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Ready for some excitement? There’s a lot to do and see in Nigeria. Explore the top activities to do and sights to see in Nigeria to make the most of your time there. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Nigeria and the best places to visit in Nigeria below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that brings the best travel ideas to travelers.


Abeokuta, Lagos, Nigeria
Abeokuta, Lagos, Nigeria / Melvin “Buddy” Baker / Flickr

A lovely small town that encapsulates the best of Nigeria.

It is located in the heart of the Ogun State, just towards the north of Lagos. It is bordered by large patches of yam fields, weaving savannah, corn farms, and some palm oil plantations.

As a result of the older town’s strategic position on the main trade roads around coastal and central Western Africa, prior residents built numerous adobe walls around the area. A lot of them can still be visited today. 

Sodeke, also spelled Shodeke, was a huntsman and the commander of the Egba refugees who escaped the dissolving Oyo kingdom and created Abeokuta, in English “The Refuge Among Rocks,” around 1830.

The Olumo Rock, which towers over the village, is what really catches the attention of visitors. 

This natural fort houses a museum of culture and is found in the Ogun region of Nigeria. There is a shop offering local crafts and caves that tell the tale of the area’s history.

See this quaint town on your next trip to Nigeria.

Address: Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria 

Abuja Airplane House

Abuja Airplane House, Lagos, Nigeria
Abuja Airplane House is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

It’s a house, no, it’s a plane, wait, it’s actually a house.

Driving into Abuja, if you’re coming from the south, The Abuja Airplane House can’t be missed from the main highway. The Said family’s enormous villa can be seen from miles away on a lush hilltop in the middle of the city.

A Nigerian-born Lebanese immigrant named Liza Said had always been passionate about seeing new places. In the 1980s, she wedded Jammal, a Nigerian contractor.  

When Jammal fell in love with her, he promised to one day construct her a house in the shape of a plane to symbolize their union and her passion for adventure travel. 

Although the promise had been made for many years, the Said family had to wait until early 1999, when they finally discovered the ideal place for their dream house.

There are a number of plane-themed structures on the site in addition to the main residence. A security booth with 2 stories, modeled after an airplane control tower, sits at the back of the main residence.

This house is unique; don’t miss out on the chance of seeing it in Nigeria.

Address: Abuja, Nigeria

Agbokim Waterfall

Agbokim Waterfall, Lagos, Nigeria
Agbokim Waterfall, Lagos, Nigeria / dotun55 / Flickr

Seven amazing cascading waterfalls are all in this one location.

The Agbokim waterfall is a series of seven waterfalls that cascade over sheer cliffs in a secluded tropical rainforest near the Nigerian-Cameroonian border. During the seasons, it rains. Tremendous rainfall and rainbows can be seen by those who are fortunate enough.

Nearby the town of Ikom, the Agbokim waterfall may be found in the Etung local authority area of the Cross River State. As a result of its numerous connecting streams, the Agbokim waterfall is well known for its stunning cascade of water. 

There are valleys and high hills surrounding the waterfall, making the journey to the waterfall difficult but 100% rewarding.

When a hunter discovered Agbokim waterfall in the 1900s, he moved his family near the waterfall’s immediate vicinity. Over time, a small town developed in the immediate vicinity.

Nature enthusiasts and those traveler couples looking for a romantic retreat can find serenity and tranquillity at the waterfall.

See these stunning falls now.

Address: Obokum, Nigeria

Awhum Waterfall and Cave

Awhum Waterfall and Cave, Lagos, Nigeria
Awhum Waterfall and Cave is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

A beautiful mystic waterfall and cave that you surely shouldn’t miss.

Coming to visit the Awhum Waterfall Cave is like traveling into another dimension. Because of its location in a majestic community, it emits a kind of ancient and mystic aura.

It’s a sight to behold, this cave carved by a gigantic outcrop of rocks made from granite. The stream below, at the base, is surrounded by white sand and falls from the top. 

Thirty meters, around 98 feet, is how high the cave is. Regardless of the weather, the water of the fall’s temperature remains comfortable year-round.

According to folklore, Awhum’s waterfall can ward off dark spirits and heal. As a result, a monastery was constructed not far from the waterfall’s vantage point. 

The spot is sacred to Christians; hence, the monastery regulates access to the waterfall and cave because of its use as a place of pilgrimage and prayer.

