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Best Countries to visit in December

Best Countries to visit in December

Bangkok, Thailand

Why visit Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is an excellent destination in December because the cool and dry weather has started, and the heavy pouring rain has stopped during the past month.

The weather in Bangkok has a typical temperature of 88°F. This is a perfect climate to have a tuk-tuk ride.

Enjoy Bangkok’s most fantastic attractions during the lovely weather. Must-see Grand Palace. The approximately 250-year-old palace was home to several Thai kings and their royal courts; The Emerald Buddha resides there.

Khao San Road has Bangkok’s best street cuisine. This neighborhood is also a backpacker zone with color, action, and guesthouses. Don’t miss this out!

St. Lucia

Why visit St Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the best places to visit in December, especially if you want to escape the cold weather experienced in most countries!

The weather in St. Lucia has a daily temperature of 85°F. This is a perfect climate to see the magnificent scenery.

Before the New Year, unwinding at a resort like Windjammer Resort & Beach Club will be a great experience. After a day of relaxing on the beach or participating in water sports, settle in to enjoy the rainbow-splattered sunset.

If you’re searching for some adventure during your December vacation, St. Lucia offers enough to offer the more energetic tourist. Hikers with prior experience might attempt a strenuous journey up the towering Pitons.

Patagonia, Chile

Why visit Patagonia Chile

Patagonia is a great place to visit in December because of the cold but not snowy weather experienced on the site.

The weather in Patagonia has a daily average temperature of 67°F. This is a perfect moment to take advantage of the climate to do different activities without sweating!

Even the most seasoned travelers will be awed by the beauty of this pristine natural landscape. Visualize the arid steppes of the Andes flanked by towering Andean peaks and turquoise glaciers.

During this time of year, the weather is ideal for visiting Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn, and Perito Moreno.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Why visit Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is a perfect place to visit in December due to the weather, which is pleasant for travelers. The weather is mild and great for seeing the different attractions around the site.

The weather in Cape Town typically ranges from 73°F to 75°F. Experience the unique wildlife in their place!

Table Mountain’s aerial cableway offers breathtaking views of the city and the ocean. The Boulders Beach resident penguins, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens’ 7,000 indigenous types of plants, and the candy-colored buildings of Bo-Kaap may all be found nearby.

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Costa Rica

Why visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place to visit in December because the wet season has ended. The sunny weather is back to give sunlight to the site’s beauty!

The weather in Costa Rica ranges from 82°F to 85°F. This is perfect for trying different activities and sightseeing.

The Nicoya Peninsula has several golden sand beaches lined by palm trees. A convenient base for exploring the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is near the trailhead. 

The Cao Negro Wildlife Refuge is a haven for birders. At the same time, Corcovado National Park is home to howler monkeys and other primates. Manuel Antonio National Park has both wildlife and beaches.

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Why visit Fiji

Fiji is a stunning place to visit in December. Although the rainy season has started, you can have amazing deals offered on the Island.

The weather in Fiji has a daily average of 85°F. You can still enjoy the sun’s rays while having a little rain sometimes.

Hikers are drawn to the islands of Fiji because of the mountains that rise up from the sea. Many little settlements mark the jungle-strewn mountainsides, providing an excellent opportunity for tourists to learn more about local life. 

It’s impossible to not have a luxurious vacation on the islands of Fiji, which are home to some of the world’s top resorts.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Why visit Dubai United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a great place to visit in December. As we all know, Dubai has scorching heat in its place, but during December, the weather is mild, perfect for touring.

The weather in Dubai ranges from 82°F to 76°F. Exploring the luxurious life in Dubai is perfect!

In Dubai, it’s all about the awe-inspiring. Relax on the Persian Gulf beach, savor the region’s gastronomic treasures, and take in the world’s most popular tourist destinations. 

Ski Dubai has an indoor slope where you can experience the winter sports season to the fullest. To see the fascinating contrast between the ancient world and the fast-paced future.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Why visit Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca is a majestic place to visit in December because you can find great deals around the area that can save you money while having a vacation!

