Reasons to visit Prague, Czech Republic

Reasons to visit Prague, Czech Republic at least once in your lifetime

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Reasons to Visit Prague, Czech Republic
Unlock the Secrets of Europe’s Hidden Gem

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the enchanting city of Prague? Nestled in the heart of Europe, this vibrant and historic capital of the Czech Republic beckons to be explored. With its fairytale-like architecture, rich history, and warm-hearted locals, Prague offers a truly magical experience for all who visit.

From towering castles to bustling markets, from bohemian neighborhoods to picturesque bridges, Prague has something to offer for everyone. Prepare to be captivated by its beauty, immersed in its culture, and enchanted by its atmosphere. Let’s dive into the 100 reasons why Prague deserves a spot on your travel bucket list.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prague is a historical and cultural treasure, boasting stunning architecture and landmarks.
  • The city offers a myriad of activities and attractions, ensuring a diverse and exciting itinerary.
  • Czech cuisine, beer culture, and traditional folklore will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.
  • Prague’s unique blend of ancient charm and modern amenities guarantees a memorable vacation.
  • Explore the vibrant arts and music scene, and immerse yourself in the city’s cultural events and festivals.

1. Visit the Iconic Prague Castle
Discover the largest ancient castle in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site that towers above the city. Marvel at its Gothic spires, explore its intricate cathedral, and soak in the panoramic views of Prague.

2. Wander the Charming Streets of Old Town
Stroll through the cobbled streets of Prague’s Old Town, where medieval architecture meets vibrant squares filled with street performers, artisanal shops, and lively cafes.

3. Cross the Historic Charles Bridge
Take a romantic or leisurely walk across the iconic Charles Bridge, adorned with statues and offering breathtaking views of Prague Castle, the Vltava River, and the surrounding cityscape.

4. Capture Enchanting Views from Petřín Hill
Climb to the top of Petřín Hill and be rewarded with sweeping panoramas of Prague. Explore the lush gardens, visit the miniature Eiffel Tower, and unwind in this peaceful oasis amidst the bustling city.

5. Experience the Astronomical Clock Show
Witness the hourly spectacle at the Prague Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. This centuries-old clock comes to life with moving figures, representing the passage of time and celestial movements.

6. Step into Gothic Splendor at the St. Vitus Cathedral
Set foot inside the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral, the crowning jewel of Prague Castle. Admire its intricate stained glass windows, gothic architecture, and the final resting place of many Bohemian kings and queens.

7. Explore the Quirky and Artistic Lennon Wall
Pay tribute to John Lennon and the Beatles at the colorful and ever-changing Lennon Wall. Covered in graffiti and messages of peace, this symbolic site is a canvas of free expression and creativity.

8. Discover the Oldest Synagogue in Europe
Learn about Prague’s Jewish heritage at the Old-New Synagogue, the oldest active synagogue in Europe. Immerse yourself in its rich history and serene atmosphere.

9. Immerse Yourself in History at the National Museum
Delve into Czech history and culture at the National Museum in Wenceslas Square. Explore its extensive collections, ranging from archaeology to art, and gain a deeper appreciation for this fascinating nation.

10. Be Mesmerized by the Dancing House
Marvel at the unique and controversial Dancing House, an architectural masterpiece that resembles a pair of dancers. This modern building stands in stark contrast to the surrounding historic structures.

11. Cruise Along the Vltava River
Embark on a scenic boat cruise along the Vltava River, offering a different perspective of Prague’s landmarks. Relax as you glide past magnificent bridges and picturesque riverside scenery.

12. Sample Traditional Czech Cuisine
Indulge in hearty Czech cuisine, from savory goulash to tender roasted pork knuckle. Don’t forget to pair it with world-famous Czech beer, known for its rich flavors and long-standing brewing traditions.

13. Explore the Lesser Town
Wander through Malá Strana, also known as the Lesser Town, and be charmed by its narrow streets, baroque palaces, and hidden gardens. Don’t miss out on the stunning Wallenstein Garden and its resident peacocks.