Awhum can also be written as “Ohum,” a small town in the Enugu State of Nigeria, surrounded by a luscious green valley. The area has numerous streams and lakes, making it a popular tourist destination.

Come to the Azhum Waterfall and Cave now to see majestic sites.

Address: Ohum, 401116 Nigeria


Calabar, Lagos, Nigeria
Calabar is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

A quaint, scenic town that’s well worth a visit.

Calabar, a city in Nigeria’s Cross River State, has a slew of things to see and do that make it a well worthwhile trip.

Suppose you’re not enjoying the carnival in Calabar. In that case, there’s a lot to do in the area, from some beautiful falls to lovely resorts.

It is a well-known traveler stop while on the trip back to the south part of the Nigerian coast or to Cameroon, as it acts as an access point into the Cross River and also the Afi Mountain rainforests, which is home to chimpanzee and gorilla populations as well a rare bird called rockfowl. 

Be sure to spend some time at the Calabar Museum to learn about the city’s tragic history as a major hub for the West African slave trade before heading to the beautiful monkey sanctuaries located on the outskirts of the town.

Also regarded as one of the country’s oldest Nigerian-Christian places of worship is the Duke Town Chapel. 

Come to Calabar now when you visit Nigeria.

Address: Calabar, Nigeria

Edumanom National Forrest

Edumanom National Forrest, Lagos, Nigeria
Edumanom National Forrest is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is home to some amazing lush forests, and this is one you shouldn’t miss.

One of Nigeria’s most spectacular shows of biodiversity can be found in the delta forest of the Edumanom Forest Reserve, towards the end of the Niger River.

Chimpanzees are found inside the forest’s reserve. The reserve is found n the state of Bayelsa. It takes up a portion of the ancient Nembe Kingdom, which is currently separated between the local governments of Brass and Nembe.

It’s a swampy freshwater forest, and the reserve spans around 9,324ha. Sclater’s guenon, Niger Delta Red colobus, and Olive colobus are all unique to the area. 

This Edumanom Forest Reserve is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the outdoors. The oil pipelines and waterways provide access to the woodland for hikers and photographers.

In the forest, there is a wide variety of fauna and rare plants. Since it’s so far away, getting here might be difficult, but the untouched greenery and untamed wildlife might be well worth the visit.

Come and see amazing wildlife and lush greenery here at Edumanom National Forrest.

Address: CF62+84G, Agbalamabugokiri, Nigeria


Enugu, Lagos, Nigeria
Enugu, Lagos, Nigeria / dotun55 / Flickr

It’s coined the “Coal City” of Nigeria.

Towards the southeast of Nigeria is Enugu (also known as “Coal City”), and it is a famous tourism destination. Enugu’s features include scenic nature paths, beautiful hills, lakes, tranquil walking trails, and forest waterfalls.

Natural attractions abound in Enugu, a leafy town located nearly exactly halfway between the Niger River’s delta and Cross River National Park.

In fact, the proximity to some of Nigeria’s most beautiful natural attractions is a major magnet for travelers.

Enugu has a variety of exciting activities, like hiking, kayaking, 4×4 biking, and attending local events. The Coal City is an excellent destination for anyone who wants to plan a trip to Nigeria.

In addition, visitors will like the Egnu’s clean streets, structures that are low-rise, and the lovely residents (the soul of the modest bottling and filming industries that have blossomed here), there are cascading falls, and on the outskirts of the city, the Ezeagu Tourist Complex where caves can be seen.

Come and visit this lovely city now when in Nigeria

Address: Enugu, Nigeria 


Erin-Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria
Erin-Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria / dotun55 / Flickr

Amazing falls in a beautiful ancient town.

Located in southern Nigeria, Erin-Ijesha is well renowned for its namesake waterfall, which has two different states, has 7 tiers, and is considered one of the most spectacular sights in the country! 

This tiny dot on the map a few miles away from the ancient city of Ilesa attracts hordes of tourists because of its magnificent waterfalls. However, despite the possibly long trip, the journey is worth it.

According to legend, the falls were discovered in around 1140 A.D., long after Akinla, the granddaughter of Oduduwa, who is the founder of the Yoruba race, migrated the Lfe people to Erin Ijesha in ancient Nigeria.

You’ll be able to explore the green woodlands and take a dip in the stunning cascading waterfalls.

While here, you’ll learn about forest spirits and the neighboring hot springs at Ikogosi, which are an excellent location to relax after a long hike.

Come and visit the town and its namesake falls now in Nigeria.

