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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Evansville, Indiana. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Evansville, Indiana. #Top Attractions

Evansville, Indiana, offers a lot to its visitors! For the best travel experience in Evansville, Indiana, check out our curated list of things to do in Evansville, Indiana, and the best places to visit in Evansville, Indiana, below. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

Angel Mounds

Angel Mounds Evansville Indiana

Angel Mounds, Evansville, Indiana / Norm / Flickr

The Angel Mounds is one of the top attractions in Indiana.

It is a National Historic Landmark and the best place in the country to see prehistoric Native American culture.

Angel Mounds is the state’s historical site on 100 hectares of riverfront land in Ohio and southwestern Indiana, about 8 miles from Evansville.

Middle Mississippian Native Americans built Angel Mounds. Between 1100 and 1450 AD, they resided there.

The site was a very important place for the tribe, but they died out before Europeans arrived.

Archaeologists think that the settlement was located on the highest point of the largest mound.

Meanwhile, the smaller mounds were used for ceremonies and to learn about the universe.

People can learn more about prehistoric culture through a museum dedicated to studying models that show how people lived back then.

There are a number of displays that show what we know so far and displays of important artifacts found here.

After that, take a 1.5-mile (2.4-km) hike through the 11 groups of mounds along a trail to see the wonder for yourself.

Enjoy the wonder of nature with your loved ones at this fantastic tourist spot!

Address: 8215 Pollack Avenue, Evansville, IN

Burdette Park

Burdette Park Evansville Indiana

Burdette Park, Evansville, Indiana / Laura Bernhardt / Flickr

Get lost in Evansville and need some guidance. This park in Indiana is a natural wonderland with over 170 acres of lush hills.

The Work Progress Administration (WPA) and other public works projects were instrumental in creating an undulating, forested park near the USI campus in the 1920s (WPA).

Since it first opened to the public in the early 1960s, Burdette Park’s aquatic facility has remained one of the Midwest’s largest.

It’s an ideal spot for running or bicycling on paved routes through a woodland parkland.

Tourists may relax and look forward in a unique manner every season.

Moreover, this vast park is a popular destination for leisure activities, with a huge public pool and water slides among the many available options!

It is possible to access the park’s main path from the Exploration Lodge.

In addition, there are several other, more rustic, routes that nature enthusiasts can take.

You can also find a large campsite in the surrounding woods.

Bring the whole squad with you and enjoy different leisure activities together!

Address: 5301 Nurrenbern Road, Evansville, IN

Children’s Museum of Evansville

Childrens Museum of Evansville Indiana

Childrens Museum of Evansville, Indiana / Lori SR / Flickr

It’s a treasure mine of educational and amusing displays, games, and activities at this Indiana museum for kids.

Centrally located in Evansville’s downtown is Evansville’s Children’s Museum.

The Children’s Museum of Evansville and the Art Deco public library are located at this historic location.

Exhibitions, galleries, seminars, and activities fill 18,000 sq ft of architectural style structure.

The museum exhibits are divided into a number of unrestricted, hands-on sections, such as Live Well.

Moreover, it promotes a healthy diet and Smart work, which has stations to pique children’s interest in engineering and mechanics.

Visitors are invited to spend time together exploring the museum and developing stronger ties as a family.

According to visitors, The two-story duck, Moe, Wet Deck, the laser harp, and Mark Twain’s talking sculpture are some of the museum’s most popular exhibits.

It’s highly recommended for families with children! Keep an eye out for the Children’s Museum of Evansville’s regular events and activities for kids and their families.

Address: 22 SE 5th Street, Evansville, IN

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Cross-Eyed Cricket

Cross-Eyed Cricket, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

Visit this small, locally-owned eatery on the Lloyd Highway that serves cheap comfort cuisine.

Joshua Tudela, a former professional soccer player and manager, is also the founder and proprietor of convenience by the Cross-Eyed Cricket.

It is a restaurant in Evansville, Indiana, that specializes in artisanal comfort food.

For this reason, they’ve decided to call their new Main Street store Comfort by Cross-Eyed Cricket.

Salads, soups, burgers, grilled pork, and fried catfish are all on the menu.

Even yet, this restaurant’s most popular meal of the day is probably breakfast.

Customers love the gravy and biscuits, in addition to the many different kinds of pancakes and omelets that are on the menu here.

