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Thinking of going to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for your vacation? Check out our curated list of the best things to do in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the best places to visit in Fort Wayne, Indiana, below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Allen County Courthouse

Allen County Courthouse, Indiana
Allen County Courthouse, Indiana / Ken Lund / Flickr

If the beauty of architecture inspires and amazes you, you must see the Allen County Courthouse!

This large courthouse stands out on Calhoun Street in the city’s heart.

It was designed in the late-nineteenth-century architectural style Beaux-Arts and constructed between 1897 and 1902.

The courthouse’s structure and interior design are prime examples of the famous architectural style of the American Renaissance.

You can even plan your wedding inside the courthouse for a unique historical experience.

The White House has high ceilings, scenic murals, hand-painted tiles, and a replica of the Statue of Liberty stands at the top of the building.

You can participate in a guided group tour of the Allen County Courthouse or a self-guided tour of the building. 

The magnificent structure will undoubtedly impress you!

Visit Allen County Courthouse to learn about the courthouse’s history and be amazed by its architecture.

Address: 715 South Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA 

Arts United Center

Arts United Center, Wayne, Indiana
Arts United Center is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

The Arts United Center is one of the best places to visit in  Indiana.

Visit this brilliant auditorium in Fort Wayne and enjoy a lot of activities!

The Arts United Center, the crown jewel of the downtown Cultural District, was designed by world-renowned architect Louis Kahn in 1973.

Arts United creates, coordinates, and supports arts and cultural initiatives in Northeast Indiana, thinking that music, cinema, architecture, dance, fine art, theater, museums, historical sites, and artful public places improve the vibrancy of the region’s urban core.

Outdoor recreation activities abound in Fort Wayne.

We have numerous safe options for your vacation, including over 120 miles of trails and dozens of award-winning parks.

This historic theater houses the Fort Wayne Ballet and the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre in an intimate, 660-seat performing arts theatre.

Backstage visits are offered upon request and provide insight into the theater’s construction and design.

Many provide outside dining and carryout alternatives to ensure that every visitor is comfortable.

Invite your friends and explore this great city by renting a kayak or bike or bringing your own. 

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana, 303 East Main Street 

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception , Indiana
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Indiana / Robert Cutts / Flickr

This stunning Gothic church is a Fort Wayne true treasure and one of the city’s historical and artistic marvels!

This Roman Catholic cathedral is located in the city’s heart, between Clinton and Calhoun Streets.

It was Fort Wayne’s first religious institution.

The cathedral was built in a year and a half, between 1859 and 1860.

It is an active Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend church. Still, it is open to visitors drawn to the cathedral’s magnificent architecture and significant religious art and glass collection.

There are intricate hand-carved wooden religious figures next to the stained glass windows.

Today, the small cathedral combines history and faith, providing insight into how this small Indiana city has changed over the last 150 years.

Visitors and worshipers are welcome to visit the cathedral!

Address: 260-424-1485, 1122 S Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. 

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Chief Richardville House

Chief Richardville House, Wayne, Indiana
Chief Richardville House is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Visit the Chief Richardville House to step back in time which honors the memory of Miami Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville, a great negotiator in American history.

This 1827 Greek Revival house was built for Miami Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville and is now a national historic landmark.

He established a trading empire in the Old Northwest Territory that reportedly made him the state’s richest man when he died in 1841.

The house’s architecture is as gorgeous as its Miami and French origins.

His expansive and elegant home, which he built in 1827, still stands today and is the site of regular tours and special events in Fort Wayne.

Escape modernity by visiting Chief Richardville House, the Midwest’s first Native American structure inspired by the Greek Revival style.

Fort Wayne, IN 46809 5705 Bluffton Road 

Children’s Zoo

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo , Indiana
Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Indiana / Becker1999 / Flickr

Looking for something exciting and entertaining to do today?

Why not bring the whole family to Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo? 

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, located a few miles north of downtown, is one of the area’s most popular family-friendly attractions.

The Children’s Zoo has been serving the community for more than 50 years and has received numerous accolades and over 500,000 visitors each year.

Stop by Monkey Island at the Central Zoo, where cute capuchin monkeys have a good time.

Watch the feeding frenzy twice a day at Sea Lion Beach while you can see many penguins having fun at the pool next door.

Take the Sky Safari Lift to see the zoo from above, or take the railroad around the park.

Ride the endangered species carousel or the crocodile creek adventure ride for a good time.

It makes learning fun for everyone, from exploring the lives of bees to discovering everything you need to know about bones.

This place provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about wildlife from all over the world in one location. So bring your children and explore this great zoo!

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana 3411 Sherman Boulevard 

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DeBrand Fine Chocolates

DeBrand Fine Chocolates, Wayne, Indiana
DeBrand Fine Chocolates is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

The DeBrand Fine Chocolates is one of the best things to do in  Indiana.

