Top 5 Movies Filmed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota by US Box Office  

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Lights, Camera, Action! Get Ready to Explore the Epic Film Locations of Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Lights, camera, action! Are you a movie buff seeking an adventure? Feeling a bit bored and looking for something exciting to do? Well, look no further! We’ve got just the ticket for you. Grab your popcorn and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the mesmerizing film locations of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

It’s time to channel your inner movie star and discover the hidden gems that have graced the silver screen in this captivating city.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sioux Falls is not only a picturesque city but also a favorite destination for filmmakers. From indie flicks to Hollywood blockbusters, this city has served as a backdrop for some incredible movies that you won’t want to miss.
  • Exploring movie filming locations is like stepping into the shoes of your favorite actors and immersing yourself in their incredible stories. It’s a chance to experience the magic of cinema firsthand and create unforgettable memories.
  • Visiting these film locations allows you to see Sioux Falls from a unique perspective. You’ll uncover hidden gems, charming neighborhoods, and breathtaking landscapes that have captivated filmmakers from around the world.
  • Don’t forget to capture your own Hollywood-worthy moments while you’re exploring! You never know, you might even stumble upon a spot where your favorite scene was shot.

Imagine yourself strolling through the streets of Sioux Falls, feeling the palpable excitement in the air. You’ll be transported to the exact spots where your favorite actors delivered unforgettable performances, and you may even find yourself reenacting those iconic lines.

Picture yourself standing in the same location where legendary movie moments were captured, feeling the thrill that films evoke. It’s not just a trip to Sioux Falls; it’s a cinematic experience unlike any other.

As you venture through Sioux Falls, keep your eyes peeled for those familiar sceneries. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a cozy café that served as the backdrop for a heartfelt conversation, or a stunning park where a climactic chase scene took place.

Every corner holds the possibility of a movie moment waiting to be rediscovered. Soak up the atmosphere, soak up the history, and soak up the cinematic magic that this city has to offer.

Ready for action? Grab your phone or camera and start exploring the mesmerizing film locations of Sioux Falls. Don’t forget to dig deep into the behind-the-scenes trivia and fascinating stories behind each film. Who knows, you might discover some hidden Easter eggs or fascinating tidbits about your favorite movies. Get ready to unleash your inner film aficionado and immerse yourself in the captivating world of cinema here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Lights, camera, explore! Unleash your inner movie star and discover the enchanting film locations of Sioux Falls. Remember, the adventure begins now! So, grab your map, gather your fellow film enthusiasts, and get ready to make memories that belong on the silver screen.

Now, go ahead and immerse yourself in the enticing listicle below, and prepare to be dazzled by the cinematic wonders of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Lights, camera, action!

Lake of Fire – US Box Office: USD$25,317

Director: Tony Kaye

Main Cast: Noam Chomsky, Bill Baird, Flip Benham, Dallas Blanchard, John Britton, Pat Buchanan, and John Burt

Release Date:  October 3, 2007

Filming Locations: Minnesota, USA; New York City, New York, USA; Pensacola, Florida, USA; San Diego, California, USA; Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Main Plot: Lake of Fire is a harrowing black-and-white documentary about the contentious issue of abortion. The production, directed by British-born director Tony Kaye, exposes the intense continuing abortion issue in America and includes gruesome images of actual medical operations. The documentary features interviews with political thinker and activist Noam Chomsky, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, and others on both the pro-choice and pro-life sides of the debate. There was additional footage of Paul Jennings Hill, who assassinated Dr. John Britton and Britton’s guard James Barrett in 1994. On Metacritic, the film received an 83/100 rating (meaning “universal acclaim”) based on 15 reviews. It was also named a “Metacritic Must-See” on the website.

Famous quotes:

Noam Chomsky: “You are not going to get the answers from holy texts.”

Noam Chomsky: “You are not going to get the answers from biologists.”

Noam Chomsky: “These are matters of human concern that have to be discussed seriously…”

Karynne Summars: “I like fire and water. You are lucky to have both right here.”

From ” Desperate Pursuit in Venice” Chapter Two.”

Kristy Bowen: ”I wanted desire that someone set on fire and floated out

onto a lake. To ruin entire monarchies with my wants.” 

Fun Facts about Lake of Fire:

  • This film took 16 years to complete.
  • The film had its world premiere at TIFF in Canada.

