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Have you made up your mind to travel to Nazareth, Israel? For the best things to do in Nazareth, Israel, and the coolest places to visit in Nazareth, Israel. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Nazareth, Israel. We at Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, have big plans to shake things up in the travel business.


Cana, Nazareth
Cana, Nazareth / Derek Winterburn / Flickr

Cana is a top-rated tourist destination because it was the site of the first miracle that Jesus performed in front of a large crowd.

You can reach it by traveling around ten kilometers from Nazareth.

It was widely thought to be the location where Jesus performed his first miracle, which was the transformation of water into wine during a wedding celebration.

In this simple church made of stone, there is a reminder of the occasion in six jars of water set up near the altar.

Because of this, it quickly became a preferred location for couples to revisit their wedding vows.

Constructed in the nineteenth century, this Franciscan church is still standing today. It is also known as Kafr Kanna, which translates to “village of Cana.”

In addition, Nathaniel, who was Jesus’ most recent disciple at the time of the wedding, was initially from Cana, located in the region of Galilee.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your wedding vow in Cana!

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Christ Anglican Church

Christ Anglican Church, Nazareth, Israel
Christ Anglican Church is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

You can say your prayers to God at Christ Anglican Church.

The Anglican Church is also called Christ Church, and it may be found close to the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Unearth the past. In 1841, Anglicans, a global branch of the Protestant Church overseen by the Archbishop of Canterbury, constructed their first Church in the Holy Land in Jerusalem. 

This Church was the Anglicans’ only one in Jerusalem at the time.

Although, the year 1871 marked the completion of the construction of the Christ Anglican Church in Nazareth.

It was the second Anglican Church to be constructed in the Holy Land.

The Church was designed by the Swiss architect Ferdinand Stadler to have a Neo-Gothic style. English sailors constructed it with their effort.

In addition, there is a pilgrimage guest home that the Church operates.

Keep in mind that while you are in the presence of the Church, you should dress respectfully and talk in a quiet voice.

Visit the Christ Anglican Church when you are in the area of Nazareth.

Address: Ha-Mashiakh Anglican Church and School, Nazareth, Israel

Church Of Annunciation

Church Of Annunciation Nazareth
Church Of Annunciation Nazareth / paweesit / Flickr

Have you visited a place where it occurred when the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus, the Son of God? Well, this is your chance!

The Church of the Annunciation, also called Basilica of the Annunciation, is widely considered the most breathtaking location in the city.

It is believed by Christians worldwide to be one of the holiest churches ever built because it marks the location where the Angel Gabriel visited Mary.

The enormous basilica comprises two stories and features vibrantly modern architecture. 

After it was constructed in 1969, it quickly grew to become the largest Christian church in the Middle East.

It is home to two different churches, the uppermost of which serves as the parish church for the Catholic population in Nazareth.

It is interesting to note that the most sacred of all the areas, known as Mary’s cave, is located on the lower level. 

Visit the Church of the Annunciation today.

Address: Al-Bishara St 12, Nazareth, Israel

Ghada’s Corner

Ghada's Corner, Nazareth, Israel
Ghada’s Corner is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

You should make your way to a location where there is an extensive collection of folk antiques and traditional crafts!

You’ll find Ghada’s Corner in the Nazareth Market District of the city.

This establishment is owned by a travel guide named Ghada Boulos. She aspired to build a place where people could come together and learn about their shared history, culture, and folklore.

It is housed in an Ottoman-era building decorated in Arabic-style architecture.

The interior is crammed to the gills with hand-made products and relics of bygone eras donated by regional and international groups.

Everyone, regardless of age, is welcome to stop by Ghada’s Corner.

They will be able to gain a deeper appreciation for the one-of-a-kind history and culture of the area by participating in activities such as making arts and crafts, attending live music performances, and listening to stories.

There is also a café at Ghada’s Corner, which serves pastries and other delectable sweets.

Make your way to Ghada’s Corner right away if you enjoy storytelling, arts, and crafts!