A fun fact about the Tedulas is that on Christmas Eve, they operate their eatery every year and give away free dinners and pictures with Santa.

The benefit of eating here is that they’ve used the money they make to create a homeless refuge for children.

Enjoy dining and at the same time helping other children who are in need.

Address: 2101 W Pennsylvania Street, Evansville, IN

Donut Bank

Donut Bank, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

The neighborhood has had a Donut Bank since 1967, and it’s still going strong.

At this point, they’re in their third generation of serving Tri-State residents with the best and freshest foods possible.

With that, all presented with a kind smile and unparalleled customer service.

Visitors may look forward to treats like their delicious white chocolate macadamia cookie, frosted cookie, and the beautiful turtle cookie at this bakery.

In addition to 17 varieties of doughnuts, they also have seven “specialty” varieties.

Peanut butter, M&M, walnut brownies, and caramel pecan are all on the menu.

Two of their seven varieties of muffins are low-fat: apple cinnamon and pineapple, which have been turned upside down.

Bagels are available in eight varieties for those who aren’t in the mood for dessert.

To help those in need, the Donut Bank gives away all of its day-old doughnuts.

What if you don’t have time to eat at home?

There is no need to worry because Donut Bank provides take-out services so that you may enjoy their product even while on the road!

Fill up your tummy and eat their yummylicious donuts!

Address: 1031 East Diamond Avenue, Evansville, IN

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Evansville Wartime Museum

Evansville Wartime Museum, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

In the midst of World War II, everyone did their best to help our allies and troops. It was the best effort at home during a war.

The Evansville Regional Airport is just a few miles away from this Indiana military museum.

To honor the city’s wartime efforts after the attack on Pearl Harbor in Evansville.

Workers constructed and repaired fighter planes, ships, and tanks in Evansville, Indiana.

Tanks and other military equipment could be transported directly to the shore without the necessity of a dock or pier using their LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank).

USO and Red Cross canteens offered soldiers a place to relax and recharge their batteries.

In addition to the exhibits’ educational value, many of the museum’s tour guides are veterans themselves, making the visit all the more poignant.

The museum’s collection is continually expanding, with new items being added on a regular basis.

Tarheel Hal, an authentic P-47 manufactured a few blocks distant, coupled with machinery employed inside the workplace.

Indeed, it is a must-see at the Evansville Wartime Museum.

If you’re a history buff, this is the first place you have to visit!

Address: 7503 Petersburg Road, Evansville, IN

Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science

Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

Evansville, Indiana’s Museum of Arts, History, and Science is a one-stop-shop for artistic, historical, and scientific.

One of Indiana’s most historical cultural institutions is in downtown Evansville crosses the Riverbank in Ohio.

Presently, the museum is within the Historic downtown area, which was established in 1874.

More than 30,000 pieces have been accumulated by this museum since it was formed.

They cover a wide range of topics such as fine arts, decorative arts and history along with anthropology & natural history.

An interactive reproduction of an 18th-century river village and a Humankind Gallery highlighting indigenous cultures from Asia, Africa, and South America.

Taking the Highlights of the Museum is a great opportunity to learn more about the museum’s three main sections.

A full-dome movie experience awaits visitors at Immersive Theater by the Koch Foundation. You can’t get any better than a family movie night.

Address: 411 SE Riverside Drive, Evansville, IN

Evansville African American Museum

Evansville African American Museum, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

A major museum about the cultures and heritage of African American families, groups, and organizations in the city is a short distance east of downtown.

Evansville African American Museum is important to history because of where it is.

As a component of the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the second Federal Housing Project, Lincoln Gardens, was built in 1938.

Identified as the one and only building from that venture that is still standing is part of the art gallery.

In an original apartment that has been kept, you could see what it was like to live in the project within the 1930s.

The rest of the building is a modern museum.

In Evansville, you can find out about the surrounding Baptist town and the thriving black community.

You can also learn about important people and events from the last 100 years.

Tourists can schedule ahead by looking at the website to see what new film screenings, museum, and exhibition events are coming up.

Learn further about the history of African Americans by taking a tour of this museum

Address: 579 South Garvin Street, Evansville, IN

Hartman Arboretum

Hartman Arboretum, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

The garden’s special exhibitions and tours on Butterfly Day are the most popular event.

