bones. They’re not fake; they’re constructed from the skeletons of animals that have died.

If you’re in the area, check out this museum. After your visit, you may buy some souvenirs. There are also restaurants in the vicinity if you feel hungry while wandering about.

Address: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

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Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park, Philippines, Davao City
Eden Nature Park, Philippines, Davao City / Gary Todd / Flickr

Astounding views from this peaceful location. All the splendor of nature and a breath of fresh air. You’ll have a fascinating experience if you take the time to explore this park.

Eden Nature Park, a park tucked at Mount Talomo, is located in Tril, Davao City. Visit an 80-hectare natural preserve to see rare species of birds, flora, blooms, and insects that call this place home.

The Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao City was named after the Garden of Eden in the Bible for many different reasons.

There are over a hundred thousand tall forest trees and over a hundred thousand pines in this man-made natural park. What a breath of fresh air this is!

Because of its calming ambiance, visiting this location can help you unwind. Simply taking in the sights and sounds of lush greenery, fragrant blooms, and a serene setting may help to soothe the mind.

If you’re trying to relax and clear your thoughts, this is the place for you. Don’t miss out on this, as you’ll be greeted with stunning views.

Address: 29HX+MPJ, Toril, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur

Isla Reta

Isla Reta Davao City, Philippines
Isla Reta is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

Spectacular views of the sea and beach, with azure waves. See the ocean at every turn on this stunning stretch of sand.

You can use the pavilion, picnic tables, beach volleyball court, open event hall, and outdoor grill at Isla Reta Beach Resort with a day pass.

Marine life is the driving force behind the reputation of the Isla Reta Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. For divers, it’s a paradise on earth! At least one diver told us that to truly appreciate what is below our planet’s surface, “one must see it for oneself.”

Instead of coconut palms, you’ll find huge billowy trees in the Philippines, which provide much-needed shade on the country’s white-sand beaches and clear blue waters.

Those brave enough to dive into its clear seas will have a unique diving experience.

With your picnic supplies, take a short boat journey from Davao City and spend a day on this beautiful island, cooking and relaxing with your friends. It was definitely the best experience imaginable!

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Island Buenavista

Island Buenavista Davao City, Philippines
Island Buenavista is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

All you need to do is carry a few things and explore this breathtaking island. You’ll be able to unwind, refresh, and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

While Samal Island’s stunning beaches are well known, this resort is a unique addition to the island’s already impressive collection of beachfront properties.

The picturesque Island of Buenavista has white sand beaches, crystal-clear water, a full-time crew, magnificent lodgings, delectable cuisine, and an array of water sports and activities.

Guests at the Buenavista Island Resort can rent the entire island for the day to a small group of friends or family members.

Here, you will undoubtedly have an unforgettable vacation. It’s a magnificent sight to see and hear waves when you wake up.

Additionally, this island is both eco-friendly and protected from the harmful impacts of pollution. Davao City’s most popular snorkeling and diving destinations are all here.

You deserve a vacation like this. Your vacation should be one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. This is a wonderful place to spend time with loved ones and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Jack’s Ridge

Jack's Ridge, Philippines, Davao City
Jack’s Ridge, Philippines, Davao City / shankar s. / Flickr

When you visit this breathtaking site surrounded by lush greenery, you’ll get a full eagle’s eye view of the city.

Millions of visitors visit Davao City every year to enjoy the island’s natural splendor and the breathtaking views of the Davao Gulf from the Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant in Matina’s Shrine Hills.

Karlo’s is a gourmet coffee shop where you can buy coffee and baked goods. Taklobo is a Filipino restaurant where you can eat outside with your neighbors and friends while eating a delicious meal.

Jack’s Ridge, like other high-end Davao City resorts, is well-known for its leisure and dining options. This is the place to go if you want a unique dining experience.

