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Do you have South Bend, Indiana, on your vacation itinerary? Check out our curated list of the best things to do in South Bend, Indiana, and the best places to visit in South Bend, Indiana, below. Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, hopes to have a significant impact on the world.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Basilica of the Sacred Heart South Bend
Basilica of the Sacred Heart South Bend / Pierre Blaché / Flickr

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the best places to visit in  Indiana.

Visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart while you’re in town, regardless of your religion.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic church that can be found on the grounds of the University of Notre Dame.

The church features 44 huge stained glass windows and paintings by Luigi Gregori (a Vatican artist) over 17 years.

 A 230-foot-tall bell tower makes it the highest university chapel in the United States.

A space of worship is in the heart of the Basilica. Volunteer tour guides and self-guided tours are options for anyone who chooses to stop by during non-peak hours.

People who meet the requirements can also get married and baptized at the Basilica. 

Although it is common practice to get married in the Basilica, several conditions must be met before it may be done.

Over 100,000 people visit the Basilica every year, making it a popular place for tourists to go.

A visit to this place would make your day even more memorable, even if you are not religious.

Address: 101 Basilica Dr, Notre Dame, IN 46556, United States

Compton Family Ice Arena

Compton Family Ice Arena, South Bend, Indiana
Compton Family Ice Arena is one of the best places to go in South Bend, Indiana

Attend your first hockey game at the Compton Family Ice Arena, where you’ll likely feel a mixture of excitement and nerves.

Located on the Notre Dame campus, the Compton Family Ice Arena has a 5,022-seat, two-rink ice facility. 

Former San Jose Sharks co-owners Kevin and Gayla Compton have had their names inscribed on the building as a tribute to their memory for their generosity in making this project possible.

The Olympic-sized rink can be split into two smaller rinks for the Irish Youth Hockey League and the USA Hockey Athlete Development Model.  

It has an eye-catching design with two floors and enough room for 5,000 people to sit or stand. Most of the chairs have a nice chair-back shape.

Ice skating may also be enjoyed by the general public when it is available to them. If you don’t already know their schedules, check them out online before you go.

To enjoy the open skating, you and your family can all rent skates. New skaters can borrow plastic trainers to help them move more easily on the ice.

A trip to this venue is highly recommended; you won’t be disappointed!

Address: 100 Compton Family Ice Arena, Notre Dame, Indiana

East Race Waterway

East Race Waterway’s whitewater rafting is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day!

In the 1840s, the river was built to power a sawmill in South Bend’s manufacturing sector. Since then, it has become a popular place for tourists to visit. 

With the help of public funds, the canal was transformed into a whitewater kayaking venue in 1984.

It is open to the public, and anyone can rent a kayak and try to sail the course on their own.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned kayaker or a visitor on a day excursion; the rough waters are fun for everyone.

Guests at the Waterway may feel secure knowing that several lifeguards are on duty at all times. Make sure to follow all directions and a rope will be tossed to save you from falling out!

They have a great team of young people that are quite helpful. They’ll give you a quick rundown of the rules and regulations as you enter and exit the raft.

 If you want to go to the East race, you should buy a ticket to avoid trouble.

Address: 109 S Niles Ave, South Bend, IN 46617, United States

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Four Winds Field

Four Winds Field, South Bend, Indiana
Four Winds Field is one of the best places to go in South Bend, Indiana

If you’re in the South Bend region and you’re a sports fan, you should definitely check out Four Winds Field at Coveleski Stadium.

The minor league ballparks of the 1990s were influenced by this stadium’s open concourse design, which was completed in 1987. It can hold a maximum of 5,000 people at a time.

The Cubs affiliate, the South Bend Cubs, play their home games at this facility.

Your children will have the opportunity to get wet at the water park feature that is located in the right-field corner of the stadium.

Organize your party at Four Winds Field, an ideal venue for any type of gathering.

It’s more than simply a baseball stadium; this year-round venue can host parties of 20 to 500 people and offers stunning views to make your gathering one remember.

This is a fantastic stadium with plenty of activities for all ages.

Address: 501 W South St, South Bend, IN 46601, United States

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes South Bend
Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes South Bend / Steve Shook / Flickr

While visiting the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, take some time to meditate and pray.