14. Uncover Hidden Gems at the Prague National Gallery
Admire an extensive collection of Czech and international art at the Prague National Gallery. From classical masterpieces to contemporary works, this cultural institution showcases the nation’s artistic prowess.

15. Take a Seated Beer Tour through Prague’s Breweries
Embark on a seated beer tour, hopping from one brewery to another, and indulge in Czech beer culture. Savor a variety of brews while learning about the history and craftsmanship behind this beloved beverage.

16. Experience the Magic of Prague’s Christmas Markets
Immerse yourself in the festive spirit at Prague’s Christmas markets. Taste traditional treats, browse handcrafted goods, and let the enchanting atmosphere transport you into a winter wonderland.

17. Delight in Czech Puppets at the National Marionette Theatre
Step into a world of enchantment at the National Marionette Theatre, where Czech puppetry takes center stage. Be captivated by the skillful performances and timeless tales brought to life by talented puppeteers.

18. Witness the Synchronous Metronome
Marvel at the Synchronous Metronome, a giant kinetic sculpture that serves as a reminder of Prague’s vibrant artistic scene. This unique installation captivates both locals and visitors alike with its rhythmic movements.

19. Discover the Secrets of the Prague Underground
Descend into the mysterious Prague Underground, a labyrinth of hidden passageways, ancient cellars, and crypts. Uncover layers of history and intrigue lurking beneath the bustling streets above.

20. Embark on a Ghost Tour through Prague’s Haunted Sites
Experience Prague’s dark side on a spine-chilling ghost tour, revealing tales of haunted castles, eerie squares, and wandering spirits. Brace yourself for a night of spine-tingling stories and paranormal encounters.

21. Climb the Petřín Lookout Tower
Ascend the majestic Petřín Lookout Tower, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, and be rewarded with panoramic views from its observation deck. Take in the sprawling cityscape and embrace the beauty of Prague.

22. Enjoy the Tranquility of Vyšehrad Park
Escape the bustling city and find tranquility in Vyšehrad Park. Explore its lush gardens, visit the historic Vyšehrad Fortress, and admire breathtaking views of Prague Castle and the Vltava River.

23. Marvel at Masterpieces in the Municipal House
Step into the Municipal House, a stunning Art Nouveau building, and admire its intricate interiors adorned with murals, stained glass, and sculptures. Attend a concert or simply soak in the artistic ambiance.

24. Unlock the Secrets of the Prague Jewish Quarter
Explore the Prague Jewish Quarter, known as Josefov, and delve into its rich history and heritage. Visit the iconic Old Jewish Cemetery, synagogues, and the moving Holocaust memorial.

25. Lose Yourself in the Mirror Maze at Petřín Hill
Have a whimsical adventure in the Mirror Maze at Petřín Hill, where mirrors and illusions create a maze-like atmosphere. It’s a fun and thrilling experience for both the young and the young at heart.

26. Discover the Beauty of Prague’s Art Nouveau
Admire the elegance of Prague’s Art Nouveau architecture, influenced by the works of artists such as Alfons Mucha. From stunning facades to decorative details, this artistic style adds charm to the city’s streets.

27. Explore the Vibrant Neighbourhood of Žižkov
Venture into Žižkov, a bohemian neighborhood filled with quirky bars, colorful street art, and a unique atmosphere. Ascend to the top of the Žižkov Television Tower for unrivaled views of Prague.

28. Experience the Nightlife on Dlouhá Street
Immerse yourself in Prague’s vibrant nightlife scene on Dlouhá Street. From trendy bars to pulsating nightclubs, this lively strip offers endless entertainment options for partygoers and night owls.

29. Attend a Classical Concert at the Smetana Hall
Indulge in the harmonious melodies of classical music at the Smetana Hall, located within the Municipal House. Immerse yourself in the world of Mozart, Beethoven, and other musical greats.