Jean and Grant Hartman own the land on which the Hartman Arboretum is situated.

The Hartmans and a volunteer group of expert gardeners now look after the nursery, which Grant began designing and planting in 2001.

Guests may look forward to habitat for wildlife, a meditation garden, and a hydrangea garden.

Hydrangea Gardens and Fall Color Groves are available for visitors to experience the changing colors of autumn.

You may admire attractive vines in the Arboretum of the Indigenous Vine and harvest blueberries in the Blueberry Patch throughout the season.

The Wildlife Garden, which features a wide variety of plants that attract butterflies in droves, is unquestionably a must-see attraction.

A big garden maintained by a family serves as a classroom for children to learn about plants and the natural world.

Bring alongside your kid if you’re a plant lover, for them to also learn how to take care and the importance of plants in our lives.

Address: 5939 Spirit Trail, Evansville, IN

Hilltop Inn

Hilltop Inn, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

All foodies are invited to Evansville, Indiana, for a delicious soup that will transform your perception of the United States.

Only the finest ingredients are used at Hilltop Inn, and we take great delight in the delectable flavors we provide.

Family-owned Hilltop Inn can be seen in the western part of the city of Evansville and is known for its tavern-style cuisine.

The company started off as a stagecoach stop in 1839 and had a dining room, saloon, feed store, general shop, and hotel rooms on the second story to service tourists.

Moreover, their restaurant and bar have been added to an indoor space for families to dine together.

In addition to umbrellas with beer logos, concrete dining tables are stretched out on a big front porch.

Specialties include fried chicken, Icelandic fish, and their famed sandwiches made from cow brain at Hilltop Inn in southern Indiana.

For more than a century, The Hilltop Inn on Evansville’s Westside has served as a halt for travelers on their way to and from the city’s east side.

Enjoy a nice beer and their renowned Brain Sandwich while you’re here, and bring your friends along for fun!

Address: 1100 Harmony Way, Evansville, IN

Howell Wetlands

Howell Wetlands, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

The Howell Wetlands is one of the best things to do in  Indiana.

Herons, beavers, and wood ducks live in the wetlands, so keep an eye out for them while exploring!

One of the largest urban wetlands in Indiana is the 35-acre Howell Wetlands in the Nature Preserve at Wesselman Woods.

It was proclaimed in 1997 by the Town of Evansville.

Located in the center of Evansville, Howell Wetlands is one of just five Indiana urban wetlands parks.

The Wesselman Nature Society is in charge of looking after it.

A marsh, river oxbow, slough, and more may all be found in this unique environment, open all year round to the public.

Throughout the wetlands, more than two miles of paths traverse wooden decks and bridges and offer a variety of exciting hiking experiences for visitors.

Using solar power, locally produced recycled plastic rails and a brand-new environmental protection center exemplify sustainability at its finest.

Get a closer look at the aquatic life by taking advantage of the 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) of walking trails and boardwalks that lead right to the water’s edge.

Address: 1400 South Tekoppel Avenue, Evansville, IN

Isaac Knight Memorial

Isaac Knight Memorial, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

It is the resting place of Isaac Knight, a boy who was kidnapped by Pottawattamie Indians in 1795.

Knight was just 13 years old when he escaped two years and three months later.

In the 18th century, the territory that is now the state of Indiana was only beginning to be settled by white people.

The Miami, Potawatomi, Kickapoo, and Lenape tribes, along with others, were frequently at odds with them.

Evansville, Indiana, has erected a plaque to honor one of these battles.

Just beyond the parking area of Snodgrass Floral Company, in a little garden, sits an unassuming memorial to Isaac Knight.

On the day of his capture, Knight swam across the River of Ohio with 4 of his pals.

Moreover, 2 of the pals were slain, and the remaining were kidnapped by Kickapoo Native Americans during the violent confrontation.

Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science is where Knight’s artwork reflects his personal life and experiences.

Discover more about the history of what happened in this memorial by taking a tour around it.

Address: 4824 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN

Mesker Park Zoo

Mesker Park Zoo, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

Yes! Mesker Park Zoo offers visitors the chance to witness animals from all over the world.

The Mesker Park Zoo inside Evansville in Indiana is the greatest option for a fun-filled day for the whole family.