The weather in Oaxaca has a daily temperature of 78°F. You can escape the winter blues while soaking up under the sun with your friends!

Oaxaca has a variety of activities to keep you occupied and fascinated. Get out on the streets on a bike tour, explore the Monte Alban ruins, sign up for a culinary class, or check out one of the many churches!

There are excellent museums to learn about Oaxacan history and culture. After that, visit Plaza de Armas, the city’s main square, and explore the markets.

Utah, USA

Why visit Utah USA

Utah is one of the best places to visit in December. Aside from the winter activities, there are also low accommodations and lower prices you can encounter in the place!

The weather in Utah typically ranges from 43°F to 35°F. This weather is best paired with hot choco!

To say that Utah is a land unlike any other would be an understatement. Many movies were filmed in this location! The Wasatch Mountain State Park is a great place to go if you’re searching for an adrenaline rush. 

The town’s nightlife comes to life after the sun sets. There’s something for everyone in this city’s nightlife scene, from upscale clubs to boisterous sports bars.

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Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica

Why visit Utah USA

These two paradises should be visited in December because of the great deals they offer tourists. You can expect low accommodation rates around!

The weather in the place ranges from 84°F to 86°F. You can soak up under the sun all you want and get tan lines!

Make the most of your savings by relaxing on a beach chair, hiking through the mountains, snorkeling, or simply relaxing by the pool with your friends! Grab your bikinis and cocktails!

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St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Why visit St. Thomas U.S Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is a great place to visit in December because you can find some luxurious lodging areas without spending too much on your budget.

The weather in St. Thomas has a daily temperature of 84°F. This climate is best paired with cocktails and friends!

Another advantage is a person’s inherent beauty. Sailing and boating enthusiasts are enticed by the crystal-clear waters and consistent breezes in all the islands, including lush highlands, tropical woods, curved beaches, and rocky coves.

Puerto Rico

Why visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a perfect place to visit in December, especially if you want to escape the cold weather. There are also great deals being offered by the locals!

The weather in Puerto Rico has a daily temperature of 83°F. Great for strolling around the Island but make sure to put on some sunblock!

Puerto Rico is a popular destination for sun, sand, and surf enthusiasts. There are numerous gorgeous beaches in the area. Old San Juan’s vibrant streets are a must-see for anybody visiting the Island.

Trinidad and Tobago

Why visit Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a fabulous Island to visit in December because of the warm weather where you can enjoy the sunlight!

The weather on the Island has a daily temperature of 86°F. There are several water activities to do if you want to relax. There are peaceful lodging areas around.

There are quaint fishing towns, a beautiful coastline, and mountains covered in lush forests for tourists to explore. There are numerous natural wonders to be seen along Trinidad’s northern shore.

Events include:

  • A steel-pan band competition.
  • Late-night grooving to reggaeton music.
  • Street parades featuring masked figures.

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Belize is a great place to visit in December. Fantastic deals and stunning weather will definitely attract you to see the Island!

The weather in Belize has a daily temperature of 82°F. Bring some extra clothes; you might extend your vacation!

There is a lot to do in paradise, from discovering Mayan ruins to scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole to snorkeling the Belize Barrier Reef. 

Is swimming not your thing? Hike through pine trees, waterfalls, and caverns in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

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Illinois, USA

Why visit Illinois USA

Illinois is a great place to visit in December, especially the town of Chicago. You will enjoy the best deals in town during December but avoid the holiday season because the rates might increase.

The weather in Illinois scales from 43°F to 34°F. Wear your thick clothes and visit some cafes around the city properly!

It’s impossible to see the universe without visiting the Alder Planetarium or the Art Institute of Chicago, both of which include impressive historical and contemporary art collections. 

There are numerous hands-on displays at the Museum of Science and Industry, making it a must-see for visitors. Millenium Park’s ice skating rink is open to visitors throughout December.

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