Deery: Off the Wall

Director: Todd Magnuson

Main Cast: John Barnes, Dan Farris, Terri Lawrenz, Todd Magnuson, Scott Pearson, Brian Ringler, and Heidi Small

Release Date: January 26, 2019 

Filming Locations: Trent, South Dakota, USA; Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Main Plot: After a maniacal farmer/zoo owner kidnaps a vacationing couple. Their family, a maid, a paleontologist, and an incredible deer must band together to save them before they are eaten by a dinosaur. A beautiful young woman and her pet deer, Deery, star in this heartwarming campy comedy. When her Aunt Margo and her husband Norman leave the city on a road trip across the country, things take an unusual turn when their car breaks down at a cave attraction. They are taken captive by a madman named Luke Garoo. Will Deery be able to rescue them in time before Luke’s pet Manosaur devours them?

Famous quotes:

Wayne Thomas: I’m a paleontologist!”

Luke Garoo: “Just for small talk, say that you folks got lost and nobody ever heard from you again… think anybody’s be missin’ ya?”

Narrator: “It’s been said many times that the formula for a successful marriage is ‘don’t make toast in the bathtub’. But no one told that to Norman and Margo Thompson. You see, for Norman and Margo, they thought a trip back home to visit family… and be introduced to Deery, the remarkable deer; would be just the ticket for finding love in their troubled marriage. So now, they travel the highways and byways. But it’s all a ruse, because what they’re really searching for… is HAPPINESS. But unfortunately, what Norman and Margo Thompson are about to discover… is… terror!”

Uncle Wally Grant: “I’m a fireman, and I have to stick by the phone.”

Paco: “My ears are really greasy.

Fun Facts about Deery: Off the Wall:

  • Mostly a satire of 1960s films, especially the 1969 monster flick It’s Alive! (1969). Other sources of inspiration included the 1964 film Surf Party (1964) and the 1968 Australian tv series Skippy (1968).
  • This is a remake of Todd Magnuson’s 2006 film “It’s Really Something.” That movie was a satire of It’s Alive! (1969), but for various reasons (mainly cast and crew disagreements), it was deemed unsuitable for a general release. The film’s storyline was simply blended with the Deery series, giving birth to this film.
  • The dynamite was made of paper-wrapped wooden sticks, and the wick was a sparkler.
  • The Game Chest in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was used to film the dime store scene.
  • Deery was puppeteered by anyone at the time, and her hands were open deer arms that had to be frozen between takes.

WWE Smackdown!

Director: Vince McMahon

Main Cast: Michael Coulthard, John Layfield, Nic Nemeth, Glenn Jacobs, Teddy Long, Charles Robinson, and Paul Wight

Release Date: April 27, 1999 

Filming Locations:  Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA; Target Center – 600 First Avenue N., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; PPG Paints Arena – 1001 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Main Plot: SmackDown is an American fake wrestling television program broadcast by WWE that presently airs life every Friday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox as of October 2022. The program is aired on Fox Deportes with Spanish-language commentary. The show showcases SmackDown brand characters with whom WWE personnel are assigned to collaborate and perform. As of October 2022, the performance is regarded as one of two flagship shows, along with Monday Night Raw. SmackDown! It first aired on UPN on April 29, 1999, and was formerly carried on Thursday nights. The show subsequently moved to Friday evenings on September 9, 2005. It began airing on The CW in September 2006, following the merger of UPN and the WB. SmackDown’s move to Fox on October 4, 2019. Marked the show’s return to Friday evenings and over-the-air television programming (as well as the second time SmackDown has aired on a Fox-owned network).

Famous quotes:

Mr.McMahon: You’re fired!

Carlito Caribbean Cool: “I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.”

John Bradshaw Layfield: “Who were his parents? Mr. and Mrs. Man?”

John Bradshaw Layfield: “Big Show put down your pizza, look at the monitor and realize you are about to get in the ring with greatness!”

Tazz: “I almost got whacked by a car yesterday.”