30. Step back in Time at the Klementinum Library
Enter the Klementinum Library, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Marvel at the stunning Baroque architecture, intricate frescoes, and rows upon rows of ancient books.

31. Explore the Extravagance of Prague’s Estates Theatre
Step into the opulent Estates Theatre, where Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” premiered in 1787. Admire its lavish interiors and attend a performance to witness the magic of this historical gem.

32. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Czech Pastries
Treat yourself to delectable Czech pastries such as trdelník, kremrole, and koláče. These mouthwatering delights are sure to satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

33. Marvel at the Unique Architecture of the Dancing House
Gaze in awe at the unusual and eye-catching Dancing House, also known as “Fred and Ginger.” This architectural marvel defies conventions and adds a touch of modernity to Prague’s skyline.

34. Admire the Prague Metronome on Letná Park
Visit Letná Park and be fascinated by the Prague Metronome, an enormous metronome perched on a hill overlooking the city. Enjoy the panoramic views and soak in the artistic and bohemian atmosphere of the park.

35. Explore Bohemian Jewellery in the Golden Lane
Step into the charming Golden Lane, a narrow cobblestone street lined with quaint houses. Discover the Bohemian Jewelry Museum, showcasing intricate accessories crafted from precious metals and gemstones.

36. Take a Detour to the Vysočina Region
Escape the city and explore the picturesque Vysočina region. Discover rolling hills, fairy tale castles, and charming towns that showcase the natural beauty of the Czech Republic.

37. Celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas
Experience the magical Feast of Saint Nicholas, celebrated on December 5th, a tradition deeply rooted in Czech folklore. Witness parades of Saint Nicholas, devils, and angels as they roam the streets.

38. Discover the Splendor of Prague’s Opera Houses
Immerse yourself in the world of opera and ballet at the grandiose Prague Opera Houses. Be captivated by world-class performances in opulent venues such as the State Opera or the National Theatre.

39. Wander through the Fairytale-like Wallenstein Garden
Escape the crowds and find solace in the tranquil Wallenstein Garden. Admire its meticulously kept lawns, vibrant flowerbeds, and the mesmerizing Wallenstein Palace.

40. Commemorate Velvet Revolution at Wenceslas Square
Stand in the historical Wenceslas Square, a witness to the Velvet Revolution that brought an end to communist rule in Czechoslovakia. Reflect on this pivotal moment in history and pay respects to the Czech heroes.

41. Experience the Extravagance of Lobkowicz Palace
Visit the Lobkowicz Palace, a magnificent Renaissance building housing a private art collection spanning centuries. From priceless paintings to musical manuscripts, this cultural gem offers a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyle.

42. Discover the Magic of Baroque Gardens
Step into the enchanting world of Baroque gardens at the Prague Castle complex. Be mesmerized by the symmetrical designs, perfectly manicured hedges, and charming fountains.

43. Uncover the Loreta Treasure
Enter the Loreta, a mysterious pilgrimage site famed for its lore and rumored hidden treasures. Marvel at the stunning Loreta Chimes and explore the sprawling complex, including the Holy Hut and the Santa Casa.

44. Sample Traditional Czech Wines
Venture beyond beer and delve into the world of Bohemian and Moravian wines. Visit vineyards near Prague, attend wine tastings, and savor the unique flavors of Czech wine.

45. Lose Yourself in the Beauty of Saint George’s Basilica
Step inside the exquisite Saint George’s Basilica, situated within the Prague Castle complex. Admire its medieval architecture, stunning stained glass windows, and serene atmosphere.

46. Experience the Bohemian Crystal Craftsmanship
Observe master artisans at work and learn about the centuries-old tradition of Bohemian crystal. Visit crystal glass factories and witness the meticulous craftsmanship behind these world-renowned creations.