Address: 6132 St, Nazareth, Israel

Holy Caves

Holy Caves, Nazareth, Israel
Holy Caves is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Get your biblical getaway by crawling into the Holy Caves! 

The Holy Caves were the most important religious site in all of ancient Nazareth.

Jews and early Christians attempting to flee Roman persecution built them over several centuries.

It is reported that once forty persons were found hiding their faith and were put to death due to it. After some time, the caves were found and then closed off.

It has just come to light that the Holy caves have been found again.

Visitors are provided with undeniable proof that Nazareth had been an underground city, both before and well after when Jesus was born. 

Once you are inside, you are free to go about and explore the caves at your leisure.

You may also take advantage of a free guided tour that will take you through the areas of the caves that are open to the public.

The Holy Caves of Nazareth are an attraction that you should not miss.

So, visit the Holy Caves today!

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Mary’s Well

Mary's Well
Mary’s Well / Chris Yunker / Flickr

Do you ever go to the Well that Mary frequently goes to with her son? Would you like to check it out?

Near the Church of the Annunciation may be found Saint Mary’s Well, also known as the Fountain of the Virgin. This fountain has the form of a trough.

Likely, Mary went there every day, frequently bringing her son along. 

Mary’s Well was the city’s central drinking water supply for much of the Middle Ages and into the early 20thcentury.

Up the hill, about 300 feet, there was a freshwater spring that supplied the fountain with its water.

A portion of the water channel from the spring to the fountain can still be seen in its entirety.

Unfortunately, despite the beautiful restoration work on the structure, it does not always function well and is not always kept clean.

In light of the local customs associated with the Holy Family, it is still an attraction that is well worth seeing when in Nazareth.

Please go check it out!

Address: Al-Bishara St 55, Nazareth, Israel

Mary of Nazareth International Center

Mary of Nazareth International Center, Nazareth, Israel
Mary of Nazareth International Center is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Find out more about Mary of Nazareth’s life and times here!

Since it first opened its doors in 2011, the Mary International Center has quickly become recognized as one of the cities of Nazareth’s most popular tourist destinations.

It is managed by a Catholic community committed to ecumenical activities, and it is located near the vicinity of the Basilica of the Annunciation.

Visiting the exhibits here will help you better understand the life of the Blessed Mother and Jesus.

It gives tourists a wonderful audio-visual tour of the Holy Land and the life of Mary and Jesus.

In addition to that, it features Mary’s travels through the Holy Land-themed presentation that is an hour long and takes place across four rooms. 

The show incorporates surround sound, wide-screen cinema, and 3D effects, and it is presented in different languages.

There is also a garden with seven plant species listed in the Bible and a botanic garden that houses more than 400 species.

Anyone who wants to understand more about the life of Mary of Nazareth should visit here.

Address: Casa Nova St 15A, Al-Bishara St, Nazareth, Israel

Mensa Christi Church

Mensa Christi Church, Nazareth, Israel
Mensa Christi Church is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Do you have any interest in seeing the rock that Jesus sat down to eat with his disciples after he rose from the dead?

The Franciscan Church of Mensa Christi is a humble place of worship that dates back to its construction in 1861.

It can be found to the northwest of the Synagogue Church and is likewise regarded as an exceptionally ancient church.

Starting in the 17th century, pilgrimage to this location skyrocketed in popularity across the globe. The large stone table is believed to have been used for meals by Jesus and his disciples.

The church contains some pieces of art in the Italian style, including marble altars and paintings.

The church is not being used for religious services any longer.

Fortunately, during your private guided tour of Nazareth, you will have the opportunity to stop by the Mensa Christi Church.

The church is usually closed, and visitors must make a special appointment to enter.

Make a special visit to Mensa Christi Church today!

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Mount Precipice Lookout Point

Mount Precipice Lookout Point, Nazareth, Israel
Mount Precipice Lookout Point is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

It is traditionally believed to be where an angry crowd turned their backs on Jesus and where a miracle took place at Mount Precipice.