A religious place known as the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes may be seen on the grounds of Notre Dame University.

Visitors of various ages come to pray, light candles, and enjoy the peaceful environment of the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Since its unveiling in 1896, the shrine has been a prominent feature of the university’s campus. 

St. Bernadette, shown in a kneeling position, gazes up at the Virgin Mary from the grotto’s floor. 

While you’re there, have a seat on one of the benches and take in all your spiritual energy.

 Many people come to the shrine to worship and burn candles to express gratitude and pray for blessings.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like since open-air mass and rosary prayer services are held every day.

When Notre Dame’s football team is playing, visiting the grotto is a good idea. Many supporters gather here to pray for the team’s success and well-being. 

At the same time, the shrine is both strong and serene. If you’re in town, you should definitely stop by.

Address: Notre Dame, IN 46556, United States

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Ice Box Skating Rink

Ice Box Skating Rink South Bend
Ice Box Skating Rink South Bend / Tore Khan / Flickr

The Ice Box Skating Rink is one of the best things to do in  Indiana.

While showcasing your ice skating skills, say “Ice, Ice, Baby!”

The Ice Box Skating Rink in South Bend, Indiana, was established in 1975 and has since become one of the city’s most popular ice rinks.

Since 1981, the Ice Box has been run by the South Bend Youth Hockey Association, a non-profit organization.

This ice skating rink in South Bend is a great spot to spend some time. You may go ice skating in the park, which is completely covered in ice.

 If you’d like to spend time with your friends or family, you can do so here.

The Ice Box has quickly become a popular place for schools and leagues to host ice hockey games and practices.

The rink is spacious enough for numerous individuals to skate together without feeling crowded. 

A spectator stand is available for those who don’t want to get their skates on but still want to enjoy the thrill of ice skating.

You may always rely on the expertise of the pros for assistance and instruction.

If you find yourself in South Bend, there is no way you can avoid going to this location.

Address: 1421 S Walnut St, South Bend, IN 46619, United States

Kennedy Water Park

Kennedy Water Park South Bend
Kennedy Water Park South Bend / William Murphy / Flickr

It’s time to spoil the little ones too! Bring your family and friends to Kennedy Water Park for some fun in the sun!

This South Bend, Indiana, water park offers a variety of exciting activities for all its guests.

A low-depth water playground, Kennedy Water Park first opened its doors to the public in 2000.

All ages are catered for at the water park since pleasure has no age limit.

 The pool is shallow and warm, making it ideal for small children to enjoy themselves while they’re there. 

With a maximum depth of 18 inches, it’s ideal for young swimmers.

Water slides, a wave pool, and a water playground are available for children to enjoy. Splash pads for children are available in the water park as well.

Adults may relax by the poolside with a beverage in hand or enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

 For your comfort and convenience, the water park provides facilities where you may dry yourself off after a swim.

There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy here.

Address: 756 Eclipse Pl, South Bend, IN 46628, United States

Military Honor Park & Museum

Military Honor Park and Museum, South Bend, Indiana
Military Honor Park and Museum is one of the best places to go in South Bend, Indiana

Impress yourself with how well-preserved everything is at this museum.

In 1995, several people had the concept of creating a memorial to veterans called the Military Honor Park.

For the purpose of this remarkable Military Honor Park, every veteran from each of the five military branches in the Michiana area, both alive and dead, is recognized, acknowledged, and honored. 

It is important to remember their contributions to the history of both the United States and the surrounding region.

All veterans, especially those who gave their lives in defense of the country, can find peace and solace in the park.

 Objects from all of America’s wars, from the Revolutionary War to the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, are on exhibit. 

Museum displays include everything from military outfits to vehicles, weaponry, and tanks!

A large torpedo and several interesting vehicles and airplanes may be seen on the outside.

Try on a genuine helmet and sit in an antique Army jeep for a fun and memorable photo session.

In addition, there is a military history library for you to browse and discover more about the military.

To remember your trip, you may purchase a keepsake from the museum’s gift store.

Address: 4300 Terminal Dr, South Bend, IN 46628, United States

National Studebaker Museum

National Studebaker Museum South Bend
National Studebaker Museum South Bend / Greg Gjerdingen / Flickr

Visitors and locals alike should not miss the National Studebaker Museum while in South Bend!