47. Discover the Magic of the Prague Zoo
Escape to Prague Zoo, one of the best zoological parks in Europe. Encounter a diverse range of animals, explore themed exhibits, and enjoy family-friendly activities set among lush surroundings.

48. Get a Taste of Prague’s Farmer’s Markets
Immerse yourself in Prague’s culinary scene by visiting vibrant farmer’s markets. Discover local produce, artisanal treats, and traditional Czech delicacies while supporting local vendors.

49. Climb to the Top of the Powder Tower
Ascend the Powder Tower, a medieval gate that once served as an entrance to the city. From its observation deck, enjoy panoramic views of Prague’s rooftops and the bustling streets below.

50. Explore the Unique Architecture of the Municipal Library
Visit the Municipal Library of Prague, housed within the Corvinus House, and marvel at its avant-garde architecture. Browse its vast collection of books or simply soak in the artistic ambiance of the space.

51. Traverse the Lennon Wall by Kayak
Experience a unique perspective of the Lennon Wall by kayaking along the Vltava River. Enjoy the calming waters, admire the vibrant graffiti, and paddle your way through Prague’s scenic landscapes.

52. Immerse Yourself in the Works of Alfons Mucha
Delve into the Art Nouveau masterpieces of Alfons Mucha at the Mucha Museum. Explore his iconic prints, decorative panels, and stained glass designs that have come to define the artistic era.

53. Visit the Ethnographic Museum
Learn about Czech and Moravian folklore, traditions, and customs at the Ethnographic Museum. Explore its extensive collection of traditional costumes, crafts, and artifacts that showcase the rich cultural heritage.

54. Marvel at the Decorative Art of the House of the Black Madonna
Enter the Cubist masterpiece, the House of the Black Madonna, and explore the Museum of Czech Cubism. Admire the unique geometric designs, unconventional shapes, and avant-garde artwork.

55. Discover the Magical World of Karel Zeman
Step into the fantastical world of pioneering filmmaker Karel Zeman at the Karel Zeman Museum. Explore his imaginative creations and learn about his groundbreaking techniques in the realm of special effects.

56. Attend the Prague Spring International Music Festival
Immerse yourself in the world-renowned Prague Spring International Music Festival. Enjoy classical concerts, recitals, and opera performances featuring acclaimed musicians from around the globe.

57. Journey Through Time at the National Technical Museum
Uncover the wonders of science, technology, and innovation at the National Technical Museum. From vintage cars to aircraft, from steam engines to robots, this interactive museum offers a captivating experience for all ages.

58. Unwind at the Kampa Island Park
Escape the bustling city and find tranquility at Kampa Island Park. Meander through lush gardens, enjoy scenic views of the river, and relax in this picturesque urban oasis.

59. Explore the Underground Tunnels of the Strahov Monastery
Descend into the hidden underground tunnels of the Strahov Monastery, once used to transport goods and water. Explore this labyrinthine network and learn about the monastery’s fascinating history.

60. Indulge in Beer Spa Therapy
Treat yourself to a beer spa therapy session, where you can soak in a relaxing bath of warm beer, infused with natural ingredients. Rejuvenate your senses and experience the healing properties of Czech beer.

61. Navigate Prague’s Hidden Passages
Embark on a journey through Prague’s hidden passages, known as “skládka.” Go behind the scenes and unravel the mysteries of these hidden gems, which served as shortcuts and secret meeting spots.

62. Discover Prague’s Unique Museum of Communism
Step back in time and gain insights into life under communist rule at the Museum of Communism. Explore its immersive exhibits, watch historical footage, and learn about this pivotal period in Czech history.

63. Attend the Fringe Festival in Prague
Experience the vibrant and eclectic Prague Fringe Festival, a celebration of cutting-edge theater, comedy, and performance arts. Be entertained by a wide range of shows, workshops, and creative productions.