Test out this delectable and addictive fine chocolate!

You should put visiting DeBrand on your list of things to do in the city’s downtown area.

They serve a variety of sweets as well as chocolate drinks, coffee, ice cream, and gelatos that will melt any chocolate lover’s heart.

Spend some time with a special someone or a group of friends and share a box of exceptional chocolates or other items.

Make extra for gifts or to satisfy your sweet tooth in an emergency.

Brittles, truffles, rich caramels, decadent ganaches, fresh crèmes, and smooth creams are all handmade and melt in your mouth when you bite into a heavenly DeBrand treat.

You can also try a variety of samples and shop to your heart’s content in their on-site shop.

Their chocolates are also available in most good chocolate shops around the world.

This is the place to go for a fun day out with the added bonus of smooth, exquisite chocolate.

Address: 260-969-8333, 10105 Auburn Park Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 

Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve

Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve, Wayne, Indiana
Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Looking for a place to explore and see numerous meadows, wetlands, and forests that can be found in the area? Visit the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve.

The Little River Wetlands Project, which manages other similar preserves around town, owns and operates the preserve.

The organization offers a variety of programs and ways to explore its properties, such as organized runs, public hikes, and naturalist-led tours.

Eagle Marsh is a wetland nature preserve covering 716 acres.

It has more than 154 acres of wet marshland habitat and more than 85 acres of forests, prairies, and meadows.

 It is home to numerous reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, including beavers, otters, and muskrats. 

Eagle Marsh, Fox Island County Park, and other privately owned natural lands create nearly two square miles of birds and different wildlife habitats.

Bald eagles are frequently seen at the preserve, and several eaglets have been raised nearby.

Eagle Marsh gained forty acres of forested wetland between 2007 and 2010.

This mature forest provides critical habitat for various birds and animals that require large trees, sandy soil, or leaf litter to complete their life cycles.

Have some fun with these preserves, but don’t touch them!

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana (6801 Engle Road) 

Embassy Theatre

Embassy Theatre , Indiana
Embassy Theatre, Indiana / Jon Dawson / Flickr

Looking for a day with a little bit more excitement? Then you will feel right at home here!

In 1928, construction began on the Embassy Theatre, which initially functioned as a movie palace but was subsequently transformed into a theater.

This magnificent theater has a total of 2,471 seats available.

These performances feature amazing lights, appropriate sound effects, and talented actors.

The theater hosts national Broadway shows, screenings of popular films, and a wide variety of well-attended social events; there is always something going on throughout the year.

From the outside, you have been transported to a 1930s Las Vegas film. 

It is replete with lights and has the atmosphere of an old town; however, it is elegant despite its age.

The Embody and its attached seven-story, 250-room Indiana Hotel overcame the decline of vaudeville and silent movies to become the most popular venue in Fort Wayne for various theatrical productions, including those from Broadway, concerts of all types, and high-quality educational programs for children.

Visit this amazing theater if you’re in Fort Wayne!

Address: 125 West Jefferson Boulevard, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802; telephone number: 260-424-5665 

Fox Island County Park

Fox Island County Park, Wayne, Indiana
Fox Island County Park is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

The Fox Island County Park is one of the top attractions in Indiana.

Animal sightings, natural marshes, seasonal ponds, sand dunes, and swamps make Fox Island a popular tourist destination.

Fox Island Park is a 605-acre park in southwest Allen County.

270 acres of this park are set aside as a State Nature Preserve. These areas are protected because they have unusual plants, animals, or geological features.

As long as there are four or more inches of snow on the ground, there are almost six miles of cross-country skiing trails available during the winter.

Marshes and marshes surround a dune formed by the Wisconsinan glacier’s retreat.

Different kinds of land and water have led to different plant communities, providing food for different animals.

Fox Island is part of a State Nature Preserve. This area was set up to protect rare plants, animals, and geological features.

Go to this park and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the preserve by walking along its seven miles of paths.

Address: 927 South Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

Firefighters Museum

Firefighters Museum, Wayne, Indiana
Firefighters Museum is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Visit Fort Wayne’s largest fire station!

This intriguing museum, housed in historic Old Station #3, is located downtown near Parkview Field and the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory.

The building was remodeled several times as the city and population developed.

They leased the facility from the city in 1975 and began collecting relics from Fort Wayne’s history.

Painting and reconstruction commenced in 1979.

On April 8, 1987, the building was deeded from the city and became the museum’s property.

In 1981, the museum finally opened on a limited basis.

More items may be seen on the museum’s second floor, and visitors can glimpse modern firefighters’ lives and living quarters.

Every relic and artifact at the museum is complemented by a wealth of information about that particular era of firefighting, providing valuable insight into one of the most courageous professions on the street.

A visit to this museum is an excellent approach to comprehend how far the Fire Service has progressed since its inception.