All kinds of animals, plants, and rides are available to visitors. There’s even a lake where visitors may go boating!

This zoo, located on Mesker Park Drive, features more than 700 different species.

Moreover, you can witness animals such as the tiger, lion, anteater, and penguin at this location.

Plants of all sizes and shapes, from towering trees to flowery bushes, may be seen in the botanical garden located within the zoo.

This 20,000-square-foot exhibit features a wide variety of tropical plant and animal species.

You feel like you’ve stepped into a jungle as you enter the 45-foot-high cage surrounded by lush foliage.

Wear shoes that can handle rough ground if you plan on visiting this large zoo. The terrain is hilly, so be prepared to walk a lot.

Address: 1545 Mesker Park Drive, Evansville, IN

Lamasco Bar

Lamasco Bar, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

Lamasco Bar is a hot spot in the city’s heart for great food, live music, and fun events.

The bar’s laid-back atmosphere and pleasant service make it ideal for a quiet night in.

Open mic nights, trivia nights, comedy performances, and concerts are just a few of the many activities at this Indiana institution.

As a mid-west venue, Lamasco has established itself as a must-stop for local, regionally-based, and touring acts.

Music, good company, good food, and good fun can be enjoyed almost every night of the week!

There’s a reason why GET LAMASCOED is constantly being said by the general public.

The Breakfast Burrito from Lamasco, which is available all day, is a must-have.

Its outside terrace is a great place to relax if the weather is nice!

In addition, don’t forget to bring your camera to take photos of the Instagram-worthy cuisine and surroundings.

Address: 331 W. Franklin Street, Evansville

Old Evansville Courthouse

Old Evansville Courthouse, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

The Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse is another name for it and it is a must-visit for anybody interested in history or architecture from the 19th century.

Until recently, the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse, or “Old Courthouse,” served as Vanderburgh County’s administrative hub.

It was finished in November 1890, after construction began in the spring of 1888.

The board has been working diligently to restore the building one room at a time since its inception.

Henry Wolters, a Louisville architect, created the stunning edifice, which is a fine Beaux Arts style example that took the place of the more ornate Victorian designs.

The building was constructed from Indian limestone and has marble flooring, slate steps, a 216-foot-tall clocktower, brass elements, and forged iron.

The Old Courthouse Foundation offers guided tours of the building’s interior for a small number of interested visitors.

The beauty of the architectural design will leave you awed whenever you plan to visit.

Address: 201 North West 4th Street, Evansville, IN

Penny Lane Coffeehouse

Penny Lane Coffeehouse, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

“A place to take time and remember why you’re living,” says Penny Lane Coffeehouse.

People who enjoy coffee will find a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere at a shop with such a mentality.

Evansville residents and visitors enjoy a cup of joe at this laid-back coffee shop, which provides a fascinating glimpse into city life.

You never know who you could bump with at the event!

Penny Lane also offers a selection of specialty sandwiches and customizable breakfast or lunch sandwich options.

Additionally, they have excellent coffee in all its forms, from lattes to espressos.

Penny Lane is available to the public without any auditions or requirements for individuals who wish to show off their musical prowess.

Unlimited alcoholic beverages and a complimentary dinner are also provided to all performers throughout their performances.

Find the greatest Evansville coffee shop here. Come to Penny Lane and experience the area’s favorite atmosphere and the best coffee and baristas.

Address: 600 SE 2nd Street, Evansville, IN

Reitz Home Museum

Reitz Home Museum, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

An 1871 French Second Empire-style residence built for the “Lumber Baron” John Augustus Reitz is waiting for you in the Riverside Historic District of Riverside (1815-1891).

Located in John Augustus Reitz’s 1871 mansion, a rich timber entrepreneur, together with his children and his wife, Gertrude.

The Reitz Home Museum provides a fascinating look into the family’s history.

In fact, the mansion has been restored to its former glory.

It has hand-painted ceiling frescoes, molded plaster friezes, patterned parquet floors, silk damask walls, and period furnishings.

At some point between the 1930s and 1974, the Reitz Home was given to a Catholic organization, which finally served as Evansville’s bishop’s residence.

In 1974, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Since then, it has been open to the public for visits.

Reitz Home Museum is indeed one of the country’s greatest examples of a Victorian house.

Bring your camera to capture the beauty of this once residence turned into a museum.