Address: Erin-ljesha, Nigeria

Gashaka Gumti National Park 

Gashaka Gumti National Park, Lagos, Nigeria
Gashaka Gumti National Park is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

The African safari dreams you have can be experienced here.

Gashaka-Gumti, the country’s biggest national park, is also Nigeria’s most secluded and under-explored. Beautiful savannahs, rolling hills, and mountain forests cover 6,700 sq. km. of the region, making it one of Africa’s wildest and most magnificent areas.

It is also home to a large number of animals, including elephants, lions, buffalos, and hippos, making it a significant primate environment in the West of Africa.

It is possible to visit the park all year round, however, it is more convenient to do so during the drier season which is from December to March. 

The Gashaka Primate Project is a Britain-based preservation NGO that partners with the park to safeguard the watersheds and animals therein is the best option for visitors. 

For about 1500 Naira a night, you can stay there, but you’ll have to supply your own food. It’s recommended that you contact the project as soon as possible so that you can prepare ahead of time. Volunteering is also another option.

See amazing scenic views and wild animals when you come to the Gashaka Gumti National Park now.

Address: GJR8+X86, Gashaka, Nigeria

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Ibadan, Lagos, Nigeria
Ibadan, Lagos, Nigeria / Andrew Moore / Flickr

Located in the heart of Nigeria’s old Oyo Empire, Ibadan is a city with a rich history and culture.

Even though Ibadan is Africa’s biggest city in terms of land area, it can be difficult to identify attractive portions of the city because the streets appear to be going on and on. 

Ibadan’s National Museum exhibition halls are a fantastic place to start, where you can see Egungun clothing, tribal battle drums, and lots more.

After that, look for the Bower Memorial Tower before viewing Mapo Hall’s beautiful old colonial walls.

The origins of Ibadan remain a mystery; there is only an oral tradition that has documented them.

According to the stories, the first residents of Ibadan were exiled from neighboring communities to flee punishment. Settlers from all around Yorubaland, more commonly known now as West Nigeria, soon expanded this little group.

There are lots to see and do when you come to Ibadan, so check it out now.

Address: Ibadan, Nigeria 

Iyake Suspended Lake

Iyake Suspended Lake, Lagos, Nigeria
Iyake Suspended Lake is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

Uncover the myths behind the Iyake Suspended Lake.

Ado-Awaye was previously controlled by the King of Ado, a banished heir from the greater Oyo kingdom, it was formed around 1500 by the merging of the nearby mountain towns of Awaye and Ado.

The Ado Awaye mountain can be climbed in about 3 hours, depending on your pace of trekking. While some areas include rock and woodland, the majority are made up of steps that are cut into the mountainside. 

Ancient ruins can be found along the way to the summit. Rain is supposed to fall on Ado-Awaye thanks to Oke Ishage, also known as Ishage Rock. 

When it’s time for rain, a priest will make a trip to the boulder-Esque rock and drape a cloth that is white over the rock’s lower half. Some people believe that if they touch the rock and make a wish, what they ask for would come true.

A breathtaking sight of Iyake Lake, 1 of only 2 suspended lakes in the whole world, awaits hikers at the mountain’s summit. Iyake is said to be the home of the goddess of fertility, who rules over a parallel universe underneath the surface of the lake.

When you come to Nigeria, this one-of-a-kind lake is definitely worth visiting.

Address: Ago-Afin, Ado Awaiye, 202102 Nigeria

Kainji Lake National Park

Kainji Lake National Park, Lagos, Nigeria
Kainji Lake National Park, Lagos, Nigeria / Jeremy Weate / Flickr

One of Nigeria’s natural wonders isn’t all that natural after all. But despite that, it still is definitely a jewel of the country.

Yes, the Kainji Lake National Park’s Kainji Lake is, in fact, a reservoir built in 1968 and is now filled with guarded wildlife sanctuaries.

Nigeria’s Kainji Lake Oil Hydroelectric Complex is added to the vast reservoir of flora and wildlife that make up the area.

Hippopotami, hanging baboons, and roan antelopes, can be found in the Borgu area, which is home to irregular patches of Guinean grasslands and woods, as well as some genuinely unique wildlife.

Because of the plethora of different habitats all in one place, this also gives way to the reservoir, where ancient jungles meet crocodile-infested waters.