Nazareth is home to a mountain that goes by a few different names, including Mount Precipice, Mount of Leap, and Mt. of Precipitation.

An interesting note is that while they were excavating the Mount of Precipitation, the Qafzeh Cave was discovered.

It contains remains from prehistoric times, such as 13 skeletons from the time of the Neanderthals that date back 100,000 years.

It’s possible that the cave was like the one that opened up and provided Jesus with a place to hide from the crowd as he vanished into thin air.

Mount Precipice is a famous tourist destination because of the numerous hiking trails and breathtaking views it offers.

The Gospel Trail is a hiking trail that connects various Biblical locations and begins at the vantage point on top of Mt. Precipice. 

Mount Tabor and the Jezreel Valley are visible in their entirety from the vantage point afforded by Mt. Precipice.

Get your hiking spirit ready at Mount Precipice Lookout Point.

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Musmar Pottery

Musmar Pottery
Musmar Pottery / Quino Al / Unsplash

Do you enjoy crafting things with your hands? Would you be interested in making some pottery if that’s the case?

Then make your way over to the Musmar Pottery in Nazareth!

The Musmar Pottery Factory has been around for more than a century since it opened its doors.

In Nazareth, there is a Factory Museum and Art Gallery that a family runs.

It was established one hundred years ago by Hannah Saeed Musmar. It is located on the eastern slope of Nazareth.

You can enjoy a glimpse into the past by taking part in a clay workshop and manufacturing hand-made clay using techniques used in the past.

While you’re there, you will get to taste some incredible black coffee. Still, you’ll also get to hear the history of the Musmar family.

To learn more about clay and its applications, Musmar Pottery Factory offers tours. The tour is approximately one to two hours long.

You will have the opportunity to learn how to use various instruments, such as the pottery wheel, the clay oven, etc.

Don’t worry; these workshops are also intended for four and up participants.

Address: P835+6R, Nazareth, Israel

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Nazareth German War Cemetery

Nazareth German War Cemetery, Nazareth, Israel
Nazareth German War Cemetery is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Have you ever thought of including a trip to a German cemetery on your list of things before you die? Well, you better!

German War Cemetery is the least-visited German military cemetery and one of the most intriguing.

261 German troops and officers died during World War I and are buried in the German War Cemetery. 

As a part of the Central Powers, they participated in the fighting in Palestine with the Ottoman Empire.

Some tombs genuinely contain the remains, while others are used as memorials since the bodies of the buried people were never located after the war.

In Nazareth, the cemetery occupies a space of 1,200 square meters in size and may be found in the same area as the “holy” family hospital.

You can see the graves of nurses and priests who worked in the hospital after the war in the cemetery.

The hospital is the only way to enter the cemetery, located within the grounds of the “Holy Family” Monastery Hospital. The hospital is also the only way to exit the cemetery.

Visit the German War Cemetery in Nazareth, Israel, soon!

Address: Hermon St, Nazareth, Israel

Nazareth Village

Nazareth Village
Nazareth Village / / Flickr

You will be able to experience life as it was during the time of Jesus and Mary.

Nazareth Village is a historical village that allows tourists to take a step back in time and experience what it might have been like to live during biblical times.

When you visit the village of Nazareth, you’ll see people dressed as they did in the first century, going about their daily lives as if it were still the time of Jesus.

Visitors can observe the villagers doing activities like the crafts they made throughout biblical times, such as carpentry, farming, cooking, and other activities.

It is possible to spot a herd of sheep, donkeys, and goats grazing in the pastures that contain olive and almond trees.

The village will offer tours that are led at various times throughout the day.

The duration of the tour is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

A biblical feast made and served in the village will be available for the guests’ enjoyment.

They can also learn about the life, times, and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth through the lens of a singular and engaging interactive experience.

Visit Nazareth Village today to get a feel for life in Biblical times.