Address: 112 Chestnut Street, Evansville, IN

Tropicana Evansville Casino

Tropicana Evansville Casino, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a night of dazzling lights, music, and gambling at Indiana’s first casino.

Bally’s Evansville is a multi-million dollar entertainment complex on the banks of the Ohio River in southwest Indiana.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy a night of gambling on its floors.

This place contains intriguing machines and tables, including penny slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker.

More than 30 live and electronic table games and a High Limit Room can be found in the 45,000-square-foot casino on a single floor.

Ten thousand square feet of conference space overlooking the Ohio River may be found just a few blocks away.

A 243-room hotel tower and a 95-room boutique hotel are available for guests.

Is gambling not your thing? You may enjoy live music and eat at one of the several restaurants located on the property.

Downtown’s hippest pubs and restaurants are just steps away, as is a peaceful stroll along the Ohio River if you’re in the mood.

Make sure to bring your luck with you to win awesome prizes!

Address: 421 NW Riverside Dr, Evansville


USS LST 325 Evansville Indiana

USS LST 325, Evansville, Indiana / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Flickr

The USS LST-325 is one of the best places to visit in  Indiana.

It is a must-see for anybody interested in military history (Tank, Landing Ship).

The fully operable World War II submarine USS LST-325 destroyer of the LST type, is a sight to behold!

When World War II happened, industriousness in Evansville surged into overdrive.

Notably along the riverbank, 40 hectares dedicated to shipbuilding built massive landing ships for tanks.

Tanks, jeeps, and soldiers arrive directly on the beaches by these amphibious boats during invasions, making them a crucial part of the war effort.

A guided tour of the ship’s main deck is a good way to learn more about its history.

Volunteers lead the excursions and give insight into the ship’s history, operational role, and day-to-day operations.

When planning travel arrangements, it is crucial to check the ship’s schedule to see if it stops in nearby cities between August and September.

Visitors can purchase a unique souvenir after the tour to commemorate their experience on board the USS LST-325.

Enjoy the awesome experience by onboarding from one of the greatest battleships ever!

Address: 610 NW Riverside Dr., Evansville, IN 47708

Winzerwald Winery

Winzerwald Winery, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

Is wine your thing? Well, you’ve come to the right spot!

A visit to Winzerwald Winery will be one of the most pleasant experiences you’ll ever have.

Fruit and spice-infused wines, distinctive blends, classic German types, and premium options are all produced by this family-owned vineyard.

In honor of Dan and Donna’s German background, the vineyard offers German and Swiss-style wines, souvenirs, festivals, informative tours, and a lot of fun for visitors.

There’s an inside tasting area and an outdoor wine garden at this award-winning vineyard perched high above the Hoosier National Forest.

A gift shop and a selection of Midwest cheeses are available at the Cheese Haus.

The Wein Klub offers discounts on wine purchases to say nothing of admission to activities that are exclusively open to members.

The shipping option is only available to residents of Indiana.

Indiana Uplands Wine Trail visitors flock to this modest property for free wine samples and genuine Southern hospitality.

Appreciate the art of winemaking and discover how wines are made!

Address: 26300 North Indian Lake Road, Bristow, IN

Willard Carpenter House

Willard Carpenter House, Evansville, Indiana

Image for illustration purposes only

This house is part of the National Historic Landmark for its role as an Underground Railroad stop.

Throughout the region, The Willard Carpenter House serves as a reminder of one founding father’s philanthropic efforts.

Willard Carpenter, the owner, was a Vermont philanthropist and businessman.

Evansville was Willard Carpenter’s first stop in 1822 and he established a home there in 1837.

He rose to prominence in the city rapidly and is now a well-known figure.

He was instrumental in completing the Wabash and Erie Canal in southern Indiana while serving as a county commissioner.

Slave escapees were welcomed to enter the house via a tunnel from the Ohio River’s banks through his property.

Carpenter ordered a city library in 1876.

In fact, he stipulated that it “be kept available for free usage of any individuals who may choose to examine it.”

This showed his support for African American civil rights at the time.

As a result, WNIN now owns Carpenter’s former residence and operates it as a television and radio broadcast facility.

See for yourself this house wherein enslaved people were welcome to hide and live.

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Address: 405 Carpenter Street, Evansville, IN