Visitors who want to visit Kainji Lake National Park can take advantage of taking a boat out onto the lake, education and conservation lectures, a tour of the hydropower station, convenient lodging and dining, cultural tours, camping, and fishing, and there are some indoor sports as well.

There’s a lot to do at the Kainji Lake National Park, so make sure to check it out when in Nigeria.

Address: Niger State and Kwara StateNigeria


Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria / NAPARAZZI / Flickr

A huge vibrant, and bustling city with friendly locals.

Nigeria’s biggest and most vibrant city, Lagos, is a place where people spend their lives outside. 

This huge city’s allure is found in its colorful atmosphere, whether you’re sipping on a cup of coffee at one of the city’s elegant cafés or eating traditional street cuisine in a busy market. 

The largest metropolis in the country is home to roughly 18 million people, and that’s a lot. Victoria Island’s and Ikeja neighborhoods are full of pubs and bars where locals, sailors, and ex-pats alike gather to sip on some drinks.

Lagos Bar Beach—a stretch of pristine sandy beach that meets the Atlantic Ocean in style—is located on the shore, as is the fantastic promenade.

Across the Tarkwa Bay, jet skis whirl by, and at “the Point of No Return,” somber accounts of the African slave trade are told.

This is the place to be when you come to Nigeria. Visit Lagos now.

Address: Lagos, Nigeria

Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos, Nigeria
Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos, Nigeria / dotun55 / Flickr

You can walk the longest canopies in all of the country here at this location.

In Nigeria, you’re going to find the Lekki Conservation Center, which is an oasis of wilderness inside the urban mayhem of the city of Lagos, as well as the hanging canopy bridges that rise above the reserve, which is the longest in the country.

There, there are 6 towers with a combined height of more than 132 feet that are part of the canopy’s walkway. A system of swinging suspended bridges connects them, providing a unique and, honestly, if you’re afraid of heights, a little terrifying vantage point from above the trees of this gorgeous place. 

The 1315-foot treetop walkway, which is longer than 3 and a half football fields, is the longest in Africa.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation established this conservation facility in 1990, which maintains a substantial portion of the region’s biologically diverse coastal environment and teaches visitors about the value of coexisting with nature. 

 A wide variety of animals, such as tortoises, monkeys, and unique birds, call this reserve home.

Visit Nigeria now and walk through the trees in this unique area.

Address: Lekki Conservation Centre Road, Lekki, Nigeria

Okumu National Park

Okumu National Park, Lagos, Nigeria
Okumu National Park is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

A rare species of monkeys, vibrant birds and butterflies, and other animals are seen here.

Okomu National Park is a magnificent rainforest in the southwestern part of Ovia, Edo state, located north of the historic city of Benin. 

Filled with enormous trees, a variety of vegetation, and a variety of different animal species, you can say that the park is lush rainforest.

 If you’re lucky, also see there are some rare white-throated monkeys despite the park’s shrinking size owing to poaching.

Usual Guinea–Congo rainforest vegetation is characterized by swampy, high forests as well as open grasslands.  

It’s one of Nigeria’s top spots for bird viewing. There is also an abundance of rare colorful butterflies and unique birds.

One 140-foot-high silk-cotton tree house provides a bird’s eye view of the park. In the park, this is its most eye-catching feature.

Wildlife lovers will love this place. Check it out now.

Address: 7739+G94, Ugbo, Nigeria

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Lake 

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Lake, Lagos, Nigeria
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Lake is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

This sacred lake is a must-see for anyone visiting Nigeria.

Osun, the Yoruba’s fertility goddess, is honored in this sacred grove of sculptures and arts, which is the last of its sort.

Osun, according to Yoruba legend, is the fertility deity or Orisa. A woman named Osun got into an argument with one of Sango’s wives, and as a result, she transformed into the Osun River. It is thought that the river’s goddess still inhabits the forest, making it a revered place to gather. 

An expedition led by some elephant hunters stumbled into the grove. In exchange for the deity’s protection, the people agreed to build a shrine for the goddess to guard the sacred grove. The goddess was worshipped by devotees, and women who were unable to conceive came to receive her graces.

Susan Wenger, an Austrian artist, and several other artists saved the site from destruction by building enormous sculptures made out of iron and mud in the area.

In Osun Oshogbo, she wedded a local drummer, then stayed there till she died. It was made into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The Osun-Osogbo Grove is one of Nigeria’s most treasured natural resources.

This UNESCO site is definitely one to add to your things of must-sees when in Nigeria.