At the Studebaker Museum, visitors may see a wide range of military vehicles (including wagons), civilian cars (including carriages), and military vehicles (such as tanks).

This is a three-story museum dedicated to Studebakers.

The bottom level houses military vehicles and equipment, as well as vehicles that may be viewed in “viewable storage.”

On the main floor, you may learn about the history of Studebaker and see automobiles from the 1800s until the 1934 model year. 

The majority of the museum’s collection came from the old company’s collection, but new cars are occasionally added.

There are more than 70 automobiles on the show and a variety of photographs and displays. 

On the upper floor, you’ll see automobiles from 1934 until now. 

The greatest collection of presidential carriages in the world may be seen at the Studebaker National Museum. 

It displays Abraham Lincoln’s barouche as he made his way to Ford’s Theatre on the night he was assassinated.  

You’ll want to check back frequently to see what’s new because certain displays are rotated in and out.

Address: 201 Chapin Street, South Bend, Indiana

Notre Dame Golden Dome

Notre Dame Golden Dome South Bend
Notre Dame Golden Dome South Bend / Ken Lund / Flickr

The Notre Dame Golden Dome is one of the top attractions in Indiana.

Make sure to bring your camera and shoot as many photos as possible of the Golden Dome’s stunning magnificence!

The Golden Dome is a well-known landmark on the University of Notre Dame campus.

The President’s Office is in the Golden Dome, which is also home to several other administrative offices.

Incredibly, works of art and architecture may be seen inside and outside the dome.

 With its stunning feature, the Golden Dome is the campus’s second-tallest structure, standing at 187 feet tall.

The whole site is packed with gorgeous and vibrant flowers, making it a really quiet and tranquil environment.

Visitors will have a wonderful time inside the dome because its grounds have been thoroughly cleaned and maintained. 

The dome has a wide range of paintings and sculptures, some of which were made by students on campus and others by artists from around the world.

The dome’s outside and inside are equally stunning, making it a must-see attraction.

Address: Main Building, Notre Dame, IN 46556, United States

Potawatomi Park

Potawatomi Park South Bend
Potawatomi Park South Bend / Rick Techlin / Flickr

This is a great spot to catch up with family members and enjoy outside time!

For those looking for a variety of outdoor activities, Potawatomi Park in South Bend is the place to go. 

Kids may cool down in the summer at a little water playground with many play spaces spread out across the park.

 Also, their play equipment is strong and exciting for adults as well, making you feel like a kid all over again!

Potawatomi also offers a pavilion space near the playground area where birthday celebrations and family get-togethers can be held. 

As far as animal encounters go, the Potawatomi Zoo is the place to go! There are many different species of mammals and reptiles and birds and amphibians.

There is also a beautiful carousel and a fascinating train to enjoy!

Potawatomi Park is an excellent place to spend the day!

Address: 500 South Greenlawn Avenue, South Bend, Indiana

River Lights

River Lights South Bend
River Lights South Bend / denisbin / Flickr

Taking a stroll down the river at night while observing the lights will leave you fascinated.

The South Bend River Lights, unveiled in 2015 as part of the city’s 150th-anniversary celebration, has become an iconic feature of the downtown skyline.

The “Keepers of the Fire” monument and the St. Joseph River are both illuminated by the vibrant hues of the river’s surface.

For the South Bend River Lights, artist Rob Shakespeare designed the lighting scheme focused on clarity and consistency.

Half an hour before sunset, the lights are turned on and remain on till morning. It is possible to reach them 24/7.

The River Lights may be programmed to light up in a specific color in response to what’s going on at The Bend.

Examples are red, white, and blue for Independence Day or green for a huge Notre Dame football game.

The colorful illumination of the river creates a stunning visual impression.

The sculptures are even more interesting since they use motion sensors to activate and change color when people approach them.

A night filled with twinkling lights, roaring water, and spectacular fireworks will be a highlight of your trip.

Address: 340 E Colfax Ave, South Bend, IN 46617, United States

Rum Village Nature Centre

Rum Village Centre, South Bend, Indiana
Rum Village Centre is one of the best places to go in South Bend, Indiana

The Rum Village Nature Centre is an excellent spot for a stroll.