Fun Facts about WWE Smackdown!:

  • In 2004, Paul Heyman was fired as a chief writer. Heyman claims he was overheard listening in on a conference call about WWE Raw (1993). He aggravated matters by revealing to Vince and Stephanie McMahon that he had dozed off during the call.
  • Brock Lesnar challenged Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship in a sixty-minute Iron Man Match on September 18, 2003. This was the only bout in Smackdown history to be named “Match of the Year” by Pro-Wrestling Illustrated.
  • The show’s title is a play on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s slogan, “Layeth the smackdown.”
  • The show is taped on Tuesdays and televised on Fridays.
  • On May 25, 2016, it was confirmed that SmackDown would move to Tuesday nights as a live broadcast. It was broadcast every Tuesday till September 2019.


Director: Roone Arledge

Main Cast: David Muir, Amy Robach, Elizabeth Vargas, Barbara Walters, John Stossel, Deborah Roberts, and Brian Ross

Release Date: June 6, 1978

Filming Locations: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Main Plot: 20/20 was ABC’s answer to CBS’s 60 Minutes. Though some stories were humorous, light-hearted, and sometimes frivolous, the meat of 20/20’s programming was investigative reporting. Often exposing corporate, medical, educational, and governmental wrongdoing, incompetence, and criminal negligence, and reports on news events of the week from (usually) different angles than seen on the nightly newscasts. Co-host Walters frequently interviewed a notable celebrity, politician, or another newsmaker (among her most renowned interviews were her brave interview of dreaded Libyan tyrant Muammar Qaddafi and her inspirational account of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf (interviewed shortly after the end of the Persian Gulf War). The show’s regular contributors filed the stories, including John Stossel (who once had his nose broken while meeting a World Wrestling Federation wrestler). Lynn Sherr, Stone Phillips (before he joined Dateline NBC), and Catherine Crier. Though most reports proved true, some were labeled sensationalist; some prompted libel claims. And at least one tale was later shown to be an embarrassing fabrication.

Famous quotes:

Hugh Downs – Co-Anchor: “I’m Hugh Downs”

Barbara Walters – Correspondent: “And I’m Barbara Walters and this is 20/20.”

Fun Facts about 20/20:

  • To compete with Dateline NBC (1992), ABC News combined 20/20 and Primetime in 1998. The newest programs were dubbed “20/20 Monday,” “20/20 Wednesday,” “20/20 Friday,” “20/20 Sunday,” and Downtown (1999).
  • In 2000, ABC News reinstated 20/20 (1978) and Primetime (1989) to their original timeslots, while Downtown (1999) remained as a spin-off of 20/20 (1978).

The Girl in the Photographs

Director: Nick Simon

Main Cast: Kal Penn, Claudia Lee, Kenny Wormald, Toby Hemingway, Luke Baines, Miranda Rae Mayo, and Katharine Isabelle

Release Date: April 1, 2016

Filming Locations: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; 1514 Cook St Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Main Plot: The picture begins with two young women, Britney and Janet, departing a cinema and walking in separate ways. Janet walks to her car in a dark parking area with just one other truck, a blood-red Bronco. As she drives away, the Bronco continues to follow her. A man is waiting for her as she enters her house. He strikes her while wearing a mask and no shirt. He meets the second man and her vehicle after tying her up. They’re photographing her the whole time. A man then sits at a computer, printing a picture. Colleen is a young woman who works at the local supermarket. When she arrives at work early in the morning, she notices an image pinned to the front of the store’s bulletin board. Colleen goes to the Sheriff’s Station in Spearfish later that day and shows them the photos of a bleeding young woman named Janet lying dead on a bed. They tell her to sign a confession and go because they don’t believe a crime occurred.

Famous quotes:

Colleen: “Has anyone else seen these or are they just from me?”

Sheriff Porter: “No body, no crime.”

Colleen: “Somebody *followed* me here… so he could put that picture at a place where I would find it.”

Sheriff Porter: “And we’re gonna look into that.”

Peter Hemmings: “Nobody makes me feel obsolete… nobody makes me feel like a fucking dell computer”

Fun Facts about The Girl in the Photographs:

  • This is the final picture in which Wes Craven was involved before passing away from brain cancer in August 2015. He served as the film’s executive producer.
  • Terry Richardson, a real-life photographer, inspired the character of Peter Hemmings.
  • Although Toby Hemingway and Kenny Wormald play Colleen’s ex-boyfriend and love interest, they are approximately 12 to 13 years older than co-star Claudia Lee.

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