64. Indulge in a Traditional Czech Spa Treatment
Pamper yourself with a traditional Czech spa treatment, renowned for its healing properties and relaxation benefits. Enjoy a soothing massage, soak in mineral-rich thermal baths, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

65. Explore the Czech Village of Český Krumlov
Escape Prague and journey to the fairytale town of Český Krumlov. Marvel at its well-preserved medieval architecture, visit the majestic Český Krumlov Castle, and meander through charming cobblestone streets.

66. Witness the Dawn of a New Day on Charles Bridge
Experience the breathtaking sunrise from Charles Bridge, as the city awakens and bathes in golden hues. Take in the silence before the crowds arrive and savor this magical moment in solitude.

67. Discover the Magic of Prague’s Black Light Theatre
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Prague’s Black Light Theatre. Witness a fusion of dance, visual effects, and illusion, creating a unique and captivating theatrical experience.

68. Enter the Timeless World of Prague Miniature Museum
Step into a miniature world of intricate details and craftsmanship at the Prague Miniature Museum. Marvel at the painstakingly created miniatures and explore the rich stories they tell.

69. Experience the Bohemian Spirit at the Letná Beer Garden
Relax at the Letná Beer Garden, nestled in Letná Park, and savor refreshing Czech beer while taking in panoramic views of the city. Join the locals as they gather to unwind and embrace the bohemian atmosphere.

70. Enjoy a Romantic Boat Ride on the Vltava River
Embark on a romantic boat ride along the Vltava River, as the city’s landmarks and skyline unfold before your eyes. Bask in the tranquility of the water and create unforgettable memories with your loved one.

71. Get Lost in Kafka’s Prague
Trace the footsteps of Prague’s literary giant, Franz Kafka. Visit the places that inspired his works, such as the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, and the former site of the Franz Kafka Museum.

72. Embark on a Beer Bike Tour through Prague
Combine sightseeing and beer tasting on a beer bike tour through Prague. Pedal your way through the city’s streets while enjoying a cold brew and taking in the iconic landmarks.

73. Explore the Eclectic Lucerna Palace
Discover the eclectic Lucerna Palace, a multifunctional cultural space that houses a cinema, theater, music club, and more. Experience the vibrant atmosphere and delve into Prague’s modern entertainment scene.

74. Dive into Czech Comic Book Culture
Immerse yourself in the world of Czech comic books at the Comic Book Museum. Explore its extensive collection, featuring beloved characters and influential Czech artists.

75. Sample Czech Street Food Delicacies
Indulge in Czech street food delights such as trdelník ice cream cones, grilled sausages, and smažený sýr (fried cheese). Discover the culinary treasures offered by street vendors and food stalls throughout the city.

76. Browse the Antique Market in Prague
Get lost in time at the antique market in Prague, where vendors showcase a treasure trove of vintage items, collectibles, and curiosities. Unearth unique souvenirs or simply revel in the nostalgia.

77. Pedal Your Way Through Prague on a Segway Tour
Embark on a fun and convenient Segway tour, gliding through Prague’s historical streets with ease. Explore the city’s landmarks, learn about its history, and have a blast on this modern-day adventure.

78. Celebrate Prague’s Easter Market Traditions
Experience the festive spirit of Prague’s Easter markets, where you can immerse yourself in age-old traditions. Browse stalls filled with hand-painted eggs, artisan crafts, and local delicacies.

79. Attend the Prague Folklore Days Festival
Immerse yourself in Czech folklore traditions at the Prague Folklore Days Festival. Witness colorful dances, traditional costumes, and live folk music performances that showcase the nation’s cultural heritage.

80. Unleash Your Creativity at Prague Pottery Workshops
Unleash your inner artist and join a pottery workshop in Prague. Channel your creativity as you shape clay and learn traditional techniques under the guidance of skilled potters.

81. Embrace Nature at the Prague Botanical Gardens
Escape the urban hustle and explore the serene Prague Botanical Gardens. Discover a vast array of plant species, relax in beautifully landscaped gardens, and reconnect with nature.