Japanese troops were housed at Jack’s Ridge as a safe haven during World War II. Information abounds at the Jack’s Ridge monument. As this map indicates, history is never far away in the Philippines.

It’s also possible to spend the night for a truly unforgettable experience, rewarding you with stunning dawn surrounded by natural beauty. Don’t skip out on this one.

Address: 117 Shrine Hills Rd, Talomo, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Kopiat Island

Kopiat Island Davao City, Philippines
Kopiat Island is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

Despite its small size, it will certainly give you the serenity you need. You’ll be rewarded with a relaxing area and a stunning vista.

At various points along the island’s rim, you may spot mangroves that belong to different species.

This secluded island boasts a stunning natural environment and diverse wildlife that can only be found in places like this. An organized speedboat excursion departs from the mainland.

A white sand beach and crystal-clear water make Davao Gulf one of the most stunning beaches in the Philippines. Because of its natural beauty, the island is an excellent location for a relaxing picnic.

You’ll be able to walk on solid ground in less than 30 minutes. As part of these excursions, guests will see the Lubi Coconut Farm and have coffee and dessert. 

Human activity has spared the coral reefs of Kopiat Island, where exotic marine life thrives. It is perfect for scuba and snorkeling in this location.

Look at the island’s natural beauty and the many activities you’re sure to love. Ultimately, it will provide you with the most memorable vacation.

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Maxima Aquafun Resort

Maxima Aquafun Resort Davao City, Philippines
Maxima Aquafun Resort is one of the best places to go in Davao City, Philippines

At this gorgeous Aquafun, unleash your inner kid and have a blast! You’ll have a great time on this incredible adventure trip!

The resort is located on Peaplata Samal Island, known for its beach attractions, including the Giant Tarpauline slide.

Here, you’ll be able to participate in a wide range of recreational pursuits. The itinerary includes a banana boat ride, a snorkeling trip, and many more activities. There is also an enormous slide that everyone will appreciate.

An activity where a powerful fall means one person must be hurled into the air and plunged into the water while the other person remains seated.

Thrill-seekers will find the site perfect, in addition to people who enjoy the beach, the sun, and the water.

The canopy walk is an alternative to water sports that lets you cross a bridge and then rappel down.

Everything you need is right here, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just have a good time and soak in every second of this journey!

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Mount Apo

Mount Apo, Philippines, Davao City
Mount Apo, Philippines, Davao City / Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ / Flickr

You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view if you reach the mountain’s summit. Climbing the tallest peak in Southeast Asia is on many people’s “bucket list.”

“King of the Philippine Peak” is the name given to this mountain, which is also the tallest in Southeast Asia. The mountain’s highest point is 10,311 feet above sea level or 3,144 meters.

Located in the Davao area, Mount Apo is a stunning sight. If you’re a climber, you’ll love visiting this spot. The view from the summit of a mountain is well worth the work it takes to get there!

As you near the peak, you’ll witness a 500-meter-wide lake produced by the volcano. The mountain’s inhabitants are wild boar, deer, and Tudaya Falls, a 150-meter-tall waterfall.

A politician-military governor of Davao, Don Joaquin Rajal, and Datu Manib of Sibulan who was the first to fully ascend Mount Apo in 1880.

Locals and tourists alike are eager to climb the world’s tallest peak. This location is great for hiking, trekking, and other adventurous sports.

If you have a chance, don’t miss out on seeing Mount Apo. Visit this one while you’re in the neighborhood.

Address: Davao City, Philippines

Museo Dabawenyo

Museo Dabawenyo, Philippines, Davao City
Museo Dabawenyo, Philippines, Davao City / shankar s. / Flickr

Davao isn’t only a natural wonderland and a clean beach destination. They also have a museum, which will leave you stunned by the exhibits it contains.

Located in Davao City, the Dabawenyo Museum is a relic of the city’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors can learn about the island’s unique cultural history and heritage by looking at beautiful works of art, old photographs, and educational monuments.