Address: 226 West Washington Boulevard, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46801 

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, Wayne, Indiana
Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Stress-free. Recognize the breathtaking view of Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory!

The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is a year-round tropical attraction on the south side of downtown, near Parkview Field and the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum.

This conservatory is ideal for children, families, and anyone interested in botanical beauty, with three distinct garden areas.

The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department designed the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory and are also in charge of its upkeep.

You can explore three extensive indoor gardens. Each garden has four seasonal exhibitions every year, so you can keep coming back!

Because all of the gardens are indoors, it’s a great day out regardless of the weather.

There’s also a cute gift shop where you can buy plants and home décor.

The garden admission fees are very reasonable!

A cascading waterfall, a goldfish pond, bananas, orange trees, orchids, bromeliads, and even a chocolate tree awaits you in the tropical garden.

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana 1100 South Calhoun Street

Headwaters Park

Headwaters Park, Indiana
Headwaters Park, Indiana / Bureau of Land Management California / Flickr

Come and get a chill at Headwaters park!

Headwaters Park along the river is a lovely downtown urban green space. 

It’s jam-packed with exciting attractions.

Take a stroll along the lake, ride your bike down one of the paths, rent a kayak and paddle around the river, or simply relax and enjoy a picnic.

You can cool down at the Fort Wayne Splash Pads on a hot summer day.

There is also plenty of exciting playground equipment for the kids to enjoy!

In the spring, visitors can cool off in the free splash pad, and in the winter, the park has an open ice skating rink.

The Hamilton Sculpture Garden is also located in Headwaters Park, as are sculptures of Emerine Hamilton’s granddaughters.

There’s nothing like being outside in the fresh air amongst nature and wildlife, and there are plenty of parks to visit in Fort Wayne to fill your time.

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana, 333 South Clinton Street

History Center

History Center, Wayne, Indiana
History Center is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

If you’re into history and want to learn more about artifacts and insights, stop by the History Center!

The Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society’s museum houses a collection of almost 26,000 artifacts, including the 1893 City Hall building in which it is housed.

In 1980, it was renamed the History Center, and it currently houses, protects, and shares historical items, photos, and documents that convey the story of its unique history to all visitors.

Discover the area’s indigenous and settler roots.

View exhibits on Fort Wayne’s industrial heritage.

Learn about the local police department and visit the basement, which houses the city’s old jail.

The History Center is now housed in the Old City Building, 1893.

This well-preserved 19th-century home once belonged to one of Fort Wayne’s most prominent historical characters.

If you visit History Center, you may even go inside the cell and shut the door to get a true sense of the imprisonment!

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana 302 East Berry Street 

Historic Old Fort

Historic Old Fort, Wayne, Indiana
Historic Old Fort is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Old Fort is a fun spot to visit and learn more about history!

This restored historic fort is only a quarter-mile from its original location across the St. Marys River from Headwaters Park.

Preserves American decorative and fine art via exhibitions that look at the connections between artists from many national and ethnic backgrounds and their work.

It’s a recreation of a station built by American troops between 1815 and 1816.

It is less than a quarter of a mile away from the original fort built. 

In addition, the museum offers a variety of notable rotating exhibits from its own collections and visiting museums.

The non-profit group that operates the fort conducts various special events throughout the year for visitors to tour the defense’s interior and engage in some of its sponsors’ live-action histories.

Anyone is welcome to explore the grounds independently because it is a public environment.

Address: Rivergreenway in Fort Wayne, Indiana 

Museum of Art

Museum of Art , Fort Wayne , Indiana
Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Indiana / Scott Dexter / Flickr

When you arrive in Fort Wayne, take a taxi to the Museum of Art!

Suppose you have a thing for museums or want to connect with a place dedicated to celebrities in American history. In that case, this is the place for you.

Because the museum rotates its fine art in a modern facility, no two visits are ever the same.

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA), a cornerstone of Fort Wayne’s Cultural District and many institutions run by Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne, showcases a diverse range of mediums in American art.

The museum houses over 7,000 paintings, sculptures, and delicate glass pieces. FWMoA’s exhibits highlight Indiana Impressionists, world-renowned painters, and artisan glass cutters.

However, it was not always an art museum. It began as a small art school that taught drawing and painting to locals.

It has gained prominence in Fort Wayne and the surrounding region while being a modest but culturally significant art museum. Visit it now!

Address: 311 East Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Parkview Field

Parkview Field , Indiana
Parkview Field, Indiana / Marshall Dunlap / Flickr

Boredom? Come visit Parkview Field!

The Fort Wayne TinCaps, the local baseball team, and the City of Fort Wayne contributed to constructing the structure.

Since its construction, Parkview has drawn crowds and businesses, revitalizing Downtown Fort Wayne.

The field also has nearly 11,000 square feet of indoor conference space.