82. Discover the Grandeur of the Strahov Library
Enter the Strahov Library, a majestic Baroque masterpiece housing a vast collection of rare books, manuscripts, and maps. Marvel at the stunning frescoes, ornate ceilings, and the library’s impressive ambiance.

83. Wander the Příkopy Shopping Boulevard
Indulge in a shopping spree at Příkopy, Prague’s premier shopping boulevard. Explore a range of high-end boutiques, international brands, and luxury stores while enjoying the beauty of the city.

84. Learn the Art of Czech Puppetry
Attend a puppetry workshop and learn the age-old art form that has been an integral part of Czech culture. Create your own puppet and discover the magic of storytelling through this unique medium.

85. Attend the Prague Autumn Music Festival
Immerse yourself in the Prague Autumn Music Festival, an annual celebration of classical and contemporary music. Enjoy performances by renowned musicians, orchestras, and chamber ensembles.

86. Discover the Allure of Prague’s Black Light Theatre
Experience the captivating performances of Prague’s Black Light Theatre, where darkness, UV light, and illusion create a mesmerizing spectacle. Let your imagination run wild and be spellbound by this distinct theatrical art form.

87. Indulge in Truffle Delicacies at Prague’s Truffle Festival
Satisfy your culinary desires at Prague’s Truffle Festival, where truffle lovers gather to savor exquisite dishes. Sample truffle-infused delicacies, attend cooking workshops, and discover the aromatic allure of truffles.

88. Explore the Prague Museum of Illusions
Challenge your perceptions and explore the mind-bending exhibits at the Prague Museum of Illusions. Get lost in an upside-down room, defy gravity, and unravel the mysteries behind optical illusions.

89. Witness the Colourful Prague Pride Parade
Celebrate love, diversity, and equality at the vibrant Prague Pride Parade. Join the festivities, marches, and cultural events that promote LGBTQ+ rights and foster an inclusive and accepting society.

90. Attend the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary
Experience the glitz and glamour of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in Central Europe. Enjoy screenings of acclaimed films and rub shoulders with industry professionals.

91. Unearth Ancient Treasures at the National Archaeological Museum
Step back in time at the National Archaeological Museum, home to a fascinating collection of artifacts dating back to prehistoric times. Explore the ancient civilizations that once thrived on Czech soil.

92. Embark on a Culinary Journey through Prague Food Tours
Embark on a gastronomic adventure with Prague Food Tours and discover the city’s culinary hidden gems. Sample traditional dishes, visit local eateries, and gain a deeper understanding of Czech cuisine.

93. Discover Prague’s Street Art Scene
Immerse yourself in Prague’s thriving street art scene. Wander through neighborhoods adorned with colorful murals, graffiti, and thought-provoking installations that showcase the city’s urban artistic expression.

94. Visit the Torture Museum
Uncover the dark and gruesome history of the Torture Museum, where you can witness the instruments of torment and learn about the cruel practices employed in times of old.

95. Take Part in the Marathon of the Spring Deers
Join the Marathon of the Spring Deers, a unique sporting event that combines running with a scavenger hunt. Navigate the city, solve riddles, and explore Prague’s landmarks in this exhilarating race.

96. Experience an Outdoor Concert at Prague Letná Park
Spend a summer evening at Prague Letná Park, where outdoor concerts fill the air with music and create a festive atmosphere. Join locals on the grassy slopes and enjoy the sounds of live performances.

97. Attend a Czech Beer Festival
Immerse yourself in Czech beer culture at one of Prague’s beer festivals. Enjoy unlimited beer tastings, traditional food, and live music as you join beer enthusiasts from around the world.

98. Visit Prague’s Breathtaking Ice Bar
Experience the unique chill of Prague’s Ice Bar, where everything, from the walls to the glasses, is made of ice. Don a thermal cape, sip on a frosty cocktail, and revel in this frozen wonderland.