A variety of clearly defined hiking routes may be found across the area.

It is also the ideal spot for a picnic with a beautiful view throughout the day. 

The sunsets here are incredibly stunning, and they’re absolutely worth observing.

At this wildlife center, you may see foxes, reptiles, deer, amphibians, and a wide variety of birds in their natural habitat.

This location is home to a large number of indigenous trees and a diverse range of flowers and plant species.

Attractions including exercise courses, golf pits, and more await visitors at this park.

The Rum Village now has a dog park, which provides a place for both small and large dogs to stay while their owners explore the Nature Center. The dog park is located within Rum Village.

It is no surprise that so many people are visiting Rum Village now. There are so many exciting events and activities to participate in.

Address: 2626 S Gertrude St, South Bend, IN 46614, United States

South Bend Museum of Art

South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana
South Bend Museum of Art is one of the best places to go in South Bend, Indiana

Check out the South Bend Museum of Art’s exhibit in town!

The South Bend Museum of Art has been around since 1947. It is a cultural center for the city and shows off the area’s art, culture, and history.

The northern wing of the building houses SBMA, which has five galleries and studios spread out across three levels.

In addition to art from the area, the collection has been working with modern artists from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota for a long time.

Several significant shows are held at the museum each year. SBMA has helped many generations of artists, both young and old, grow and become better at what they do.

Throughout the year, they also provide courses and other additional exhibitions.

The Carmichael Gallery has both a permanent collection and changing shows that show the work of local artists.

Each year, the museum attracts more than 50,000 visitors.

The Dot Shop, the museum’s gift shop, sells works of art by local artists that may be used in everyday life.

 Check out this beautiful museum to see some amazing pieces of art!

Address: 120 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, South Bend, Indiana

St Patrick’s County Park

This park provides everything you need for a fun day out!

This non-profit group is dedicated to assisting the parks of St. Joseph County in their efforts to improve programs and preserve natural and cultural treasures.

The park’s 398 acres are full of picnic shelters, a playground, and hiking trails, making it a popular place for locals and tourists.

Taking a stroll on their trails is a terrific way to reconnect with nature when you’re feeling disconnected from it.

During the day, you may go on a sweet little picnic, and at night, you can go camping to stargaze and have a great time.

This riverfront park is also home to various species, including eagles, owls, deer, and even a fox!

The park becomes a magical winter setting in the winter months thanks to activities such as cross-country skiing rentals, inner tubing, and groomed pathways.

A day of boating on the park’s gorgeous, pure, and crystal-clear in-built river is also an option for guests.

It’s a terrific location for capturing photographs and soaking in the natural scenery.

Address: 50651 Laurel Rd, South Bend, IN 46637, United States

The History Museum

The History Museum South Bend
The History Museum South Bend / denisbin / Flickr

If you’re a history buff, this place is a must-see! 

The History Museum’s goal is to collect, store, explain, display, and teach about the area’s history around the St. Joseph River Valley.

A comprehensive collection of neighborhood records and the national archives of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League are preserved in the History Museum.

The 38-room mansion of local entrepreneur J.D. Oliver, also known as Copshaholm, may be seen here. 

The Oliver family occupied the mansion for a total of seventy-two years, and all of the furnishings that were there when they moved in are still present now.

The Navarre Cabin, which can be seen in Leeper Park, is another one of the History Museum’s properties. Founded by Pierre Navarre, this is the oldest battleground in northern Indiana.

At The History Museum, the historical homes and hands-on displays are interesting and fun for families to explore.

You must inform someone at Visitor Services that you’re a first-time visitor when you get there. 

To ensure that your stay is memorable, he or she will gladly answer any of your inquiries and offer you any more information you might want.

Address: 808 W Washington St, South Bend, IN 46601, United States

The Indiana Whiskey Company

The Indiana Whiskey Company, South Bend, Indiana
The Indiana Whiskey Company is one of the best places to go in South Bend, Indiana

Does whiskey run through your veins? There is no reason why you shouldn’t visit The Indiana Whiskey Company!

Charlie Florance started the Indiana Whiskey Company in 2011, intending to get as much as he could from Indiana distilleries and the products of those distilleries.