The museum’s decor is a combination of the ancient and the new. Artworks by a variety of local artists are on display in the museum.

The gallery dedicated to Indigenous people features examples of stilt houses. Indigenous peoples formerly called this area home.

You’ll also have a chance to see several pieces of armor utilized during the Spanish-American War. Musical instruments, as well as other historical artifacts, have been preserved at the museum.

You’ll find fascinating information about Davao’s history and the Philippines in this museum.

Address: 3H4V+2JW, Andres Bonifacio Rotunda, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

People’s Park

People’s Park, Philippines, Davao-City
People’s Park, Philippines, Davao-City / Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ / Flickr

This will serve as a warm greeting to the lush park! Due to its reputation as the “Best Park in the Philippines,” While there are many things to see and do, durian is one of the most popular.

A cultural theme park with a tiny forest and man-made waterfalls, a lighted fountain, and an enormous durian dome can be found at Davao City’s People’s Park in its four-hectare area.

This park was established by President Duerte in 2007 and had 4 acres of tropical rainforest with ponds, waterfalls, and even a few eagles that are free to wander.

Since it’s so big, it’s well-liked by everyone, from residents to tourists to athletes training for competitions to those just trying to remain fit.

Enjoy a public Zumba class with hundreds of other people in the park, feed the birds, or run along the colorfully tiled walkways.

People’s Park is clean, and the people who live there also care for themselves.

For those looking for an opportunity to get some fresh air while stretching their legs, commune with nature and explore some unique public artworks, People’s Park is a great place to go!

Address: Uy Building, 49 Jln Palma Gil St, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur

Philippine Eagle Centre

Philippine Eagle Centre, Philippines, Davao City
Philippine Eagle Centre, Philippines, Davao City / shankar s. / Flickr

An opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Philippine Eagle Tourists would be delighted to discover a peaceful location surrounded by natural beauty.

Attractions like the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao City are not to be missed! Relax in the recreated forest setting while learning more about eagle habits and behavior.

Every penny donated to the Philippine Eagle Center is put to good use to safeguard and educate people about the eagle. This wonderful institution is a must-see for anybody interested in the conservation of eagle species or educating the general public about them.

You may also feed the eagles with their large clawed mouths. You and your kids will have a blast on this adventure.

Some of the eagles at the sanctuary can be held and photographed. They won’t hurt you, so don’t be alarmed. You’ll get instructions on how to hold them from the staff.

After your visit, locals selling eagle-themed goods await you outside the area. You might expect a discount from the locals there if you buy many of their things.

This is a must-see in Davao because it gives you a chance to see the legendary Philippine Eagle up close.

Address: Malagos-Baguio Road, Brgy, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur

Roxas Avenue Night Market

Roxas Avenue Night Market, Philippines, Davao City
Roxas Avenue Night Market, Philippines, Davao City / Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ / Flickr

A cuisine tour is a requirement while visiting a new location. There’s no doubt that this Davao market has the greatest cuisine around. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried Filipino cuisine yet.

Everyone visiting Davao City who is a foodie should make a pit stop at Roxas Night Market. You may buy clothes, souvenirs, and food at Roxas Street’s midnight bazaar.

Nearly everyone in this neighborhood is Filipino. Why? Because the people of the Philippines love to eat and spend time together as a family. By visiting the market, you will get a glimpse into the daily routine of the Filipino people.

This is a great place to get food and other necessities at low prices! Some Filipino sellers will give you discounts if your purchases are large!

Filipino street cuisine is on display as well. Try it out; it’s a delightful treat! The meal may seem unusual initially, but after you try it, you’ll want to keep buying it again and again.

They also serve alcoholic beverages in certain booths, typical Filipino bars. In addition, this is an event you should not miss out on.

Still wondering if you should visit Davao City, Philippines? Check out why visit Davao City, Philippines, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: 3JC6+PW7, Roxas Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

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