99. Explore Prague’s Underground Pub Scene
Descend into Prague’s underground pub scene, where hidden speakeasies and cellar bars await. Discover secret entrances, sip on craft cocktails, and enjoy live music in these hidden gems.

100. Create Lasting Memories in Prague’s Fairytale Setting
Prague’s fairytale setting, vibrant culture, and warm-hearted locals make it an unforgettable destination. Whether you seek history, art, cuisine, or simply the joy of discovering something new, Prague offers an enchanting experience that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

  • Dive into Prague’s rich history and soak in the beauty of its architectural marvels such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and St. Vitus Cathedral.
  • Immerse yourself in Czech culture through traditional cuisine, folklore, and music, and sample the world-famous Czech beer.
  • Explore the vibrant arts and music scene, and attend festivals and cultural events that showcase the city’s creative spirit.
  • Take part in unique and fun activities, from Segway tours to beer spa therapy, and experience Prague in a truly memorable way.
  • Discover the lesser-known treasures, bohemian neighborhoods, and hidden passages that add an element of mystery and intrigue to your adventure in Prague.

Why go to Prague, Czech Republic?

You must visit Prague, Czech Republic, at least once in your lifetime because, for centuries, Prague has been known as “The City of a Thousand Spires.” It’s no wonder that many of Czechia’s historical landmarks and places have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Influences ranged from Gothic and Baroque to Renaissance and Art Nouveau. In the Czech Republic, many UNESCO sites are more than just buildings. They let people experience the country’s rich cultural heritage in many different ways.

Places to go in Prague Czech Republic:

  1. Bar Tour 
  2. Charles Bridge
  3. Devil’s Stream
  4. Divoka Sarka 
  5. Letna Park
  6. Malá Strana
  7. Jara Cimerman Theater
  8. Jewish Quarters
  9. John Lennon Wall 
  10. Old Town Square
  11. Old Town Bridge Tower
  12. Prague Castle
  13. Prague Zoo
  14. Passage Lucerna
  15. Speculum Alchemiae
  16. Strelecky Island
  17. Tyn Church
  18. St. Vitus Cathedral
  19. Vltava River Cruise
  20. Vyserhad
  21. Wenceslas Square

What is Prague, the Czech Republic, famous for?

Prague, Czech Republic, is famous for its rich architecture, museums, copious and affordable nightlife, and vast shopping opportunities. It is also noted for its substantial meals, inexpensive beer, and beautifully kept UNESCO World Heritage City Centre.

Fun Facts about Prague, Czech Republic

  • Prague’s first café was established in the sixteenth century.
  • The world’s second-worst building is located in Prague.
  • One of Prague’s tiniest streets is just 20 inches (50 centimeters) wide.
  • From the Petron Tower, you can see the entire city.
  • The Czech Republic’s Prague Castle is the world’s third-largest.

Why visit Prague, Czech Republic

How big is Prague, Czech Republic?

Prague, Czech Republic, is about 496 square km or 192 square miles in size.

When is the best time to visit Prague, Czech Republic?

The best time to visit Prague, Czech Republic, is the months of April, May, September, and October.

Seasons of moderate weather and smaller crowds, like April and May or September and October, are perfect for travel. If this plan goes through, travelers would be able to walk across the famed Charles Bridge without having to dodge hoards of onlookers and hawkers.

How many days do you need to see Prague, Czech Republic?

It’s preferable to spend at least four to five days in Prague to properly enjoy the city. You should travel this path to acquire an impression of the city’s history and culture. This tutorial will tell you how to organize an affordable vacation to Prague.

What is the cheapest time to go to Prague, Czech Republic?

The low season (flights) to visit Prague, Czech Republic, is in the months of January, February, March, May, September, and October.

Visitors who don’t mind the cold should go in January or February when plane rates are lower, and tour operators may offer discounts. During the spring and autumn months, which include March through May and September through October, hotels are more likely to offer discounts to offset the lower number of visitors.

Is Prague, the Czech Republic, an expensive city to visit?