The Indiana Whiskey Co. has prioritized ensuring that every dollar Hoosiers spend stays here in Indiana.

The wheat and corn used to make their products are still produced on farms in Indiana. Every ingredient in their whiskey is from Indiana.

Labels and packaging are sourced from Indiana-based businesses to help keep the business in the community.

Each week, Indiana Whiskey Co. produces roughly 150 bottles of award-winning Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey and a wheat whiskey with touches of vanilla in a tiny burned barrel.

Profits made by the Indiana Whiskey Company go to support programs and organizations for military veterans in Indiana. 

All of their whiskeys are available for a complimentary sampling as part of the tour.

As a sweet reminder, they do have a secret menu of drinks, so make sure to ask for more than what’s written on the menu.

Address: 1115 W Sample St, South Bend, IN 46619, United States

The Morris Performing Arts Center

The Morris Performing Arts Center South Bend
The Morris Performing Arts Center South Bend / State LibraryOfOhio / Flickr

Check out the upcoming events at the Morris Performing Arts Center and secure your seats!

Since it was established in 1922, the Morris Performing Arts Center has been a part of the Orpheum Theatre’s productions.

European architectural influences may be seen in the design of the theater’s interiors from its start. The color scheme was dominated by old roses and blues.

Comedy to Broadway and everything in between can be found at the Morris Performing Arts Center at any given time of the year. 

The theatre was home to many legendary performers and artists from the 1920s to the 1940s, including Debbie Reynolds, Elvis Presley, Betty Davis, and Fanny Brice.

From the 1960s to the 1990s, many of the best musicians in the world played at Morris. These included Hank Williams, Aerosmith, Louis Armstrong, Marvin Gaye, etc.

 There have been many performances at Morris by musicians, dancers, and the South Bend Symphony Orchestra.

 To accommodate visitors, the theatre has a seating capacity of 2,564. The balcony seats 1,282 people, while the lower level seats the rest. 

As expected, it’s a fantastic night of entertainment!

Address: 211 N. Michigan Street, South Bend, IN 46601

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant South Bend
Tippecanoe Place Restaurant South Bend / Joe Ross / Flickr

This is the place to go if you’re searching for a quality dining experience. Please don’t forget to put on your best attire.

The Tippecanoe Place was erected in 1889 and was the home of Studebaker co-founder Clement Studebaker.

The four-story house, designed by Chicago-based architect Henry Ives Cobb, is about 24,000 square feet in total area.

You may now enjoy a good meal and a fine wine at Tippecanoe Place, a historic mansion that was once a private residence.

The large wood staircase going up to the third level greets visitors from the second-floor entryway as they enter the building.

The Tippecanoe’s cuisine and ambiance were both exceptional.

Each floor has a dining space that may accommodate small to large parties. Depending on the weather, there is also an option for outside sitting.

You’ll find a large bar area stocked with beers from the local Studebaker Brewing Company on the third floor.

The staff, the people in charge, and the chefs all work hard to make sure you have a pleasant and memorable time.

Address: 620 West Washington Street, South Bend, Indiana

University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame South Bend
University of Notre Dame South Bend / Ken Lund / Flickr

If you’ve ever been to Notre Dame, you don’t need an explanation of its beauty. But if you haven’t yet, find out for yourself!

In 1842, a priest from France named Edward Sorin established the university.

 The Notre Dame Stadium, Basilica, Golden Dome, and Word of Life mural are just a few iconic structures that adorn the 1,261-acre main campus.

Due to the lack of a Greek community on campus, the residence halls are the main hubs for socializing at Notre Dame. 

One of the best places to catch a sporting event on campus is the on-campus restaurant and tavern, Legends.

In a wide range of sports, the Fighting Irish are among the best in the country. Of course, it’s most known for its long-standing football team.

The color scheme and design of each structure were flawless, as were the grounds.

The campus offers a variety of activities, including dining, tours, and entertainment. Notre Dame has a seemingly limitless array of activities and attractions to choose from.

For art lovers, this is a must-see since they have some beautiful pieces on display! 

You’ll need to put in some serious walking time to see everything.

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Address: Notre Dame, IN 46556, United States 

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