Address: 5079 St, Nazareth, Israel

Our Lady of the Fright

Our Lady of the Fright, Nazareth, Israel
Our Lady of the Fright is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Are you aware of the incident in Nazareth where Jesus was almost thrown over a cliff?

Chapel of Fright was built where Mary stood when her son was about to be thrown down the hill. She was frightened during that time. 

And that’s how the Our Lady of the Fright got its name. 

Many know this chapel by different names, including Our Lady of the Fright, Mary’s Fear, and Notre Dame de l’Effroi.

On a south hill close to Mt. Precipice, you will find the ruins of a Franciscan chapel.

The church had been in disrepair for many years before its restoration in 2009.

Although, Our Lady of the Fright is a magnificent tiny chapel that provides visitors with breathtaking vistas of the natural landscape in the area.

The journey up the foothill is challenging, but the view of the valley below and the unique building are well worth it.

Make your way to the Our Lady of the Fright as quickly as possible!

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Salesian Church of Jesus, the Adolescent

Salesian Church of Jesus the Adolescent, Nazareth, Israel
Salesian Church of Jesus, the Adolescent is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Basilica of Jesus, the Adolescent, often called the Salesian church, is one of the largest and most magnificent churches in Nazareth.

It is located atop Mount of the Start, the city’s highest hill, and provides a stunning area view. 

Luckily, you can view a breathtaking image of Nazareth’s old city from the church’s rooftop balcony.

The neo-Gothic architecture was used to construct the church, which opened its doors to the public in 1918. It was designed by the French architect Lucia Gauthier.

This church is becoming increasingly well-known as a venue for liturgy concerts due to its distinctive and sacred ambiance.

The fact that Jesus Christ spent a significant portion of his early childhood in Nazareth is the inspiration for the name of this church. 

On top of the church where it was built is a beautiful statue of Jesus in his adolescent years.

From the Old City, the church is a strenuous and two-kilometer-long walk away; alternatively, you can take a bus from Paulus VI Street to visit the church. 

Start making plans to visit the Salesian Church of Jesus the Adolescent today!

Address: Nazareth, Israel

St. Gabriel’s Church

St. Gabriel's Church
St. Gabriel’s Church / Chris Yunker / Flickr

It is widely held that the Annunciation took place in the church named after Saint Gabriel.

As the Virgin Mary drew water from this spring, it is stated that the Angel Gabriel visited her. This is the spot where the story is said to have occurred.

It is also known as Mary’s Well Church and St. Gabriel Church due to its close location to Mary’s Well, an additional significant religious monument. 

Mary’s Well is about 100 yards behind the church.

Amazingly, you’ll discover the spring making its way through this area, just below an altar. It is safe to drink, and the flavor is quite pleasant.

This small church, which has the appearance of a castle, is one of the most beautiful and one-of-a-kind in Israel.

Although it was built in 1759, it is believed to be far older than that.

Historians believe that it dates back to the Byzantine period, about the year 400.

You need to pay a visit to this location so that you may learn more about this place. 

Address: Nazareth, Israel

St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph's Church Nazareth
St. Joseph’s Church Nazareth / Dennis Jarvis / Flickr

Have you ever been to the site where it is said that the Blessed Virgin Mary’s carpenter husband once worked? If not, then this is your chance!

The St. Joseph church is built where Joseph, the father of Jesus, is said to have worked as a carpenter.

It is a hundred feet away from the Annunciation Catholic Church, situated in the very center of Nazareth.

In addition, it has other names besides the Church of St. Joseph.

It is also referred to as the Church of Nutrition and the Church of Joseph’s Carpentry.

It is not known when the location first became recognized as the home of Saint Joseph or as his workshop where he worked as a carpenter.

According to the area’s history, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived here at one point.

Given this fact, the church serves as a marker for the location where Jesus spent his childhood.

Evidently, in the writings of an Italian author who lived in the 17th century, Franciscus Quaresmius referred to this place as “Joseph’s residence and workshop.”

Check out St. Joseph’s Church today!