If you’re on a mid-range budget, Prague is a better option than many other Western European cities, with an average daily cost of €40 to €90 for one person.

According to other travelers’ costs, you can expect to spend an average of K2,050 ($88) daily while you’re there. K490 ($21) for one day’s meals and K178 ($7.63) for local transportation has been the average costs for previous visitors.

How to save money when visiting Prague, Czech Republic?

The best ways to save money when visiting Prague, Czech Republic, are:

  • Rather than flying throughout Europe, take the train.
  • You may also take a self-guided road trip by renting a car.
  • There are several ways to get around Prague using public transit. Not to mention the price is really reasonable.
  • Any ancient town marketplaces that appear should be taken into consideration. Avoid them as though they were contagious at all costs. Their prices are so expensive that there are no words to describe them.

What food (and drinks) is Prague, the Czech Republic, known for?

Things you need to eat in Prague, the Czech Republic before you die:

  • Koleno
  • Bramborak
  • Chamomilla Bohemica
  • České pivo

Visit Prague, Czech Republic at least once in your lifetime

Is Prague, the Czech Republic, safe to visit?

There are no problems for most tourists to the Czech Republic since the location score indicates that Prague is a highly safe city to visit. It’s just visitors who have to worry about being robbed in Prague. Keep an eye on your wallet and keep your baggage locked up to avoid being a victim of petty theft.

What is the best way to get around Prague, Czech Republic?

The best way to get around in Prague, Czech Republic, are:

  • Bus
  • TRAM

What are the neighborhoods or areas I should stay in when I visit Prague, Czech Republic?

The best areas you should stay in when visiting Prague, Czech Republic, are:

  • Grand Hotel Bohemia 
  • Old Prague Hotel
  • Mandarin Oriental, Prague
  • Hostel Kaiser

What are the best neighborhoods or areas for food?

The best areas for food and drinks when visiting Prague, Czech Republic, are:

  • Krčma
  • Parek v rohliku – Ladislav Cerveny
  • Nase Maso
  •  U Parlamentu

What are the best neighborhoods or areas for shopping?

The best areas for shopping when visiting Prague, Czech Republic, are:

  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Rocking Horse Toy Shop
  • Pragtique
  • Fashion Arena

What should I do on my first trip to Prague, Czech Republic?

If you are visiting Prague, the Czech Republic, for the first time, the fantastic fives are a must-see on your first trip. The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the remainder of Old Town Square’s landmarks are all included in this list.

Is Prague, Czech Republic a good place for solo travel?

When traveling solo, you can visit the National Museum of Communism if you’ve got a few minutes to spare. You may check out the Sex Machines Museum or the Karel Zeman Museum to learn more about the filmmaker who influenced Tim Burton, Karel Zeman.

Prague is a perfect destination for lone tourists as one of Europe’s safest cities. When traveling by public transit, be extra cautious because even little crimes like theft can happen anywhere, especially in major cities.

Is Prague, Czech Republic a good place to visit for a family with kids?

When visiting Prague, the Czech Republic as a family with kids, you may experience Prague’s crimson roofs. Kids will also enjoy cobblestone streets and a stunning castle, making it a lovely place to visit. In addition to the city’s many must-see sites, Prague has many family-friendly activities, museums, and world-class performances.

Is Prague, Czech Republic, a good place for couples?

When visiting Prague, the Czech Republic, as a couple, you must experience putting a lock on the Mala Strana bridge. If you’re planning a romantic trip to Prague, don’t skip Malá Strana’s cobblestone streets or the Lovers’ Bridge. Hundreds of couples have put a padlock with a personalized message to show their love’s strength.

What are the best annual events in Prague, Czech Republic?

The best annual events in Prague, Czech Republic, that you cannot miss are

  • Febiofest International Film Festival in March
  • Prague Winter Music Festival in January
  • Prague Fringe in May
  • Prague Spring International Music Festival in May and June
  • Čarodějnice in April

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