Address: Oshogbo, Osogbo, Nigeria

Prayer Mountain Hanwa 

Prayer Mountain Hanwa, Lagos, Nigeria
Prayer Mountain Hanwa is one of the best places to go in Lagos, Nigeria

There are places of worship sprinkled in this peaceful location.

The country of Nigeria is divided into two, with the Muslims in the north part and the Christians in the southern part. 

There are seven significant Muslim Emirs as well as different religious heads working in tandem with authority to form the political framework of the northern end.

One of Nigeria’s seven emirs has his official residence in Zaria, a significant city found in Kaduna state. In addition, the city has a sizable migrant population from the south. Mostly Christian, ethnically diverse, and marginalized, this community is unique in many ways.

A lack of land and finances prevented the Zaria’s Christians from constructing large churches, so they built several smaller ones on the outside of the town. Prayer Mountain Hanwa, a rocky outcrop, is home to many of these places of worship.

You’ll be startled to see how many religious places there are at the top of the hill. Some of these are just shacks made of metal and wood, while others are caverns that have crosses spray-painted onto them. It’s common to observe pilgrims ascending the hill at any given time.

Come and take a look at these religious spaces at the Prayer Mountain Hanwa.

Address: Zaria Sokoto Roa, Zaria, Nigeria

Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, Lagos, Nigeria
Port Harcourt, Lagos, Nigeria / Sergio Boscaino / Flickr

A booming oil city with fantastic nightlife.

In certain aspects, Port Harcourt parallels Lagos. When you leave the house, for instance, you may have a chance to encounter a strange and amusing event.

Port Harcourt is a loud port city. It’s no mystery that the oil industry here comes first. T here are a surging population, unending projects of blocks of flats, and the symbols of oil giants all on display in this pulsating oil city.’

The nearby warehouses, tankers, and trucks’ noisy sounds may not be to everyone’s taste, but they will appeal to those who appreciate the raw, natural, and genuine feel of the location because of the area’s rustic charm and wild nightlife.

Port Harcourt’s GRA is the location to be if you’re looking to have fun during the evenings. There are a lot of upscale restos and bars there. 

Be sure to check out these places when you’re thinking of going out at night, the Lamborghini Lounge, Cubana Lounge, Casa Blanca, Platinum, and also the others worth checking out. 

Come to Port Harcourt now and enjoy this bustling city.

Address: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park, Lagos, Nigeria
Yankari National Park, Lagos, Nigeria / Dr Mary Gillham Archive Project / Flickr

Found in this location is the largest number of Elephants in the whole world.

As Nigeria’s most abundant wildlife refuge, the Yankari Game Reserve spans 2,244 square kilometers throughout the country’s Bauchi State in the north-eastern region of the country. 

The elephant population in Yankari is the largest in Nigeria and one of the largest in Western Africa. The population of elephants in Nigeria is estimated to be between 100 to 150. 

The Yankari Game Reserve is also home to the West African lion, a highly endangered animal, and its population there is one of the only four known groups. 

You will also see different animals native to the area like hippos, buffalos, roans, and hartebeest. 

In 1956 since its inception as a wildlife reserve, Yankari was overseen by the National Parks Service (NPS) up until 2006, then it was returned to the Bauchi State Government (BSG) for maintenance. 

Yankari is a renowned tourist location that is only getting more well-known.

Address: Yankari, 234077, Mainamaji, Nigeria

Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock, Lagos, Nigeria
Zuma Rock, Lagos, Nigeria / Dolapo Falola / Flickr

This famed rock is a signature of Nigeria.

Zuma Rock, one tallest and biggest monoliths globally, rises 980 feet above sea level. The natural monolith may be found in the country’s west region, not far from Abuja, the country’s capital.

Niger State’s Zuba people discovered the rock, which they dubbed “Zumwa,” or “a site of Guinea Fowls,” in the fifteenth century because of the large number of the birds in the area. 

To keep themselves secure, the Zuba people built a community encircling the large rock and made offerings to the rock, believing that it would protect them from danger.

 A defense position was set up here to keep out other invading tribes due to its commanding vantage point.

Since 1999, on the country’s 100 Naira banknote sits the Zuma Rock, one of Nigeria’s most recognizable landmarks. Depending on your speed, it would take about 5 hours to climb on top of the famed rock.

Come check out one of Nigeria’s most significant landmarks now

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Address: Abuja – Kaduna – Zaria Express Way, Abuja, 90110 Nigeria

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