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Synagogue Church 

Synagogue Church 
Synagogue Church / / Flickr

The ‘Synagogue Church’ of Nazareth is believed to have been a place of worship for Jesus in his youth. 

It is a small Christian church with a straightforward layout consisting of a single hall.

However, the presence of history embodies the area with a sense of sacredness.

It is located right in the middle of Nazareth.

This name recognizes because a sign that reads “the synagogue” is embedded directly over the entrance to the building.

Inside the church, there is a doorway to the left of the door that leads down into the synagogue.

It is supposed that Jesus went to this synagogue when he was a young adult.

The Synagogue Church dates back to the 12th century AD and was built by Crusaders.

Tradition holds that the church was constructed on the original site of a synagogue that existed throughout the Roman period. 

In this synagogue, Jesus, although still a young man, attended religious services, studied the scriptures, and prayed.

Visit the Synagogue Church to gain a sense of the area’s history.

Address: Nazareth, Israel

Tel Megiddo National Park

Tel Megiddo National Park, Nazareth, Israel
Tel Megiddo National Park is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

The ancient city-state of Megiddo was the most powerful and significant in Israel. 

It is located at a significant historic and modern crossroads, and UNESCO has recognized it as a World Heritage Site.

Megiddo is also the namesake of a local kibbutz, a chapel, and a road junction.

It is also referred to as a “tel,” which is an Israeli word for hill.

Upon entering the location, a small collection of buildings is located close to the parking.

The house you enter doubles as a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and tickets to the attractions.

A number of the rooms here function as a museum, and one of them plays films about this location with translations in a variety of languages.

A historical film about Meggido will be shown as one of the movies, and it will begin screening approximately fifteen minutes after you have entered the room.

Visitors can explore the complex’s historical remnants, some of which date from the Bronze Age, and other artifacts.

Stop by Tel Megiddo National Park and look when you get the chance!

Address: Megiddo, 18230, Israel

The Ancient Bathhouse

The Ancient Bathhouse, Nazareth, Israel
The Ancient Bathhouse is one of the best places to go in Nazareth, Israel

Is this where Jesus took a bath?

A magnificent underground bath may be seen near Mary’s Well Square in Nazareth.

It was open to the general public during the Hellenistic era and met their needs.

Elias and Martina Shame-Sostar, who owned the store where it was initially located, were its founders.

In 1993, when they began renovating their shop, and that the time they came across the ruins of some old baths.

After that point, it began to be referred to as the Ancient Bathhouse.

According to the findings of researchers who gathered samples and conducted architectural research, this ancient bathhouse was most likely in use during the time of Jesus.

You can participate in guided tours of the furnace, the heating tunnels, and the hot room at this location.

In addition, on top of the former building is now a gift shop, so you must not miss it. 

If you find yourself in the Holy Land, you should make it a point to visit the Ancient Bathhouse.

Get there as soon as you can!

Address: Mary’s Well Square, Nazareth, Israel

White Mosque

White Mosque Isreal
White Mosque Isreal / Chris Yunker / Flickr

It’s time to include the White Mosque on your list of things to go!

The White Mosque is known for being the city’s oldest mosque.

It is situated in the heart of the old market in Nazareth.

It symbolizes peace, light, and purity to the entire city and the neighboring areas that its name represents.

The White Mosque is well-known for its continued efforts to promote peace and cooperation among the city of Nazareth’s various religious communities.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Fahum built the White Mosque in the late 1700s. Visitors access his tomb through a glass door located outside the sanctuary.

In addition to the two prayer halls, a small museum displays a variety of documents and a morgue. 

There is also a prayer hall that is reserved solely for female worshipers.

Your time spent in this location is likely to be quite enjoyable. The mosque is peaceful, and the people there are kind and hospitable.

Remember that you will need to obtain permission from someone in charge of the building beforehand to visit the mosque.

Today is the day to leave for White Mosque!

Is there anything else holding you back from making Nazareth, Israel, your next vacation destination? Check out reasons to visit Nazareth, Israel, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Nazareth, Israel


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