Before changing their name in 2008, the TinCaps were known as the Wizards.

Parkview Field, which opened in 2009, welcomes over 500,000 visitors.

The stadium, which serves as the home of the Fort Wayne TinCaps, a minor league baseball team, attracts over 400,000 baseball fans each year.

From historical to contemporary, a wide range of styles and periods are represented. You will be able to admire works of art from the local, regional, and international communities.

Address: 260-482-6400, 1301 Ewing St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

Science Central

Science Central, Wayne, Indiana
Science Central is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Curious about what’s inside? Come see incredible things! 

Science Central, housed in a decommissioned coal-burning power station from 1908, is a hands-on science museum for children and community members.

It is a place where children, parents, teachers, and friends can have hands-on fun with science and technology.

It is a place where there is no distinction between fun and learning – everything is enjoyable and will teach you something.

The artifacts at Science Central are interactive, allowing you to directly experience science.

All of the experiments and games are appropriate for various ages, making it an excellent opportunity to combine a family day out with learning.

If it’s raining outside and you want to do something different, this is the place to go.

You can enroll in its on-site programs to brush up on your science, or you can become lost in the realm of science if you like.

This is one of the most popular Fort Wayne museums for children. It mixes entertainment and family-friendly attraction!

Address: Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1950 North Clinton Street 


Sweetwater, Wayne, Indiana
Sweetwater is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

Visit the Chief Richardville House to step back in time which honors the memory of Miami Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville, a great negotiator in American history.

This 1827 Greek Revival house was built for Miami Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville and is now a national historic landmark.

He established a trading empire in the Old Northwest Territory that reportedly made him the state’s richest man when he died in 1841.

The house’s architecture is as stunning as its Miami and French heritage.

His expansive and elegant home, which he built in 1827, still stands today and is the site of regular tours and special events in Fort Wayne.

Escape modernity by visiting Chief Richardville House, the Midwest’s first Native American structure inspired by the Greek Revival style.

Address: Fort Wayne, IN 46809 5705 Bluffton Road 

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show, Wayne, Indiana
The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show is one of the best places to go in Wayne, Indiana

One of the best things to do in Fort Wayne, IN, is to participate in a comedy murder mystery while eating a delicious meal.

The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Show is the city’s largest murder mystery dinner show.

Get a one-of-a-kind experience by solving a crime while enjoying a four-course dinner.

While enjoying a delicious meal, solve a hilarious mystery.

It is not like a traditional murder mystery dinner show.

The Dinner Detective is America’s largest interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show!

While enjoying a fantastic four-course plated dinner, solve a hilarious mystery.

The actors aren’t dressed up and are hidden among the audience!

As a result, all adults will have a fun, social, and interactive evening.

Just be watchful!

The perpetrator is somewhere in the room, and you could be a prime suspect.

You won’t want to miss out on this thrilling murder mystery performance in Fort Wayne, so invite all of your friends now!

Address: 1150 South Harrison Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA 

Three Rivers Festival

Three Rivers Festival , Indiana
Three Rivers Festival, Indiana / Baker County Tourism Travel Baker County / Flickr

Every Fort Wayne event includes live music.

Specific festivals, such as Buskerfest and Middle Waves Music Festival, cater to it mainly.

The Three Rivers Festival, held in July, is perhaps the largest of all festivals to visit Fort Wayne.

The Three Rivers Festival attracts almost 500,000 guests from northeast Indiana, southern Michigan, and northwest Ohio, who come to have fun, eat delicious cuisine, and meet up with old friends while making new friends and memories.

The festival has expanded to include additional attractions and enjoyable events.

However, one event was a flop in 1988: the raft race was ruined by a summer drought.

Since 1969, this has been Fort Wayne’s favorite summer party!

Three Rivers Festival, Fort Wayne’s annual summer celebration for more than 50 years, is a historical tradition for residents and tourists from throughout the country.

Enjoy family-friendly entertainment in the heart of downtown, from the Fine Arts & Crafts, Children’s Fest, and International Village to live music, amusement rides, the Bed Race, and the Raft Race!

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Animal Shelters in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Give back to the community by volunteering at local animal shelters. Animal shelters are vital to our communities. They relentlessly seek to reunite lost pets with their owners, protect those in need, and provide new homes for homeless and abandoned animals.

Do you know that rewarding and warm sensation you get when you realize that you have just done something selfless that will significantly brighten another person’s day? This is the prize you will receive each time you assist a shelter animal that is ill or in distress.

If you’re short on time, donate old towels and bedding to rescue groups or the humane society. Animal shelters are always short of warm bedding. If your kids don’t utilize their baby blankets, a puppy or cat could. Humane societies and rescue groups can always use cat and dog food, litter, leashes, and toys.

Giving back to the community by helping animals in need is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Check out animal shelters in Fort Wayne, Indiana to start your journey.

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Address: Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA 

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